Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games to Wow Your Kids


Is your Moana voyager looking for some Disney Moana merchandise to build or play with? Your kids will go bananas over Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games! What a good way to entertain your kids. Disney Moana themed gifts are so much fun! Disney's newest princess story, Moana is an animated Disney princess film with an amazing adventure story and is full of colorful characters. These tropical ocean adventures provide an excellent background for some cool, awesome games, popular kid toys and of course top rated Lego sets.

Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games

The Disney Moana Movie is all about a precocious Polynesian princess who does not fit the mold of the historical Disney princesses. Moana has no prince to rescue her. She just needs the help of the demi-god Maui, along with her animal side kicks, Pua the pig and Hei Hei the rooster.

The quest in her ocean voyages is to find the heart gem of the island goddess Te Fiti and return it to her in order to save the world and her people. To do this she must face the villains Tamatoa, Te-Ka and the cute but nasty Kakamora.

In this process Princess Moana is also on a voyage of self discovery.

Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games

Disney Moana Lego

Lego Disney Moana's Island Adventure contains 205 pieces. It creates a Moana house with a sweet garden cooking area and the legendary cave. The cave has a magical waterfall, Lego drums and a tropical palm tree. Other enclosed items include a Lego Disney Moana doll, Pua the pig and the heart of Te Fiti. This kids Lego set is targeted for age groups of 5-12 years of age. This Disney Moana Lego is sure to please all your young voyagers.

Lego Disney Moanas Ocean Voyage contains 307 pieces. The set makes a transforming Te Fiti Island, Moanas canoe with an opening deck and sail, and a catapult for the cute but nasty little Moana Kakamoras. Figurines and accessories include Moana, the Hawaiian demi-god Maui, 2 Kakamora and Hei hei the rooster, map of the islands, Disney Moana poster, Lego paddle, a yellow banana and the heart of Te Fiti. This set is appropriate for ages 6-12. Your child will have so much fun with this Disney Moana Lego project.

Reasons why Lego is such a good investment for your child:

  • Building cool Lego projects develops motor skills.
  • Lego teaches kids to decipher the step-by-step Lego construction instructions, thereby teaching them to follow directions.
  • Young imaginations are set on fire when using completed Disney Moana Lego to create imaginary adventures.
  • Leads to collections and care of projects post-build.
  • Construction of Lego sets instills patience, as sometimes you must undo and redo sections to get it right.
  • Lego projects can be disassembled and used in new creations. The Lego Ideas Book has many items to build your own Lego creation.
  • If you are wondering how to bond with your child, helping them build a Lego project leads to conversations about many important things.
  • Lego is very helpful in the brain building process. It assists in memory retention and problem solving skills.

moana games And Jigsaw Puzzles

Hasbro Sorry! - Moana Board games

Sorry! from Hasbro is one of the oldest and most popular board games. The whole family can have fun trying to make it "home" and bumping each other back to the start during the play of this game. Sorry includes a Moana game board,  different colored pawns and move cards. Instructions are also provided. This game can be played by 2-4 players and is recommended for ages 6 to 166! So may happy memories can be created when you play Sorry board games. Sorry!, Moana Edition will be sure to become one of the family favorite Moana Games.

Disney Princess Moana Memory Match Card Games

Kids love "match the card" games. The new Polynesian Disney Princess Moana memory match card game includes the ever important instructions, 72 Disney Moana memory match cards, and a handy tray to store them in. This card game is such a good brain builder for your little ones. Look forward to grins of excitement when they overcome the odds and beat you!

 Disney Moana Necklace Jewel Quest Game

The Disney Moana Journey Collection game by Spin Master is a fun filled game. This  dice game is rated for kids over the age of 5. Your little Moana voyager fans, up to 4 players, each have a necklace. They roll the dice and collect charms to put on their necklaces. The object is to collect 4 charms including the Heart of Nature charm to win. Then the winner can use the book to decode the meaning behind the charms she has collected to reveal a personal journey. These Disney Moana games look like so much fun! I would love to play it with my little princess.

Moana Disney Jigsaw Puzzles

A Moana Disney jigsaw puzzle is an entertaining way to spend time quietly. Both my grandson and granddaughter enjoy building these durable, bright puzzles.

The Disney Moana 2-in-1 Puzzle will be a huge hit in their world. There is one 32 piece and one 62 piece puzzles in this handy cardboard carry box with handles. This puzzle is rated for kids 3 years old and up.

This Disney Moana Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle set is created for youngsters aged 5 and up. The colors are amazing and the three 49 piece puzzles showcase Moana, Maui, Hei Hei and Pua. All the heroes in the Disney animated movie all in one box! The backside of the puzzle pieces are coded, so they can be easily sorted for each 8 inch by 8 inch puzzle.

100 piece jigsaw puzzles are perfect for kids of 6 and up. This Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle will measure 19.5 inches  by 18.25 inches. The bright and cheery image portrays the Disney Princess Moana, starlight canoe and friends setting sail on ocean adventures. 

Other delightful items that relate to toys and games to round out the Polynesian experience are wonderful Moana Dolls and story books. Many of these games can be incorporated into a Moana Themed birthday party.

Disney Moana Toys

There are many toys available for the young person who is a fan of princess Moana and all the other characters in this heartwarming animated adventure movie. Did you have favorite toys from a movie? I am sure your little princess will be asking for some of these lovely items to add to her tickle trunk and Disney Moana dress up items.


Disney Moana Jewelry

The Disney Moana Singing Necklace is always a favorite for young girls. Our Disney princess wears the heart of Tei Fitit as a beautiful pendant. Your young lady would be delighted with a Moana singing necklace or a beautiful light up pendant. She can wear the heart of Te Fiti next to her own.

For popular boy's toys for the youngster who is a Disney Moana Maui fan we have the Moana Maui Magical Fishhook. What a cool tribal symbol for the young demi god in your life. This is a great idea for trending gifts young adults will love. From simple to ornate this will be a great Disney Moana jewelry item!

Cool Moana Toys

Other fantastic Moana toys include a light up microphone, headphones and a musical water globe and jewelry box. Would your girl like to receive Moana walkie talkies? How cool would that be? These are just a few examples of the many toys that available.

Moana Disney Princess Light Up Microphone

This Disney Moana Light Up Melody Microphone lights up and plays "How far I'll go", one of the hit musical tracks off of this animated movie. It also includes stickers, a perennial favorite!

Moana Disney Princess Headphones

These Moana Islander Headphones are just as much for the adult as the child. We all know the agony of having to listen to the same songs over and over again until we are sure they will never remove themselves from our brains. These cute headphones have volume limiter levels to protect their all important hearing. The headphone bands are adustable.

Disney Moana Beats Solo 2 Skins

Is your tween Moana movie lover looking for some cool skins to cover their Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones? Here are some bright Polynesian island art that will bring music to their headphones as well as their hearts. These eye catching vinyl skins just peel and stick onto their wireless headphones. Easy to apply and remove, these will update the listener to the latest Moana style.

Moana Disney Jewelry Boxes

Girls Jewelry boxes with a Moana theme are practical as well as beautiful. There is a variety to choose from. All of them are sure to make your little lady squeal with joy! Some play Disney Moana songs and all have a place to store her favorite Disney Moana jewelry.

Disney moana Games with Coloring Books

Here are some amazing Disney combination coloring books and games featuring Moana and her friends. Hours can be spent while your little voyager creates colorful masterpieces or plays adventure games. Stickers, games and coloring are some of the activities in these childrens books.  Coloring helps your child learn about their artistic side. Younger kids learn their colors and how to stay in the lines, and older Disney Moana fans can learn the subtleties of shading their art. 

More Disney Moana Books For You To Enjoy


Disney  moana Walkie Talkies

These Moana Walkie-Talkies would be a blast. Your kids can make up their own adventures and communicate from room to room by the push of a button. A good way to solve mysteries, find objects hidden by parents, and fire their active imaginations. They are battery operated. This would be an excellent interactive Moana toy for a home with 2 children.

Other Amazing Disney Moana Toys and Games

Disney Moana Bowling Set

Kids love bowling and this bright, tropically colored Moana Bowling set is a very exciting variation on a favorite kids game. The set contains 6 Disney Moana character bowling pins and a bowling ball made of durable kid proof plastic.

Moana Disney Games Playhouse

This too cool for school discovery kids play house is simply adorable. Your little wayfarers will have hours of fun crawling in and out of this easy to assemble tunnel and hut. Scenes from the animated Disney Moana movie decorate this play prop. These indoor play huts measure 62 inches by 28 inches by 39 inches. The playhouse is lightweight and has a roll up door.

New Disney Moana Plush Toys

This adorable set of Disney Moana Pua plush and his buddy Hei Hei  toys are cute as a bugs ear. These cuddly critters talk! Pua is 12 inches tall and makes oinking noises, and he moves. The perky pigs sounds and head movement are activated by squeezing his hoof. Hei Hei is 9 inches tall and is so colorful and cuddly.

Disney Moana Dolls and Action Figures

What child doesnt like dolls and action figures? No Disney Moana game and toy collection would be complete without these essential toy box filler. These lovely Moana of Oceana tropically attired dolls will kindle imaginations and many adventures will be embarked upon. Let their play acting set sail with these amazing Moana Disney Princess dolls and figurines. The colorful costumes are breathtaking. All of these figures have moving appendages. These Disney Moana dolls are recommended for ages 6 and up.

More Disney Moana Dolls and Plushies


Disney Moana Kids Temporary Tattoos

Kids have so much fun with temporary tattoos. Disney's Moana movie co-stars Maui, the demi-god who is covered in tribal tattoos. What a good excuse for rubbing on an easy apply, easy wash-off tattoo. There is a selection of blue tribal tattoos and sweet, colorful Moana character tattoo "ink".  They all have FD&C approved ingredients.

Thank you for reading my article on Moana Lego, Toys and Games. I am sure your youngster will have many hours of entertainment value from these items. 

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Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games