Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor for Sweet Princess Dreams

You are wondering how to best create a Disney Princess bedroom with Disney Moana Bedroom Decor. I have the solution to your dilemma. Think tropical when choosing paint for a Polynesian themed room. Soft, soothing blues and greens will assist you to get that ocean paradise feel. Some bamboo or soft tan neutral tones would by my choice of door and window trim. Highlight your basic colors with splashes of hibiscus oranges or vibrant pinks to really set the stage for some brilliant eye catching Disney princess bedroom accessories.

Here is my list of must have Disney Moana Bedroom decor for your luau loving, grass skirt swaying Hawaiian angel. Your little voyager will be so impressed.

Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor

Disney Moana Bedroom Decor

Marvelous Disney Moana Bedding

Cozy Comforter Sets - Disney Moana Bed in a Bag

As with most Disney princess bed in a bag items, the Moana bedding items are attractive, colorful and well made. Materials are easy care and durable. Bedding ensembles are economical and you can rest easy in the knowledge that the bed in a bag collection will all match.

The 4 piece coral and light blue set fits a standard toddler mattress (28"x52") and includes fitted bottom sheet, top sheet, pillow case and comforter.  Imagine reading her Moana adventure books after she is snuggled into this gorgeous Disney princess comforter set.

The beautiful blue and pink set made for a twin bed has a fitted and flat sheet set, a pillow case, reversible comforter and a bonus tote bag! Your sweet pea would be thrilled with this!

This charmer  of a 6 piece full sized bedding ensemble comes with a reversible comforter and a plush throw blanket, perfect for those chilly nights! A perfect addition to your Disney Moana Bedroom Decor. On one side of the full sized comforter, Moana cuddles with Pua the precious pig, and on the other the Oceana star is posing in front of the ocean waves. This set also includes a fitted and flat sheet and 2 pillow cases.

Sweet bed Linens and Comforters for the Moana Fan

If you choose to create your own unique and personal Disney bedding collection item by item, there are comfy Disney sheet sets, Moana Polynesian princess pillow shams, and of course the ever popular Moana themed snuggly comforters and fleece blankets. I know your little starfish will be impressed.

Disney Moana sheets are adorable and make such a great addition to the Disney princess bedroom set! Crisp cotton sheets are comfortable and non irritating to sensitive skin. The sheets are easily laundered and require no special care. There is nothing nicer than crawling into a nice, clean set of sheets at the end of the day.

Tropical Decorative Throw Pillows, Disney Princess Moana pillow shams and Hawaiian themed pillow cases will accent her darling little head as she drifts of into the gentle ocean of sleep. We all know that getting a good nights sleep is imperative to developing and using good learning skills. A good nights sleep also leads to a better mood!

Some plump, plush Disney throw pillows will be appreciated by your tiny Moana or Maui. Materials both inside and outside of the Moana themed pillows are made of quality, non-allergenic materials. Kakamora pirates and the demi-god Maui will keep the boogeymen men away!

Easily washable handmade cotton Moana Disney Princess Pillow Shams are a practical addition to bedding for kids. These delightful pillow cases are affordable and feminine. Sailing into dreamland will be a breeze when her head touches the soothing ocean colors of the soft pillow cases.

What could be more comforting than a fashionable Princess Moana comforter. Even your tweens and teenagers will be happy to have a Princess quilts to cover their bed. Warm and easy care, comforters are wonderful gift choice for a child of any age. Warm and inviting colors accentuate the easy care Disney princess products.

Snuggly and warm, luxurious Disney Moana fleece blankets and fleece throws will ensure a cuddly nights sleep. Most of these adorable Disney character blankets are customizable too! Have your childs name or a favorite positive Disney quote printed on gorgeous, sleep inviting blankets. Plush fleecies are great for watching TV or curling up under when she is under the weather.

Moana Disney Window Curtains

Every Disney Princess bedroom set should include a set of Disney Window curtains. Moana inspired polyester curtains block sunlight from waking up your little dreamer from her sleepy time voyages. Window coverings provide privacy from the outside world. Hang the window coverings with eye catching curtains with a straight curtain rod and matching curtain holdbacks. All the Disney moana characters have a moment on the bright and cheerful drapes.

