Best Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas Fit for A Polynesian Princess

Your little one wants a Moana princess birthday party! Moana is sure to be one of the most popular characters for birthday party themes in 2017, and with this popular request in mind, I have compiled the Best Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas for your princess. 

This animated star is cute, personable, and an she is and independent thinker, making a Disney Moana party a great idea for a princess birthday party, Valentines party, pool party, beach party or Halloween dress up party for your little Voyager.

Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate Your Princess On Her Special Day With The BEST Moana Birthday Party Ideas!!

Best Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas for Your Princess

Items that make a Disney Moana princess birthday party complete are:

  • A Disney Moana Hawaiian table cloth will be a beautiful tropical setting for all the edibles and party favors.
  • Moana decorative paper plates and napkins and other party tableware supplies add to the Island theme for an awesome princess party.
  • Party drinking glasses featuring Moana and her friends will quench the thirst of those busy little party goers.
  • Party balloon decorations in tropical blues and greens highlighting the Disney Island princess Moana will add ambiance to any party decor.
  • Disney Moana theme party decorations consist of everything from colorful banners to tropical pinatas. Wall hangings picturing Disney Moana characters such as Mauri the demi-god, Pua the pig and Hei-hei the Rooster delight young party goers!
  • Moana invitations and colorful thank you cards that are personalized can be a unique and appreciated gesture. 
  • Great Venues such as beaches, swimming pools, parks, bowling alleys and community halls will be great locations to host a Disney Moana party.
  • Hawiaan themed games and activities always are a wonderful way for Moana fans to spend some quality time together. Making a sailboat craft or playing pin the nose on Hei hei will provide fun and laughter.
  • Childrens party favors for the guests that love the Disney Moana movie are an amazing memento of a special party. The best party favors for kids will include Moana party favor bags.
  • Tropical island food will fuel those hungry Moana fans! Think luau for your snack table and you will bring a smile to your group of Oceana voyagers.
  • Mouth watering cake and your childs favorite flavour of cool, creamy ice cream will be the ultimate finishing touch for your wonderful Disney Moana Birthday Party!

Printable Moana Birthday Party Invitations

Every party needs some guests! Your child will be delighted to invite his or her friends over for a Moana party with one of these printable Moana birthday invitations.

These invitations are available from a graphic designer on Etsy. You pay a small fee for the design, and in return you receive a personalized printable file or an editable file which you personalize yourself.

Below you will find a variety of 4" x 6" and 5" x 7" Moana invitations available in either JPEG or PDF format, depending on what the shop owner offers.

Make sure to read the descriptions on the individual invitations to ensure you are receiving the format you desire. 


More Moana Princess Birthday party Invitations and Thank you cards

The first item on your party to-do list is to have your child pick out their favorite Disney Moana birthday party invitation and invite some guests. I have included Disney Moana thank you cards in this heading as they are often bundled together with birthday party invitations if you purchase them from the store.

Be sure to include the date, time and location of the party on your invite, Your guest must know who the party is for and if there is a special event included in the party. This way they will know if they need to bring money, supplies or costuming.

Be sure to ask if there are any special dietary concerns for your guests. Parents will also need to know approximate pick up times or if the parent is to also attend the party.

Birthday invitations can be delivered in person, via snail mail or email. Asking for a RSVP by phone or email by a certain date will also help you plan the party. There are many colorful and age appropriate Hawaiian Oceania themed invitations and thank you cards. 

When sending thank-you cards, be sure to mention the givers name and type of gift received and write a personal notation. If the child is old enough, it is good form to have them fill out all or part of the thank you and to sign the card.

Thank you cards should be sent out in a timely manner, usually within a week of the party. Thank you cards can also be delivered by hand or sent by mail. Disney Moana invitations and thank you cards are the most important part of throwing the best Disney Moana birthday party for your child.

adorable decorating Ideas for a Disney moana princess Birthday Party

Disney Moana Balloons Bouquet Decoration KitDisney Moana Balloons Bouquet Decoration Kit

The decor helps set the mood for a good party. Decor can include things like a banner, tablecloth, place settings, napkins, plates, glasses and balloons. There are many affordable Moana Princess themed items to fill every need for your decorating ideas. 

