The BIGGEST And BEST Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies Guide

Do you need ideas for a Trolls Birthday party for your special birthday boy or birthday girl? Welcome to the biggest and best Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies Guide. Enclosed you will find everything you will need for the most amazing Dreamworks Trolls themed birthday party.

Troll birthday party supplies are the most colorful and eye catching neon 70's inspired merchandise. Flower power abounds. Princess Poppy documents her adventures by scrapbooking and uses bright colors and glitter. These Trolls and Bergens are just so heartwarmingly adorable. Their cuteness appeals to many age groups. The theme of hugging, sharing toe tapping music, dancing and happiness just begs for a Trolls party!

Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies


The BIGGEST And BEST Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies And Ideas Guide

Trolls Birthday Invitations

Printable Trolls Birthday Party Invitations

The best part of planning a birthday party is picking out the invitation! There is no shortage of adorable Trolls birthday party invitations to choose from on Etsy. There are so many cute designs, it is hard to pick my favorite!

Ordering a Trolls printable birthday party invitation is super easy. Just pick out the invitation you love, submit your party details, and a graphic designer will personalize the invite with your party info. Usually within 24-48 hours, you will receive a JPEG or PDF file that you print yourself on your home printer.

Some invites are editable, meaning that instead of an Etsy shop owner personalizing the invite, you receive a file you customize yourself. Make sure to read the descriptions on the invitations before ordering to ensure you are purchasing the file format you wish to receive.

You can save money and time by emailing or sharing the invitations on social media too!

Trolls Printable Valentine Birthday Invitations

If your child loves the Trolls and has a birthday in February, a Valentine themed Trolls birthday bash would be so much fun. Here a couple of printable Trolls Valentine birthday party invitations that will make your little one's heart sing and dance, dance, dance! Enjoy more colorful Trolls Printable Valentines here.

The first invite features Poppy, an overly optimistic Troll, and Branch, the most pessimistic Troll of the bunch, and are available in sizes 4" x 6" and 5" x 7". The second invitation features the whole lovable gang of Trolls and is available as a 5" x 7" print.

Trolls Birthday Party Supplies And Decorations

There are all kinds of Trolls birthday party decorations and supplies available on Amazon and Etsy perfect for a Trolls themed birthday party. There is everything imaginable from Trolls party tablewear, colorful balloons, cupcake toppers, edible cake toppers, popcorn boxes, food tent labels, water bottle labels, birthday banners, party favors, treat bags and treat bag toppers, welcome party signs, thank you tags and so much more.

Trolls Plates, Cups, Napkins, Tablecloths And Balloons

Neon party supplies are a must-have if you are hosting Trolls birthday party. Many of these colorful Trolls party decorations for your table come in a kit! These are a one stop shop for making sure that all the food and beverage accessories are matching. Troll Party hats, balloons and personalized party banners will accentuate your neon tablecloth, dishes, utensils, napkins and drinking cups.

Trolls Printable Cupcake Toppers

Dress up your party cupcakes with adorable printable Trolls cupcake toppers! Just print, cut and attach a lollipop stick to the back with a piece of scotch tape, and then insert the sticks into the top of your cupcakes. You could even print out two copies of the circle toppers and sandwich the sticks in between to make double-sided cupcake toppers.


This would be a great task for your children to help with. The older kids could be in charge of printing and cutting the toppers and the little ones could insert the sticks into the cupcakes.

More Cool Trolls Toppers For Cupcakes And Cakes

Printable Trolls Cupcake Wrappers

Individual cupcakes are a great treat item for a Trolls themed birthday party. over tA great idea would be to cover the birthday cupcakes with neon icing and wrap one of these printable Trolls cupcake wrappers around the cupcake bottom. Your little Troll lovers will know your "True Colors" when you place a plateful of these tastefully decorated desserts on the table.

