Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers, Treat Bag Toppers And Party Game

Sweeten your child's Polynesian princess birthday party with Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers, Treat Bag Toppers and a Guess How Many Kisses In The Jar Party Game. The printables are designed using a blue, brown and grey color scheme which is appealing to both girls and boys. After all, just because it's a princess movie, that doesn't mean boys aren't going to love it too! 

Fill a bowl with chocolate Hershey Kisses and let your guests nibble on them, play Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar for a sweet prize, or package them up to give away as party favors. Below you will find Hershey Kiss stickers for sticking to the bottoms of the candies, a guessing party game with sign and guess cards for guests to fill out, and treat bag toppers that fit snack and sandwich bags.

Free Printable Disney Moana Chocolate  Hershey Kiss Stickers

Printing Tips And Terms Of Use

  • The printables are sized for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch WHITE cardstock or sticker paper (for Hershey Kiss stickers).
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  • Thank You and Enjoy!!

Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers

Decorate the bottoms of chocolate Hershey Kisses with Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers for a sweet and cute party treat and favor. Print the stickers onto a sheet of white sticker paper, cut them out with scissors and stick the stickers to the bottoms of the chocolate candies for an inexpensive Polynesian princess party treat. This set of Disney Moana Hershey Kiss Stickers includes 8 patterns and 9 character stickers for a total of 88 stickers per page. 

The best time to buy Hershey Kisses from retail stores is near the end and after major holidays. Stores heavily discount candy and treats after a holiday to make room for the new stuff. I love all the different colors of foil the Hershey Kisses come wrapped with during the holidays. My favorite colors are the pink, blue and green ones that come out around Easter. 

Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers

Free Printable Disney Moana Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar Party Game

A Moana birthday party is not complete without party games! A fun game to play is Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar. Fill a clear, see-through jar or bowl with chocolate Hershey Kiss candies, and have guests try and guess how many candies there are. The person with the closest guess wins!

This set includes an 8" x 10" party sign for displaying next to a jar of chocolates, plus a sheet of guess cards featuring 4 different designs and characters. Fun for party guests of all ages to play!!

And of course, what is a party game without prizes? Some great suggestions for party prizes are Moana books and Moana toys. My daughter would be thrilled if she won a Moana doll. You could also send the lucky winner home with the jar of Hershey Kisses!

Free Printable Disney Moana Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar? Party Game

Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kisses Treat Bag Toppers

At the end of the party, send your child's guests home with Hugs & Kisses, aka, a baggie filled with chocolate Hershey Kisses. Top the filled bags with a Disney Moana Treat Bag Topper featuring Moana and friends and the sentiment "Here's a treat for being so SWEET!". The toppers are sized for fitting snack and sandwich bags. Cut each topper out, fold in half and staple to the tops of the bags. So easy and a great job for your child to help with.

Not only do these Moana princess treat bag toppers filled with Hershey Kisses make sweet party favors for birthday parties, they are also perfect for kids to hand out to classmates, friends and family on Valentine's day too.

Free Printable Disney Moana Hershey Kisses Treat Bag Toppers

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you and your children get lots of enjoyment from these Disney Moana free printable Hershey Kiss stickers, treat bag toppers and guessing party game. Have a wonderful day!

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Free Printable Disney Moana Hershey Kiss Stickers, Treat ag Toppers And Guess How Many Kisses In The Jar? Party Game

Originally posted December 16, 2016