Purrrfect Halloween Cat Costumes For Girls

Does your girl really, really want to dress as a Halloween cat? Here is a selection of the cutest, coolest cat costumes for girls of all age. Adding a cat costume to your girls dress up trunk will enable her to play all year round. Whether she is playing cat woman, or as dressing up as a pet with her friends, a cat costume is an easy and timeless cosplay piece. How about a cat themed birthday party? The possibilities are limited only by your girls imagination.

Cats have such personalities and these many traits can be portrayed in a cat costume. Feline costumes can be bundled up for cold weather and still show off all those cool quirks that only cats have.

Cat Costumes For Girls

Kooky, Crazy and Cute Cat Costumes for Girls!

What are the advantages of persuading your girl to dress up as a cat?

  • Cats can be so cute and cuddly. Nothing like a cat purring on your lap to give you that "feel good" relaxation. Dressing as a cute cat is great for smaller girls.
  • For the tweens and teens, perhaps dressing as a scary cat would be more to their liking. To make a scary cat costume is easy with some face paint and imagination added to a base costume.
  • Character cats are so much fun. Whether the wish of the day is the "Cat in the Hat", the Alice in wonderland Cheshire cat, or the cartoon favorite Sylvester, planning for one of these perennial favorite costumes can be a fun and bonding experience.

Simply Adorable Kitty Costumes for Babies Toddlers and Pre-School Girls

This black cat costume for newborns is just so stinkin cute! Hand crocheted in acrylic yarn and festooned with jute, you will get so many oohhs and ahhhs when your newborn is presented in this outfit.

The little black cap has 2 ears that poke out the top, and a very mischievous set of black and white cat eyes in the center of the front of this cap. On the brim of the hat is a cute little crocheted orange nose and the orange whiskers complete the look. No masks, no paint, no fuss and no muss!

The sweetest little cat pantie will fit over leggings or long underwear on a chilly night. These do up with a button closure and, of course, there is a removable crocheted black tail.

Matching black booties and mittens finish off the costume. This outfit will fit babies from newborn up to age 3.

This cat costume is made in the USA in the Etsy online store Lil Onez Gift Boutique. 

The Cat in The Hat by Dr Seuss is not only a favorite book series for kids, it is a GREAT cat costume idea.

This acrylic crocheted wool outfit will give everyone "paws" to give your little girl compliments.

Just look at that red and white striped top hat. How cute is that? And the little red bow tie is just like the one on the books.

A cute pair of blue diaper covers rounds out the look. You can put whatever you like under the costume. Imagine the pictures you will take! And the memories you will make!

This is only available in newborn size and is featured in "Thats Crocheted" store in Etsy. It ships from Canada to various countries and can be made to order

The word leopards brings images of speed, grace and lithe power. But for newborns and toddlers, a leopard costume just says "I am the cats meow"!

This tutu costume has everything you would need to dress up as this icon of the jungle. Whether you think leopard or ocelot, this outfit will melt your heart.

From the bottom up, you will be sure to smile. The little brown and white splotched leg warmers are accented with a faux fur trim at the ankles and golden bows at the center of each leg. 

The brown, black and white tutu is fluffy and so feline looking. Purrfecty puffy, this skirt is made of tulle and adorned with a black ribbon.

Your little one will sparkle in this black long sleeved onsie. A cute cat face is a golden glitter centerpiece on the chest of this shirt. The word meow is surrounded by ears on the top and a heart nose with sassy little whiskers. Running up the side of the shirt are cute little paw prints in pink glitter.

The crowning glory is the cat ear headband. Brown and fuzzy on the outside and gold and shiny on the inside, you are sure to get so many compliment when she wears this cat costume.

Alice in Wonderland characters are the cats derriere! And no one is more loved that the fat, smiling Cheshire cat.

Imagine your little kitten wearing this cute pink and purple costume ensemble. It is available in sizes baby to girls size 5-6 years.

The shirt is 100 percent pink cotton and the Cheshire cat face is set in with glittery rhinestones in a contrasting purple color. This crazy cat has gold eyes, a red button nose and the big, wide smile full of white teeth.

The sparkling tutu is hand made with blue and shades of sparkling pink and purple netting. The wide pink waistband is elasticized.

A tulle embellished headband is the crowning touch to this very girly Cheshire cat costume.

A mad hatters tea party or other costume extravaganza will be made even more memorable when she wears this outfit!

Not into cute, frilly girl clothes? How about an absolutely cute overall cat costume?

Simply put a long sleeved black top and leotards underneath and add some cute little accessories such as cat ear barrettes, or a kitten ear hat in colder climes. Then pencil on some face whiskers, and voila! A costume that can handle a tough, busy girl. 

This item is sold on the Etsy Marketplace from UK based store, Wild Thing Dresses. Constructed of black cotton cord material, this is a durable piece that can be worn on any day when she needs to let her inner wildcat out!

The bib overalls have 2 little pockets with white triangle cloth "claws". A cute little cat face is on the bib. He has a white nose and whiskers and blue eyes.

The straps have an inset pink patterned cat ear on each side. Available in a number of sizes, this is one wardrobe addition that is perfect for many occasions.

Who said cat costumes had to be about black cats? How about a white Siamese cat costume?

Masks are a favorite for pre-school kids. Little girls would love to play dress up, go trick-or-treating for Halloween, or go to a costume party birthday with a cat mask and tail.

This cat mask is a re-cyclists dream. Made of felt, re-purposed plastic bags and water based water paints, you can be assured that you are helping to minimize your ecological footprint.

The mask is cut so that breathing is easy and vision is not compromised. Being made of felt, there is no accumulation of sweat under the mask.

The felt tail is attached to elastic, so she just has to pull it up over her midriff.

This particular mask and tail set are made in Portugal by BHB Kidstyle through Etsy online. It is such a good feeling knowing you are supporting a home based artisan!

I simply have to share one more tutu outfit. This mischievous kitten costume just brings a smile to anyone who sees it.

The black long sleeved onesie is adorned with an adorable orange kitten with black and brown markings. It snaps closed. Cute little pink whiskers, and a cockeyed smile give him a little sass! And those eyes are just looking for something to get into. So much like a real cat.

A black net tutu goes over the body suit. What a great cat costume idea for little girls.

This outfit is proudly made in the USA and is sold through Etsy by Whimsy Ranch in Los Angeles.

This is another outfit that can be worn for many occasions and is a good investment. The body suit can be worn with or without the tutu!

Cat Costumes For Girls Aged 6-8

Little girls love super-heros and villains as much as boys! Cat woman portrays mystique, brains and athleticism. And lets not forget those super powers.

This cape and mask outfit is made of poly-satin and features glitter! The cat on the cape is a silver glittery feline with a curved tail. The inside of this black cape is silver too!

The mask is not included. This vendor sells the mask and coordinating wrist bands and shirts. The mask shown is a partial or half mask, so it doesn't' get in the way of breathing.The eye cut-outs are large and it attaches with an elastic band.

Give your girl a pink nose with skin safe face paint and draw on some whiskers and she is good to prowl the party looking for those elusive treats!

Made in the USA by Cape Lady, this highly rated Etsy merchant will even personalize the cape with your childs name!

An adorable cat hat is a great base for a cat costume! Then your princess can wear whatever other clothing items she chooses to complete her feline fashion statement.

This particular hat reminds me of Sylvester and his sidekick Tweety of cartoon fame.

The head covering is made of cotton and felt. The black cat has a white mask, green eyes and a pink nose. His/her whiskers are black and so are the outside of his ears. The inside of his ears are white.

This is an amazing looking cap that will bring a smile to your girls face.

This Etsy item ships worldwide from Israel. This vendor also has a black cat tail to add to the costume!

Such a cool looking costume addition and one that will take a treasured spot in the costume trunk.

A perfect kitty costume for an indoor costume party at a friends or at school is this adorable black cat pinafore dress.

This beautiful little dress is available in sizes from baby to girls size 8. It is hand made in California and is featured in Etsy. The costume is made of black poplin.

The halter dress has a full skirt with an elasticized waist. The bib front is in the shape of a cats head complete with green eyes, a heart shaped nose and white mouth and whiskers.

The dress front works its way up to 2 perky little pink ears that become the black halter ties.

This little charmer can be worn with a long sleeved shirt and leggings for a different look. For Halloween, it could be purchased large enough to fit over outer wear for chilly outdoor activities.

A cute pinafore like this can be worn at any time of the year for many occasions.


One way for your little girl to be a really cool cat is by donning this hooded leopard cape. She will look so adorable!

This handmade cape is made of stretch velvet in the cat splotches of black and white. It drapes around the shoulders and ties in the front with a beautiful black bow.

The hood features two perky little kitty ears. Such a fun costume to wear to party or to dress up day at school.

This is an easy costume to build on. Imagine using cat patterned leggings and a little face make-up as finishing touches to this artisan created addition to the costume closet.

Pawster is an Etsy online store that specializes in animal costuming. Featuring fuzzy, furry hats, paws, leggings and other accessories for your darling girls cat costume!

This furry hood with a "scarf" and paws to keep those chilly hands warm is based on the Cheshire Cat character from Alice in Wonderland.

Grey and blue are the colors of this faux fur head covering and the lining of the hood is made of black fleece. There are cute little paw prints stitched onto the mittens.

This outfit is also available in a pink and purple combo. she will be grinning like a Cheshire cat when she goes out in this beauty! And you can rest assured that her ears, head and hands will be as warm as a kittens purr.

Pawster also has matching tails for these outfits. This is one US vendor that is very highly rated.


Does a leopard change its spots? Maybe not, but your pre-teen girl will be glowing when she spots this very cool cat costume. 

Bring on her wild side with a leopard cat print dress and headband with cute kitty ears. The dress has an elasticized waist.

This outfit comes in girls sizes 3-8, so you could order it large enough to fit over outer coats.

There are other choices of fabric, but this one is just sooo purfect! It is just the cats meow :)

Jobile is an Etsy store based in the US, and will ship world wide. They have a variety of different costuming ideas for your sweet girl.

These costumes are of excellent quality and this is a vendor you can return to year after year as your child grows and their costuming ideas develop.

Do you have a "girlie" girl who loves frills and princess cat looks, but is not fond of black? Take a look at this purrdy little blue tutu dress!

The top of this royal blue beauty is crocheted with love and is adorned with white and blue cat features. The eyes are so expressive and those cute little white whiskers just set the dress of with such sass.

The poufy tutu skirt is attached to the top. It is layers and layers of blue and white polka dotted and plain blue tulle.

The crowning glory to this little cat costume is the cat ear headband. Blue ears with white inside accents and it will be worn like a regular hair band.

This dress can be ordered from sizes baby to sizes 7/8 girls.

Sweet Cat Costumes for Tweens and Teens

Hoodies are an essential part of tween and teen apparel. So, a great idea as a base for a costume for girls this age is a hoodie sporting fuzzy kitty ears.

I am highlighting a long sleeved white cat hoodie made of fleece. It has fuzzy white ears with pink insides. The hoodie has kangaroo pockets and a zip up front.

The unisex sizes in these hoodies run from small to 2 xl. There is a choice of colors, but the insides of the ears are always pink.

These hooded sweaters are warm and cozy and will make a great base for a cat costume for Halloween. No tricks! This hoodie is a real treat for teen girls.

This is a great outfit for the casual dresser who wants to wear something resembling a costume, but doesn't want to wear an elaborate outfit.

Bright, neon colors are what this girls rainbow cat costume is all about! So cute and fluffy! Make your teen or tween purr with delight!

This ensemble is perfect for a costume party or Halloween. Because it has all the accessories, so all she has to do is wear her favorite cat inspired leggings and shirt. 

In this package is one adult sized cat ear head band, striped wristlets, leg warmers and a tail in neon yellow, pink and blue with black accents.

This fluffy cat costume is made of faux fur, elastic and is perfect for those cool nights.

She will be the life of the party with this handmade outfit from Pawster. 


Combining steampunk with a cat costume will ensure your mature teen of a truly original, one of a kind look that can be used for many "dress-up" occasions.

The fascination with steampunk costuming brings back the layered and funky couture of yesteryear in the heyday of the industrial revolution. Romanticized in novels and movies, steampunk has become all the rage.

This amazing costume uses black, blue and white colors in a Cheshire cat influenced design of Victorian elegance.

Here is a tiered dress that is longer in the back than in the front. There is a corset bodice. The skirt is offset with trims of lace. Black and blue striped socks are reminicient of the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Lace arm cuffs add to the overall steampunk aura. Simply put on the cat mask and the transformation is complete.

This costume is made and shipped from the UK and will take time, as the outfit is created after you order it.

No list of cat costumes for girls would be complete without a cat woman costume! She is the epitome of feline feminine super hero awesomeness.

Pink Purr is the store on Etsy online marketplace that can create a custom made Cat Woman costume for your teenager.

This costume can be worn over a base layer for modesty. The outfit includes the long sleeved purple dress with high slits on either each leg. There is a gold colored cat button at the top of each slit.

There is a green cape that will flutter in the breeze. It fastens with Velcro so it doesn't blow away!

The mask/headpiece is amazing. It fits over the head and has widely cut out eye pieces. It is purple and black in color and has the signature cat ears.

The boots as shown are not included, so your teen can use her imagination for a choice of footwear that will compliment the costume.

Other Cat Costume Accessories That Will Add to Her Cattitude

A great alternative to spending hours and hours on applying face paint is to get some of these uber easy temporary face tattoos in a leopard print pattern.

These safe-non toxic tattoos apply with water and can easily be removed with oil. There is one forehead patch, one chin patch and two cheek covers.

The tattoos are handmade by Sugar Tats in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They carry a wide selection of awesome face tattoos that would be great for a cosplay or Halloween costume addition.

Your girl will love these fun and fashionable brown and black leopard spots.

Leggings for girls cat costumes are a wonderful base layer for the chillier fall or winter nights. And lets face it, these items are a great compliment to an awesome cosplay outfit. There are leggings for every age and every color taste.

Featured here is a pair of black leggings with an oriental looking cat and cat paws in a contrasting white. The leopard skin tights/leggings are great for that wildcat look.

A little girl would love to wear a pair of grey leggings with black cat faces on the knees. A teen would love a pair of black leggings with sassy purple pussy cats reaching from her ankes to just above her knees. These little cats have red eyes, nose and ears.

Masks have been at the center of costuming for centuries. The word masquerade springs from the use of masks. Costume parties and Halloween, as well as cosplay events have continued this tradition. Modern masks have the luxury of being lightweight, breathable and flame retardant. Most of the masks that kids wear these days are fabric, either felt, lace or cotton.

I have featured 4 great masks. The black cat mask is decorated with glitter thread and is highlighted with pink and blue accents. Little kids will love the unicorn cat mask. It is white with rainbow hair and fabulous eyelashes and little pink heart nose.

A pretty feminine black lace mask is Victorian in appearance and is light and airy. It provides intrigue and mystique. Last we have a fun quilted style fabric cat mask that is cute and appropriate for pre-teens.

Thank you for visiting my article on Cat Costumes for Girls. Playing dress-up is such a fun part of growing up. Donning a costume fires the imagination and enables us to role play. I had fun sharing my Etsy finds with you. No matter if a costume is for Halloween, a costume party at school, or a dress up birthday bash, any one of these costume ideas would be a great addition to the tickle trunk. Happy shopping!

More Kids Costume Ideas You May Like

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Cat Costumes For Girls

Lunch Boxes For Kids That Keep Food Cold ~ Cool School Stuff 2017

Does your school aged child take lunch to school? Here is a selection of some of the Best Lunch Boxes for kids that keep food cold. These lunch boxes and bags are cute and practical. There are many types of food safe lunch containers for school. Make packing lunch a personal and fun activity for 2017.

What are the Coolest and Best Lunch Boxes for Your Kids That Keep Food Cold.

There are several things to think of when you are about to purchase a lunch box or lunch bag for school.

  • Think about the age of your student. What is going to appeal to them and be age appropriate.
  • Does the lunch container need to be insulated or have a freezer pack to keep food cold? If there is no fridge to keep the lunches in, this could be a real safety concern.
  • What kind of closure does the bag have? This is a two-fold issue. The container needs to close securely, but be easy enough for your kids to open.
  • Do you need a lunch kit that will fit your containers? There are some lovely lunch kits that have containers included.
  • What style and design does your child want for the decoration on their lunch box? Are they enthralled with new movies, love graphic design, or want a low key incognito storage unit for their lunches? So many choices are available.