Tropical polynesian Moana princess decor is bright, colorful and a delight to use. Table decorating is made easy by luau type kits that include all the necessities for food and drink. These cute birthday party tablewear kits can include a tropical themed tablecloth, glasses, plates, napkins and balloons. Bamboo placemats will add a little Polynesian flair to the table.

Wall decorating is easy with these delightful personalized Oceania banners. I think the idea of a loaded Tiki pinata as both as a decoration and a fun birthday activity will impress all the tween age and younger party goers. Decorating balloons is a good time filler while waiting for hot dogs and cake.

Disney Moana Party Decorating Kits

These all inclusive decorating kits are the bees knees for being ready with all the necessities for decorating for your princess Moana party. So coordinated and so pretty!

This incredible tropical set up contains a Happy Birthday Banner, tropical party invitations and beautiful thank you notes. The kit also includes water bottle wrappers, chocolate bar covers, and treat bag toppers. Wait, there is more! A lovely Disney Moana centerpiece, food tents and a Birthday boy and Birthday Girl iron-on tee shirt transfer is also in this lovely collection. Place holder tags and cupcake toppers for dessert "top" it all off.

These lovely items can all be personalized and are downloadable and printable from your home computer. Now that is a true economy package for a Disney Moana themed party!

Party Decor Colors for a Disney Moana Princess Party

When thinking of a color theme, think ocean. Sea blues and tropical greens would be your main colors. Highlight with a little sunshine yellow or gold and perhaps a hibiscus pink or orange to accentuate the blues and greens.

Outdoor Party Decor Ideas - Moana Style

Here are a few Disney Moana birthday party supplies that I would suggest for your Oceana style Polynesian princess party in an outdoor location.

Disney Moana birthday party favors and thank you gifts

One of the Best Disney Moana birthday party Ideas is to have props and gifts for your child's friends to use while attending the gala. Some great ideas to get in the spirit of island adventures is with colorful leis and Hawaiian grass style Hula skirts. This will make each of the party goers feel like they are a princess in their own right. These items are multi colored and are bought in sets.

Party favor sets such as stickers and tattoos are also an easy peasy way to give all the guests a souvenir for your amazing princess party.  These are affordable items that can be used at the party and then taken home. Take a look at these great ideas for Disney Moana birthday party favors.

Your little Moana movie fans will love to wear these dress up masks and nothing says princess like a Hawaiian flower crown!

It has become a tradition to give take home gifts for guests as a thank you for coming to the party. Treats like Moana Adventure wearable pins for backpacks or sweet Pau and Moana key chains are popular collectible mementos. Glitter stickers are great for stuffing into treat bags.
Moana Glitter StickersMoana Glitter Stickers

For the ultimate gifting to the Moana Princess birthday party guests, send them home with personalized Moana party favors. How about a Pau and Hei-heimedal with your guests name? There are customizable wearables like personalized Disney Moana Princess t-shirts in many styles and sizes to fit your child or tween.

Also there are adorable Kakamora and other Moana characters decorating stainless steel water bottles. Beverage cooling goodies can be inscribed with either the guest name or your birthday boy or girls name. These can also be customized with dates too.

For a totally different gift, there are also edible personalized treats for the guests. These can be made yourselves, or if there is no time for such endeavors in your world, they can be purchased. Birthday gum is an example of one of these delicious treats. All in all, these Disney Moana thank you gifts will go over really well with party guests.

More Personalized Kids Clothes for the Disney Moana Party Guest

Etsy is an an online shopping site for artisans to showcase and sell their own creations. This amazing store has items that are handmade by crafts people from all over the world. They make unique, one of a kind items that cannot be purchased in a department store. Many of these items can be personalized to suit your needs by graphic artists.

This selection of amazing personalized clothing will wow your Disney Moana guests. There are tutus, tee shirts that portray Disney Moana characters, as well as family shirt sets and shirts you can color.

Some are appliques and some are embroidered. With all of these adorable t shirts, you have the option of having lettering and numbers applied to your product. Your childs name and birthday number will stand out on these high quality shirts!


