Emoji Costumes For Kids

Are you wondering how to create a cute emoji costume for your child? Emoji costumes for kids are a fun and easy way to play dress up for Halloween, costume parties, or just as a fun day of play acting at home on a rainy day.

Emojis or emoticons have become a part of our everyday life in this age of instant communication on all our devices. Not only do little kids love them, so do school age kids, tweens, teens and adults. Emojicons have no language barrier, so are a wonderful international communication tool. Plus the cool little icons are cute and funny. They make adorable costumes!

Emoji Costumes For Kids

Emoji Costumes For Kids

Sony Emoji Movie

Sony will be releasing the new Emoji film in theaters in the USA on July 28, 2017. Here is a teaser clip of the Emoji Movie for your enjoyment. Gene and his friends are sure to give some insight into some fun Emoji costume ideas for kids.


Types of Emoji costumes For Kids

There are several ways to create the cutest and best Emoji costume for kids. I will list them here and then show you some examples afterwards.

  • Clothing decorated with emoji faces is an easy basic start to a cool kids Emoji costume. There are shirts, dresses, tutus and shoes to name a few dress-up costume ideas.
  • Pre-made costumes are easy and such an easy solution for an Emoji themed party costume.
  • Emoji masks can pre-bought or made as a craft. This would be a great idea for an Emoji birthday party where the guests make their own favorite faces out of paper plates! Its a great kids party costume activity.
  • Face painting is a great kids costume idea. Face painting is a great alternative to a mask. It does not obstruct breathing of sight. And kids love wearing "make-up".

Emoji Outfits To make Your Kids LOL

Emoji Tutu Costumes For Girls

A great Emoji girls dress up costume idea is the tutu! Tutus are fun and versatile. They can be worn for dress up play, for a kids Emoji halloween costume, a party costume or for day to day wear. These cute Emoji costumes for girls are sure to give her a happy face!

This Emoji tutu dress has a lovely yellow crocheted top which is adorned with a selection of emojicon faces. The pale yellow tulle tutu skirt is offset by a beautiful bow. It is available in various sizes, ranging from newborn to teen sizes. One of these would be a great addition to a costume trunk.

Fun costume ideas include these "tu tu" cute girls tutu skirts. They are available with a variety of different emoji faces and come in different sizes. Costumes for  teens are available in the womens sizes, and the childrens tulle skirts will fit tween girls and children.

The tutu skirts are created with high quality, bright yellow tulle and the emoticon faces are made of felt. They are cute and sassy, just like the emojis themselves. Tutu skirts will make great kids costumes.

Emoji Costumes For teenage Boys

Does your teenage boy need an emoji costume idea? Here are some cool adult sized costumes that may just fit the bill to create some emoji costumes for boys.

These sandwich board type Emoji costumes are made of foam covered in yellow polyester. They measure 27 inches and feature some of the favorite text expressions. They are a cost effective and fun costume ideas for teenagers.

Poop Emoji Costume

Poo emojicons get their own section for costume ideas. The kids just love this cute little computer graphic. He is sure to be a costume request after the release of the movie, as he is one of the characters. 

Here we have a poop emojicon body suit. This would be appropriate for older teens, as it comes in adult sizes. Brown foam is the main material used to make this 2 piece poop Emoji costume. The mask slips on over the head.

For your younger children, this home made rainbow poop mask will make them ROFL! The mask has big holes for eyes.

The mask is constructed of embroidered holographic vinyl with a felt backing. There is elastic to hold the mask in place. They are just adorable. And the items are made in America by a talented seamstress!

Next we have a pair of poop sunglasses that will be sure to make you smile! Your kids will have fun wearing these to the beach or to an Emoji or  Poop themed party. An outdoor costume party will be a blast when your child puts these on! Imagine everyone ROFL!

The sunglasses have 100% UV protection and they look so hilarious! Everyone will get a giggle when they see these novelty costume items.

These shades are appropriate for kids of any age. Click here for more Sun-Staches Emoji sunglasses to wear with your costume

The poop emoji light up hat will bring a smile to your face! No "crappy" thoughts there! Perfect for the teenagers, this brown plush novelty hat lights up using a button on top of the hat. These are LED lights and batteries are included. As a bonus, you get an imitation one million dollar bill.

Do your kids have a crazy hat day at school? A rainbow Emoji poop cap will have everyone giggling. The velvet type plush hat sports a huge grin. This cute kids hat will be a conversation piece for sure.

Spot clean these attention getters with a damp cloth. These will be a great addition to poop emoji costumes kids will love to laugh at.


Emoji Costume Shirts

Emoji costumes for kids can be as simple as an emoji costume shirt along with face paint. The real advantage to using a shirt as a costume is that it can be worn for any other casual occasion also. The graphics are eye-catching and they are so comfortable to wear.

The Emoji T-Shirts are made of cotton or cotton/polyester blends. They are easy care, just throw them in the washer and then in the dryer. They are great kids party costumes and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The featured images of these Emoji kids costume shirts have sizes listed in the description.

Express Yourself with Emoji Masks!

Masks are easy and inexpensive. These emotional face covers are wonderful for a costume idea for kids and adults alike. Role playing games are such a hoot when you slip on a mask.

These Emoji masks comes in sets of 6. The Halloween masks are made of thin plastic and have eye holes cut out. There is an elastic attached to hold the play masks in place. They will fit ages 3 to adult.

Emoticon characters included in the first package are: Kiss Blowing, Heart Eyes, Monkey Face, Laughing Crying, Girl Emoji and Sticking Out Tongue Emojicon.

The second set of cool kids masks include the popular Poop Emoji as well as other favorite Emoji faces.

Always make sure that your child has good peripheral vision and breath-ability when wearing costume masks.

These embroidered felt emojicon masks are sold through Etsy online stores. They are homemade and comfortable to wear. They cover the eyes and the top of the nose, leaving all airways free. This a very practical feature.

Perfect for kids, these American made masks can be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. There is an elastic barbed strap available to secure the novelty item to your childs head.

Emoji Shoes to Accessorize Your Emoji Costume

Put your best foot forward with a pair of Emoji Shoes to finish off your kids costume accessories.

Shoes should match the outfit. Dressing in true emoticon style will be easy with a pair of these adorable kids shoes.

All of these footwear items portray the emoji pictures and there are light up options on the first two pair! This makes it so much easier to keep an eye on your toddler. Shoes are additions to Emoji costumes girls will truly appreciate!

Flip flops are the answer to compliment a costume for an Emoji beach party!

Options for boys include the black canvas Converse style sneakers. 

There are size options to fit toddlers all the way through to adult sizes.

These adorable handmade baby moccasins are made of real leather and are available in toddler sizes too. What a great addition to a sweet little Emoji costumes for babies. The cute yellow emoticon faces are hand painted onto the black leather. There is soft elastic around the ankle to keep the shoes on those little toes. There are no grips, but the mocs are comfortable for little ones to walk in!

Emoji Make-Up Tutorial For Emoji Halloween Costumes


In order to get the looks above, you may need some supplies. Click here for some good quality face paint for kids.

I hope you enjoyed reading Emoji costumes for kids. Enjoy creating an amazing kids costume outfit. You will for sure get many compliments and great feedback, and your kids will be thrilled. Happy costume creation!

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