Trolls Cake Toppers

Trolls Edible Cake Frosting Sheets are a great way to top off your Trolls birthday bash. These brightly colored cake toppers feature all the Trolls characters including Poppy, Branch and all their serenading, hugging, glitter spreading friends. These yummy cake toppers can be personalized and are edible! Imagine the exclamations of delight as the brightly decorated cake is presented at the birthday party. How fun!

Trolls Printable Water Bottle Labels

Are you looking for a unique Troll party treat idea? Personalized water bottle labels are enough to put a sparkle in your guests eyes. Neon colors and glitter abound on these downloadable and printable covers to tape on the water bottles for the thirsty trolls in your party. Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond, Cooper and all the other Dreamworks Trolls characters are showcased on these adorable bottle covers. What a fun way to keep your trolls and goblins hydated and to  zing up a Trolls birthday party.

Printable Trolls Food Tent Labels

With all the food sensitivities and allergies out there, it only makes sense to label the foods you are putting out for your troll party guests. This way potentially harmful ingredients can be listed, such as nuts, gluten or dairy. These downloadable and printable adorable Trolls themed neon party supplies are such a great idea. Just have them personalized, or write on them yourself

Terrific Trolls Popcorn Boxes

If your Troll birthday party activities include watching the Dreamworks Trolls movie, popcorn may be the snack "du jour". Serving popcorn in a Trolls inspired popcorn box will have your trolls so excited. Some of these colorful popcorn boxes are downloadable and printable on cardstock or label paper. A tip is to use waterproof labels or tape over the seams to reinforce the seams and protect your brightly colored snack containers. Premade Boxes are also available for those busy party planners that have no time to assemble popcorn holders. These bright and colorful boxes feature Poppy and all her Troll friends. Its enough too make even a Bergen happy!

Printable Trolls Popcorn Boxes

Rainbows, glitter and popcorn!! These eye catching, brightly colored popcorn boxes from Etsy online stores are created by printing out a JPEG or PDF that will be sent to your email address. Then, print on card stock paper, cut out and tape together to make an uber cool popcorn box treat container for your little Trolls or Bergens. By purchasing these DIY craft projects you are supporting a graphic artist instead of a box store.

More Personalized and Printable Trolls Popcorn Containers

Here are some more vibrant downloadable and printable popcorn containers fleaturing all those cute little animated characters from the Dreamworks Trolls movie. Your little party-goers could even cut them out and tape them together as a birthday party craft.

Premade Trolls Popcorn Boxes

These amazing pre-made Trolls Popcorn boxes feature every color available in a neon rainbow. Rainbows and glitter adorn these 130 ounce popcorn tubs. Your favorite Trolls Dreamworks characters are displayed in all their cheeky awesomeness. These are very durable popcorn containers. There are metal embossed tubs and plastic popcorn boxes. 

Printable Trolls Straw Tags

Attach one of these adorable straw tags to a drinking straw for an instant Troll party accent. Poppy, Branch and all the Troll friends will be sure to make any little Bergen dance with happiness. After these graphic beauties are sent to your inbox, all you have to do is download and print them out. Have fun with your kids by cutting the shapes and punch holes with a hole punch to attach to the straws.

Printable Trolls Welcome Sign

"Hair Up!!!!!". There is a Trolls Birthday Party ahead. Your party guests will know they have come to the right house if they see one of these incredibly colorful welcome signs. These are personalized Troll party accessories and they are crazy fun to look at. Once they see these welcome signs they will know that happiness, rainbows and cupcakes lie behind your door. These are all printable from your home office printer.

Personalized Trolls Birthday Banners

Bright, beautiful birthday banners will decorate the walls or table of your party spot with Troll attitude. Spell out happy birthday using their favorite new Dreamworks movie characters. Let the adventure to happiness begin. One of these beauties will make a great keepsake and would be an excellent backdrop for memorable photographs of your partiers.

Many of these wall decor items can be personalized with your childs name and birthday number. So many cute Trolls with their their trade mark neon, glow in the dark, upright hair is sure to spread joy on this special event. Even Banch would gain some color in this happy group.