Best Insulated Lunch Boxes For Kids That Keep Food Cold

The Fit and Fresh Bento Lunch Kit is, in my opinion, the best choice for packing a kids lunch for school. It comes in a choice of lunch box patterns.

The outer lunch bag has a wonderfully strong zipper and a convenient, reinforced carry handle. It is made of insulated, non PCV materials.

The 3 included lunch containers fit perfectly inside the case. There is one container that is perfect for a sandwich or main course. The two smaller containers are just the right size for yogurt and fruit or any other snacks. These containers are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Inside the lid is an area to snap in the 2 ice packs that are part and parcel of this childrens lunch kit. The gel in the ice packs are non toxic and sized to fit like a glove.

This lunch kit will fit inside a back pack and will give you food safe worry free storage for your kids school meals. These can be used for other after school activities too! Click here for more Fit & Fresh kids lunch kits for more selection of sizes and designs.

Check out this unique lunch storage solution for your kids! This portable insulated container is constructed of stainless steel and is fully vacuum insulated. It is rated as one of the best lunch boxes for kids to keep food cold.

There are 3 choices of designs from Vaya for the outer shell. It opens and closes with a metal lateral latch and has a sturdy carry handle.

Inside this oval eco-friendly, BPA free case are 2 food storage containers made of copper coated stainless steel.

These containers are for your food. Each dish holds 10 oz of food and the positive pressure lids are spill proof as well as assisting in maintaining food temperature.

There is a removable food partition for the internal containers that will allow you to carry 4 different foods without having them touch.

What a beautiful way to keep your childs lunch food safe. Hot food keeps for 5 - 6 hours and cold food for up to 6 hours. "Tyffyn" is a new technology that is re-usable and kid friendly. Wash in the top rack of the dishwasher.

This is the ultimate in lunch bags for kids. It is freezable!! Yes, the whole bag folds up and goes in the freezer.

The freezable bag has a non-toxic gel built in between the walls of the bag. Just fold the bag and put in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. The gel freezes and keeps their food cold for hours.

The bag is made of poly-canvas and is lined with a food safe, water resistant lining. There is a sturdy velcro closure. The buckle style handle is durable.

This insulated lunch tote comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. The bag folds for easy storage in or out of the freezer. What a great way to keep food cold!

Click here for many more choices of Packit Insulated bags for all ages of kids (or adults). This is a hardy, food safe storage item for your kids lunch.

These insulated lunch boxes were made specifically for kindergarden or grade 1 kids. The lunch containers are the perfect size for a sandwich, a drink box and a snack. Your little monkey will go bananas for this lunch kit. There are other cute animal choices too!

Skip Hop Zoo makes these little zip up lunch boxes. Other than the BPA free insulated interior, this nifty, kids sized lunch box has an interior mesh pocket for cutlery, serviette etc., and a cute little name tag, perfect for personalizing with your little one name.

The top handle can be hooked onto a backpack. This particular line of lunch boxes has matching kids backpacks, water bottles and food containers.

Click here for the complete line of Skip Hop Zoo lunch products, so you can mix and match to satisfy your hungry kids!

Movie Themed Lunch Boxes For Kids

What kid doesn't like the latest animated and non-animated children's movies. Whatever the latest box office hit, your princess or hero would love to have a lunch box depicting their favorite TV or movie characters. Here are some blockbuster themed lunch kits.

Lego Batman was released in 2017. It is such a popular addition to the the Lego movie series. 

This is the ideal kids lunchbox for your young man.  This insulated, food safe lunch kit has dual storage. There is a zippered bottom compartment, perfect for a sandwich or small ice pack.

The larger top compartment is perfect for other lunchables. Zippers are durable and there is a padded carry strap.

The front of the lunch box depicts the Lego Batman and the bat symbol. The city of Gotham in shades of orange and yellow are a backdrop to the superhero.  The back of the lunch pack is blue, and there is a name tag that is encased in a clear vinyl sealable pocket.

This lunch container measures 9" x 8" x 5". Your Lego fan will be so excited to pack his lunch for school in this great lunch kit.

Disney Decendants 2 is another 2017 movie that has a themed lunch kit. It was released on Disney Channel. Disney movies are such good family entertainment.

This is a charming lunch kit featuring 3 of the stars of the movie on the front. The quote "Trouble is Here" is printed boldly on the cover.

It is perfect for the tween in your life.  The insulated lunch box has a zip closure and a padded carry handle.

The basic color of the case is black with gold trim. It will keep her cold stuff cold and her warm stuff warm.

The measurements of this cool lunch box for kids is 9.5 x 4 x 7.5 inches. Perfect to a good, healthy lunch! cold

Be on top of the newest movie trends with this Disney inspired lunch container.

The emoji movement is crazy! Have you seen the Emoji movie? July 17th every year is World Emoji Day. Emojis have evolved along with the electronic and technical communication evolution.

This insulated black neoprene lunch satchel features many of the most popular emojis. There is a sturdy inside zipper in this cool bag and oval key-hole reinforced handles sewn into the top of the lunch box.

The eco-friendly PVC and BPA free lunch kit measures 11.42" x 10.43" x 5.1" and is 8.7" deep. Wash this bag on the gentle cycle and air dry.

 This expressive lunch tote is waterproof and roomy enough for a good, healthy lunch. You will get a happy face when you present your little emoji fans with this bag.

A good idea is to place a small ice pack in the bag that will allow food safety for longer than the 2-4 hours advertised. Its a great way to keep food cold.

When you go to this vendor, Violet Mist, you will find that there are many other graphics to choose from in this line of neoprene lunch boxes for kids (and adults).

3D lunch Boxes for Kids That Keep Food Cold

Little kids will love these 3D lunch boxes. Featuring many of their TV and movie animated heros, they will be so happy to carry these insulated lunch bags to school.

This cute minion faced soft sided lunch box is so cute. The eyes and glasses are the 3-D item on a yellow face.

There is a water bottle included in the branded holder. The top of the water bottle is a pull up sports nozzle. The bottle is in matching yellow and the cap is blue.

There is a black padded handle that is kid tough and a sturdy black zipper to open the lunch container.

The inside of this insulated lunch tote is washable.

Click here for more adorable characters in the 3-D lunch box line. They are a new and unique style of lunch boxes for kids.

Personalized Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Are you looking for a plain old fashioned metal lunch box? Sometimes simple is better, depending on you food transport and storage needs. Retro is in after all!

This is the coolest old style lunch box with a really modern twist. It can be personalized!!! This is super cool and so exciting.

First, your child can pick their color. Then, once purchase is cleared, the vendor sends you an email where they can pick out their favorite super hero graphic and then a name or personalized text is added.

The background is all the favorite hero cartoon action bubbles. Pow! Boom! The most original and unique lunch kit imaginable.

The stainless lunch box measures 6.8" x 7.8" x 4.2 inches. and has a metal latch closure and a collapsable plastic handle.

You will be a superhero when you get a personalized lunch bucket like this!

Click here for other retro style metal lunch buckets. Vintage looks are all the rage, and metal is a durable, washable material.

Thank you so much for visiting my article on the  lunch boxes for kids that keep food cold. Back to school shopping can be stressful. I am happy to have provided you with a selection of the newest and best reviewed items for cold lunch storage. Cool school stuff for 2017 should include supplies that both you and your kids will approve of! 

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Lunch Boxes For Kids that Keep Food Cold

Funny Games For Kids

Don't you just love to hear your kids laugh? Are you looking for some new games? Here are some great ideas for the newest and best funny games for kids.

Humor is a great way to learn and bond. And playing games is wonderful for developing interaction skills both with peers and adults. If something is fun and can make them laugh, your kids will want to play games often.

Funny Games For Kids

Funny Games Kids Will Love

Yeti in My Spaghetti is a game that will have your youngsters roaring. Its advised for 2 or more players and is best played by kids 4 and over.

This game is just for fun! The game comes with a red bowl. Fill it up with the plastic noodles and lay the cute little yeti on top.

Each player takes turns pulling a piece of spaghetti out of the bowl. Whoever pulls the noodle that lets the yeti fall to the bottom of the bowl loses.

This is a game that only takes a few minutes to play, so is great for kids with a short attention span. It is fun for older kids and adults to play too. This game can help to build motor skills.

Although this is a game that is advertised for multiple players, it can be used as a one player game too. Your child can try to see how few noodles he or she can leave in the bowl before that silly yeti falls.

Add a little "flavor" to games night with this simple game that will appeal to the whole family.

A magical combination that is sure to make everyone laugh in a game is farm animals and gastric expulsion sounds [aka "toots"]. So the Stinky Pig game is sure to have your kiddies rolling on the floor.

This uproariously funny game has one object. Dont be holding the bashful looking little pink pig when he "toots"! And he even includes batteries.

The pig will play a catchy little tune. Press his tummy and toll the dice. Follow the instructions on the dice to pass left or right. If you get a pig face, roll again.

Then pass that pig as fast as you can. Don't hog him! If you are holding him when he toots, you take a token.

Play continues until all the tokens are used. The person who has the least tokens wins.

This game is suggested for kids that are 6 years old and up, but it is truly something the whole family can have a good time playing.

You can have a gas playing this game and your kids will go hog wild! All puns ARE intended, and made with the best of humor.

Watch Ya Mouth is a hilarious game that is rated for ages 8 and over. You can play it with 2 to 10 players. It will have the whole family ROFL! It is one of the best selling new funny games for the whole family.

This game involves speaking fun and funny phrases while wearing a mouth guard. The mouthguard, of course, hampers the speakers speech. Can the rest of the players figure out what you are saying?

Included with this top rated cool, funny game are 10 mouth guards that are FDA and CE safety tested. There are 6 medium sized pieces that are the right size for teenagers or adults and four small sized guards that are perfect for children. They are easy to clean and disinfect.

The mouth guards are easy to clean and disinfect. Click here to get new small replacement cheek retractors when they wear out or get damaged by use.

Also included are durable laminated cards containing the hilarious phrases, and instructions on how to play. Click here for expansion packs of cards for kids and some for just adults too. There is even a bible phrase version!

The Rooster Race is one of those awesome funny games rated for kids aged 5 years and older. 1 to 5 children can play this game. It is bound to get lots of giggles from the younger crowd as they try to become the rooster with the most corn!

One rooster card is turned up in the middle of the table. Children each get 14 cards that are dealt face down.

The contestants try to predict if their top card is going to be higher or lower than the main card. If they are right, they get a corn. But WAIT! If they are wrong, they have to put their corn back.

Their card then becomes the top card and the next player has to guess if their top card will be higher or lower than that one.

The game continues until all the corn is picked. The kid with the most corn wins!

This game contains 75 rooster cards, 15 yellow corn cobs and instructions.

This corny game will teach kids to identify numbers, and which ones are higher and lower. It will provide hours of entertainment for your children. Dont be chicken! Get it today!

When it comes to super funny games, you cant go wrong with a round of the Googly Eyes Game. It is a gut busting, hilarious drawing game.

The interactive guessing game comes with a pair of vision distorting goggles with 3 sets of lenses, a game board, dice marking pegs and cool cards to tell you what to draw. Yes, there is a time limit, so a timer is provided. Pencil and paper are included too. There are enclosed instructions for how to play the game.

This cool game is rated for 7 years old and older, and is made to play with teams of at least 4, although 2 kids can play it against each other. 3 can even play if the smallest wants to play on both sides for fun.

Roll the dice and move your man to the appropriate square. Here you will learn which distortion lens you need to put in the goggles.

You then take a card from the top of the pile and put the glasses on and draw what the card says.. There is a time limit. Here is hoping that your team can guess what you have drawn with your kooky glasses on.

Be prepared for chuckles and roars of laughter as you draw and guess. Can your team make it to the finish line first?

If you are thinking of fun and funny games for smaller kids, look no farther than the Funny Bunny Game by the famous puzzle making company Ravensbuger. It is rated for ages 5 and above, but children as young as 3-5 can easily grasp the rules and play too.

Each child starts out with 4 bunnies of the same color. The object is to hop up the 3D game board, paving stone by paving stone to to make it to the carrot at the top of the hill.

On their turn, each little one draws a card from the pile. There are two types of cards, bunny cards and carrot cards.

If the player gets a bunny card, they move as many spaces as indicated on the card to progress up the path.

BUT, if they draw a carrot card, they have to spin the carrot. This makes holes open up on the path. If your rabbit falls through the hole, you have to start over at the beginning.

You can play one or a few, or all of your bunnies at one time.

There will be hoots of laughter, and some exclamations of despair as your kids play this game. It is uber cute, and will be a favorite.

This game will teach counting skills and simple strategies. The board and pieces are sturdy and this game is very highly rated. It is well worth owning..

Kids who like to play funny games LOVE the Pie Face Game by famous game make Hasbro. Just a word of warning for parents. Have your kids play this in an easy clean up area. Things can get messy. Outside is a great place on an easy wipe picnic table.

This is one of the highest rated, most funny games that you could ever think of. Belly laughs and squeals will be the on the menu for the day.

Pie Face is one of those games that is not educational. It is just hilarious. If you have a child that doesn't like messes, they may not want to play, but they will for sure want to watch. All others children will be enamored.

The object of this is simple. You set up the arm and hand with either whipped cream (not included) or a wet sponge (sponge included).

Spin the card, put your face through the mask and click however many clicks the spinner indicates. You may, or may not trigger the plastic hand to cream your face. Score a point each time you don't trigger the arm.

This game is recommended for kids over 5, but even the young ones will have a blast with this one. The set includes sponge, spinner, throwing arm, the pie thrower hand, 2 handles, a chin rest and a splash guard mask. You must supply your own sense of humor!

Exploding Kittens is a card game that is fun, fast paced and involves some strategy. Its not as bad as it sounds. It is a really funny game. It is recommended for kids aged 7 and over and is meant for 2-5 players. The object is to not draw an exploding kitten. If you do, you are out of the game. Gonzo, done, finished, game over for you. Good thing there are action cards to hopefully delay your demise

To set up the game, each player gets a diffuse card and then 4 regular cards, for a total of 5 cards. You then insert 1 less exploding kitten card than players. So if you have 4 players, you would insert 3 exploding kitten cards into the deck. Shuffle well.

Here is a short video by one of the creators to show you how to play the game. The artwork on these cards is hilarious!

Once your child/children understand the rules, this game will become one of their favorites. It is a fun game for the adults too, so its perfect for family game nights. Click here for the Imploding Kittens expansion pack that gives you enough cards for 6 players instead of 5. It includes new action cards too!

When my grandkids talk about fun funny games, Fibber always comes up. It is a funny, silly game that allows you to "fib", but look out if you get caught!! It is rated for kids 7 and over, but they played it when they were 5 too. It can be played by 3-4 players.

How To Play Fibber

  • Each player gets a pair of glasses with a nose.
  • All cards are dealt out to the players.
  • The game board has various characters on them. You start with the Sasquatch and use the silver nose as a marker.
  • You lay cards face down and say however many Sasquatch cards you are laying. You can choose to be truthful, or fib.
  • Anyone else playing can call fibber.
  • If you are fibbing, you get a nose piece and have to pick up all the cards in the center.
  • If you are not fibbing, the one who calls fibber gets to pick up the cards in the discard pile.
  • If no one calles "fibber", the play goes clockwise to the next square and the next player.

The player with the shortest nose wins the game when all the nose pieces are gone. Kids just love making their nose grow like Pinnochio when they get caught fibbing.

Are you looking for kids funny games for your 3 year old? Educational Insights has developed a board game that is funny and helps your three year old learn.  The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is so funny!

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel comes with the board (which is the inside of the box lid), a spinner, a squirrel squeezer, 20 colored acorns and 4 logs to put your acorns in.

The object is to get your acorns in your log. This is accomplished by spinning the spinner and following the instructions.

They then take the squeezer tweezers and pick up the acorn that the spinner tells them to, and then they add it to their log. But then things get tricky!

There are steal an acorn, or lose an acorn possibilities too to add excitement and variety to the game.

This game has won many awards, including Good Housekeeping Toys Award.

There will be lots of giggles as your little squirrel learns how to pick up the acorns with the squirrel shaped squeezers.

This cute little game for kids teaches them about colors, taking turns, and operation of the child size tweezers teaches fine motor skills.

Another extremely funny game is "You Gotta Be Kidding". It is a kids board game based on the popular "Would You Rather" games. This game is rated for ages 7 and up.

Included in this game there is: a game board, 4 tokens, a toy chili pepper, 400 "would you rather" questions, 15 challenge cards, a timer, a dice. pen and paper, and marker tokens.

As you shake the dice and move your man up towards the finish line, you will land on play squares that will give you one of two plays. Either you will get a "would you rather" square or a "Challenge" square.

The Would You Rather cards give you a choice of 2 things. You pick the one that you would rather do and a reason why. Try to figure out your friends choice. Warning! The reasons can cause giggle fits.

The Challenge cards give you things to do in order to move up the board. These include drawing, finding things and doing zany things. This part will cause gut busting laughter. Of course, these tasks are timed.

If you get the red chili pepper card, you play "hot potato" with the chili pepper until the chili screams at you.

This funny childrens game takes about 30 minutes to play. This board game will teach your kids improvisation skills and develop their imagination. They have to make choices, which helps them to develop decision making. So to use a spin off on a game card, would you rather listen to your youngster giggle or eat a can of cat food?

One of the original funny, funny games for kids is Operation. The game is recommended for ages 6 and up, but younger kids love to try it too, and they get a real kick out of it.

Batteries (2 AAs)are included in this classic game of Operation. Also enclosed in the box are instructions, doctor cards with points assigned, tweezers, the patient (Cavity Sam), and 12 removable "parts", or ailments.

Players choose a doctor card and try to use the tweezers to remove the depicted part off the patient without causing the patient to buzz, vibrate and his nose to light up.

The parts all have tongue in cheek names, such as wish bone, and Adams apple.

Who will be the steadiest doctor? This game can be played alone or with others.

I am a grandma, and I can remember playing this game as a kid. This game is guaranteed to tickle your little ones funny bone. 

The game of Operation now comes in many different themes. Click here for more Operation themes to choose from. There is a choice for every child.

Another one of the cool funny games that comes to my mind is Twister. Its another oldie but goodie game that will have the whole family guffawing. The Twister Ultimate Game is created for children aged 6 and over, but the whole family will want to get in on the action, regardless of age.

The object is to be the last player "standing" on the 5.3 foot by 7.75 foot mat. This is one convoluted game!

The designated "spinner" spins the included spinner. Then all other players just follow instructions on what colored spot to place your feet or hands. And yes, it does tell you whether to use right or left appendages.

There are also other instructions, such as "raise your right hand". There is also a spinners choice challenge. But don't fall, or you are out!

It is hilarious to see the contortions that end up happening.

It is advised to play this game in bare feet, as socks may be too slippery.

This is a great stretching game. Flexibility is optional, but it sure helps. This interactive game from Hasbro is larger than the original twister game and has twice the amount of colored landing spots. The best game ever to laugh and excersise at the same time!

Here is a game that will make your kids giggle even before they play it. Poopy Head is a fast paced card game for kids aged 6 and up. 2 or more players can get in on the action. What kid doesn't like funny games about bodily functions like #2.

There is a deck of cards, 5 poop swirl headbands and a whoopie cushion.

All the cards are dealt out between the players. There are different colors and 3 images, a toilet, a poop, a toilet paper, and wash your hands cards.

To play the game, the cards must be laid down in the correct order, toilet, then poop, then toilet paper and then wash your hands. But wait! You cant use the same color twice in a row.

There is no "turns" in this game. Lay the cards as fast as you can, while shouting out what it is.

When one person doesnt have the "next" card, he or she slaps the whoopie cushion and the round is over.

The game ends when all the poops are distributed, and whoever has the most poo on their head loses.

This game will provide lots of fast paced action and laughs. Kids love it and there will be shrieks of delight as the figure out who is the poopyhead of the game.

Another super funny game for kids that makes fun of one of our least appealing functions is "Who Tooted". Lets face it, farts can be funny, especially to kids. This game is silly and will have them laughing so hard their faces will hurt.

The game consists of a game board, 4 family member game tokens who are portraying hilarious expressions of disgust, a large "dad" which contains the master brain of the game. It takes 2AAA batteries which are not included.

There are also buzzers with mini whoopie cushions attached. Each colorful cushion has a light.

There are also 4 noses to sniff out the noisy culprit.

The game is played by pressing the button on the game controller "dad". One of the whoopie cushions lights up and that player pushes his cushion. The other players try to guess who pushed the button by pointing the  nose at the suspect. The perpetrator points a nose too!

The ones who are correct move forward on the game board.

Kids of all ages get so many chuckles from this game. It is sure to become one of their favorites. Its a great party game too.

Also on the list for childrens funny games is Racoon Rumpus. Its a cute and chuckle earning game for young ones aged 3 and up. Watch the eyes light up when you bring this game out to play. It can be enjoyed by 2-4 players.

This adorable game can help your toddler or pre-schooler learn colors, matching skills, memory development, motor skills and of course, interaction skills while playing. They learn to take turns and have fun at the same time.

The object of the game is to be the first to dress your raccoon card in 5 different outfits.

The game comes with 4 raccoon cards with raised faces, 40 cute and zany colorful costume cards and 2 dice. One is a costume dice and the other is a color dice.

The first player rolls the dice and picks up the matching colored costume and dresses his or her raccoon in it.

Beware of rolling the underwear dice! Then your raccoon loses ALL his clothes. The embarrassment of it all :). Kids think this is hilarious!

But if you roll a rainbow card, you can pick any costume for your raccoons wardrobe.

You can also play a memory match game by turning over all the costume cards and mixing them, then matching them. This game will captivate your whole family.

Thank you for visiting Funny Games for Kids. Humor is one of the best teaching skills. It is also wonderful for family bonding. No matter what your childs age, games are fun. This selection will give you a broad choice of game types for all ages. Family game nights just got even better!

More Gift And Game Ideas You May Like

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Funny Games For Kids

What're The Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boys?

What're the best toys for 5 year old boys? Boys this age need stimulation, education, fun and a chance to use their imagination. Toys that can be played with others are important, as are toys to relax and have a bit of quiet time with.

This selection of boys toys for the kindergarten aged kids will provide you with the newest and highest rated gift ideas for your youngster.



Do you want unique and fun interactive toys for 5 year old boys? One of the newest and highest rated interactive toys this year are Fingerlings. So cute, cuddly and react to your child. They come in different colors with different names.

What is a fingerling you ask? It is an adorable little baby monkey that clings to your finger or his blanket and interacts with your child.

This featured monkey is Quinn. He is black with blue neon hair. He blinks, makes monkey noises and reacts to motion and sound.

Finn will also blow kisses, turns his head and swings by his tail.

This is an inexpensive toy and will provide hours of entertainment. Its like having a little pet. What a great gift idea!

He measures 3.1 x 3.1 x 4.9 inches and takes 4 LR44 batteries which are included.

A 90 day warranty is included, and the manufacturer will back up their product

These amazing little Fingerlings come in an assortment of colors to suit every taste. They are unisex, so getting one for each child in your family is an excellent idea.

One of the the highest rated educational games for boys of this age group is the Marble Run Construction Toy by Metland. There are 122 pieces to build tracks to see the marbles go up, down and all around.

This is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) construction set that will enable your child to construct numerous marble runs using tubes, tunnels, funnels, windmills and tracks that all easily interlock. The possibilities are limitless.

Your child will learn hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and problem solving skills, not to mention a measure of patience.

Using the enclosed easy to follow instructions, your child will assemble the various pieces and learn about how angles will affect the speed and distance the marbles will travel.

The brightly colored, non toxic building materials are made of tough, kids proof ABS. There are no rough edges and go together easily.

You can feel good that you are giving your special 5 year old a gift that will teach him some basics of engineering and physics.

Using Play-Doh is a favorite fun activity for any boy in the preschool age group. Using their vivid imagination to mold and build things makes this one of the best toys for 5 year old boys. There are many tools and kits out there, but the Play-Doh Dispicable Me Disguise Lab is one of the favorite and highest rated packs that are available.

This kit is sooo cool. It comes complete with everything you need to make fun and hilarious disguises for the included two minions, Bob and Stuart.

You also get 4 cans of colored dough to create the projects.

Have the minions sit in the styling chair and help them grow hair, mustaches and beards. Style them with the included comb. Then cut it with the scissors and try again.

Use the molds to create accessories, like hats, ties and bananas. Then they can use their imaginations to have so many "detective" adventures.

Remember to have your kids using play-doh in an easy-to clean area, because thing are bound to get a little messy, as is common when using the malleable dough.

This is so much more practical than finding your  year old cutting his sisters hair or giving the family pet a new hairdo!

Click here for more cans of colored play-doh to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. This is a great idea for an indoor activity on a rainy day. Play-doh is a trusted brand and loved by kids everywhere.

A great toy for a 5 year old that doesn't live with you is a guitar! The little recipient will be grinning ear to ear. Perhaps you can placate the parent(s) by reminding them that they may have a future rock star on their hands.

What would be cooler for a boy than an acoustic 6 string guitar built smaller for little 5 year old fingers . This is a beginner TOY guitar only. It does not have the tone of a more expensive model

The strings are made of nylon, so if your child get serious, I would recommend upgrading to a better quality instrument. 

This is a 30 inch working guitar which is made of acrylic, so it is tough. The fretboard is made of rosewood.

The guitar is tunable and has finger protectors so those tender little fingers don't get injured.

Another nice features is the stickers that will help your young musician learn notes.

Learning to play a musical instrument at a young age can lead to years of playing. A love of music is a wonderful thing to nurture.

Games that help children learn while they are having fun are great for 5 year old boys. Playing card games such as Smarty Pants will help develop memory, color identification, turn taking social skills, all while having a great time.

Melissa and Doug Toys have been a number one staple for quality childrens toys and games for years and years. 

These colorfully illustrated cards have games, tongue twisters, puzzles and great humorous quips, as well as interesting facts.

The cards can be stored in the provided case. With 120 cards, the adults may even learn a thing or two.

These are a great idea for a road trip! It helps to eat up the hours when kids get bored easily.

Once your little marvel has finished with this set of cards,there are more advanced level of Smarty Pants brain building cards available.

When it comes to building toys for 5 year old boys, Laser Peg kits are an excellent choice. They are durable and easy to snap together. The wheels turn and the units light up. So cool!

The Laser Peg 6 in 1 Monster Truck Set is perfect for a 5 to 8 year old builder. All the items needed to create one of 6 different monster trucks are included.

  • All the interlocking pieces are included in this set, as well as detailed instructions on assembly.
  • The LED light up component comes with the watch type battery needed to make it work
  • The clear pieces connected to the power base and laser peg will become illuminated once attached. The on/off switch has a steady or blink option.
  • The company stands behind its product and is easy to deal with

This top rated toy for is an excellent choice to provide hours of fun while constructing. They will enjoy playing with the project post build, using their imaginations to take their light up toy on great adventures.

If you are looking for interactive toys for 5 year old boys, walkie talkies may be just what you need. Pre-school age kids have so much fun talking to each other (or an adult) from another room. They can become covert spies on an important mission, or solve a mystery.

This walkie-talkie set from Little Pretender is made specifically for kids. It has a range of 2 miles and has 3 channels.

The blue hand held devices are durable and have a belt clip. There is a well lit LCD display. The unit "beeps" when you stop transmitting. The incoming call alert is clear, as is the voice exchange.

There is a built in flashlight, perfect for your little detective to see those hidden items, or for lighting up outdoor discoveries.

Other handsets can be added to the same channel if you desire more than 2 participants.

The cool kids walkie talkies need 3 AA batteries that are not included

A great parent tip is to use these devices when at the local grocery store or department store. You keep one and let your little one have the other. That way if you somehow get separated, you will still have contact.

Kids binoculars are also fun and useful toys for 5 year old boys. Our grandkids are always pestering "poppa" to look through his binoculars. 

These extra tough, shockproof binoculars will give your child a whole new way to explore the wonderful world we live in.

They provide 8x21 magnification, which is quite alot. You can see quite far away and the zoom is clear.

The nose pieces are adjustable to help the the binocular lenses fit your young fellows eyes correctly. There is a dial for the amount of zoom/clarity also. Kids pick up on how to use them easily.

Included in this binocular set is an instruction book for care and use of the item, a neck cord for holding the binoculars and a handy carry case to protect and transport them. A cool cleaning cloth keeps your lenses clean.

This affordable American made product will provide hours of exploration. These are real binoculars, not just a toy. What a great way to explore the world outside, or even get "close-up" through a window when stuck inside.

Boys of this kindergarten age love to play dressup, and this is an amazing thing. It seems that once a boy gets a costume on, their imagination lights up like the skies on the Fourth of July.

This Ninja costume is just so cool. What is more fun than pretending to be a ninja!

This boys small dressup item is just the right size for a five year old boy. It. is available in other sizes too

The costume includes a one piece jumpsuit with attached hood, ties, a cool belt with foam stars and face mask.

The material is polyester and hand washing is suggested.

There are other accessories available for your martial arts master. Click here for a cool ninja weapon set that will accessorize the costume perfectly.

No matter what your child likes to dress up as, there will be a costume available to tuck in the tickle trunk or toy chest. Look forward to hours of imaginative role playing with these favorite playtime items.

One of the more popular toys for 5 year old boys are robots. And even better, how about a remote control police robot? Kids toys have continued to develop in so many amazing ways!

This is one talented robot! He can sing and dance and walk and shoot little darts from his chest. He has a light up gun and his visor lights up too. He makes cool robot sounds. What is cooler that a robot who dances the robot? It will make everyone chuckle.

He comes with handheld remote that is easy for little fingers to use. The robot has an auto shutoff to save batteries. He requires 5 AA batteries, 2 for the remote control and 3 for the robot itself. There is an on/off switch too.

The robot is about thirteen inches in height. He is white with dark grey/back trim. The remote is in a matching color. There are 7 darts included. 5 go in the machine and there are 2 extra for ones that go missing.

This cute robot is amusing and fun and has many functions that a little boy will love. Be prepared for many space odysseys and extra terrestrial shenanigans when your 5 year old and his robot police buddy conquer the universe.

Click here for more AA batteries to keep this highly sought after robot running. Your kids will have hours and hours of fun with him.

Wizard or Magician kits make really cool educational toys for 5 year old boys. Boys are entranced with magic tricks, and love to show off their new skills in sleight of hand to friends and family.

This kit is a combination of science and "magic". This is the perfect recipe to keeping your little wizards and warlocks enthused while learning.

The Magic Science Lab contains all the ingredients your spell caster needs to make 9 different projects.

Begin by making your own magic wand and magician hat. Then use the enclosed chemicals and test tubes to make colorful, frothy, foamy experiments that look like magic.

The magical ingredients, coloring compunds and chemicals include citric acid, baking soda, zinc, vegetable oil, polyacrylate polymer and various colorings including beet juice powder.

Also enclosed is a stand for the test tubes and an easy to follow instruction book.

The basis for tales of alchemy in story books is, of course, chemistry. What a wonderful, magical way to learn.

This number one selling science kit is also a STEM toy for 5 year old boys. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All good foundations for an inquisitive young mind.

Does your child have trouble concentrating or sitting still? Fidget toys have been shown to aid in concentration and gives those busy little fingers something to do when your little boy needs to sit still. They are excellent for kids with ADHD and youngsters that deal with anxiety issues. Every 5 year old boy is energetic, and these give them something to do at the doctor or dentist office when they need to sit still and be quiet.

The fidget spinner has been promoted on many talk shows as one of the best anti anxiety toys available.

Made of durable materials and comprised of bright colors, this spinner will spin on a flat, smooth surface for up to three minutes.

When not spinning on a table or floor, it is comfortable in the hands and fingers.

The texture is interesting, and there are several ways to rotate the toy or spin it in your fingers.

The fidgiter can be easily carried in a pocket, or stored in a case or drawstring bag.

There are a multitude of colors and shapes for the popular spinning toy.

Click here for a great selection of Fidget Spinners to choose from. A good idea is to have a selection of these affordable items, in case your lad misplaces one!

Fidget cubes are another popular anti stress toy that will be fun to fiddle with when your 5 year old needs to stay focused.

Each side of these hand held cubes offers something different for the fingers to occupy themselves with.

There are buttons to push, balls to roll, switches to flip wheels to spin, clickers to click, and a nice smooth side to rub.

There are many different patterns available for these cute dice shaped cubes.

When your child is getting bored on a long car, bus or plane trip, this would be a good distraction to help pass the time quietly.

Click here for more choices of fidget cube designs and colors. They are a great way to use nervous energy and to help your child stay calm and focused.

Does your 5 year old love to play with action figures? So many adventures can be reenacted, or created from your childs favorite movie, TV or book characters.

One of the most poular action figure sets are from the Marvel Avengers movies.

Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man make a superb trio of crime fighting awesomeness! 

Each figure pivots at the neck, shoulders and hips and measures between 11 and 12 inches high.

Captain America comes with a shield. All the superheros come with their costumes as part of the doll. They cannot be undressed. The attention to detail on these plastic figurines is remarkable.

The universe is sure to be protected and rescued several times a day when your pre-schooler uses his vivid imagination to embark on super hero adventures with these boys action dolls.

Lego is one of the all time favorite construction toys for 5 year old boys. Lego is fun, and pieces can be interchanged and used in other projects. Lego teaches manual dexterity and the develops the ability to follow directions.

  • Lego City is the newest lego collection set made especially for boys aged 5 and up. 
  • This Lego City Set makes a train station, a taxi, and has railroad track that will attach to other City lego projects.
  • The station has a food kiosk, cash register, glass doors that open, a train map and a store.
  • The train platform has a roof, 2 monitors and a clock. Other accessories on the platform include a bike stand and a bicycle.
  • There are 5 mini figures in the package. Characters are a chef, a taxi driver, 2 passengers and a conductor.
  • A cool yellow taxi rounds out this kit. What a great imaginative building set.

There are 423 pieces in this set, recommended for ages 5 to 12. Click here for more Lego City sets to add to the collection. Your city project can grow with your Lego fan. Happy building!

Are you looking for great outdoor toys for 5 year old boys? A hopping ball is a blast, both for your child and for you to watch!

This 18 inch kangaroo ball is just so darn cute, it will make you LOL! The sun-glass dude is so cool, he cant help but make you smile. And your kids will be totally enthralled.

The yellow hippity hop ball is made of government approved materials and comes with a handy pump for inflating the toy.

There is a handle on top which makes it easier for your young man to hold on while he is bouncing all over.

The exercise ball teaches your energetic child coordination and balance, as well as burning off all that amazing energy.

These balls are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes, so you can find a ball that is just perfect.

Why not get one for yourself? Then you can have some family fun time too! You are guaranteed many laughs and giggles as you master this fun activity.

Click here for more cool designs and sizes of hop balls for your whole family! What a great gift idea!

What're the best toys for 5 year old boys? A bicycle is ALWAYS a good gift choice for active boys of this age who live in an area where they can ride. I have a feeling that ever since the wheel was discovered, boys have been trying to ride them.

This freestyle BMX type bike is available in different sizes. There are 2 common size choices for a 5 year old. One is the 16 inch, which will fit a 38" to 48" inch tall child. The second is an 18 inch, which is recommended for a kid who is 42" to 52" tall.

Accessories on this 2 wheeled beauty include a water bottle and holder, removable heavy duty training wheels, an easily adjustable seat, and a bell.

The drive shaft has ball bearings and there is a good quality full chain guard. The steel wheels have 2.4 inch wide knobby tires. The bike frame is well constructed and durable.

There is a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake for quick and fluid stops. The shaped seat is comfortable.

Imagine the delight in growing from training wheels to independent 2 wheel freedom! This bike is available in a selection of colors. Combining safety, style and comfort, this bike is a must have piece of sports equipment. Click here for helmet and knee and elbow pads to ensure that your free wheeler is safe.

There are many good books available for the 5 year old child. Reading is one of the most useful skills that a youngster can learn. It is proven that reading books to your child will help foster an interest in reading, writing and the development of imagination and creative skills.

The Giant Jumperee is a new kids book that was released in April of 2017.

The author is Julia Donaldson, who is a renowned childrens writer. She has written over 100 childrens books. Another one of her famous kids book is The Gruffalo.

Helen Oxenbury illustrates this book with her famous portrayals of story characters.

The 32 page storybook tells of a rabbit who comes home to hear a booming voice coming from his burrow. The voice claims to be the giant Jumperee.

The rabbit enlists the aid of his friends, cat, bear and elephant to try to aid in discovering who owns the loud voice in his house.

This story is written in an easy to read style, interspersed with cute little rhymes. This book is sure to become a classic bedtime tale to be read over and over.

Hot wheels cars have always been one of the top toys for 5 year old boys. Oh, the adventures they have, while rolling the cars and making appropriate noises to go with the action toys.

This 20 pack of Hot Wheels cars are a great starter pack, either to play with or to start a collection. Some folks have collected these little 1:64 scale die cast cars for years, and it has become a popular hobby. Kids trade cars too, in order to add some new cars to their collections, especially if they end up with duplicate cars.

You never know exactly what cars you will get in your pack, but thats all part of the fun.

There are several accessories, different vehicles, and sets available for Hot Wheel cars. There are trains, motorcycles, service vehicles and so many more.

A good idea is to have a small storage bin with a lid for all these little gems.

Your boy and his friends will spend hours playing with this very cool set of toy cars. What a good way to spend a rainy, dreary day.

The Criss-Cross Crash Track set from Hot Wheels is an excellent addition to your Hot Wheels car collection.

There are over 16 feet of track with this set! It is durable, easy to set up and has so many features. It will require about 3 square feet of room for the finished project.

The orange and blue interlocking track is shaped in a figure 8 pattern. There are opening and closing chutes and electronic power launch boosters.

Be prepared for awesome crashes and exciting near misses as your child races the cars around the hairpin corners

There is a huge crash zone to land the cars in, and 4 intersections where cars can collide.

The kit includes one Hot Wheels car, but most all of the name brand cars will work on this race track.

This kid friendly race track required 4 batteries that are not included to operate the launcher. Click here to get the D cell batteries if you don't have them on hand. The enclosed instructions are easy to follow.

The ultimate cool gift for a 5 year old boy would be a child sized motorized police trike! What a way to allow your child the privilege of learning the proper operation of a motor vehicle safely.

This 12 Volt motorcycle police cruiser has two forward speeds of 2.5 and 5.0 miles per hour. There is a reverse gear as well. A hand throttle accelerator and hand twist brake are mounted on the handlebars.

The lighting system has headlights, signal lights and hazard lights. There is also a cool siren to help them catch the bad guys.

There are a set of rear view mirrors, a windshield and floor boards. 

Detailing includes the V-Twin replica "motor", saddlebags, a cargo trunk and an antenna.

The white kids "harley" cruiser is decorated with police decals and a star!

There is an included charger for the 12 volt battery to keep your little motorcyclist powered up.

The length fron to back is 49". It stands 32" high and the width is 24". Manufactured in the USA, it is sure to be a favorite toy. Be sure to recharge the battery after each use.

Thanks for visiting my article. I know it will help you discover what're the best toys for 5 year old boys. This is such a fun age, and I am glad to have provided you with some very good choices for toys and gifts that are fun and that will help them spend quality play time.



Whatre The Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boys

Fun Outdoor Games For Kids Of All Ages

Are you stuck for ideas to keep your kids occupied while they are outside? There are so many cool outdoor games for kids of all ages! Keeping your childs mind and body active while they have fun is a smart parenting technique.  And for family bonding time, the whole family can join in. Its a win-win solution to complaints of summertime "boredom".

These games can be played in the back yard, the park, or the beach. Kids can play together, or hone their skills by practicing alone.

The BEST Outdoor Games for Kids of All Ages

A super fun game is soccer. Having a hover soccer set takes this world wide appreciated sport to a whole new level. This can be played outdoors or indoors.

The game includes the hover ball, and 2 goal nets. There is also a screwdriver to open the compartment that holds the 4AA batteries (not included).

Once the on/off switch is activated, the circular hover ball lights up. There are soft edges so as not to hurt furniture or kids. The game is made of safe non-toxic materials. It is very durable and can be kicked hard. It rebounds and moves very fast. The game can be played with anywhere from 1 player to several participants.

Because the ball lights up, this can also be played at night. This game is advised for kids of ages 3 and up. Even the pets and adults can take part in this active game.

This game does need to be played on a flat, hard surface and does not do well on carpets.

Your whole family will get a "kick" out of this game.

Kan-Jam is an entertaining outdoor game that combines skills of various games, such as frisbee, basketball and beanbag toss.

This game is played with teams of two. The cans are placed 50 feet apart. One member of the team stands at each end.

The person with the disc throws the round yellow disc and the other one tries to knock it into the can if possible.

There are different points assigned for different accomplishments, such as getting the disc in the slot or even hitting the can. The first team who makes it to 21 wins.

Included in this set are instructions, cans and the disc. All you have to supply is the enthusiasm.

This product is proudly American made. It is durable and will provide fun for the whole family. No batteries required!!!

A ladder toss game is the BOMB for kids of any age! Please make sure that everyone is kept away from the receiving end of the bolo tossers. Bonks on the head tend to hurt! But kids have so much fun throwing the bolos over the rungs on the ladder. Watch them rack up the points as well as the giggles.

I highly recommend this metal ladder toss set as it is much sturdier than the less expensive PVC models. The sections are easy to fit together and are constructed of powder coated steel. Each kit comes with 2 of these durable ladders.

The bolos are made by securing strong rope to the lightweight soft rubber balls on each end.

Rules of this game are easy! Each rung of the ladder is worth a given amount of points. You can cancel out your opponents points in a turn. This fun game can be played one against one, or in teams.

This easy to assemble set comes in a good quality,convenient zip up carry bag!

GoSports has a very good record for customer service and is happy to assist you with any questions. Click here for replacement bolo balls for this very popular outdoor game for kids.

The good old bean bag toss is a perennial favorite outside game for kids of all ages. This game has been around for years and years. It has been the center attraction at many camp-outs and kids parties at the park.

This bean bag toss game comes in 5 different designs. There is a football field board, and American flag edition that would be perfect for a Fourth of July family event. Other choices include a LED, light up edition and a red and blue board. Featured is the the original bean bag plank.

The object of the game is to toss the bean bags from a distance determined by the players age and size to see if you can get it through the hole. There are 8 beanbags provided in the set.

It is a hoot to knock the opposing teams bags off the board, or to move your own bags closer with another shot.

This is a game that can be played for hours. The durable aluminum frame and bean bags come in a convenient carrying bag.

Click here for more bean bags in case you lose some, or want to play with more kids! You get a choice of color combinations that will suit your gaming needs.

Some of your young ones favorite indoor games can be played outside too, just on a larger scale! One fun outdoor game is dice! It is a great way to keep their math skills up during the summer holidays by adding their own dice totals.

Yardzee dice game has everything you need to play several dice games all contained in a handy white covered bucket that is great for storage or transportation.

The dice themselves are handmade out of wood and the "spots" are drilled, stained and sealed.

There are 3 games that can be played with this set. You can play the Yahtzee type game we are familiar with. Farkle is similar to Yahtzee, but played with 6 Dice and Cootie is a game where you toss dice to create a bug! Such fun!

Laminated score sheets are included as well as erasable markers. Kids will have a great time with this outdoor game. Little ones will need help with scores, but will enjoy rolling the cubes across the yard.

Connect 4 is a favorite childrens game that is now available in a large, outdoor version. The object is simple. To connect 4 of the same color to win, and to block your opponent from doing exactly that!

The colorful "green guard" plastic game is weather and fade resistant. It will require some assembly, and the washers or donuts have a handy storage rack on the outside of the game.

This game is 4 feet high and is very durable.

Enjoyable hours will be spent with this top outdoor game for kids. It is a great way to develop good visuospatial abilities and the solving of logical problems.

This can be a teamwork building game, or a one-on-one competition.

Click here to get replacement washers for this terrific outdoor game for kids of all ages. Never run out of rings again!

Are you familiar with the outdoor game of bocce? Bocce is played by rolling balls to get closest to a smaller white ball. Here are some interesting and fun facts about bocce.

  • The game of bocce is Italian in origin.
  • The name bocce means "to bowl" in Italian.
  • Bocce is the third most popular sport in the world next to golf and soccer.
  • The small white or yellow ball has a few different names. The proper name is pellino, but it is also called Jack or boccino.
  • There are different names for ground shots, aerial shots and point winning shots.
  • The object is to get your colored ball closest to the white ball. 

Top outdoor games like this are meant for tweens or teens, although younger family members may have fun trying to roll the balls to the pellino.

This set includes 8 balls of 4 different colors, a jack and a measuring string, all neatly packed in a handy canvas carrying case.

The same colored balls are separated into 2 designs. Each has 1 square and 1 circle pattern, so as to make it easy for teams to identify whos ball made it closest to the target.

The 90 mm brightly colored balls are made of durable high gloss poly-resin.

This is a fun family game that will become a regular part of weekend outdoor activities.

Melissa and Doug toys are exceptionally well made and highly rated, and this kids bowling set is no exception. Your toddler, aged 2 and older will love this set, rolling the ball to knock over the pins. Younger kids will enjoy playing with the pins.

This is a 7 piece soft plastic bowling kit. The brightly colored purple ball measures 4 inches, has yellow stripes and stars and is indented, providing an easy grip for little fingers

The pins are made in cute and funny animal shapes that will appeal to small children. They are durable and safe, even for those kids who like to chew.

The animals featured are 2 dogs, a giraffe, a cat, a bear and a mouse. So colorful and so much fun!

This bowling kit can be used indoors or outdoors and is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the toddler or baby in your world while they enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

All the bowling items fit into the included handy storage bag to be put away for your next outdoor adventures.

An all-inclusive yard game set is a great idea. This bag full of outdoor activities contains 6 kids games!

Games that are enclosed in the handy storage bag include the following items.

  • The badminton game has 2 racquets and a birdie.
  • The horseshoes game has 4 horse shoes and 2 pegs.
  • There is a frisbee and 2 scoop ball catchers with a ball
  • You will also find a beach soccer ball and 2 discs or mitts and a ball for a good round of "sticky ball".

These plastic outdoor games are made specifically for smaller hands. They are colorful and economical.

Kids will get hours of fun outdoor exercise playing with all these games. Such a convenient bundle for family outdoor activities.

Remember when you could play lawn darts? Now there is a much safer version of this popular outdoor game called Jarts. No worries about being stabbed by a flying dart and losing an eye here! 

The game is recommended for kids aged 8 years and older.

The blue and yellow darts have rounded rubber tips on the ends.

The idea of the game is to toss the darts from the throwing line into the ring.

Points are awarded depending on if you land in the ring or closest to the ring if there is no dart inside the ring.

The game goes to 21 points. The game helps to improve hand-eye coordination.

Many afternoons have been spent playing this game in many locations, both at home and away.

The game includes 4 darts and 2 target rings, as well as instructions on how to play and how to score.

Ringtoss or quoits is another old standby for playing games outside. It is fun for the kids and the whole family. It is rated for ages 3 and up.

Everything you need to p lay this timeless favorite is enclosed in the handy zip up canvas carry bag.

The object of this game is to toss the quoits, or rope rings around the wooden dowels from a prescribed distance.

Each wooden peg has a point value assigned to it.

There are 5 rope rings, 10 extra plastic rings, the durable wood "X" and the pegs to catch the rope.

There is a lifetime warranty on this game, and it is a best seller. The manufacturer stands behind their product too!

This game teaches your children fine motor skills and helps to develop mathematical abilities when they add up their points. All this while having a ton of fun.

Did you know that croquet was the first outdoor sport to support equality and allow both sexes to play on an equal footing? This outdoor game is very old. There are records of croquet being played in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was a popular game among the royalty also.

I am showing you 2 examples for this classic game. There is a set for smaller children with shorter mallets,  and a set for older children, tweens, teens and adults. Both sets are all inclusive and have a good quality carry bags. Included are mallets, wickets, stakes and balls.

In the original game, the wickets (hoops) are set up in a diamond shape. The object is to use your mallet to smack the ball through the wickets in the proper order and, end up tapping the stake at the end of the course.

This is a fun, and challenging healthy outdoor game for kids of all ages.

Are you looking for funny outdoor games for kids? Look no further. Flickin' Chicken is sure to get all the kids in your life giggling like crazy. It is a hilarious game!

The idea in this goofy game is for the first person to  throw the target. Then each player tries to toss their rubber chicken onto the target.

Their next toss is from where the chicken lands, and you get points for each throw you have to make until you hit the target. The player who has the lowest score after nine rounds is the best chicken flicker!

The family game is rated for 6 years and up, but younger kids can for sure get in on the the fun and games. Even adults can join in on this sport.

The set includes the target ring and four rubber chickens that are perfect for either a 2 or four player game.

This durable and funny game will provide hours and hours of laughs and fun. Your children will be squawking and clucking to play it again and again! It is eggsactly what your family needs to add to the yard game collection.

Thank you for visiting this collection of fun outdoor games for kids of all ages. There is a bit of kid in all of us, and it is so much fun either watching or interacting with the young ones as they try to master outdoor games. Its even fun to join in!

Other Cool Kid Ideas You May Find Interesting

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Fun Outdoor Games For kids Of All Ages

Cool Gifts For Tween Girls That Are Creative and Fun!!

Are you finding it hard to find that perfect gift for that tween girl in your life? No worries, these gifts for tween girls will give you some great ideas for gifts for any occasion. 

The pre-teen ages of 8-12 are such a tumultuous period in a girls life. Sometimes she wants to play with dolls and sometimes she wants to invent something to change and improve the world.

There are so many changes in emotions, mind and body of pre-teen girls. This makes gift giving a challenge, but happily, there is a selection of gifts that will appeal to the cool, fun side of your favorite tween girl. Now shopping for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other holidays will be a snap.

Gifts For Tween Girls

Top Gifts For Tween Girls

Tweens and teens love to make things. Adults love when crafts that kids make are practical. Making a knot-a-quilt is a perfect blending of pretty, useful and creative.

This kit will teach your tween to make a quilt by knotting, not sewing. Your pre-teen will create a 42" x 54" quilt. There are 48 fringed 9 inch fleecy squares in colors of yellow, blue, pink, purple and orange.

Once the method is learned, your pre-teen can make a quilt for each member of the family. This is an art form that can form a life-long hobby. Fleece fabric can be picked up at yard sales, online or at a local hobby store. Then all you need is a pair of scissors. Color combinations are endless!

This craft kit provides hours of fun. And its a great thing to do in the colder months. Keep his or her lap warm while making a cool throw.

This coloring pillowcase is so, so much fun for pre-teen girls. She can pick her colors from the 12 included fabric pens and paint her own pillowcase.

This is a soft and silky 18 square inch polyester pillow cover that has a zipper to enclose in a pillow. It can be machine washed in cold or warm water.

There are several different patterns to choose from and all of them will provide hours of entertainment and yield a unique finished product.

The coloring pens are non-toxic and if there happens to be an 'oopsie' on a table, the mistake can be removed with rubbing alcohol (or by a cloth if caught when wet).

You will get so much appreciation for giving a cool gift that will inspire and work with your tweenagers artistic talents! Its a great project for a rainy or snowy day when she is bored.

Are you in the market for a tablet for your tween? Amazon has released a new HD Tablet. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is kid friendly and parent approved.

This is a real tablet, not a toy! it has so many cool features. The cover comes in a choice of blue, pink and yellow.

Your smart girl can see everything in 3D. That is such a great thing for researching school projects and playing her favorite educational game.

There is 32 GB of internal storage and a single battery charge can last up to 12 hours. Of course, you can get additional storage with a micro SD card.

The included 2 year warranty ensures that your tablet is replaceable. We all know tweens are accident prone! More peace of mind for the parent.

With this deal you also get one year of 'Free Time Unlimited". This feature gives your child access to 1500 apps, games, books, videos and games from several widely acclaimed educational content, such as PBS Kids.

You can also hook them up with your choice of content from your own device, like Netflix.

The parental controls on these devices are first class! You can control usage limits, educational goals and content access. You get to decide what they can download or play with. This provides real security and peace of mind for parents. This is a cool gift that will be on the top of the list for a gift for tween girls.

One of the top new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) toys for pre-teens is the 3-D pen. It allows a creative girl to draw things in 3-D! Yes, this is true. Who would have imagined? I love new technologies and am so excited to share this with you. Your child can create real toys just by drawing them in the air. It doesn't get much cooler than this.

This amazing new creative tool works by melting plastic filaments at one speed and at a low temperature, so no worries about your child burning themselves.

They can create, design, plan and build 3-D projects.

The package includes the pen and USB charging cable thereby eliminating the need for a power cord attached to the pen. 

An instruction and idea book that has templates and enclosed plastic molds get your artist started.

The kit comes with a good starting pack of the eco-plastic filaments.

Click here to get more 3Doodle eco-plastic filaments to ensure that your girl has enough material to keep creating her masterpieces! The filaments come in an array of colors.

Make sure you get the 3D brand name filaments, as other brands of filaments may not work with this pen!

One of the best gifts for tween girls this year are fidget spinner toys. They are hand down the most popular gift for tweens and teens of both sexes. 

The idea of these spinning toys is to help children concentrate while doing something with their fingers.

Not only are these little hand held gadgets good for the fidgety tween, they are also recommended for reducing anxiety and stress in folks of all ages

These little spinners are also beneficial for other medical issues such as autism, ADD, ADHD and ECD.

This funky looking little toy spins on your finger, hand or table and is constructed of zinc alloy, and has ceramic bearings to ensure smooth and speedy spinning action.

It is designed to spin for approximately 3-5 minutes. The unit is just about 3 inches long and has a good weight.

There is  variety of colors and patterns available, so you are sure find one that will suit the personality of your favorite girl.

What tween girl doesn't enjoy the opportunity to decorate her own space? Printable wall art is an inexpensive and artistic way to decorate a bedroom or study. Unicorns are so popular with girls this age.

This adorable 3 printable poster set for the unicorn lover in your life quotes a favorite adage. "Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn, Then Always Be A Unicorn.

The first 8x 10 poster features a delightful little red haired girl wearing a blue unicorn sleeper. A beautiful rainbow creates a colorful backdrop.

The second printable wall poster depicts a brown unicorn with pink mane and tail. There is even a cute little pink heart on its hind quarters. A moon and flowering bush set the background for this sweet piece of wall decor.

The third standard sized print features a tween who has enveloped her magical unicorn personality. She sports her all important horn and is dressed in a lovely blue dress. Again the rainbow signifies hope, peace and beauty.

A good idea is to print these PDF files on cardstock or poster paper to ensure longevity.

Ordering from the Etsy online store Glitter Shack will ensure that you are receiving a quality product. You will receive 3 - 8x10 PDF files to print out from your home computer or a print shop near you.

Get hooked on rug hooking! Rug hooking kits are fun to do and produce a beautiful and lasting work of art that your tween can display with pride. Loopy Wool Supply is an artistic vendor in the Etsy online marketplace. She sells all kinds of supplies for rug hooking and comes up with some really cool patterns and kits.

The basic kit, shown here includes all supplies such as the linen backing with the pattern imprinted, the yarn, needles and hoop. This beginner set will make four 4.5 inch coasters. Its a great way to learn the basics. There are detailed instructions to get the project finished. This is a unique gift for tween girls and also for the older teenage girls that may be looking for a new hobby.

Once you have the basic tools, you can create other kits, like the sunflower rug/wall hanging as illustrated. It comes in a choice of colors and the finished product will measure approximately 9 x 12 inches.

Being able to create jewelry is so much fun for tween girls! A rock polisher is the cats meow for a creative girl. Imagine her delight if she can polish their own rocks and create everything from trinkets to mosaics. The added bonus is that your pre-teen girl will learn about geology and identification of rocks and gems

The National Geographic Rock Tumbler is rated for ages 8 and over. Take rough rough rocks and polish them to use creatively.

Inside this kit is the tumbler that will hold approximately 1/2 pound of rocks. It has an timer, so you know exactly when to change your included grits. The rubber barrel will reduce the amount of noise produced.

The starter pack of rock has 9 different gemstones to polish. Then afterwards, she can collect her own stones.

The detailed instruction manual will give step by step instructions on how to get the best results. The educational guide will help broaden the knowledge of gem identification.

There is enough of the included 4 stages of grits to do the first finished product.

Jewelry mounts include a ring, key chain, necklace and earrings. This hobby series rock tumbler has a 2 year warranty.

One of the top gifts for tween girls is a book. There are many inspiring books for pre-teens and teens that are based on actual historical events. This book is recommended for ages 9-12

The book The War That Saved my Life is an amazing, critically acclaimed book that is set in World War II. 

This 320 page fictional book relates the tale of a physically disabled, abused 10 year old English girl and her brother who are evacuees from the city during WWII. Until this time, she has no memories of ever being outside.

Ada ends up in the English countryside to live with a young woman who feels she is not ready for children. The young heroine fights to overcome obstacles that come in many ways, shapes and forms. With the help of her brother and the love of a horse, she discovers her own self-worth.

This book will be a favorite! It is such a good read for tweens and adults alike. It depicts both hardships and joy and celebrates the strength of the human spirit.

The modern way of reading without getting a house full of books is an e-reader.  The Kindle is a time tested and reliable method. Amazon has come out with a kids package for the Kindle that is such a great deal. In the Kindle for kids, you get the Kindle, a durable cover in choice of colors and the charging cord.

This 6 inch Kindle reader does NOT have a back-light. This is because when its lights out time, its lights out time. No reading when its sleeping time. This is most important for the younger tweens.

There are parental controls. Parents can choose books from their own library or from the Kindle store.

Dont worry about charging the battery every few hours. A single battery charge will last for a week.

The 2 year warranty covers accident prone kids. No matter if its dropped in the toilet, stepped on or otherwise destroyed, Kindle has your device covered.

Kids can track reading progress and receive 'rewards'. for accomplishments.  There is an included easy to use dictionary. All this will make your tween girl a better reader.

The best way to capture the bundled deal is to clck on the picture above and scroll down to the offer. This is a limited time sensitive offer, so be sure and grab this smart gift for Tween girls.

Flipping bottles is a new pass time for pre-teens and teenagers. The idea is to flip a partially empty bottle and see if you can land it right side up. There are many strange and odd ways of doing this and places for your bottle to land. Kids challenge each other to pull off the craziest "flips"

With this fad in mind, the company Bottle Flip has come out with a challenging board game called "The Bottle Flip Board Game".

This game is rated for ages 13 and up, but don't let that fool you. Kids as young as 7 or 8 can flip bottles with aplomb! Your tween girl and her friends will have a blast with this new board game.

The idea is to flip your bottle and land on the target. The competitor would then draw a card and complete the flipping challlenge in order to receive points and move around the board.

The game includes instructions, game board, 120 challenge cards, score board, sore markers and, of course, a bottle to flip.

This uber cool board game will help develop hand-eye coordination, teach trajectory and give your tween girl hours and hours of fun with her friends and family. This is one time where it is perfectly acceptable to "flip"!

Tween Girls who love building toys really do enjoy receiving Lego as a gift. Lego has made several "girls" sets of Lego along with with sets from all the new adventure movies. Lego builds hand-eye coordination as well as helps to develop the ability to follow instructions.

The Lego Friends Amusement Park and Roller Coaster set consists of the following items.

  • There are 1124 pieces of snap together Lego in this kit, which is recommended for ages 8-12.
  • Your pre-teen girl can build a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, and a "drop of doom" tower.
  • The roller coaster manually runs 4 carriages which can hold the four Lego dolls.
  • The front carriage once moved makes a brick light up as a headlight. Batteries are included for this feature.
  • There is a ticket booth, popcorn cart, camera and carnival food items as well as coins and tickets.

This Lego masterpiece will take some time to build, but she will play with it for hours. There are moving parts and so many excellent features. This was one of the top toys for 2017.

Jewelry is a favorite item for young ladies. It makes an excellent gift. No matter whether you choose a necklace, earrings, bracelet, watch, or other fashionable fashion accessory, think ahead. Choose something that she will be proud to wear for years to come.

An inspirational quote emblazoned on an adjustable bangle is an ideal choice of a present from family members to your tween girl. Its also perfect if you know a young woman who has been struggling with life challenges.

This quote, "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" will always remind your tween girl of their own strengths as well as your thoughtfulness.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel, so it will not rust, and adjusts to fit any wrist. It is affordable and lovely!

The heart charm also comes with the Disney film quote armlet.

You will get many thank-yous for a gift of jewelry. Consider the interests of the recipient and enjoy shopping for the perfect piece.

Learning about ecology and enjoying the feeling of planting and growing can be combined in a Terrarium kit. These creative gifts for tween girls will stimulate discussion about the science of mini ecosystems, the love of gardening and how nature is so amazing to watch.

This terrarium set by Creativity For Kids contains all the elements needed to make this terrarium in a jar.

Plant the organic chia and wheat seeds in the potting mix as per the enclosed instructions. Place the ceramic bunny and mushroom in a visually appealing position of the mason type jar.

Decorate the outside of the jar with the stickers. Some of these beauties glow in the dark! And water and cover with the aerated jar lid. Then enojoy the wonder of watching it grow!!

There is all the items needed to do this science craft, including a mister to keep your grass wet once it starts growing. Grass will grow higher than the jar eventually.

Sunlight provides the needed light to stimulate growth, as does the glow in the dark stickers.

There are enough seeds provided to make at least 2 terrariums. Warning: cats may also enjoy the grass if you leave the lid off. This will make such a unique gift for tween girls!

A camera is such a great gift idea for a tween girl. There is a fascination about snapping photos and selfies and then downloading them onto a computer. Cameras are a great way to keep a visual memory of family trips, parties, school friends and celebrations of all types. Pictures of pets and wildlife can lead to a lifelong hobby.

This tough little digital camera is built to take those drops, bumps and bangs that inevitably occur with the younger photographer.

There are so many cool features to this camera. You can reverse for selfies, there is a 4x digital zoom and built in auto flash.

Some of the trendy things are 5 video games, a voice recording function and 256 MB of memory that is expandable with this micro SD chip . No worries about running short of picture taking with this!

Your tween can record videos and download the photo images to a computer or tablet with the included USB cable. There are just so many amazing things your girl can do with this practical gift.

This camera needs 4 - AA batteries (included) and has an automatic shut-off after 3 minutes. This is a major win as a gift choice.

Couch time is valued by the tweenager. Watching movies, playing video games, or reading a book all require some "down time". The perfect girlie blanket is in order for these days, and blankets or comforters make gift items that will garner some huge grins.

This mermaid blanket combines the perfect combination of practical and fanciful. It is ideal for this age group. What better way to feel like a feminine princess and still keep warm and cozy.

This crocheted item measures between 70 - 74 inches and is 35.5 inches wide. It is made of cotton/polyester blended wool that is soft and thick.

The workmanship in this blanket is outstanding. The scales and tail are divine!

This mermaid blanket will easily fit a tween girl.

Click here for more selections of mermaid blankets in different colors and sizes.

Remember to check each item for washing and care instructions so that her blanket will last for a long, long time. This particular blanket can be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry.

A portable handheld microscope is the ideal way to have an "up close" experience with many of natures marvels. Learning about the natural world is enhanced by using this tool. Tweens and teens will have a marvelous time seeing the world in a whole new light.

This 20x - 60x microscope is exactly what the scientist in your tween craves. It is so interesting to look at small insects and plants in this much detail.

The handheld wonder has LED lighting and comes with 2 prepared slides and 6 blanks slides.

The magnification adjusts with a simple turn of the knob and it can be held with one hand. What a great way to explore the world around them.

Batteries are included with this nifty gadget and it is rated for anyone from 8 years of age and up.

This is a great gift to pique curiosity about the microbial world. Learning about cells and organisms is so fascinating.

Make it yourself kits are fun to do. Most tweens love make-up, and lip balm is one of the most appropriate and acceptable forms of make up. Plus, in so many climates, lips do get so dry! So a DIY lip balm lab kit will be the cats meow for a gift tween girls can create on their own.

The SmartLab Lip Balm Boutique contains all the ingredients and supplies needed to create yummy lip balms that will soften and soothe those dry, chapped lips.

The kit contains 6 containers, molds and beeswax.

Use the enclosed instructions to create flavors for the all natural lip balms, or have fun using kitchen ingredients to create your own yummy flavors.