A Moana Kids Birthday Party Craft idea

These girls pendant necklaces will make a great craft for a birthday party! Each item in the package of 10 kits has all the elements required for each of the little princesses to create and finish a beautiful piece of jewelry that she can take home and wear. Ten very happy little girls will be the outcome of some time spent making these amazing pendants.

Personalized Birthday Coloring Pages

Personalized Birthday Coloring Pages are downloadable onto your computer by PDF and printable on your home computer. These printable Coloring pages are economic and so much fun. This a great idea if your childs Moana Party is held in the rain. Throw in some bright crayons and you are set. Nothing to pass the time in a tropical monsoon than to color some of Moanas adventures.

Moana Home Made Lip Balm Kids Will Love!

These adorable home made lip balm gifts come in sets of 6. Adorned with all of the sweet Disney Moana characters, these are one of the best Disney Moana birthday party ideas EVER! Made with a list of wonderful natural products and having a yummy, lip smacking cherry flavor, you cant go wrong.

OMG! Disney Moana Felt Finger Puppets.

You will have delighted Disney Moana party guests if you distribute these little treasures at your Polynesian themed party. Be prepared for many ohhs and ahhs! These felt finger puppets are machine embroidered and come in a decorated felt carrying case. Each case contains 6 felt finger puppets portraying Disney Moana characters. These characters are Moana, Maui, Pua, Hei Hei and 2 kakamora and a bonus feltie fish hook!

Disney Moana Fun Kids Soap

These individually wrapped vegetable glycerin and soy milk hand made based bars of gift soap will clean up as a thank you gift at your Disney Moana party! Your princess will lather you with love when she sets her eyes on the gorgeous soapy gifts. These soaps are parabin free, detergent free and sulfate free. The soaps can be ordered in batches of 6 or 18. You get to pick unscented, or your choice of scents for these specialty items. Personalize this gift soap with a thank you tag commemorating the party.  A unique and special idea for your Disney Princess Moana party gift bag.

Disney Moana Birthday Treat Bags

In what type of receptacle or container are you going to stow all these lovely Disney Moana gift items in for your important party guests?  Birthday treat bags can come in many forms. If time is available, making palm tree decorated tropical bags for your guests with your birthday kid can be a fun craft to do. Either paper bags or plastic treat bags are great to use. If your child does the artwork, these items become more personal to both the giver and the receiver. Here are some samples of traditional birthday treat bags to purchase

Traditional Birthday Treat Bags For a Moana Birthday Party

Unique Disney Moana Birthday Treat "Bags"

If unique convenience is a priority on your time management list, these colorful Moana character inspired sippy mugs are great for storing candy and small treats. A gorgeous personalized tote bag would make an extra awesome party guest gift! Such exciting and unique ideas for your Disney Moana themed princess party!

Moana Birthday Party Games for your Princess

I remember games at every birthday party I ever went to. They provided giggles and were a good way to build up appetites for the yummy food and cake. Do you remember your favorite childhood memory of gut busting party games? 

My favorite was musical chairs. It would be fun to give the child who is left without a chair when the music stops a colorful Disney Moana character sticker. The last child standing could get a Moana doll or action figure or other Hawaiian themed party favor. For playing Moana musicals chairs at your Disney Moana princess birthday party, it would be perfect to use the Disney Moana soundtrack!

Another favorite birthday party game that I remember is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Disney Moana has modified this game to Pin the Shades on Heihei. This adorable bantam rooster is the victim in this classic childrens game, and instead of a tail the guests try to attach a pair of uber cool sun glasses to Hei-heis face.

What could be more fun than blindfolded children trying to stick a pair of shades on a chicken! The good new is that we no longer use pins, just stickers. What a hoot!! Your princess is sure to be the talk of the town after hosting this unique and colorful Moana princess birthday party game.

Would you like to try to pin the nose on perky, pudgy Pua the Pig? This little pig is so cute it cannot help but make you smile!

Moana Disney Princess Bingo

I loved playing bingo as a kid! This unique Disney Moana themed Bingo game is downloadable and printable from the comfort of your own home. The cute graphics on the bingo squares are so appealing. What a great Disney Moana birthday party game idea. I am sure the little princess guests will look forward to playing this game. The game includes 30 unique cards, a set of calling cards and markers.

Other Disney Moana Birthday Party Game Ideas - Toys, Books, Pinatas and Movie Activities

It would be fun for the kids to incorporate Disney Moana toys into a party. For the younger group, why not have a little quiet time by reading them a Princess Moana story?

When outdoors, a Moana inspired treasure hunt or an old-fashioned game of hide and seek are great interactive games. When the party must happen indoors, Charades is always a fun standby party game. So many games can be adapted to suit a Polynesian Disney Moana Princess Birthday Party.

Another party game that will wow the kids would be a Hawaiian themed pinata. I showed one above in the decorating section. Here is another Disney Moana inspired pinata set that comes with the fillings too! This one is a mylar balloon instead of the traditional paper mache.

You may decide just to kick back and watch the Moana movie DVD. There is nothing more exciting than a Moana movie birthday party event. Popcorn and a drink would be excellent snacks for this type of activity. These are all superb Disney Moana birthday party ideas.

Please enjoy a trailer video clip form the Disney Moana movie to give you additional ideas for planning the best Moana birthday party experience for your child or tween.

Food Ideas for the Moana Princess Party that will have your tummy rumbling

Melamine Moana Petal Shaped PlateMelamine Moana Petal Shaped Plate

Part of planning for the best Disney Moana Birthday must include some appetite pleasing food ideas. If you are not going out to a restaurant, ordering in, having a pot luck or having the event catered, then some thought must be given to the culinary and dietary wants and needs of your particular group of island voyagers.

Things to keep in mind include allergies, food sensitivities and general dislikes of the guest list. Asking this question in the invitation is always a good preventative preparation measure to take.

Any vegans or vegetarians? Any gluten issues? Perhaps the standby of hot dogs or hamburgers will be acceptable, [maybe with gluten free breads] but if not, there are many other tasteful ways to fill the stomachs of these growing kids.

I absolutely love this beautiful Moana melamine platter! It is perfect for serving party treats and finger foods!

Here are some tasty suggestions for Hawaiian and Polynesian Moana themed party snacks even the pickiest kid will enjoy!

  1. A tropical luau type of meal. Provide them with party skewers of fruit, cheese [or tofu] and appropriate veggies. Teriaki and pineapple skewers would be great as a hot food item. These would go so well with the Disney Moana of Oceana theme. Top this off with Pina Colada mocktails to complete the Island theme.
  2. A 'grazing' buffet. Provide choices of cheeses, meats, fruits, veggies, dips and various types of crackers. If the child knows his or her individual food limitations, then they can choose appropriate snacks. Perhaps have some umbrella toothpicks in some of the nibbles. These are sure to bring a smile to a princesses face. Making a meal out of appetizers always goes over well.
  3. A salad smorgasbord. If you have a majority of kids that are veggie lovers, then DIY salads are a hit. Provide all the fixings and let them create their own masterpiece. Add a dollop of their favorite dressing and voila! Another good idea is apple & peanut butter rafts to go with the Moana theme. Provide a platter of tropical fruits such as pineapple and oranges to add to the Polynesian island flair.
  4. Pigs in a blanket or corn dogs and grilled pineapple slices are a great island variant on the basic hot dog. Mock Mai-Tais with cute little cocktail umbrellas go well with these food items.
  5. Cold fried chicken and watermelon are great for Disney Moana princess beach parties and outdoor parties. This is a make ahead meal that must be consumed within 2 days. Make sure to transport and keep the chicken in a cooler to store it at the proper temperature to avoid food poisoning or botulism. This ideal temperature is 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Disney Moana Birthday Cake Is The Main Attraction Of The Party

The Disney Moana princess birthday cake is the grand finale, the conclusion, the centerpiece, the end to all ends of the Moana Princess birthday celebration! Disney Moana birthday party ideas must include a scrumptious dessert in one form or another, usually a birthday cake or birthday cupcakes.

How the Moana birthday cake or cupcakes are decorated is sure to be the matter of much discussion. Easy things are ice-cream cakes and store or bakery made cakes. These purchased cakes come with lovely decorations. But if you are a hard core birthday planner, you may wish to bake your own Moana birthday cake masterpiece

My mom always used to wrap coins in wax paper and bake them into an angel food cake. What a treat! There are some great Moana cake and cupcake toppers that are available on Amazon to please your princess.

Sweeten Your Party With Our Free Moana Party Printables

Please enjoy our free Disney Moana Hershey Kiss party printables which includes 88 Hershey Kiss stickers, treat bag toppers and a party game. Cut out the round stickers and stick them to the bottoms of chocolate kiss candy for a sweet treat.

For a fun and sweet birthday party game, print out the How Many Kisses Are In The Jar party sign and guess cards, fill a bowl with the chocolate candies and have your guests guess how many candies are in the jar.

At the end of the day, send your party guests home with a bag of Hugs & Kisses! Fill a snack baggie with chocolate Hershey Kisses and top with Moana treat bag toppers for an extra sweet treat. 

Moana Birthday Party Venues to Entrance your tween and younger kids

Where will you hold your Disney Moana Princess birthday party? Some great ideas are:

  • Renting a bowling alley for your Moana birthday party. Kids love to bowl as a party activity. Night bowling offers glow in the dark and musical fun to add ambiance. Adding glow in the dark props like palm trees or waves to the background decor would be appropriate. Your kids could wear glow in the dark tube necklaces to light up their tropical princess world.
  • Swimming pool birthday parties are a year round favorite venue. Sometimes the local indoor pool has special activities just for birthdays. Perhaps arrange some ocean themed water games to get our adventurous Moana voyagers in the party mood. A craft building a floatable canoe out of popsicle sticks would be just the ticket for your adventurers. A good way to calm down after and invigorating swim.
  • Who doesn't love beach parties? Sand, beach blankets, games and splashing in the water! Renting canoes for a paddle would for sure fit the Moana Princess theme. A beach is wonderful place for hot summer time birthday parties. Just make sure you have shade, sun screen, umbrellas and hats for UV protection. We wouldn't want our princesses to get sun burns
  • A local park is a great place for a Moana princess birthday celebration. Playgrounds, waterparks, petting zoos and historical sites all add interest and adventure to a party. Perhaps you can share some history of Polynesian or Island folklore as a story telling addition to enthrall your princesses at the party. Producing and video taping an improvised play performed by the kids and sending videos home could be an excellent birthday celebration project.
  • A horseback riding activity would so much fun! This is a great birthday party idea if you have a local equestrian arena. Some places provide pony or horseback riding for special occasions. The kids would love this. Working a Moana theme into a horsey afternoon just takes a colorful imagination. The Moana party could be centralized to the eating area after a fulfilling ride fit for a princess.
  • Zoos have many activities centered around young people that can be easily integrated into a princesses birthday theme. Most zoos have an entertainment or picnic area. Setting up for a Hawiaan style luau or barbeque in a picnic area is in good taste. If it is a good outdoor area, a scavenger hunt for hidden Moana, Maui, Pua and Hei-Hei treasures might be in order.
  • Renting a hall and playing the Disney Moana movie on a big screen TV, complete with popcorn is a great birthday venue ide.  A Disney Moana movie or DVD viewing party is a great idea for inclement weather. Add some palm trees and flower decorations to create a Polynesian Island oasis to your Moana food offerings.
  • An ice skating or roller skating rink provides physical activity and is a great location for a Moana birthday party.  Picture all your little princess party participants in their Hawaiian grass skirts and colorful flower leis skating to the Disney Moana soundtrack. What fun!!
  • A museum would be a great way for kids to learn and have a memorable birthday experience. If you are fortunate enough to get a guide for your group, you can plan a few activities around the museum attractions and your Moana tropical princess theme.

There are many more venues that would be ideal for a Disney Moana birthday party. Planning the venue with your birthday girl or boy will be an awesome bonding experience.

Thank you for visiting! I  hope your princess will be so impressed with the ideas you have gleaned from this Best Disney Moana birthday party ideas article. As a grandmother to an 8 year old girl, I understand how important these events are to a girl and her friends. It's an age where playing is still fun, but being able to impress friends is also important. I am sure you will have a great time planning this important birthday too!



Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas