Fun Outdoor Games For Kids Of All Ages

Are you stuck for ideas to keep your kids occupied while they are outside? There are so many cool outdoor games for kids of all ages! Keeping your childs mind and body active while they have fun is a smart parenting technique.  And for family bonding time, the whole family can join in. Its a win-win solution to complaints of summertime "boredom".

These games can be played in the back yard, the park, or the beach. Kids can play together, or hone their skills by practicing alone.

The BEST Outdoor Games for Kids of All Ages

A super fun game is soccer. Having a hover soccer set takes this world wide appreciated sport to a whole new level. This can be played outdoors or indoors.

The game includes the hover ball, and 2 goal nets. There is also a screwdriver to open the compartment that holds the 4AA batteries (not included).

Once the on/off switch is activated, the circular hover ball lights up. There are soft edges so as not to hurt furniture or kids. The game is made of safe non-toxic materials. It is very durable and can be kicked hard. It rebounds and moves very fast. The game can be played with anywhere from 1 player to several participants.

Because the ball lights up, this can also be played at night. This game is advised for kids of ages 3 and up. Even the pets and adults can take part in this active game.

This game does need to be played on a flat, hard surface and does not do well on carpets.

Your whole family will get a "kick" out of this game.

Kan-Jam is an entertaining outdoor game that combines skills of various games, such as frisbee, basketball and beanbag toss.

This game is played with teams of two. The cans are placed 50 feet apart. One member of the team stands at each end.

The person with the disc throws the round yellow disc and the other one tries to knock it into the can if possible.

There are different points assigned for different accomplishments, such as getting the disc in the slot or even hitting the can. The first team who makes it to 21 wins.

Included in this set are instructions, cans and the disc. All you have to supply is the enthusiasm.

This product is proudly American made. It is durable and will provide fun for the whole family. No batteries required!!!

A ladder toss game is the BOMB for kids of any age! Please make sure that everyone is kept away from the receiving end of the bolo tossers. Bonks on the head tend to hurt! But kids have so much fun throwing the bolos over the rungs on the ladder. Watch them rack up the points as well as the giggles.

I highly recommend this metal ladder toss set as it is much sturdier than the less expensive PVC models. The sections are easy to fit together and are constructed of powder coated steel. Each kit comes with 2 of these durable ladders.

The bolos are made by securing strong rope to the lightweight soft rubber balls on each end.

Rules of this game are easy! Each rung of the ladder is worth a given amount of points. You can cancel out your opponents points in a turn. This fun game can be played one against one, or in teams.

This easy to assemble set comes in a good quality,convenient zip up carry bag!

GoSports has a very good record for customer service and is happy to assist you with any questions. Click here for replacement bolo balls for this very popular outdoor game for kids.

The good old bean bag toss is a perennial favorite outside game for kids of all ages. This game has been around for years and years. It has been the center attraction at many camp-outs and kids parties at the park.

This bean bag toss game comes in 5 different designs. There is a football field board, and American flag edition that would be perfect for a Fourth of July family event. Other choices include a LED, light up edition and a red and blue board. Featured is the the original bean bag plank.

The object of the game is to toss the bean bags from a distance determined by the players age and size to see if you can get it through the hole. There are 8 beanbags provided in the set.

It is a hoot to knock the opposing teams bags off the board, or to move your own bags closer with another shot.

This is a game that can be played for hours. The durable aluminum frame and bean bags come in a convenient carrying bag.

Click here for more bean bags in case you lose some, or want to play with more kids! You get a choice of color combinations that will suit your gaming needs.

Some of your young ones favorite indoor games can be played outside too, just on a larger scale! One fun outdoor game is dice! It is a great way to keep their math skills up during the summer holidays by adding their own dice totals.

Yardzee dice game has everything you need to play several dice games all contained in a handy white covered bucket that is great for storage or transportation.

The dice themselves are handmade out of wood and the "spots" are drilled, stained and sealed.

There are 3 games that can be played with this set. You can play the Yahtzee type game we are familiar with. Farkle is similar to Yahtzee, but played with 6 Dice and Cootie is a game where you toss dice to create a bug! Such fun!

Laminated score sheets are included as well as erasable markers. Kids will have a great time with this outdoor game. Little ones will need help with scores, but will enjoy rolling the cubes across the yard.

Connect 4 is a favorite childrens game that is now available in a large, outdoor version. The object is simple. To connect 4 of the same color to win, and to block your opponent from doing exactly that!

The colorful "green guard" plastic game is weather and fade resistant. It will require some assembly, and the washers or donuts have a handy storage rack on the outside of the game.

This game is 4 feet high and is very durable.

Enjoyable hours will be spent with this top outdoor game for kids. It is a great way to develop good visuospatial abilities and the solving of logical problems.

This can be a teamwork building game, or a one-on-one competition.

Click here to get replacement washers for this terrific outdoor game for kids of all ages. Never run out of rings again!

Are you familiar with the outdoor game of bocce? Bocce is played by rolling balls to get closest to a smaller white ball. Here are some interesting and fun facts about bocce.

  • The game of bocce is Italian in origin.
  • The name bocce means "to bowl" in Italian.
  • Bocce is the third most popular sport in the world next to golf and soccer.
  • The small white or yellow ball has a few different names. The proper name is pellino, but it is also called Jack or boccino.
  • There are different names for ground shots, aerial shots and point winning shots.
  • The object is to get your colored ball closest to the white ball. 

Top outdoor games like this are meant for tweens or teens, although younger family members may have fun trying to roll the balls to the pellino.

This set includes 8 balls of 4 different colors, a jack and a measuring string, all neatly packed in a handy canvas carrying case.

The same colored balls are separated into 2 designs. Each has 1 square and 1 circle pattern, so as to make it easy for teams to identify whos ball made it closest to the target.

The 90 mm brightly colored balls are made of durable high gloss poly-resin.

This is a fun family game that will become a regular part of weekend outdoor activities.

Melissa and Doug toys are exceptionally well made and highly rated, and this kids bowling set is no exception. Your toddler, aged 2 and older will love this set, rolling the ball to knock over the pins. Younger kids will enjoy playing with the pins.

This is a 7 piece soft plastic bowling kit. The brightly colored purple ball measures 4 inches, has yellow stripes and stars and is indented, providing an easy grip for little fingers

The pins are made in cute and funny animal shapes that will appeal to small children. They are durable and safe, even for those kids who like to chew.

The animals featured are 2 dogs, a giraffe, a cat, a bear and a mouse. So colorful and so much fun!

This bowling kit can be used indoors or outdoors and is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the toddler or baby in your world while they enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

All the bowling items fit into the included handy storage bag to be put away for your next outdoor adventures.

An all-inclusive yard game set is a great idea. This bag full of outdoor activities contains 6 kids games!

Games that are enclosed in the handy storage bag include the following items.

  • The badminton game has 2 racquets and a birdie.
  • The horseshoes game has 4 horse shoes and 2 pegs.
  • There is a frisbee and 2 scoop ball catchers with a ball
  • You will also find a beach soccer ball and 2 discs or mitts and a ball for a good round of "sticky ball".

These plastic outdoor games are made specifically for smaller hands. They are colorful and economical.

Kids will get hours of fun outdoor exercise playing with all these games. Such a convenient bundle for family outdoor activities.

Remember when you could play lawn darts? Now there is a much safer version of this popular outdoor game called Jarts. No worries about being stabbed by a flying dart and losing an eye here! 

The game is recommended for kids aged 8 years and older.

The blue and yellow darts have rounded rubber tips on the ends.

The idea of the game is to toss the darts from the throwing line into the ring.

Points are awarded depending on if you land in the ring or closest to the ring if there is no dart inside the ring.

The game goes to 21 points. The game helps to improve hand-eye coordination.

Many afternoons have been spent playing this game in many locations, both at home and away.

The game includes 4 darts and 2 target rings, as well as instructions on how to play and how to score.

Ringtoss or quoits is another old standby for playing games outside. It is fun for the kids and the whole family. It is rated for ages 3 and up.

Everything you need to p lay this timeless favorite is enclosed in the handy zip up canvas carry bag.

The object of this game is to toss the quoits, or rope rings around the wooden dowels from a prescribed distance.

Each wooden peg has a point value assigned to it.

There are 5 rope rings, 10 extra plastic rings, the durable wood "X" and the pegs to catch the rope.

There is a lifetime warranty on this game, and it is a best seller. The manufacturer stands behind their product too!

This game teaches your children fine motor skills and helps to develop mathematical abilities when they add up their points. All this while having a ton of fun.

Did you know that croquet was the first outdoor sport to support equality and allow both sexes to play on an equal footing? This outdoor game is very old. There are records of croquet being played in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was a popular game among the royalty also.

I am showing you 2 examples for this classic game. There is a set for smaller children with shorter mallets,  and a set for older children, tweens, teens and adults. Both sets are all inclusive and have a good quality carry bags. Included are mallets, wickets, stakes and balls.

In the original game, the wickets (hoops) are set up in a diamond shape. The object is to use your mallet to smack the ball through the wickets in the proper order and, end up tapping the stake at the end of the course.

This is a fun, and challenging healthy outdoor game for kids of all ages.

Are you looking for funny outdoor games for kids? Look no further. Flickin' Chicken is sure to get all the kids in your life giggling like crazy. It is a hilarious game!

The idea in this goofy game is for the first person to  throw the target. Then each player tries to toss their rubber chicken onto the target.

Their next toss is from where the chicken lands, and you get points for each throw you have to make until you hit the target. The player who has the lowest score after nine rounds is the best chicken flicker!

The family game is rated for 6 years and up, but younger kids can for sure get in on the the fun and games. Even adults can join in on this sport.

The set includes the target ring and four rubber chickens that are perfect for either a 2 or four player game.

This durable and funny game will provide hours and hours of laughs and fun. Your children will be squawking and clucking to play it again and again! It is eggsactly what your family needs to add to the yard game collection.

Thank you for visiting this collection of fun outdoor games for kids of all ages. There is a bit of kid in all of us, and it is so much fun either watching or interacting with the young ones as they try to master outdoor games. Its even fun to join in!

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Fun Outdoor Games For kids Of All Ages