This is a fun, creative and crafty project aimed at girls aged 8 and up.

Use the molds and instructions to also create body butter lotion bars and sugar scrubs.

With this gift your tween girl will learn some of the basics of chemistry and also learn about natural products that are used in the beauty and skin care world.

If your tween girl is fascinated by sci-fi and robots, a tin soda pop can robot might be the best present EVER! It is a good way to learn some basics of robotics and she can recycle a bit too!

The 4M Tin Can Robot is just darling! Its cute as a bugs ear and is super easy to make.

The kit contains everything needed, except for an empty soda can, a Phillips screwdriver and one AA Battery to create an uber cool robot project.

The robot constructing set has instructions, and is rated for 9 years and over. It is a good idea for an adult to available on stand-by in case your clever girl needs a little assistance.

Tween girls love the googly eyes and the little robot arms for this mechanized tin can buddy.

Once he is finished, he rolls around. This project will give your tween girl a feeling of real accomplishment.

Coloring books and crayons are still a big part of an 8-12 year old girls life. Coloring books become more ornate as girls mature and are one of the top gifts for tweens. Coloring is relaxing, stress relieving and gives stunning, satisfying results once the picture is completed. Coloring is perfect for those quiet times. Tweens can do this alone or with their BFFs.

Thank you for reading Cool Gifts For Tween Girls That are Creative And Fun. These ideas are perfect for finding that perfect gift for your hard-to-please tween with something special and cool.

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Gifts For Tween Girls That Are Creative And Fun!

Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys - Cool Things To Build

Are you searching for the ideal gift for an active boy? Many cool gifts for 8 year old boys require building things, and this is the perfect guide to all the many building kits, toys and projects that will appeal to boys of this age.

Building things teaches all children how to use their brains to problem solve. Reading instructions, following directions, and developing patience are some of the positive products of making things from the ground up. There are many, many projects to build, from simple to complex.

My grandson loves to construct things. Kids take pride in the finished product and they develop self esteem as well as a deeper understanding of how things work and why.

Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys That Will Keep Them Occupied For Hours

8 year old boys love to build, and they like to demolish too! The Demolition Lab enables kids to do both. First they build warehouses and then destroy them with well placed blasters.

This kit from Smart Lab contains 60 pieces to create your choice of warehouse types. It is recommended for ages 8 and up and is highly rated among parents.

By using the sciences of energy, momentum and gravity, your young man will learn how to construct a building and set the blasters to create the most impressive demolitions.

The kit includes all the instructions, a triple blast detonator, 3 blasters and the pieces to build the storehouses.

Some of the enclosed pieces are wall panels, floors, roof tops, chimneys, trusses and more.

You will need to purchase 3AA batteries to operate the detonation device.

Help your 8 year old learn the strategy of how to place items for the best results, They will also learn patience and problem-solving as they experiment in the creation their own structures.

Having your inquisitive boy use science to build green energy using recycled materials will appeal to both the urge to build and the yen for learning. Green energy will be part of his future, and understanding how it works while creating something is a win-win formula!

This green science educational science kit by 4M allows your young creator to make a calculator operable by using the energy created from recycled soda pop cans and pencils.

The do it yourself kit is ranked for ages 8 and older and you make a tin can battery! The electricity created can power the calculator for hours.

The box includes a brightly colored calculator, wires, a container or holder, screws, pencils and instructions.

This kit contains small parts that should be kept away from small children.


Green power and understanding electricity is fun and educational too. Discovering and working with alternative forms of energy is a brilliant way to build ideas in a childs mind and help it to grow.

One of the best gift ideas for 8 year old boys is books. How-to books can give all kinds of ideas to boys who like to build and create. 

Using commonly found household items, your child can create 28 cool things while he learns how and why things work, while building a project.

Some of the items he can build will be a volcano that erupts, balloon rocket cars that he can race, how to build a kaleidoscope.

He will learn the basics of bridge construction and he can even use some edibles that will teach him about some of the basics of chemistry and chemical reactions.

The hardcover book has 160 pages and the illustrations are brilliant!

This book will appeal to kids from grade 3 to grade 7. 

Giving the gift of a book can open so many windows of learning, and is the perfect choice for boys that love to build and create.

K'Nex provides building kits and toys for children that develop science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) skills. These kits use snap together interlocking pieces to make 3-D working projects that your kids can actually use and play with! These educational, easy to assemble sets are one of the top gifts for 8 year old boys.

This highly rated foam dart shooting Knex bow construction set supplies the user with these items.

  • The package contains 165 interlocking pieces, including rods and connectors.
  • Enclosed are instructions to create 2 unique and different bow guns and 2 targets.
  • There are 5 foam darts and 2 dart holders.
  • The darts shoot out of the blaster chamber and there is a cool pre-load ring and an easy grip handle  that attaches to the bow.
  • The construction parts are made of durable plastic and the foam darts can shoot up to 75 feet!
  • Kids can use their imagination to create different types of bows and targets.
  • K'nex is a US company that takes pride in their customer service. They will be happy to assist you with any problems or concerns.

8 year olds can put this fun toy together by themselves with an adult on standby for questions, or assistance as needed.

Warning: This toy is best used outside and with supervision. Education in proper safety is imperative.

Click here to order Replacement Darts and Targets for The Knex Battle Bow. These items do get lost, and its nice to know that they can be replaced easily.

Science kits are another really fun gift for 8 year old boys. This kit allows your inquisitive boy to grow beautiful crystals. If there is an interest in geology shown in your youngster, this will teach him about how rocks are formed. 4M is a leading company in the production of educational toys, kits and projects.

This fun and educational gift is recommended for ages over 10, but can easily be completed by boys who are 8, though I always advise supervision when building a project like this.

The # 1 best selling kit includes all the items needed to make 7 different experiments. You even get clear domes to keep and display their finished product.

The colors of crystals are blue, red, white. They can be mixed and matched to create other colors too!

It takes about 7 days for his crystals to grow, so it is a small exercise in building patience. Also, be sure to follow the directions exactly. If you are off in the timing of the steps it can affect the finished experiment.

A boys wonder in the natural world will expand with this kit. 

This is a great project to either create or explore a boys interest in crystal formations and the science behind how they are created in nature.

Is your pre teen boy interested in robots? Does he also love Dinosaurs? The Meccano T Rex robot will have him squealing in delight. This mechanical dinosaur is rated for 10+, but can be built by an 8 year old with adult supervision. It is a great project for bonding! Be prepared - this project will keep you and your boy busy for quite a few hours up to a few days before it is completed.

This attractively packaged kit contains 715 pieces that are made of interlocking plastic parts. All tools required to make this cool robotic dinosaur project are included, as are instructions.

The enclosed Meccasaur operating systems include a "brain", a light-up module to make his eyes shine, and a motorized module to help him walk and stomp around.

This grey and green 3 foot long dinosaur is programmable. He is responsive and interactive. He can walk, talk and roar. He will answer yes or no to questions and loves to be petted. The push button controls are on his back.

There is no doubt that this is such a great interactive gift for 8 year old boys. Their friends will be so impressed!

This dinosaur robot requires 4 batteries. Click here to get C Cell batteries to make this ferocious but fun Meccasaur run.

Lego is one of the all time best selling building kits for kids. The popularity of Lego projects for young boys is legendary and second to none. The Lego company keeps up with all the latest animated kids movies and creates sets to compliment them.

  • This 807 piece box of Lego contains Marvel Super Heroes characters, vehicles and props used at the airport control tower.  It is recommended for the ages 8-14 range.
  • The iconic comic book characters in this set include Captain America, Agent 13, Winter Soldier, War Machine and Avengers Scarlet Witch. "Bad guys" include Ant Man and Giant Man.
  • The Qunijet, control tower and vehicles are easy to construct with the enclosed instructions.
  • There are exploding functions in hidden compartments and ropes and other accessories for the heroes to use in daring rescues.
  • All the pieces are in lettered or numbered bags to ensure that coordinating steps in the instructions can be followed easily.

The perfect age for doing Lego projects is 8. At this age, they can read and follow the instructions pretty well. They may need a helping hand here and there, but overall, nothing makes a better gift for this age than Lego sets.

Building model cars can become a lifelong hobby. Diecast model car kits are great gifts. This car has a pre-painted metal body and it is really easy to assemble. As your child perfects this type of car building model, they can develop their skills into models that need to be painted. Your child could start a collection of these beautiful automobiles.

This 1:24 scale model building set is highly detailed.

The doors open to reveal a gorgeous interior and the realistic tires turn.

Open the hood to reveal the epic motor and transmission that makes this car famous.

The kit comes with a screwdriver and all the snap together parts that your car buff will need to make this build.

Sometimes the parts may not be tight when you glue them together, so I recommend having some glue on hand. Click here for some model glue just in case.

Wouldn't it be great if you started a life long passion for cars and/or model building by getting this as a gift for the special boy in your life? You could get him a new car for every special occasion. What a hassle free and fun gift for Christmas and birthdays!!

Does your child show an interest in auto mechanics? Do you have a little grease monkey on your hands? Building a working engine model would certainly be an achievement. The nice thing about building things is that you have an actual working model of a combustion engine to show for your efforts.

 Airfix Engineer offers a kit to make a real battery operated 4 cylinder engine. It is so educational and will produce cool sounds and lights. You can watch the valves open and close and see how the pistons fire and make the crankshaft and belts turn.

This set includes over 100 parts that screw together and simple instructions.

You will require 3-AA batteries that are not included.

This build it yourself project will take some time. It is not an item that will be assembled in one sitting, but the results and the pride earned for constructing an engine that works will last for a very long time.

This gift for an 8 year old boy would be appropriate for someone who has the urge to use wood as a medium for building and creating. Working with wood is a centuries old, honored trade and hobby.

Pre-teen age groups are at the prime age to learn and develop a love for wood. Framing, carpentry, furniture building or many other artistic outlets for this passion all start with a beginner project like a birdhouse.

This birdhouse kit comes with all the pieces to create a cozy little bird home that measures 6.14 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches.

All wood pieces are included, along with instructions. Your little woodworker will learn to sand, fit and nail the house together.

This is a project that needs supervision. No batteries needed!

Imagine the look of sheer delight as you hang the finished masterpiece out on a tree, fence or balcony.

The finished item can be used for interior decor for a kids play room too.

Click here to get some wood glue that will be needed for this project.

Here is a great set of REAL kids tools. They are the real thing, made for those smaller hands. These would be ideal for kids to help around the house and build woodworking projects.

The 9 piece hard steel tools set includes a hammer with a fibreglass handle, magnetic tip screwdrivers, adjustable pliers and wrenches, 10 foot tape measure and a flashlight that does require 1 AA battery.

The black and bright orange rubber grip handles are high visibility.

Its a great basic kit and the silver, plastic carrying case is tough and durable.

This is NOT a toy tool kit. This set can be used to teach proper tool safety, cleaning and storage.

Do video games seem to occupy too much of your 8 year old thoughts? Why not work with the passion and get him a kit to build his own video games?

Bloxels are a kit developed for 8-13 year olds to learn basic coding and programming.

The set gives him physical and digital tools to develop his own video games.

The child figures out what it wants the game to look like, and creates challenges and obstacles.

Once the game is completed, he can share it and play with others online.

They will need to download the app to their smart device.

Then kids can use the board and blocks, using the enclosed instructions and tutorials to get underway.

Create your own game room, characters and story line. What a great concept, and this is a very highly rated STEM "toy".

Computer programming is the way of the future and those who can build computer programs and maintain them are assured of a bright future. This is a wonderful starting step.

Thank you for visiting Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys - Cool Things to Build. These are some wonderful ideas and I am happy to share them with you. Boys of this age are so amazing, and toys that appeal to their desire to create and build should be encouraged.

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Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys - Cool Things To Build

Emoji Costumes For Kids

Are you wondering how to create a cute emoji costume for your child? Emoji costumes for kids are a fun and easy way to play dress up for Halloween, costume parties, or just as a fun day of play acting at home on a rainy day.

Emojis or emoticons have become a part of our everyday life in this age of instant communication on all our devices. Not only do little kids love them, so do school age kids, tweens, teens and adults. Emojicons have no language barrier, so are a wonderful international communication tool. Plus the cool little icons are cute and funny. They make adorable costumes!

Emoji Costumes For Kids

Emoji Costumes For Kids

Sony Emoji Movie

Sony will be releasing the new Emoji film in theaters in the USA on July 28, 2017. Here is a teaser clip of the Emoji Movie for your enjoyment. Gene and his friends are sure to give some insight into some fun Emoji costume ideas for kids.


Types of Emoji costumes For Kids

There are several ways to create the cutest and best Emoji costume for kids. I will list them here and then show you some examples afterwards.

  • Clothing decorated with emoji faces is an easy basic start to a cool kids Emoji costume. There are shirts, dresses, tutus and shoes to name a few dress-up costume ideas.
  • Pre-made costumes are easy and such an easy solution for an Emoji themed party costume.
  • Emoji masks can pre-bought or made as a craft. This would be a great idea for an Emoji birthday party where the guests make their own favorite faces out of paper plates! Its a great kids party costume activity.
  • Face painting is a great kids costume idea. Face painting is a great alternative to a mask. It does not obstruct breathing of sight. And kids love wearing "make-up".

Emoji Outfits To make Your Kids LOL

Emoji Tutu Costumes For Girls

A great Emoji girls dress up costume idea is the tutu! Tutus are fun and versatile. They can be worn for dress up play, for a kids Emoji halloween costume, a party costume or for day to day wear. These cute Emoji costumes for girls are sure to give her a happy face!

This Emoji tutu dress has a lovely yellow crocheted top which is adorned with a selection of emojicon faces. The pale yellow tulle tutu skirt is offset by a beautiful bow. It is available in various sizes, ranging from newborn to teen sizes. One of these would be a great addition to a costume trunk.

Fun costume ideas include these "tu tu" cute girls tutu skirts. They are available with a variety of different emoji faces and come in different sizes. Costumes for  teens are available in the womens sizes, and the childrens tulle skirts will fit tween girls and children.

The tutu skirts are created with high quality, bright yellow tulle and the emoticon faces are made of felt. They are cute and sassy, just like the emojis themselves. Tutu skirts will make great kids costumes.

Emoji Costumes For teenage Boys

Does your teenage boy need an emoji costume idea? Here are some cool adult sized costumes that may just fit the bill to create some emoji costumes for boys.

These sandwich board type Emoji costumes are made of foam covered in yellow polyester. They measure 27 inches and feature some of the favorite text expressions. They are a cost effective and fun costume ideas for teenagers.

Poop Emoji Costume

Poo emojicons get their own section for costume ideas. The kids just love this cute little computer graphic. He is sure to be a costume request after the release of the movie, as he is one of the characters. 

Here we have a poop emojicon body suit. This would be appropriate for older teens, as it comes in adult sizes. Brown foam is the main material used to make this 2 piece poop Emoji costume. The mask slips on over the head.

For your younger children, this home made rainbow poop mask will make them ROFL! The mask has big holes for eyes.

The mask is constructed of embroidered holographic vinyl with a felt backing. There is elastic to hold the mask in place. They are just adorable. And the items are made in America by a talented seamstress!

Next we have a pair of poop sunglasses that will be sure to make you smile! Your kids will have fun wearing these to the beach or to an Emoji or  Poop themed party. An outdoor costume party will be a blast when your child puts these on! Imagine everyone ROFL!

The sunglasses have 100% UV protection and they look so hilarious! Everyone will get a giggle when they see these novelty costume items.

These shades are appropriate for kids of any age. Click here for more Sun-Staches Emoji sunglasses to wear with your costume

The poop emoji light up hat will bring a smile to your face! No "crappy" thoughts there! Perfect for the teenagers, this brown plush novelty hat lights up using a button on top of the hat. These are LED lights and batteries are included. As a bonus, you get an imitation one million dollar bill.

Do your kids have a crazy hat day at school? A rainbow Emoji poop cap will have everyone giggling. The velvet type plush hat sports a huge grin. This cute kids hat will be a conversation piece for sure.

Spot clean these attention getters with a damp cloth. These will be a great addition to poop emoji costumes kids will love to laugh at.


Emoji Costume Shirts

Emoji costumes for kids can be as simple as an emoji costume shirt along with face paint. The real advantage to using a shirt as a costume is that it can be worn for any other casual occasion also. The graphics are eye-catching and they are so comfortable to wear.

The Emoji T-Shirts are made of cotton or cotton/polyester blends. They are easy care, just throw them in the washer and then in the dryer. They are great kids party costumes and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The featured images of these Emoji kids costume shirts have sizes listed in the description.

Express Yourself with Emoji Masks!

Masks are easy and inexpensive. These emotional face covers are wonderful for a costume idea for kids and adults alike. Role playing games are such a hoot when you slip on a mask.

These Emoji masks comes in sets of 6. The Halloween masks are made of thin plastic and have eye holes cut out. There is an elastic attached to hold the play masks in place. They will fit ages 3 to adult.

Emoticon characters included in the first package are: Kiss Blowing, Heart Eyes, Monkey Face, Laughing Crying, Girl Emoji and Sticking Out Tongue Emojicon.

The second set of cool kids masks include the popular Poop Emoji as well as other favorite Emoji faces.

Always make sure that your child has good peripheral vision and breath-ability when wearing costume masks.

These embroidered felt emojicon masks are sold through Etsy online stores. They are homemade and comfortable to wear. They cover the eyes and the top of the nose, leaving all airways free. This a very practical feature.

Perfect for kids, these American made masks can be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. There is an elastic barbed strap available to secure the novelty item to your childs head.

Emoji Shoes to Accessorize Your Emoji Costume

Put your best foot forward with a pair of Emoji Shoes to finish off your kids costume accessories.

Shoes should match the outfit. Dressing in true emoticon style will be easy with a pair of these adorable kids shoes.

All of these footwear items portray the emoji pictures and there are light up options on the first two pair! This makes it so much easier to keep an eye on your toddler. Shoes are additions to Emoji costumes girls will truly appreciate!

Flip flops are the answer to compliment a costume for an Emoji beach party!

Options for boys include the black canvas Converse style sneakers. 

There are size options to fit toddlers all the way through to adult sizes.

These adorable handmade baby moccasins are made of real leather and are available in toddler sizes too. What a great addition to a sweet little Emoji costumes for babies. The cute yellow emoticon faces are hand painted onto the black leather. There is soft elastic around the ankle to keep the shoes on those little toes. There are no grips, but the mocs are comfortable for little ones to walk in!

Emoji Make-Up Tutorial For Emoji Halloween Costumes


In order to get the looks above, you may need some supplies. Click here for some good quality face paint for kids.

I hope you enjoyed reading Emoji costumes for kids. Enjoy creating an amazing kids costume outfit. You will for sure get many compliments and great feedback, and your kids will be thrilled. Happy costume creation!

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Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas for Kids

Does your child enjoy dressing up as Poppy or Branch or any one of the Dreamworks Trolls movie characters? Here are some great Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas for Kids. Whether your kid loves the Trolls or the sweet little Bergens like Bridget or Prince Gristle, there is plenty of inspiration for cool Dreamworks Trolls clothing for the tickle trunk or for Halloween, or even for a dress-up play date.

Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas For Kids

Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas For Kids

Here is a small clip from the Trolls movie to help you visualize how the attire for the main Troll characters could appear. Think bright, neon and glitter for most of the characters. Click here to get the full version of the DREAMWORKS TROLLS MOVIE.


Things to Consider When Buying a Costume for Your Child

  • Your childs age is always an important factor when buying a dress-up costume or Halloween costume. Will the costume be comfortable and safe for your childs age? There are Trolls outfits appropriate for any age.
  • How well will the costume last? Wear and tear is a real concern for your little Troll or Bergen. Ensure that the costume will stand up to rigorous childhood dress-up testing. The costumes from Etsy are made by real parents who want the designs to withstand a normal child activity level.
  • Make sure that your wee one can always see, breathe and hear. Obstructing one of the primary senses would not be fun for your Troll! All the better to see and hear what is going on around them.
  • If you are going outside in costume, it is a great idea to keep the weather in mind. Trolls that are too hot or too cold can become cranky!

Trolls Poppy Costume

Poppy has pizzazz! All the way from her pink neon stand up hair down to her twinkly little dancing Troll toes, she exudes personality. Being the leader of the Trolls gang is no easy task, but she approaches her destiny with songs and hugs.

Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Girls Tutu Costumes

Most little girls (and some big girls too) absolutely love tutus. Princess poppy tutu costumes are fantabulous!  The dress tutus are a great Trolls costume idea for kids. Some come with hair, and some give you room to add or coordinate costume items to complete the perfect Poppy outfit.

This selection of Trolls Poppy tutu dresses include the hair up headbands! All in one costume ideas like this are ideal.

Add the ease of one stop shopping with the fact that these tutu dresses are made by home-spun artisans selling from Etsy online stores. Its a great way to encourage entrepreneurship and to help support an American family survive in these challenging times.

Crocheted tops and tulle skirts all have a colorful Princess Poppy dress up theme to them. The cute little dresses come in various sizes. The pink tulle "hair" band is just so cool and the flowered hair wreath adds just the right touches.

The skirts come in various combinations of blues and pinks. Crocheted tops are also shades of pink and blue. Some of these kids dress up outfits have sparkles and they all feature appliques or Princess Poppy themed adornments.

More Poppy Tutu Dresses Little Girls will Love

If just a Princess Poppy Tutu alone is what you are searching for, here is a cute selection of tutu dresses that will please any little Trolls fan. Tutus are such a fun Troll costume idea for kids. Indoors, outdoors, Halloween, birthday parties and dress up days are a few examples of when wearing one of these Poppy tutu dresses would make a little one feel like a princess.

Some of these darling little dresses can be personalized with your childs name. Tulle is one of the basic materials and tops vary from tee shirts to denim to cute crocheted toppers. These items are available in many sizes, so having your little Trolls fan help you pick out their favorite Dreamworks Trolls costume will be a breeze!

Troll Hair Wigs - The Kids Costume Accessories

One of the most outstanding features of the Dreamworks Trolls is their hair! Troll hair - dont care is now such a popular saying. These hairbands or hair pieces allow your Trolls fan to have their "hair-up". They can put on one of these charming little wigs and sing along to the TROLLS MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK.

These Troll wigs are made of various materials including wool, tulle and faux fur. Only your imagination limits the many available colors. In most of these items, the hair is attached to a headband and applique flowers adorn the headdress. 

Trolls Branch Costumes

Branch is Dreamworks Trolls lead male character. He is a survivalist and precautionary by nature. Unlike the other Trolls at the beginning of the movie, he has both a somber outlook and earthy colored clothing. By the end of the movie, he shows his "true colors".

Dreamworks Trolls Branch costumes for kids include a full dress outfit, cape and mask, Branch toques and hats, hair and other Trolls mask type items. Colors are usually blues, blacks, greys and browns. These ideas are available in assorted sizes.

 Making a Trolls kids costume for boys will be easy with these costume separates.

Other Dreamworks Trolls Character Costume Ideas

Other Troll movie character costumes are not hard to create given the choices of wigs available. Add some accessories, like headphones for DJ Suki or a cute plush caterpillar for Biggie. Two kids could hook their hair up together for Satin and Chenille. Guy Diamond needs lots of glitter.

The Bergens are pretty easy too. Cook needs a cooks hat and an apron. And of Course the King and Prince Gristel need a crown and cape.

Here is an example for Brigit and King Peppy to help create their look for a Trolls costume party. The wigs could be used for any of the Trolls such as DJ Suki and Creek.

Trolls Shoes For Kids

Shoes are the final item for the coolest Dreamworks Trolls costume! Shoes make the world a beautiful place for our feet. Every outfit needs some good shoes to go with it. These adorable sets of footwear will bring such smiles!

The tie up shoes and slip on footwear with Trolls characters will be a great Troll costume idea for kids. Your child can wear them for any day, and still have them for dress-up days, birthday parties and of course, Troll Halloween costumes.

There are shoes for boys and shoes for girls. They are all make you want to hug and dance! What a great addition to a kids Troll costume.

Painting Your Face Like a Dreamworks Trolls Character

Once you have your costume together, all you need is some awesome face paint in the appropriate color for your Trolls character. Make sure that the kit contains some glitter! Having some brushes and foam wedges for blending will be helpful too.

Be sure to put some paper or an old table cloth down on your makeup surface, especially if the the kids are coloring their own faces. Things can get messy!

Making a Trolls face out of your own is a ton of fun. Please enjoy this video where some tweens decorate their own faces as Dreamworks Trolls characters. You will be able to find some excellent Dreamworks Trolls costume ideas for kids and face painting tips!


Dreamworks Trolls Kids Costume Storage

It is nice to have a storage area for Halloween or dress-up items. A good idea is a storage container! A Trolls collapsible storage trunk is an ideal costume storage solution.

This canvas storage unit measures 30 x 14.5 x 16 inches. It can be collapsed when empty and folded down flat. 

The pink tickle trunk is decorated with images of Trolls Princess Poppy and some groovy Troll quotes. the trunk lid is fastened with velcro and the trim is a cool aqua color.

Thank you for visiting Dreamworks Trolls costume ideas for kids. Dressing up is so much fun for both children and adults. Experimenting with costumes and face paint will produce an excellent, adorable result. Kids will be so happy to look like their favorite Dreamworks Trolls gang character. Hair Up! 

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Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas For Kids

Funny Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Kids

Does your kids bedroom need new decor? Do they love Emojicons? Emoji bedroom decorating ideas will for sure add a sense of humor and pizzazz to a room. The bright colors and expressions are sure to brighten even the dullest day. You and your child can use their "emojination" when you create and decorate an Emoji bedroom.

Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Sony will be releasing an animated Emoji Movie set for release August 4, 2017. The movie features Gene, a multi-expressioned emojicon who sets out on a quest with his emoji friends to find his own unique expression. Here is a video clip of the upcoming kids movie that should be really funny!


How To Choose a Color Palette For An Emoji Themed Bedroom

Almost any color will be a great base color for an emoji themed bedroom. If you want the original emoji colors, a pale yellow would be a good choice, with accenting splashes of red and black.

However with rainbow emoji becoming the new kids color rage, any selection of wall color will do just fine.

Emoji Wallpaper - Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms

If you don't want to spend too much time with additional wall decor, you could use some bright and colorful emoji wallpaper.

This awesome wallpaper comes in rolls of 38.2 feet long and 21 inches wide and features a yellow collage of all the famous funny emoji faces. The emoji wall paper is easy to apply. Just paste it in place. The patterns line up and the wallpaper is spongeable. 

Emoji Bedroom Curtains to Make Animated Smiley Faces

Kids bedroom curtains or drapes are a cool Emoji bedroom decorating idea for kids. There are so many Emoji expressions that it is not hard to find kids curtains to frame a window.

Bedroom curtains can either diffuse or block sunlight or street lights, and are a great security or privacy screen from the outside world.

A good nights sleep without lights shining into the bedroom will assist your little Emoji guy or gal to wake up with a happy face and not a frowny face.

Cute Kids Curtain Rods

A curtain rod is a must-have for displaying your new Emoji curtains. If your kiddo needs a new, or replacement curtain rod, this smiling duck curtain rod will compliment the Emoji bedroom room decor.

This adorable curtain rod is telescoping and comes in a choice of two sizes (28-48 inches or 48-84 inches), and comes in color choices of blue, pink or white. All mounting hardware is included.  

Emoji Themed Bedroom Decorative Switch Plate Covers and Electrical Outlet Covers

Adding some Emoji flair to you your electrical outlets and light switch covers is a breeze with screw in replacement covers. Add a little attitude to your outlets with these big eyed emoji favorites. Kids bedrooms will "light up" with this easy decorating idea.

Cool Switch Plate Covers for a Kids Bedroom

Toggle or rocker style switches, for 1 to 4 lights, there is a switch cover for your kids bedroom lights. This is an easy change-up to decorate a room. If you decide at some point to change decor, just unscrew and replace the plates. There are so many fun smiley switch plate covers to choose from.

These switch covers are sturdy and durable. They are made of UV cured, high gloss metal and come with color matched screws. Many of these bedroom lighting items have coordinating plug in covers too!

Follow this link to see some more adorable Emoji light switch cover plates to brighten your bedroom decor.

Electrical Outlet Covers - Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Replacing an existing electrical outlet cover with one of these expressive Emoji covers is super easy and will give a facelift to those worn out, boring classic outlet covers. These Emoji electrical outlet covers are inexpensive and add just a touch of emoji love to your childs bedroom decor.

These plug in covers are easy care, just wipe them down to clean. They come with all color coordinating mounting hardware that you need to install these cheerful bedroom updates.

Emoji Wall decals to LOL About

There are many reasons why bedroom wall stickers or decals are a wonderful bedroom decorating idea for kids.

  • Kids wall decals are easy to apply to a clean wall.
  • Vinyl wall stickers can be moved from one spot to another if your child wants them in a different spot or order
  • Emoji decals are easy to clean. They wipe off with a wet rag.
  • The peel and stick wall art is durable and can withstand many small fingers and still look good.

Here is a smattering of oh, so cute wall decals. There is a selection of classic emoji expressions as well as glow in the dark emoji wall decals. The day of the week emojis are just so spot-on. The 100% emoji symbol is a new favorite.

A cute flirty girl Emoji sticker has the biggest blue eyes and a cute pink bow! Winks smiles and ROFL until you cry Emojis  round out the classic Emoticon wall decor.

Your child would love the "create an emoji" wall decal. They can create the expressions and write in the "bubble" with dry erase felts.

More Emoji Text Symbols Kids Wall Stickers from Etsy

Etsy is an online shopping zone that highlights artists that hand make their products. So each of these fun Emoji wall decals for kids is hand crafted by a graphic artist and supports a family, not a big box store. These items are made in the USA and quickly delivered by USPS.

These funny emoji ideas for a kids bedroom all have their creators personalities entwined with a finished product that will be sure to bring a grin to your childs face.

The Mexican man with a beard and sombrero is so unique. And what little boy wouldn't like a cute nerd Emoji with hair and glasses adorning his wall.

A music fan Emojicon wearing headphones is great for either boys or girls! Some Emoji baby animals are great for a small childs bedroom or babies nursery.

The running man emoji is another unisex wall sticker that is sure to make your kids smile. And a big thumbs up Emoticon will reinforce a positive outlook.

Emoji Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Art Decor

A happy faces Emoji wrought iron decorative coat rack would be an excellent addition to the back of the kids bedroom door or a wall. This will be an ideal place to hang towels or robes, and its OMG cute to boot.

The screw in hanger measures approximately 15.75 x 7.5 inches. Such a practical bedroom decor item.

Emoji Bedroom Wall Canvas Art Prints

Thick Wrapped Canvas Wall Art Prints are a great addition to a kids Emoji bedroom. This link will take you to view Emoji prints from Canvas On Demand. These sweet emoji art prints are available in a choice of sizes, starting at 16 x 16" and graduating up to 30 x 30". There is an extensive choice of amazing Emoji expressions to choose from.

Bedroom walls will be brightened and personalized with any one (or more) of these great decor ideas. Here is an example of a few of the Emoji items from Canvas on Demand.

Emoji Wall Art Printables

Printable DIY printable wall art is a cost effective way to decorate a childs bedroom. Simply download the digital file, print it off on a color printer and you have instant Emoji art at an affordable price.

A great Emoji bedroom decorating idea is to personalize the experience by picking a frame in the color of your choice and to decorate it with whatever items you may find appealing. Some examples would be glitter or stars or stickers.

More Emoji Posters and Wall Hangings to Add "Character" to a Kids Bedroom

With such a selection available, it is not hard for your child to find an Emoji poster that they will love to have hanging the walls in their space. In a time where expressing yourself means using these internationally accepted symbols, these icons surpass language barriers.

These Emoji bedroom decorating ideas for kids come in a variety of sizes and fun, colorful accents. Does your child have a favorite emoji?

Trippy Blacklight Posters For Your Emoji Fans

What could be more reminiscent of the '70s than black light posters? Decorating a teen bedroom or a tween bedroom with blacklight art would be so much fun. Your home will be the favorite place for sleepovers.

If you have blacklight posters, you need a blacklight fixture and bulb too. This best selling model comes in 24" or 48" lengths. It cones with a 3 foot power cord and has an on/off switch. Cool Beanz!

DIY Bedroom Decor - Duct Tape Decorating Ideas

Using decorative duck tape to update old furniture or to personalize new furniture is an inexpensive fun and crafty way to spruce up a bedroom. One Emoji Bedroom Decorating Idea is to take a plain Jane full length wall mirror and decorate the frame with patterned duck tape.

When you want to change the bedroom theme, just take off the old tape and replace with new duct tape that goes with the new choice of decor.

There are many colors and patterns available in duct tape, but this is an Emoji bedroom, so I will give an example of Emoji friendly Duck brand duct tape. You will need a mirror, duct tape and scissors to do this cute crafty project. The "how-to" video follows.

Teenagers can do this craft themselves, or it would be a great project for you to do with your kids or tweens on a rainy day. Spend some time creating a piece of bedroom decor while bonding with your children. Its a win-win scenario!


Emoji LED Light With Changing Colors!

This light-up wall hanging may just make you LOL. Color Changing LED lights featuring the "laugh until you cry" emoji will brighten your kids room in the coolest way! The Emoji face measures 17" x 17" and has a remote to control the changing colors. This item will be a bit hit for boys or girls.

Emoji Clocks - Kids Bedroom Ideas

A smart and timely Emoji bedroom decorating idea for kids is a wall clock. Learning to tell time is such an important part of a childs development. What could be a more fun way to learn than by utilizing one of these fun and functional Emoji wall clocks. 

With a selection varying from Emoji collages to some of the favorite emoji expressions, your emoji lover will be sure to find a decorative clock that tickles their fancy.

The round battery operated clocks come in different sizes from 7.08 inches to 10.5 inches. Is it time for a new wall clock?

Emoji Bedding That Will Give Your Kids "Heart Eyes"

Emoji Bed In A Bag Sets

Emoji bedding sets range in bed sizes from twin to queen sized. The bed in a bag sets all contain flat and fitted sheets, pillow shams, pillow cases and reversible comforters.

The full and queen bedding ensembles contain 2 each of the pillow covers and shams. This emoji faces on white background bedding set is made of polyester and is machine washable. Shown is the Twin Size Emoji Bedding Set.

Here is the link to this Emoji Bedding full size ensemble and the link to the queen bed in a bag.

This emoji set with a comforter and pillow sham set on a black background would be appropriate for either a girl or a boys bedroom decor. Such fun emoticon faces make a bold bedroom decor statement. The white sheets and pillow cases are decorated with golden emoji characters.

The bed sets are made of 100% washable easy care polyester. The displayed bedding is a twin sized bed ensemble

Here are the links for the Full Sized Emoji Bedding and this is the link for the Queen Sized Emoji Bedding set. 

Dreamy rainbow Emoji bedding is OMG cute! Your girl will be blowing you kisses for sure with this pink, blue and yellow rainbow striped reversible Emoji comforter and pillow shams. These cuties are decorated with winky emoji blowing kisses and also peace sign emojis and hearts.

The washable sheets and pillow cases are white with heart text emojis. The polyester bedding set shown here is a girls twin xl bed in a bag.

Here is the link to the full sized bedding ensemble and the queen sized bedding sets in the same adorable Emoji pattern. Girls bedroom decorating ideas just got so pretty.

Other Emoji Twin Bed Sets

Your little girl would love to cuddle up under these twin emoji twin bed in a bags. They feature sheets, pillow case, sham and reversible Emoji comforters.

The bottom two Emoji comforters (the red and multicolored ones) come with a bonus throw pillow and a cute emoji backpack!

Made of easy care, machine washable polyester, there is a choice for every Emoji fan. What a cool collection of Emoji bedding sets!


Emoji Full Sized Bed In A Bags

Full sized beds are 54" x 74". this makes the full sized bed 16 inches wider than a twin bed. This extra room gives the tween or teen some extra room to sprawl out on their LOL Emoji bed in a bag sets.

Full size bedding ensembles have one extra pillow case and sham. These sets are just so gosh darn cute, your kids may want to spend more time in their bedrooms.

Twin Duvet Covers and Pillowcase Sets for an Emoji Bedroom

If you have a perfectly usable comforter or quilt and just want to update the look to fit in with your kids bedroom decor, then Emoji duvet cover sets would be the the best and most affordable option.

Just slip one of these machine washable, easy care covers over your existing comforter and you have a whole new and updated look. I doesn't get much easier than that. You will have your own smiley face after this quick fix.

Here is a large selection of Emoji Duvet Covers.

Emoji Bedding Separates

Emoji Sheet Sets For Your Kids Bedroom Decor

Emoji Sheet sets are a great item to purchase as a separate. Featuring all the favorite emoji characters, these cotton sheets will be a delightful and practical addition to the Emoji bedroom theme.

It is always a good idea to have extra sheets on hand in case of an unexpected bed change in the middle of the night.

Emoji Pillow Cases For Sweet Dreams

Having extra sets of Emoji pillow cases is always a good decision. Pillow cases need changed so often, and for so many reasons when you have kids. These easy-care, washable pillow cases are fun, practical and decorative. What wonderful items to add to your Emoji bedroom accessories.

Available in a rainbow of colors and featuring combinations of all the now-famous emoji characters, there is something for everyone in this link to a really cool Emoji pillowcase collection.

Emoji Comforter Sets To Make them ROFL

Bright, comfortable, cuddly comforters are the "icing" to finish off a bed. If you have lots of sheets, then an investment in a comforter, or a comforter and pillowcase set will be the crowning touch for an Emoji bedroom that will really impress your child. 

These polyester Emoji decorated comforters are warm, machine washable and very eye-catching. Some of these come with pillow cases and even a toss pillow as a bonus.

Expressive Emoji Blankets

Fleecy plush blankets are such a comforting item for kids. These Emoji blankets are a perfect layer for extra cool nights. Fleece throws are a great option to use instead of a quilt on a hot summer evening.

Fleece blankets can be used as a quick cover up if your kiddo falls asleep before crawling into the normal bedding. They are not only for the bedroom, but are handy for couch days too.

Kids put them on the floor to sit or lay on and they are great for playing games on. Many action adventures take place on blankets, and many dolls "nap" in these versatile Emoji bedding items.

Blankets are a wonderful Emoji bedroom decorating idea. When your little one isnt feeling well, these are such a comforting item to cuddle up under.

There is such a wide variety of colors and Emoji icons for a fleecy blanket. Here is a variety of choices for you to enjoy.

Emoji Throw Pillows

Throw pillows, toss pillows, decorative cushions. So many names for this Emoji kids bedroom decor item. They are an adorable accessory to dress up a bed.

Decorative bedroom pillows come in many shapes and sizes. Emoji poo, round emojicon pillows, and rectangular Emoji pillows are all adorable.

Poop Emoji Pillows

One of the most "poopular" Emoji characters is the emoji poop. And these Emoji poo pillows are stinkin' cute (pun intended). Any kid would love to have one of these plush toss pillows adorning their Emoji bed! These are such a fun and affordable bedroom decor accessory!

Emoji poo fact: The Emoji ice cream symbol is actually the same Emojicon icon as the revered little turd. The creators just plunked him on top of an ice cream cone!

Round Plush Emoji Pillows

There is a choice of round Emoji pillows for just about any Emoji expression you can think about. Your teen or tween as well as your little ones can cuddle up to their favorite plush Emoji face character. Sit on the cushions or lay on them. Use them as support between your knees when you are sleeping or as a back support while sitting up to read in bed.

These squishy toss pillows would bring "expression" to any kids bedroom decor.

Unique "Swipe" Square Emoji Pillows

These cool Emoji pillows change their expressions by swiping the sequin pile one way or the other. Its like having 2 pillows in one. The cute little cushions measure 14 x 14 inches.

What a glittery way for your kids to express themselves using Emoji bedroom decorations.

Emoji Kids Table Lamps For Bedroom Illumination

Light up your childs bedroom and their faces with smiles when you give them one of these unique and very cool bedside lighting options. There are 2 round, Emoji faced globe lights and "lava lamps" with emoji bases.

Being able to turn on a light in the middle of the night is so important to your little one. Whether its a trip to the bathroom or dealing with a bad dream, having the ability to turn a light on or off quickly and easily is a priority.

How about a 3D, color changing, holographic looking heart eyed emoji lamp? To round out the selection, there is a color changing poo emoji light and a color changing kiss blowing emoji.

Emoji Night Lights for a Childs Bedroom

Having a low intensity plug in night light to give just a small amount of light to allay any night time fears is a comfort to most children.

Click on the blue link to see the wide selection of uber cool emoji expressions night lights They are so cute and will fit in so well with an Emoji bedroom.

The 7 watt bulb is encased and the Emoji covers are glass for a visually stunning display, the covers swivel 360 degrees so you can place them where they are the most effective. They have an on-off switch for convenience.

Emoji Bedroom Decorative Drawer Pulls - Knobs

A really cute Emoji bedroom decorating idea for kids is to swap out your regular dresser drawer knobs with these adorable little knobby Emoji faces. So expressive and such a nice touch! These are an affordable bedroom decorating accessories.

Simply unscrew your existing dresser drawer knobs and screw in these replacement pulls.

Cute Emoji Kids Bedroom Rugs

This adorable retro rainbow emoji rug is so cheerful. The non-skid mat measures 20 inches by 30 inches. This would be so nice when your child swings their legs out of bed in the morning. It will keep them warm until they get their slippers on.

When you to to the Amazon store that sells this cute item, there is more selection of kids bedroom rugs in this size.

This round faux fur emoji rug measures 2 feet 2 inches. The heart eyed emoji will warm hearts as well as feet. The rug is washable and has a no-slip backing. So comfy and cozy for the tootsies and just "too cute".

Teens and tweens would love this area rug as much as your toddlers and school age kids. When you click on the link, you will find more of the emoji expressions available in this circular bedroom carpet.

If you are looking for a larger or different sized Emoji area rug for bedroom decor, these lovely carpets come in a range of 5 different sizes varying from 1'8" by 2' 7" to 10' by 3'3". The cute floor coverings are made of rayon.

The colorful rugs are non slip and will brighten up any room. This is a good way to cover old flooring in a larger childrens bedroom.

A larger area rug will give kids more play area to sit on the floor and play in comfort. "Face" it, they are definitely eye candy.

Click this link to see a wonderful, wide selection of Emoji Bedroom Rugs.

Emoji Sleepwear For Boys and Girls

The Emoji fan not only needs Emoji bedroom decor, they also would love Emoji pajamas! There are some really cute selections of sleepwear for both boys and girls.

Emoji Pajamas for Boys

Boys love pajama days! And they love emojis. Give your guys a happy face with any one of these PJs for boys. Sleepwear can be so fun.

These cute boys pajama sets are made of machine washable polyester and come in different sizes to choose from.

Smileys and Emoticons Girls Pajamas

There is a huge selection of girls PJ's with Emojis. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. There is sure to be a style and color to suit your little princess.

There are nightgowns, rompers, 2 piece top and bottoms, short sleeves and long sleeves. They all have the Emoji attitude. All sleep wear sets are machine washable, comfortable and cute.

Two of these cute little girl outfits even come with sleeping eye masks.

Emoji Sleep Masks For a Good Nights Sleep

Does light streaming through a bedroom window from street lights bothers your childs sleep patterns?Then an Emoji themed sleep mask may be a great solution to help ensure a sound sleep.

Wearing an eye mask only takes a small amount of time to become accustomed to. The eye coverings are soft and comfortable and block a great deal of light.

Kids Emoji blindfold sleep masks look so fun and silly. There is the ZZZ sleepy mask, and a super pooper mask with comfortable elastic to fit over the head and hold them in place.

LOL, cover the Emoji fans eyes with geek eyes and embroidered glasses. Heart eyed emoji sleep masks are loving the black silk light blocking backing.

Little pink, girly, sleeping eyes will take cover from the light peacefully. What a surprise! These surprised eyed emoji blindfolds will look so adorable when your child is tucked safe and secure in bed.

Emoji Slippers Kids Will Love

Your kids can slip out of their warm beds into a nice warm, plush pair of Emoji slippers in the morning. No more cold feet in the Emoji bedroom! 

Here we have plush purple devil Emojis slip on foot warmers and the smiling, wide eyed poo slippers (perfect for a little boy).

The heart-eyes rainbow emoji slippers are sure to elicit smiles, as will the yellow, fluffy dual faced cozy Emoji faced tootsie warmers.

There are so many Emoji character and slipper styles to choose from Click this Emoji Bedroom Slipper link for more great ideas!

Thank your for visiting my information about Emoji bedroom decorating ideas for kids. Decorating or re-decorating a childs bedroom is a fun and worthwhile project. I am sure your Emoji fan will be happy to assist with the many choices and ideas to create an expressive and colorful Emoji bedroom. Happy decorating!

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Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Dreamy Trolls Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

Does your child dream of Trolls? Are you looking for Dreamworks Trolls decorating ideas for bedrooms? Life will be cupcakes and rainbows with this selection of Trolls bedroom decorating merchandise. Everything from paint to window coverings to bedding sets can be utilized to create the perfect Trolls bedroom.

Find your happy place with these fun and bright Trolls decorating ideas for bedrooms and play rooms.

The Dreamworks Trolls Movie that was released in 2016 provides plenty of incentive and ideas to decorate a kids bedroom with snazzy and upbeat decor that is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Trolls Decorating ideas For Bedrooms

Dreamworks Trolls Kids Room Painting ideas

The basic groundwork step for Trolls bedroom decor is to choose an interior wall color for the room. Dreamworks Trolls allows you to "show your true colors" with various shades of pinks, blues, greens, purples, oranges and yellows. Click to following link to see all the amazing colors. True Value Trolls Paint comes in all the Trolls shades with a paint and primer in one combination product. There is even a Trolls Paint Tray set! How fun is that?

These DIY ideas for kids bedrooms will make your Trolls decor vision such an accomplishment. Let your creative side flow with the Trolls inspired paint, using the 6 piece painting tool set and the included stencils. What an array of cheerful colors!

Trolls Curtains and Bedroom Window Coverings

Once you have the walls painted, the next step is to hang some amazing Dreamworks Trolls inspired curtains on your childs windows. Regardless of which Trolls animated character is your kids favorite, there is a Trolls curtain and bedroom window covering to display their personal tastes. These room-darkening window panels are meant to provide light blocking and privacy for your kids bedroom.

Dreamworks Trolls Curtain Rods

An often overlooked item and another one of those decorating ideas for a bedroom is cool curtain rods. This Rhinestone accented curtain rod is a great idea for girls when searching for decorating ideas for kids rooms. Do you have the curtain rod brackets and hardware? The mounting hardware is included in the shown example.

More Dreamworks Trolls Curtains

These unique hand crafted Trolls curtains and valances come from Etsy online stores. Etsy artisan made items wont be found in your local department store and since they are home sewn, you can support a home spun business and family.

Princess Poppy and friends are the highlights on these adorable window coverings. There are window panels in all the Trolls colors to enhance your walls. Trolls window shades are a great Trolls decorating idea for a bedroom.

Trolls Light Switch Covers And Electrical Outlet Covers

Another excellent Trolls decorating idea for bedrooms is covering electrical outlets and switch plates with Trolls inspired light switch covers and electrical outlet coverings. Plenty of glitter and Princess Poppy attitude adorn these cute screw in decorating accents. Such an excellent Trolls touch to a kids bedroom. 

Trolls Wall Decals for Kids Rooms

If you have a longer feature wall or a side wall that you would like to decorate with some Dreamworks Trolls animated movie characters, wall decals may be just what you are looking for. What is your childs favorite Trolls character? Or do they love all the Troll pack? There are cool vinyl wall decals for every Troll taste. Hair Up!!

Colored Trolls Decorative Wall Stickers

These easy to apply and easy to remove Trolls inspired wall decals come in 4 sizes, mini, regular, large, and huge. It is a good idea to measure your walls to find which size of sticker will best fit your available space.

Imagine the delight of your Dreamworks Trolls fan when they come into their room and see one of these fun, colorful images on their walls!

Trolls Black and White Wall Decals

Black and white wall decals or stickers are a more subtle way to portray your Dreamworks Trolls fan with the images of their favorite animated characters. These transparent outlines of all the Trolls and Bergens gives them a variety of choices to pick from.

When searching for decorating ideas for kids bedrooms, you won't go wrong with one of these wall stickers