Disney Moana Childrens Books and Calendars

Well written children's books are the cornerstone to a lifetime of reading enjoyment. They build vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. They also stimulate imagination by sharing the views and visions of the authors and helping children to develop their own story telling style. I would like to share some excellent Disney Moana Childrens Books. Included in this article is information on calendars and activity books to round out the published entertainment available for the kids in your life.

Disney Moana Childrens Books And Calendars

Disneys newest princess or heroine, Moana is an intelligent young lady with a curious mind. Moana has 2 adorable pets, Heihei the rooster and Pau the pig. She loves listening to her grandmother tell the folklore of her Polynesian background. Her grandmother is her hero and her sage adviser. Young Moana has a yen to travel and discovers that her lineage includes ocean wayfarers and navigators. Her father tries to dissuade her from her fascination with the ocean and ocean travel, and to concentrate on becoming the future chief of her village. Her mother understands and appreciates the interest that Moana shows in her world and tries to encourage her while keeping her safe.

Moana discovers that the heart of the Island goddess was stolen by a demi-god Maui, and that her world is cursed by an evil lava goddess. Moana then discovers that she is the chosen one who must save the island goddess and the world. She then sets sail to give the island goddess back her heart. In the process, she discovers her own identity and inner strengths.

Of course, there are villians, including tiny pirates dressed in coconut armor, a crusty crustacian who is greedy, manipulative and downright nasty. Good thing he has a warped sense of humor. Last, but not least, is the angry, vengeful lava goddess.

Moana has many adventures and there are some marvelous children's books to narrate these tales of quests accomplished.

Moana Books for Preschool or KINDERGARTEN age kids

Moana books for preschool or kindergarten age children have wonderful illustrations and tell Moanas story in a simple, age appropriate style. I think these are the sort of books that the adults will have to recite over and over and over again until finally the children have them memorized and can tell you if you missed a word! Disney Moana books for the little ones provide hours of bonding enjoyment time. Developing a love for reading while kids are young  is an invaluable asset in future education. Whether you are relating the stories to them, or they are able to comprehend basic words, books open up entire new worlds of imagination. These are a few examples of some of the books available to share with your youngsters.

Perhaps your little starfish would like to include her Moana Doll while she is hearing a story? Reading a story to eager listeners during a Moana themed birthday party would give them some quiet time between Moana games and activities.

Moana Books for the new reader

Chapter books are a wonderful way for young readers to stay interested in reading. Each chapter of these brightly illustrated books entices the reader into wanting to read the next one. These books contain big type and easy words that the new reader can understand. These books are designed to help to develop their vocabulary. Some of these books have stickers and other games and activities to keep kids attention while they learn. Moana books for the new reader are an invaluable tool to develop and further reading skills. The Step into Reading books are a wonderful introduction to a future of avid literary love. Moana has many oceanic adventures with her friend Pua and Heihei on her quest to return the heart gem to the mother island and, in doing so, to save her people. They relate a voyage into self discovery and self-acceptance. This can lead to conversations about self esteem and individual worth. 

Moana Books for Tweens

Does your tween still like Disney animated feature films but too big for the little kid books? There are a few books available that may appeal to this hard-to-please age group. After all, Moana is a teenager. And her adventures are all about self discovery and self worth. This is a very appropriate subject for girls of this age. There are not too many books out there where the heroine does not have to depend on a prince to save the day. Kudos to Disney for keeping up with the times. A magical mingling of magic and real life issues. Hairstyles, fashion and a background in actual Polynesian and Hawiaan folklore, these gems will be a welcome addition to a young persons library.  With this age group in mind, here are a few books that would interest the tween mindset.

 Moana Activity and sticker books

So its too cold or rainy to go outside. What can you do to keep your child occupied? Are you tired of reading Disney Moana books over and over again? Maybe a Moana Activity book is the answer. There are a multitude of activity books based around the adventures of this precocious Polynesian princess and her adventures with Maui, Hei Hei and all the other characters in this new-age fictional saga. There are sticker books, coloring books, puzzle books and paint books. These are all designed for hours and hours of quiet self entertainment. Providing essential cognitive challenges, these items are wonderful for developing educational and memory skills. Excellent for road trips or waiting in a doctor or dentists office. These books will provide a  nice break for the adults in the house. I certainly utilize activity books for my grandchildren when they visit us. It seems our energy levels do not match theirs. I enjoy watching the satisfaction on the faces of these little scamps as they complete the projects.

Disney Moana Calendars

I truly believe that all our lives are wrapped around schedules. Whether its work, play, leisure time or eating, timing is everything. A very important thing for a young person to learn is when things need to be done. And there is so much to keep track of. Our grandkids each have a calendar in their room with stickers to mark important occasions. A brightly illustrated Disney Moana Calendar would be the perfect idea to assist your young person in time management skills. There are so many things that kids could keep track of on their own calendars. These items might include:

  • Important birthdays.
  • Activity days.
  • Dates for returning library books.
  • Marking holidays and other 'non-school' days.
  • Grandparent or other special visit days.
  • Scheduled appointments with dentists or doctors.
  • Chore days/weeks.
  • Landmark accomplishments.

Stickers are a great way of identifying important dates, as are colored pens to write in important information.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my Disney Moana Childrens Books and Calendars post. For me, personally, books and reading have been an integral part of my life. Whether I am reading for pleasure or knowledge, books have been a constant companion and source of entertainment. As a child, I was bullied at school. I turned to books for entertainment and learned much about human relationships. I developed a wonderful imagination and a deep love and appreciation for the English language. I was an excellent speller and understood grammar. I blame this entirely on my love of the written word. Do you have any experiences to share about how books positively affected your life? I would love to hear them. I think passing on a love of books in such an electronic world is our responsibility, one which I gladly undertake.

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