Purrrfect Halloween Cat Costumes For Girls

Does your girl really, really want to dress as a Halloween cat? Here is a selection of the cutest, coolest cat costumes for girls of all age. Adding a cat costume to your girls dress up trunk will enable her to play all year round. Whether she is playing cat woman, or as dressing up as a pet with her friends, a cat costume is an easy and timeless cosplay piece. How about a cat themed birthday party? The possibilities are limited only by your girls imagination.

Cats have such personalities and these many traits can be portrayed in a cat costume. Feline costumes can be bundled up for cold weather and still show off all those cool quirks that only cats have.

Cat Costumes For Girls

Kooky, Crazy and Cute Cat Costumes for Girls!

What are the advantages of persuading your girl to dress up as a cat?

  • Cats can be so cute and cuddly. Nothing like a cat purring on your lap to give you that "feel good" relaxation. Dressing as a cute cat is great for smaller girls.

  • For the tweens and teens, perhaps dressing as a scary cat would be more to their liking. To make a scary cat costume is easy with some face paint and imagination added to a base costume.

  • Character cats are so much fun. Whether the wish of the day is the "Cat in the Hat", the Alice in wonderland Cheshire cat, or the cartoon favorite Sylvester, planning for one of these perennial favorite costumes can be a fun and bonding experience.

Simply Adorable Kitty Costumes for Babies Toddlers and Pre-School Girls

This black cat costume for newborns is just so stinkin cute! Hand crocheted in acrylic yarn and festooned with jute, you will get so many oohhs and ahhhs when your newborn is presented in this outfit.

The little black cap has 2 ears that poke out the top, and a very mischievous set of black and white cat eyes in the center of the front of this cap. On the brim of the hat is a cute little crocheted orange nose and the orange whiskers complete the look. No masks, no paint, no fuss and no muss!

The sweetest little cat pantie will fit over leggings or long underwear on a chilly night. These do up with a button closure and, of course, there is a removable crocheted black tail.

Matching black booties and mittens finish off the costume. This outfit will fit babies from newborn up to age 3.

This cat costume is made in the USA in the Etsy online store Lil Onez Gift Boutique. 

The Cat in The Hat by Dr Seuss is not only a favorite book series for kids, it is a GREAT cat costume idea.

This acrylic crocheted wool outfit will give everyone "paws" to give your little girl compliments.

Just look at that red and white striped top hat. How cute is that? And the little red bow tie is just like the one on the books.

A cute pair of blue diaper covers rounds out the look. You can put whatever you like under the costume. Imagine the pictures you will take! And the memories you will make!

This is only available in newborn size and is featured in "Thats Crocheted" store in Etsy. It ships from Canada to various countries and can be made to order

The word leopards brings images of speed, grace and lithe power. But for newborns and toddlers, a leopard costume just says "I am the cats meow"!

This tutu costume has everything you would need to dress up as this icon of the jungle. Whether you think leopard or ocelot, this outfit will melt your heart.

From the bottom up, you will be sure to smile. The little brown and white splotched leg warmers are accented with a faux fur trim at the ankles and golden bows at the center of each leg. 

The brown, black and white tutu is fluffy and so feline looking. Purrfecty puffy, this skirt is made of tulle and adorned with a black ribbon.

Your little one will sparkle in this black long sleeved onsie. A cute cat face is a golden glitter centerpiece on the chest of this shirt. The word meow is surrounded by ears on the top and a heart nose with sassy little whiskers. Running up the side of the shirt are cute little paw prints in pink glitter.

The crowning glory is the cat ear headband. Brown and fuzzy on the outside and gold and shiny on the inside, you are sure to get so many compliment when she wears this cat costume.

Alice in Wonderland characters are the cats derriere! And no one is more loved that the fat, smiling Cheshire cat.

Imagine your little kitten wearing this cute pink and purple costume ensemble. It is available in sizes baby to girls size 5-6 years.

The shirt is 100 percent pink cotton and the Cheshire cat face is set in with glittery rhinestones in a contrasting purple color. This crazy cat has gold eyes, a red button nose and the big, wide smile full of white teeth.

The sparkling tutu is hand made with blue and shades of sparkling pink and purple netting. The wide pink waistband is elasticized.

A tulle embellished headband is the crowning touch to this very girly Cheshire cat costume.

A mad hatters tea party or other costume extravaganza will be made even more memorable when she wears this outfit!

Not into cute, frilly girl clothes? How about an absolutely cute overall cat costume?

Simply put a long sleeved black top and leotards underneath and add some cute little accessories such as cat ear barrettes, or a kitten ear hat in colder climes. Then pencil on some face whiskers, and voila! A costume that can handle a tough, busy girl. 

This item is sold on the Etsy Marketplace from UK based store, Wild Thing Dresses. Constructed of black cotton cord material, this is a durable piece that can be worn on any day when she needs to let her inner wildcat out!

The bib overalls have 2 little pockets with white triangle cloth "claws". A cute little cat face is on the bib. He has a white nose and whiskers and blue eyes.

The straps have an inset pink patterned cat ear on each side. Available in a number of sizes, this is one wardrobe addition that is perfect for many occasions.

Who said cat costumes had to be about black cats? How about a white Siamese cat costume?

Masks are a favorite for pre-school kids. Little girls would love to play dress up, go trick-or-treating for Halloween, or go to a costume party birthday with a cat mask and tail.

This cat mask is a re-cyclists dream. Made of felt, re-purposed plastic bags and water based water paints, you can be assured that you are helping to minimize your ecological footprint.

The mask is cut so that breathing is easy and vision is not compromised. Being made of felt, there is no accumulation of sweat under the mask.

The felt tail is attached to elastic, so she just has to pull it up over her midriff.

This particular mask and tail set are made in Portugal by BHB Kidstyle through Etsy online. It is such a good feeling knowing you are supporting a home based artisan!

I simply have to share one more tutu outfit. This mischievous kitten costume just brings a smile to anyone who sees it.

The black long sleeved onesie is adorned with an adorable orange kitten with black and brown markings. It snaps closed. Cute little pink whiskers, and a cockeyed smile give him a little sass! And those eyes are just looking for something to get into. So much like a real cat.

A black net tutu goes over the body suit. What a great cat costume idea for little girls.

This outfit is proudly made in the USA and is sold through Etsy by Whimsy Ranch in Los Angeles.

This is another outfit that can be worn for many occasions and is a good investment. The body suit can be worn with or without the tutu!

Cat Costumes For Girls Aged 6-8

Little girls love super-heros and villains as much as boys! Cat woman portrays mystique, brains and athleticism. And lets not forget those super powers.

This cape and mask outfit is made of poly-satin and features glitter! The cat on the cape is a silver glittery feline with a curved tail. The inside of this black cape is silver too!

The mask is not included. This vendor sells the mask and coordinating wrist bands and shirts. The mask shown is a partial or half mask, so it doesn't' get in the way of breathing.The eye cut-outs are large and it attaches with an elastic band.

Give your girl a pink nose with skin safe face paint and draw on some whiskers and she is good to prowl the party looking for those elusive treats!

Made in the USA by Cape Lady, this highly rated Etsy merchant will even personalize the cape with your childs name!

An adorable cat hat is a great base for a cat costume! Then your princess can wear whatever other clothing items she chooses to complete her feline fashion statement.

This particular hat reminds me of Sylvester and his sidekick Tweety of cartoon fame.

The head covering is made of cotton and felt. The black cat has a white mask, green eyes and a pink nose. His/her whiskers are black and so are the outside of his ears. The inside of his ears are white.

This is an amazing looking cap that will bring a smile to your girls face.

This Etsy item ships worldwide from Israel. This vendor also has a black cat tail to add to the costume!

Such a cool looking costume addition and one that will take a treasured spot in the costume trunk.

A perfect kitty costume for an indoor costume party at a friends or at school is this adorable black cat pinafore dress.

This beautiful little dress is available in sizes from baby to girls size 8. It is hand made in California and is featured in Etsy. The costume is made of black poplin.

The halter dress has a full skirt with an elasticized waist. The bib front is in the shape of a cats head complete with green eyes, a heart shaped nose and white mouth and whiskers.

The dress front works its way up to 2 perky little pink ears that become the black halter ties.

This little charmer can be worn with a long sleeved shirt and leggings for a different look. For Halloween, it could be purchased large enough to fit over outer wear for chilly outdoor activities.

A cute pinafore like this can be worn at any time of the year for many occasions.


One way for your little girl to be a really cool cat is by donning this hooded leopard cape. She will look so adorable!

This handmade cape is made of stretch velvet in the cat splotches of black and white. It drapes around the shoulders and ties in the front with a beautiful black bow.

The hood features two perky little kitty ears. Such a fun costume to wear to party or to dress up day at school.

This is an easy costume to build on. Imagine using cat patterned leggings and a little face make-up as finishing touches to this artisan created addition to the costume closet.

Pawster is an Etsy online store that specializes in animal costuming. Featuring fuzzy, furry hats, paws, leggings and other accessories for your darling girls cat costume!

This furry hood with a "scarf" and paws to keep those chilly hands warm is based on the Cheshire Cat character from Alice in Wonderland.

Grey and blue are the colors of this faux fur head covering and the lining of the hood is made of black fleece. There are cute little paw prints stitched onto the mittens.

This outfit is also available in a pink and purple combo. she will be grinning like a Cheshire cat when she goes out in this beauty! And you can rest assured that her ears, head and hands will be as warm as a kittens purr.

Pawster also has matching tails for these outfits. This is one US vendor that is very highly rated.


Does a leopard change its spots? Maybe not, but your pre-teen girl will be glowing when she spots this very cool cat costume. 

Bring on her wild side with a leopard cat print dress and headband with cute kitty ears. The dress has an elasticized waist.

This outfit comes in girls sizes 3-8, so you could order it large enough to fit over outer coats.

There are other choices of fabric, but this one is just sooo purfect! It is just the cats meow :)

Jobile is an Etsy store based in the US, and will ship world wide. They have a variety of different costuming ideas for your sweet girl.

These costumes are of excellent quality and this is a vendor you can return to year after year as your child grows and their costuming ideas develop.

Do you have a "girlie" girl who loves frills and princess cat looks, but is not fond of black? Take a look at this purrdy little blue tutu dress!

The top of this royal blue beauty is crocheted with love and is adorned with white and blue cat features. The eyes are so expressive and those cute little white whiskers just set the dress of with such sass.

The poufy tutu skirt is attached to the top. It is layers and layers of blue and white polka dotted and plain blue tulle.

The crowning glory to this little cat costume is the cat ear headband. Blue ears with white inside accents and it will be worn like a regular hair band.

This dress can be ordered from sizes baby to sizes 7/8 girls.

Sweet Cat Costumes for Tweens and Teens

Hoodies are an essential part of tween and teen apparel. So, a great idea as a base for a costume for girls this age is a hoodie sporting fuzzy kitty ears.

I am highlighting a long sleeved white cat hoodie made of fleece. It has fuzzy white ears with pink insides. The hoodie has kangaroo pockets and a zip up front.

The unisex sizes in these hoodies run from small to 2 xl. There is a choice of colors, but the insides of the ears are always pink.

These hooded sweaters are warm and cozy and will make a great base for a cat costume for Halloween. No tricks! This hoodie is a real treat for teen girls.

This is a great outfit for the casual dresser who wants to wear something resembling a costume, but doesn't want to wear an elaborate outfit.

Bright, neon colors are what this girls rainbow cat costume is all about! So cute and fluffy! Make your teen or tween purr with delight!

This ensemble is perfect for a costume party or Halloween. Because it has all the accessories, so all she has to do is wear her favorite cat inspired leggings and shirt. 

In this package is one adult sized cat ear head band, striped wristlets, leg warmers and a tail in neon yellow, pink and blue with black accents.

This fluffy cat costume is made of faux fur, elastic and is perfect for those cool nights.

She will be the life of the party with this handmade outfit from Pawster. 


Combining steampunk with a cat costume will ensure your mature teen of a truly original, one of a kind look that can be used for many "dress-up" occasions.

The fascination with steampunk costuming brings back the layered and funky couture of yesteryear in the heyday of the industrial revolution. Romanticized in novels and movies, steampunk has become all the rage.

This amazing costume uses black, blue and white colors in a Cheshire cat influenced design of Victorian elegance.

Here is a tiered dress that is longer in the back than in the front. There is a corset bodice. The skirt is offset with trims of lace. Black and blue striped socks are reminicient of the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Lace arm cuffs add to the overall steampunk aura. Simply put on the cat mask and the transformation is complete.

This costume is made and shipped from the UK and will take time, as the outfit is created after you order it.

No list of cat costumes for girls would be complete without a cat woman costume! She is the epitome of feline feminine super hero awesomeness.

Pink Purr is the store on Etsy online marketplace that can create a custom made Cat Woman costume for your teenager.

This costume can be worn over a base layer for modesty. The outfit includes the long sleeved purple dress with high slits on either each leg. There is a gold colored cat button at the top of each slit.

There is a green cape that will flutter in the breeze. It fastens with Velcro so it doesn't blow away!

The mask/headpiece is amazing. It fits over the head and has widely cut out eye pieces. It is purple and black in color and has the signature cat ears.

The boots as shown are not included, so your teen can use her imagination for a choice of footwear that will compliment the costume.

Other Cat Costume Accessories That Will Add to Her Cattitude

A great alternative to spending hours and hours on applying face paint is to get some of these uber easy temporary face tattoos in a leopard print pattern.

These safe-non toxic tattoos apply with water and can easily be removed with oil. There is one forehead patch, one chin patch and two cheek covers.

The tattoos are handmade by Sugar Tats in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They carry a wide selection of awesome face tattoos that would be great for a cosplay or Halloween costume addition.

Your girl will love these fun and fashionable brown and black leopard spots.

Leggings for girls cat costumes are a wonderful base layer for the chillier fall or winter nights. And lets face it, these items are a great compliment to an awesome cosplay outfit. There are leggings for every age and every color taste.

Featured here is a pair of black leggings with an oriental looking cat and cat paws in a contrasting white. The leopard skin tights/leggings are great for that wildcat look.

A little girl would love to wear a pair of grey leggings with black cat faces on the knees. A teen would love a pair of black leggings with sassy purple pussy cats reaching from her ankes to just above her knees. These little cats have red eyes, nose and ears.

Masks have been at the center of costuming for centuries. The word masquerade springs from the use of masks. Costume parties and Halloween, as well as cosplay events have continued this tradition. Modern masks have the luxury of being lightweight, breathable and flame retardant. Most of the masks that kids wear these days are fabric, either felt, lace or cotton.

I have featured 4 great masks. The black cat mask is decorated with glitter thread and is highlighted with pink and blue accents. Little kids will love the unicorn cat mask. It is white with rainbow hair and fabulous eyelashes and little pink heart nose.

A pretty feminine black lace mask is Victorian in appearance and is light and airy. It provides intrigue and mystique. Last we have a fun quilted style fabric cat mask that is cute and appropriate for pre-teens.

Thank you for visiting my article on Cat Costumes for Girls. Playing dress-up is such a fun part of growing up. Donning a costume fires the imagination and enables us to role play. I had fun sharing my Etsy finds with you. No matter if a costume is for Halloween, a costume party at school, or a dress up birthday bash, any one of these costume ideas would be a great addition to the tickle trunk. Happy shopping!

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Cat Costumes For Girls