More Trolls Banners to Enchant Your Little Party People

All these adorable trolls just want to make you give someone a huge hug! And thats what the Dreamworks Trolls do, every hour on the hour. With show stopping personalized birthday party banners like this, you are sure to be receiving some hugs of your own. Crank up the Trolls movie soundtrack and let the party begin. These vivid wall banners will be a hit!

Trolls Printable Table Centerpieces

No Trolls Birthday Party Shopping Guide would be complete without a showstopping centerpiece. Print out these delightful downloads and use them creatively to make some amazing Trolls centerpieces. Use Glitter to outline the pieces to add a little razzle-dazzle and sparkle to the birthday table. You could glue or paste them to craft sticks or picks and push into a foam piece. All the Trolls will be the center of attention. Even the Bergens will want to hug everyone and dance for joy after seeing these affordable colorful works of art. The picks could then be handed out as a gift for the guests.

Printable Trolls Table Centerpeices

Dreamworks Trolls Balloon Table Decor

Nothing says birthday party like Troll balloons. These Mylar centerpiece balloons will be highly coveted for their beautiful graphics and adorable messages. Every kid could have their own inflated balloon to take home with them. These hippie bohemian styled Troll balloons have neon colors reminiscent of the 70's. They are refillable and can either use air or helium. What a great modern approach to the old boring blow up birthday balloons.

Trolls Party Favors And Gift Bags

Trolls Birthday Party Favors

Birthday Party Favors are one of the high points for your party guests. There are so many amazing gifts for the little trolls to take home. It is so hard to choose. There are Troll crafts, edible products, toys, games and the list goes on. How about some souvenir clothing such as socks or shirts. Pencils and cosmetics are great party favor ideas too! A great Trolls gift bag or box would not be complete without an appropriately cheerful thank you for coming tag.

Dreamworks Trolls Kids Silly Socks

What an ingenious way to encourage your little Troll fans to put their best foot forward than to gift them with a pair of Troll socks. These are just an ideal thank you present for being amazing special guests. No worries about dietary restrictions with this item that will warm both their hearts and their feet. These are ankle socks with cute colored heels and feature some of their favorite trolls.

Trolls Birthday T-Shirts

DIY Trolls Birthday Shirts - Printable iron-On Transfers & Cutting Files

Personalized Trolls Birthday Shirts And Trolls Birthday Outfits

If you are not the do-it-yourself type of person, then these personalized Trolls birthday shirts and birthday tutu outfits are perfect for you! They are made to order

DIY personalized Trolls birthday shirts are an inexpensive, do-it-yourself project that will thrill your birthday child and add some major WOW to your party!

For just a few dollars, you can order a Trolls iron-on t-shirt transfer from a graphic designer on Etsy that you print yourself using a home printer and iron-on transfer paper. It is super fun to make t-shirts for the whole family and party guests! You can find children's white t-shirts for relatively cheap on Amazon or Walmart.

Some designers will personalize the iron-on transfer image for you with your child's name and age, and other designers send you an editable file to personalize the image yourself. Just make sure to read the individual descriptions to ensure you are purchasing the format you desire. 

You can also purchase cutting files for using with Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines for making your own iron-on tranfers or vinyl decals. These files would look great on tote bags too!

Trolls Printable Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Yummy melt in your mouth chocolate bars are a hit with trolls of any age. Download and print these gorgeous Troll candy bar wrapper covers for a thank you gift that is sure to please. There is such an adorable "ingredients" list on the back of these chocolate bar wrappers. Some of these brightly colored downloadable JPG or PDF files can be personalized with the name of the birthday boy or girl. Let the whole Troll gang have your chocolate bar covered.