Disney Princess Wall Art

There are many items available for you to dress up a childs bedroom walls using Disney Moana merchandise. Walls are like a blank canvas, ready for your individual brand of creativity. Here are some of the options to create a unique, visually appealing Polynesian backdrop to cover those boring blank walls.

  • Posters are the affordable gold standard for her Disney Moana Bedroom Decor. Disney wall posters are bright and beautiful. They can be hung with poster putty, thereby eliminating holes in the wall.
  • Framed art prints will be a hit with your darling Disney Moana movie buff. Framed bedroom pictures have the advantage of generally being smaller that a full sized poster.
  • A Disney removable wall decal is a bedroom decorating idea your little princess Mona would love! These decals are easy for mom to put up and will bring your child much enjoyment.
  • Disney wall clocks are so cool. Imagine all your favorite Disney Moana characters helping your voyager learn to tell time. Cute and practical are two words to describe these clocks. 

Disney Moana Poster

Wow! These posters are bright, beautiful and chock full of Disney princess enthusiasm. Moana wall hangings feature all the attractive Disney characters; Moana, Maui, Pua the pig and Hei Hei the rooster. These Moana character posters make me want to take a sea voyage myself. Such a great idea for adding to your Disney Moana bedroom decor.

This original, adorable hand crafted and hand painted burlap Moana door knob decoration has been made with such attention to detail. What an excellent idea for your kids princess bedroom decor. Darling Moana is festooned with flowers containing jewel centers, and lovely bows enhance the dainty beauty of this home-spun styled item. None of your little buttercups friends will have bought this at the local toy store.

Phenomenal Moana Framed Printable Art Prints

Moana framed printable poster prints are a delightful way to decorate a childs room with a Disney princess theme. When considering Disney Moana bedroom decor, hand crafted or printable wall hanging items will be the cats pajamas! You will have to purchase eye-catching picture frames to accentuate the pictures she is sure to treasure. Framed art work is generally smaller than a poster and can be fit onto a smaller available space in your little voyagers room. Personalizing the picture or the frame with your childs name or other memorable prose is a sentimental touch that makes owning a framed Princess Moana print even more meaningful A good idea is to place the picture at your childs eye level.

Disney Wall Decals

Disney Moana Wall Decals are a modern twist on how to adorn the walls of your Princess themed room. Choose either gigantic or smaller decals, whatever fits in your Hawaiian room the best. These stickers are washable, peel-able and user friendly!

There are stickers for all your favorite animated Disney Moana princess characters. Even Tamatoa the crab and Gramma Tala have appliques made in their honor.  Hei Hei the rooster and Pua the pig make an appearance on the detailed decals. It is good to note that the black and grey stenciled art will go well with any colored background in the Moana bedroom. Moana stenciled decals will go well in a toy room or other childs play area.

Disney Wall Clocks featuring the New Disney Princess Moana

Is it time to give your youngster a Disney Moana wall clock? These oh, so desirable clocks have the cartoon faces of each of the Disney Moana animated characters. The hard part will be picking which one of the incredible time pieces to use as part of your Disney Moana bedroom decor. There are square clocks, round clocks and clocks with or without hands. The uber cool time tellers come adorned with graphics from almost all the characters featured on the hit Disney movie Moana. Each clock will require an AA battery which is not included to get those hands ticking.

Learning to tell time with an old fashioned clock is a challenge in this time of digital awareness. Your young person will be thankful to you in times to come if reading the hands on a standard clock becomes like second nature.

Moana Disney Alarm Clocks Designed to Awaken a Goddess

I am enthralled with the amazing LED Princess Moana alarm clock. It comes in several different Disney Moana character choices. This Oceana Adventure Inspired clock has seven different color changing combinations, and doubles as a night light. Your Digital cube shaped alarm clock takes 4 AAA batteries or a DC 2 adapter. A cord is supplied to fit into the adapter. Not only do these unique alarm clocks give you regular 12 hour time, but they can also work as a 24 hour clock and tell you the temperature! How exciting is that?

Moana Disney Princess Lamps to Light up Her World

Lighting is an essential part of bedroom decor. Disney Princess Moana table lamps are wonderful for beside your precious angels bed. Night lights offer soft, comforting vision when mom has rush to soothe childrens worst fears in the middle of the night. Bedroom lighting can create ambiance as well as brightening factors for your little adventurers to play well lit Disney Moana games. I have included light switch covers in the lighting overview.

Table Lamps

Disney Princess Bedrooms sometimes require bright light on those gloomy days. Perhaps your childs bedroom is in the basement or has small windows where lack of sunlight is a factor. Beautiful customizable Disney Moana bedside lamps provide eye candy as well as illumination. 

Disney Moana table lamp shades are available in linen, polyester film or silk. The sturdy , powder coated bases are available in silver or white. Text can be added to personalize these amazing products.

Moana Disney Princess Night Light

My grandkids insist on a plug in nightlight. Night lights provide non invasive, soothing illumination that is calming when your special prince of princess awaken suddenly in the night. Bathroom trips are made easier without a bright light that will wake them completely. Pick a Moana Disney character, any character. So many adorable choices are available to customize with your childs name or favorite Moana princess quote.

Disney graphics are on a background of white. All the colorful Moana characters are available and some of the nightlights are made of fantastic collages of sayings and characters such as Kakamora, the little coconut armored pirates.

Disney moana Decorative Light Switch Cover Plates and Wall Outlet Covers

Add to your Disney Moana bedroom decor with a brightly covered Disney princess Moana themed novelty light switch cover. Your Oceana princess fan will love light covers that exude a taste of Polynesian tropical paradise. Your flip light switches, bar type light switches and plug in outlets are crafted out of handcrafted acrylic that is sealed with non toxic acrylic glaze. The Hawaiian themed switch covers come for one light, two lights or 3 lights on your bedroom wall switch. The adorable Moana wall outlet cover is made for a two plug in receptacle.

Custom Light Switch Cover for Moana Princess Kids Bedroom Walls

Moana and Maui are heading out for their epic voyage.  Hei hei, the hilarious rooster and Pua the too cute pig are in attendance on vibrant light switch cover plates. The plates themselves screw into the wall and the tab style switches have adhesive stickers that keep them in place. Moana tropical light switch covers would be an amazing give-away gift at your next Disney Moana themed party!

Moana of Oceana Electrical Outlet Cover

Plug into the adventure! Your little goddess of the sea will adore a Disney princess character themed outlet cover to enhance her plug in electrical devices. Depciting both Moana and Maui, as well as Pua the pretty pig and Hei Hei, the hilarious rooster, some electrical outlet covers will enhance those Hawaiian island colored walls.

Moana Bedroom Area Rugs fit for a Disney Princess

Tropical throw rugs accent a bedroom and give you and your Disney Moana fan a place to comfortably sit and play. She will need a washable, non skid bedroom throw rug that she can sit on and create ocean adventures with her Disney Moana dolls. When those little feet swing out of bed in the morning her feet will land on a plush, warm area instead of a cold floor. The image adorning the adorable floor covering is of Princess Moana herself in all her independent glory.

Fleece and memory foam are the products that make up the bedroom area rugs. The graphics are sharp and will totally offset all the other Moana inspired princess bedroom decorations.

Moana Disney Princess Sleepwear

No Disney princess bedroom would be complete without sleepwear. Moana pajamas, Moana slippers and a room darkening eye mask are Disney princess merchandise items that will top her list of must-haves. She will be the bed time fashionista as she sails off peacefully to dreamland for a way-finding journey of infinite possibilities. All sleepwear is easy wear and easy care, washable and comfortable. Bed time will be a tropical breeze with quality Moana sleepwear.

The Disney Moana pajamas are cuffed at the wrists and ankles with a tropical coral strip. The loose fitting night gown depicts Moana and Pua in all their Polynesian glory.

The fuzzy blue Moana slippers are adorned with colorful Hawaiian flowers embellished with a gem in the center. These comfy foot warmers are slide on and have no heels. So dont wear them outside!

The Disney Moana Eye mask is crafted with comfortable, soft, breathable cotton. It has an elastic to hold it inn place. Maui, our heroine Moana, Hei Hei and Pua animated graphics cover the front of these gorgeous sleep aids.

Thank you for reading about Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor for Sweet Princess Dreams. Perhaps you will be interested in my other Disney Moana articles, showcasing many available Moana ideas.

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Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor