Disney Moana Dolls to Capture Their Imagination

Capture your child's imagination with Disney Moana Dolls! Disneys newest animated princess movie stars Moana, a curious, sensitive Polynesian girl. She lives in a small village on an island with the overprotective chief, Tui and her supportive grandmother, Tala. Her pets, sidekicks, and fellow adventurers are Hei Hei the rooster and Pua the pig. Moanas people are sea voyagers and navigators who don't travel any more. Moana Walaliki sets out on an ocean bound adventure to discover why. In doing so she embarks on an exciting, thrill filled mission to save her world and discover herself. According to local legend, she must gain the aid of Maui, a demi god. The bad guys include a lava goddess, a huge, greedy crab and some very cute, very nasty pirates armored in coconuts.


Moana is a princess movie where the princess is one tough cookie. The animation is amazing and the soundtrack is filled with great songs and music. This movie is bound to go down as an all time favorite for all ages. Disney Moana dolls will be hot items on the gift list this year.



Disney Moana Dolls along with figures of the other colorful characters in this incredible Disney production will be in high demand and will appear on the wish list for every young person who sees this delightful animated movie. I am going to introduce you to each of the main characters and show you some ideas for the dolls and figurines that are available for each of them.


Moana is a precocious young princess who was born and raised on a Polynesian Island called Motunui. She loves her village, her family and her animal friends. From early childhood Moana listened to the storytellers,  including her grandmother Gramma Tala,  relate folklore of how her people were once ocean travelling navigators. Young Moana loves to play in the ocean, and the ocean comes to love her. She feels the call of the ocean and becomes curious as to why her people no longer travel and navigate. Legend had it that at one time the mother island, Tei Fiti, had her heart stolen by a demi god, Maui, and now a deadly darkness is slowly moving over the world. Her Grandmother on her deathbed. makes Moana promise to return the heart of Tei Fiti to end the curse of death imposed by the demon Te Ka.  She has many adventures And that is how the story begins. Here are some examples of Disney Moana Dolls and action figures

What could be better than a singing Moana doll? Imagine your little Disney fan serenading along with the newest, and most enjoyable princess. Cuteness and musical companionship creates a heartwarming scenario. The sound track from this movie is phenomenal, so the title tracks can be played over and over again. Just a wonderful twist on your average Moana doll.

Last but not least, there is the swimming Moana doll. She lives on an ocean and is an adept swimmer. This doll has wind up action and can swim with your child in the bathtub. This is a nice way to prolong and sweeten up the dreaded bath. Oh the adventures to be had! The clothes are removable and Pua, the little pig comes along for the ride too.

Gramma Tala Toy Figurines

Gramma Tala is Moanas Grandmother and confidant. They share a passion for the sea and Tala tells her granddaughter all the old legends of how her tribe were once great navigators of the ocean. She shares the folklore about how the Demi God Maui stole the heart of the Mother Island, Tei Fiti. This destroyed the Island and gave birth to the Lava Demon Te-Ka,  who hated humans and cursed them with a slow burning death. Tala tells Moana that she needs to find Maui, rescue the heart of  Tei Fiti and return it in order to save the world. When Tala is on her deathbed, Moana promises to embark on the pilgramage to find this heart. After several failures in her quest, Moana feels like giving up. The spirit of  Tala appears to our young heroine and apologizes for pushing too hard. This visitation actually cements the urge that Moana feels to go ahead and complete the rescue and return of the missing heart.   As a grandmother to an amazing young woman, I can totally relate to this grandmothers encouragement and persistence in wanting to help Moana discover her potential and destiny. Gramma Tala is a secondary character in the movie and there are limited dolls and figures for her. She looks like such an appealing character and would be a great addition to the Disney Moana Doll collection.

Chief Tui and Sina Toy Figurines

Chief Tui and Sina are Moanas parents. Chief Tui is an over protective father.  He is aqua-phobic and is very disturbed by his daughters obvious preoccupation and love of the sea. He is worried that something terrible will happen to her and goes to great lengths to dissuade her from her passion with all things aquatic. Tui is consumed with the idea that Moana should be trained to replace him as chief of the village once she is old enough and able to take over.  Gramma Tala shows Moana the secret cave where the heart of  Tei Fiti was hidden and reveals that Moana is the chosen one who will return the heart to the island and save their world.  Moana asks the tribe to help her learn to sail, Chief Tui refuses to give her permission and throws the heart away. Disney has created a wonderful father figure with the Moana Chief Tui doll.

Sina is Moanas mother. Being caught between a daughter with the soul of a seafaring navigator and a husband who wants to protect and safeguard his progeny from the evils of the sea is no easy task. Sina approches her peace making role with a nurturing heart. She is a strong willed, playful, sharp character. It is a hard place to be when you want to encourage your daughter to be who she is and still strive to protect her from the unknown demons in life. Sina is part of an action figure set which I will discuss later.

Pua the pig Toys And Plush

Pua has to be the cutest little pig that ever originated in an animators imagination. He is adorable, loyal and has the energy of a jumping bean. Picture a pig that acts like a puppy and you have a good idea of the nature of Pua. Paua actually means pig or pork in some Polynesian languages. The meaning of his name in Hawaiian is flower. This steadfast little comrade stays behind when Moana sets out on her ocean voyages.

Hei Hei The Rooster Toys And Plush

Who hates sailing, is dim witted, bumbling, and has the nickname drumstick? That would be Heihei, the bantam rooster who is an uninvited and accidental stowaway on the boat that Moana sets sail on at the beginning of her quest. He complicates the journey in a comical way while attempting to be helpful. This rooster has the ability to swim and change the color of his feathers. According to reports, he is possibly the least intelligent creature that Disney has ever created. Oh, and did I mention that he loves food? A toy for all youngsters to enjoy.

maui Dolls And Figurines

Maui is a demi-god, born to human parents. These parents promptly threw him into the ocean and left him for dead. He was rescued and raised by the gods who granted him some spectacular supernatural powers. Maui has a magical fish hook that allows him to shape shift. His multiple tattoos all have meaning. The Mini Maui tattoo can communicate and visually relate the past. Mini Maui is a flamboyant 'conscience' who was influenced by Jiminy Cricket. Maui was not quite god, and not quite human, so he had an inferiority complex. Trying to impress the humans became a bit of an obsession which led to several well meaning errors. The ultimate final act was to steal the heart gem of the mother island Tei Fiti. The gems power was to create life and Maui thought this would be the best gift ever for the humans. When the mother island lost her heart, the world started to get dark and die. The demon Te Ka defeats Maui and banishes the demi god to an island for eternity. Both the fish hook and the heart gem were lost. The only way for Maui to get off the island is to be rescued by the chosen one, a young hero. Of course this hero is Moana. There is a wide selection of toys and dolls for Maui, and they have many adventures on their way to fufill the quest

First, let me introduce you to Classic Maui dolls

What doll and action figure set would be complete without Singing and Speaking Maui Dolls?

Every demi-god should have a song in his heart. And Disneys sound track for Moana is spectacular. Did you know that Maui is actually a fabled god in both Maori and Hawiian mythology? The meaning of his name is God of Fire

te ka action figures

Te Ka is the female Lava Demon. She was the villain who was created after the the life giving heart gem was stolen from the island goddess Te fti.  Darkness crept over the island, creating death and chaos. This gave birth to Te Ka who rose out of a cloud. She commenced to battle and defeat the demi-god Maui. After banishing him to an exile on a small island, she cursed the human race to death. The curse causes the food supply to die. Only the restoration of the heart gem to the Island of Te Fitis can save the world. She is truly a monstrous looking figure and hates everyone and everything. Te Ka is the only villain in Disney films who faces a peaceful transformation from evil to good. She was not defeated, but instead, was liberated so that the damage that was caused when she was created could be undone as she remembers who she really is and reverts to the island goddess Te Fiti.

This character is offered only in action figure sets which I will discuss a little later in this article.

tamatoa figurines

Tomatoa is a huge, egocentric 50 foot crab who comes from the island Lolatoi, a realm inhabited by monsters. He loves all things shiny and glittery. His shell is encrusted with gems and gold in an effort to elevate his status from a 'beady-eyed bottom feeder' to a force to be feared and honored among his peers. He has a warped, dry sense of humor. Part of his lack of self esteem manifests itself in his mean and nasty disposition. Over time, this drives him to madness. He is cruel and loves to torture and eat all who cross him. He brags of eating his own grandmother. His goal is to steal the heart of the island goddess Te Fiti to gain the power he desires. Tamatoa has a hatred and a history with Maui the demi god. Maui was reputed to have stolen one of Tamatoas claws at one time and this triggered their long standing feud. He steals Mauis magical fish hook and Moana assists him to take it back from the crusty crustacean. This doll will add a bad guy to your young persons Disney Moana figure collection

kakamora dolls

The Kakamora are a fierce, tiny race of pirates that wear armour made of coconuts. They are oh, so cute, but they are menacing and mean. These little guys are the cutest bad guys you will see for a long time. What child would not want these little guys in their Disney Moana Toy collection. They don't talk, but communicate by banging drums and jumping ferociously up and down. They were one of the nasty foes who were out to steal Te Fitis heart before Maui succeeded in this dastardly venture. Once the heart has been recovered, Moanas rooster Hei Hei swallows the heart of Te Fiti. One of the Kakaamora kidnap him and take the rooster back to their ship for their captain. Before they can butcher Heihei, Mona makes a daring rescue of her rooster friend. The coconut monsters battle Moana, but to no avail. Disneys Moana doll collection would not be complete without these cuties.

Disney Moana Doll Sets

These adorable Moana action figure sets are a one stop play set that combine some [or all] of the major characters in this heartwarming movie. They will provide hours of play for your young Moana fan.

Reasons why I think this is the best Disney Princess movie to date:

  • Moana was designed with a more realistic body than previous thin Disney princesses.
  • Moana is the first Disney princess who does not have a prince.
  • The theme of the movie is to be who you are instead of becoming someone or something else. Both the star and some of the villains develop self acceptance and growth in overcoming obstacles and becoming whole characters.
  • Some of the characters are based in actual folklore of Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures.
  • The tale itself is more modern than some traditional Disney animated princess productions. 

Disney Moana Doll Clothes

Oh, the hours I spent dressing up my dolls in cute outfits. I was lucky because my mom was an excellent seamstress and could make ensembles for my dollies. Most modern day moms do not have the luxury of time to sew clothes for dolls and action figures. Disney Moana doll clothes are available for purchase and they are super cute. Dressing dolls and figurines helps to develop manual dexterity and is fuel for many imaginary adventures in the young mind. These doll costumes are for the popular American Girl dolls.

All these dolls can be part of her Moana games, and be props while reading Moana childrens books. Dont forget to include these adorable action figures in the next Moana themed birthday party!

Thank you so much for reading my article on Disney Moana Dolls. Many of my fondest childhood memories include playing with dolls either by myself or with my friends. Now, I watch my grand daughter and grandson create their own adventures and stimulate their imagination with the newest generations of dolls and action figures. Whether they are acting out real life scenarios, or creating something totally fictional, it warms my heart. Do you have any special stories about doll sets? I enjoy your feedback and would love to hear of the adventures that you and your loved ones have had with the long and progressive history of Disney dolls.

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