Trolls Printable Chocolate Hershey Kiss Stickers

What a delightful, delicious Trolls birthday party idea. Stick one of these downloadable and personalized little Troll faces on the bottom of the Hershey Kiss candy. How cute and how fun! Your little Dreamwworks Troll fan can help cut out the little circles and paste them on the candies. Then toss the finished product into the Trolls Gift bags. Easy, inexpensive and adorable. And think! You will be helping to support and encourage a graphic designer craftsman  to make a living for their families.

Trolls Movie Posters

One Item that should not be left out of a Trolls birthday shopping guide is some Trolls movie posters. These awesome collectible works of art will make a great party favor. The "True Colors" of these vividly colored neon posters will pop up and brighten any Trolls fans play space. Trolls Princess Poppy and friends Branch, Guy Diamond, Chenille, Satin and the rest of the Trolls animated characters will be superb additions to Troll wall decor.

More Amazing Dreamworks Troll Inspired Posters

Here are some more dazzling movie posters of Trolls Poppy and the Snack Pack. Featured here are some of Princess Poppys cute and cuddly friends. These artsy poster wall decorating items will provide enjoyment wherever they are placed. These are great thank you for coming to my party gifts.

Printable Trolls Wall Art Prints

If you are looking for an affordable way to gift some original art that will not be found in a box store, take a look at these downloadable and printable Trolls Wall Art Prints. These would make an awesome gift to hand out to guests at Trolls birthday party. Each piece of printable art is as unique as its creator. A cool crafting idea would be to buy picture frames that are wide enough to paint your childs guest names on them. Talk about a personalized thank you gift!

Printable Trolls Treat Bag Toppers

Trolls Birthday Treat Bag Toppers are a great way to avoid goodie bag spills by providing a sealable bag topper that is a personal momento of your childs Trolls Birthday Party. These instant download, printable, personalized tags are super cute and colorful. Simply cut the designs from the printouts and staple to a treat bag to keep it closed.

More Cute Trolls Goodie Bag Toppers.

Such a wide selection of spectacular treat bag toppers bag toppers to suit any little Dreamworks Trolls lover. Candies, cookies, gummies or Hersey kisses would be great bag fillers. Non edible items could be wearable Troll merchandise like friendship bracelets, hair barrettes or rings.  

Trolls Treat Bags

Talk about adorable! Any kid would love to pack their birthday treats home in one of these eye catching loot bags. Comprised of captivating colors and a choice of materials which include paper, plastic, cloth and printable stick on face labels, there is a bag for every type of Troll party. 

Trolls Thank You Gift Tags

What a way to top off a party, or a loot bag than these printable Trolls Gift Tags. So easy to make and very affordable, just print them from your home computer and cut them out. Punch a hole in the top with a hole puncher and attach these amazing gift tags with some string or brightly colored ribbon and then your bag is ready for your little trolls and goblins. Your kids can put their friends name on the back or autograph them too!

Delicious Trolls Cupcakes, Cookies And Candies

This is a great idea! Use one of these Trolls inspired baking kits to have a baking day with your kids. You can create neon colored cupcakes and cookies. Bake and assemble a sugar house or a gingerbread house as a centerpiece. And for a different twist, you can make Trolls gummy candies. Yummy treats and such delightful finished products, these Troll baking kits will have the whole family smiling.

Trolls Cotton Candy Makers 

Cotton candy is such a deadent melt in your mouth treat. And it would be such a hoot to make your own cotton candy at a Trolls birthday Party. The cotton candy maker  comes with a light up wand to make your rainbow colored cotton candy glow, as well as paper wands. The cotton candy spinner has suction feet on the bottom and comes with batteries. Instructions are included as well.

The Trolls cotton candy refill pack has all you need for crazy colorful cotton candy. There are 5 yummy flavors of fine sugar to create these melt in your mouth confections. There is one Troll light up wand and the others are paper wands. This would be such an original Trolls birthday party activity!


Trolls Jello Treats Are So Much Fun To Eat

Jiggly, giggly, colorful and tasty. All these words describe Trolls Jello Treats. You can create Berry Blue and Strawberry flavored Jello Jigglers with a Jello Mold kit. For the lovers of cotton candy flavored Jello, we have the Branch colored blue, limited edition gelatin treat. And of course Poppy is promoting her fluffy, pink strawberry cupcake pudding and pie filling snack. This could be a change from cake for those gluten free guests.

Trolls Party Games And Activities

Printable Trolls Bottle Cap Images

Dreamworks Trolls printable bottle cap pictures are adorable. The kids love these! The round bottle caps display all the fun and fabulous characters from the new Trolls movie. These downloadable and printable circles can be used for crafts, such as centerpieces for barrettes, necklaces and bracelets.

They can be used in art projects, or if your child is a scrapbooker like Trolls princess Poppy, the colorful images can be used for pages in their own scrap book.

Some good birthday party ideas are to have an activities where the Troll and Bergen guests use the bottle caps as markers in a game, or create a picture to take home!

Trolls Party Photo Booth Props

Are you stuck for an indoor Trolls birthday party activity? A Troll photo booth would be a hilarious addition to a party. Here you can find many props and accessories to create memorable photos as a record of this amazing party. There are felt masks, hair pieces, a cut out cardboard photo stand, and flower wands. Some of these items are printable too!

The kids will have so much fun using these accessories to dress up as their favorite Trolls characters and posing with each other for stellar photos. A great idea would be to create a photo book for each of the guests and present it at a later date.

Trolls Printable Party Games

So many fond childhood birthday memories recall the traditional birthday party games. Change them up a bit with games like pin the nose on the Troll, and Troll Bingo! Coloring and "find your way" Mazes are a Troll or Goblin Favorite. Troll Bingo payouts can be with Troll Money. These sweet kids party games are all printable from your computer. They are cost effective and fun to utilize.

Enjoy Hours Of Happy Game Play With Our Free Trolls Bingo Game Cards

Bingo is a super fun party game for kids of all ages!  Please enjoy our free printable Trolls bingo cards - includes 10 picture bingo cards and 36 picture calling cards. They feature all the lovable characters and are set on bright and colorful backgrounds. Perfect for a birthday party or family game night!

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Game Cards

Trolls Package Birthday Party Supplies

Here is a selection of one stop shop Trolls Birthday Party supplies that will make your shopping experience really easy for bundled party accessories.

The first four items are for table decorations and balloons. The sets have a variety of brightly colored tableware and various balloons or other supplies. Service is for 8 or 16 guests depending on the package.

The last 2 items are downloadable and printable Troll themed party favor packages. These cute, affordable items all match, and you wont be able to find them at your local variety store.

Troll Birthday Outfits for the Birthday Girl or Boy

The excited little Troll host or hostess needs a new Troll themed outfit. These unique outfits are fashioned by artisans and will not be found in a department store. What a great way to make a Troll fashion statement. These clothes can be personalized and there is no doubt that they are colorful and that the birthday Troll will stand out in her circle of friends. The outfits also make a great memento and souvenir of what is sure to be a memorable party. The shirts are all cotton blend. and the tutus are too sweet for words. The matching Troll hair accessories are a a fashionistas dream come true.

Dreamworks Trolls Movie Interesting Trivia

  • Trolls is the first Dreamworks film to be released in 4K Ultra HD
  • Branch is the only Troll who is unhappy and therefore is gray. He is a survivalist and it is suggested he may be bi-polar.
  • DJ Suki makes her DJ music with insects.
  • Biggies pet worm is named Mr. Dinkles.
  • Moxie Dewdrop invented the Troll dance called the Razzle Dazzle.
  • Guy Diamond is a glitter spraying nudist.
  • Fuzzbert has no face or body, just hair and legs and grunts instead of talking.

Thank you for perusing my Biggest and Best Troll Birthday Party Shopping Guide and I hope you found everything you were looking for. A Dreamworks Trolls party will be fun to organize and host. Your little Troll or Bergen has many choices of party supplies. Hugging, singing and dancing. Let the party begin!

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Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies