Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys - Cool Things To Build

Are you searching for the ideal gift for an active boy? Many cool gifts for 8 year old boys require building things, and this is the perfect guide to all the many building kits, toys and projects that will appeal to boys of this age.

Building things teaches all children how to use their brains to problem solve. Reading instructions, following directions, and developing patience are some of the positive products of making things from the ground up. There are many, many projects to build, from simple to complex.

My grandson loves to construct things. Kids take pride in the finished product and they develop self esteem as well as a deeper understanding of how things work and why.

Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys That Will Keep Them Occupied For Hours

8 year old boys love to build, and they like to demolish too! The Demolition Lab enables kids to do both. First they build warehouses and then destroy them with well placed blasters.

This kit from Smart Lab contains 60 pieces to create your choice of warehouse types. It is recommended for ages 8 and up and is highly rated among parents.

By using the sciences of energy, momentum and gravity, your young man will learn how to construct a building and set the blasters to create the most impressive demolitions.

The kit includes all the instructions, a triple blast detonator, 3 blasters and the pieces to build the storehouses.

Some of the enclosed pieces are wall panels, floors, roof tops, chimneys, trusses and more.

You will need to purchase 3AA batteries to operate the detonation device.

Help your 8 year old learn the strategy of how to place items for the best results, They will also learn patience and problem-solving as they experiment in the creation their own structures.

Having your inquisitive boy use science to build green energy using recycled materials will appeal to both the urge to build and the yen for learning. Green energy will be part of his future, and understanding how it works while creating something is a win-win formula!

This green science educational science kit by 4M allows your young creator to make a calculator operable by using the energy created from recycled soda pop cans and pencils.

The do it yourself kit is ranked for ages 8 and older and you make a tin can battery! The electricity created can power the calculator for hours.

The box includes a brightly colored calculator, wires, a container or holder, screws, pencils and instructions.

This kit contains small parts that should be kept away from small children.


Green power and understanding electricity is fun and educational too. Discovering and working with alternative forms of energy is a brilliant way to build ideas in a childs mind and help it to grow.

One of the best gift ideas for 8 year old boys is books. How-to books can give all kinds of ideas to boys who like to build and create. 

Using commonly found household items, your child can create 28 cool things while he learns how and why things work, while building a project.

Some of the items he can build will be a volcano that erupts, balloon rocket cars that he can race, how to build a kaleidoscope.

He will learn the basics of bridge construction and he can even use some edibles that will teach him about some of the basics of chemistry and chemical reactions.

The hardcover book has 160 pages and the illustrations are brilliant!

This book will appeal to kids from grade 3 to grade 7. 

Giving the gift of a book can open so many windows of learning, and is the perfect choice for boys that love to build and create.

K'Nex provides building kits and toys for children that develop science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) skills. These kits use snap together interlocking pieces to make 3-D working projects that your kids can actually use and play with! These educational, easy to assemble sets are one of the top gifts for 8 year old boys.

This highly rated foam dart shooting Knex bow construction set supplies the user with these items.

  • The package contains 165 interlocking pieces, including rods and connectors.
  • Enclosed are instructions to create 2 unique and different bow guns and 2 targets.
  • There are 5 foam darts and 2 dart holders.
  • The darts shoot out of the blaster chamber and there is a cool pre-load ring and an easy grip handle  that attaches to the bow.
  • The construction parts are made of durable plastic and the foam darts can shoot up to 75 feet!
  • Kids can use their imagination to create different types of bows and targets.
  • K'nex is a US company that takes pride in their customer service. They will be happy to assist you with any problems or concerns.

8 year olds can put this fun toy together by themselves with an adult on standby for questions, or assistance as needed.

Warning: This toy is best used outside and with supervision. Education in proper safety is imperative.

Click here to order Replacement Darts and Targets for The Knex Battle Bow. These items do get lost, and its nice to know that they can be replaced easily.

Science kits are another really fun gift for 8 year old boys. This kit allows your inquisitive boy to grow beautiful crystals. If there is an interest in geology shown in your youngster, this will teach him about how rocks are formed. 4M is a leading company in the production of educational toys, kits and projects.

This fun and educational gift is recommended for ages over 10, but can easily be completed by boys who are 8, though I always advise supervision when building a project like this.

The # 1 best selling kit includes all the items needed to make 7 different experiments. You even get clear domes to keep and display their finished product.

The colors of crystals are blue, red, white. They can be mixed and matched to create other colors too!

It takes about 7 days for his crystals to grow, so it is a small exercise in building patience. Also, be sure to follow the directions exactly. If you are off in the timing of the steps it can affect the finished experiment.

A boys wonder in the natural world will expand with this kit. 

This is a great project to either create or explore a boys interest in crystal formations and the science behind how they are created in nature.

Is your pre teen boy interested in robots? Does he also love Dinosaurs? The Meccano T Rex robot will have him squealing in delight. This mechanical dinosaur is rated for 10+, but can be built by an 8 year old with adult supervision. It is a great project for bonding! Be prepared - this project will keep you and your boy busy for quite a few hours up to a few days before it is completed.

This attractively packaged kit contains 715 pieces that are made of interlocking plastic parts. All tools required to make this cool robotic dinosaur project are included, as are instructions.

The enclosed Meccasaur operating systems include a "brain", a light-up module to make his eyes shine, and a motorized module to help him walk and stomp around.

This grey and green 3 foot long dinosaur is programmable. He is responsive and interactive. He can walk, talk and roar. He will answer yes or no to questions and loves to be petted. The push button controls are on his back.

There is no doubt that this is such a great interactive gift for 8 year old boys. Their friends will be so impressed!

This dinosaur robot requires 4 batteries. Click here to get C Cell batteries to make this ferocious but fun Meccasaur run.

Lego is one of the all time best selling building kits for kids. The popularity of Lego projects for young boys is legendary and second to none. The Lego company keeps up with all the latest animated kids movies and creates sets to compliment them.

  • This 807 piece box of Lego contains Marvel Super Heroes characters, vehicles and props used at the airport control tower.  It is recommended for the ages 8-14 range.
  • The iconic comic book characters in this set include Captain America, Agent 13, Winter Soldier, War Machine and Avengers Scarlet Witch. "Bad guys" include Ant Man and Giant Man.
  • The Qunijet, control tower and vehicles are easy to construct with the enclosed instructions.
  • There are exploding functions in hidden compartments and ropes and other accessories for the heroes to use in daring rescues.
  • All the pieces are in lettered or numbered bags to ensure that coordinating steps in the instructions can be followed easily.

The perfect age for doing Lego projects is 8. At this age, they can read and follow the instructions pretty well. They may need a helping hand here and there, but overall, nothing makes a better gift for this age than Lego sets.

Building model cars can become a lifelong hobby. Diecast model car kits are great gifts. This car has a pre-painted metal body and it is really easy to assemble. As your child perfects this type of car building model, they can develop their skills into models that need to be painted. Your child could start a collection of these beautiful automobiles.

This 1:24 scale model building set is highly detailed.

The doors open to reveal a gorgeous interior and the realistic tires turn.

Open the hood to reveal the epic motor and transmission that makes this car famous.

The kit comes with a screwdriver and all the snap together parts that your car buff will need to make this build.

Sometimes the parts may not be tight when you glue them together, so I recommend having some glue on hand. Click here for some model glue just in case.

Wouldn't it be great if you started a life long passion for cars and/or model building by getting this as a gift for the special boy in your life? You could get him a new car for every special occasion. What a hassle free and fun gift for Christmas and birthdays!!

Does your child show an interest in auto mechanics? Do you have a little grease monkey on your hands? Building a working engine model would certainly be an achievement. The nice thing about building things is that you have an actual working model of a combustion engine to show for your efforts.

 Airfix Engineer offers a kit to make a real battery operated 4 cylinder engine. It is so educational and will produce cool sounds and lights. You can watch the valves open and close and see how the pistons fire and make the crankshaft and belts turn.

This set includes over 100 parts that screw together and simple instructions.

You will require 3-AA batteries that are not included.

This build it yourself project will take some time. It is not an item that will be assembled in one sitting, but the results and the pride earned for constructing an engine that works will last for a very long time.

This gift for an 8 year old boy would be appropriate for someone who has the urge to use wood as a medium for building and creating. Working with wood is a centuries old, honored trade and hobby.

Pre-teen age groups are at the prime age to learn and develop a love for wood. Framing, carpentry, furniture building or many other artistic outlets for this passion all start with a beginner project like a birdhouse.

This birdhouse kit comes with all the pieces to create a cozy little bird home that measures 6.14 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches.

All wood pieces are included, along with instructions. Your little woodworker will learn to sand, fit and nail the house together.

This is a project that needs supervision. No batteries needed!

Imagine the look of sheer delight as you hang the finished masterpiece out on a tree, fence or balcony.

The finished item can be used for interior decor for a kids play room too.

Click here to get some wood glue that will be needed for this project.

Here is a great set of REAL kids tools. They are the real thing, made for those smaller hands. These would be ideal for kids to help around the house and build woodworking projects.

The 9 piece hard steel tools set includes a hammer with a fibreglass handle, magnetic tip screwdrivers, adjustable pliers and wrenches, 10 foot tape measure and a flashlight that does require 1 AA battery.

The black and bright orange rubber grip handles are high visibility.

Its a great basic kit and the silver, plastic carrying case is tough and durable.

This is NOT a toy tool kit. This set can be used to teach proper tool safety, cleaning and storage.

Do video games seem to occupy too much of your 8 year old thoughts? Why not work with the passion and get him a kit to build his own video games?

Bloxels are a kit developed for 8-13 year olds to learn basic coding and programming.

The set gives him physical and digital tools to develop his own video games.

The child figures out what it wants the game to look like, and creates challenges and obstacles.

Once the game is completed, he can share it and play with others online.

They will need to download the app to their smart device.

Then kids can use the board and blocks, using the enclosed instructions and tutorials to get underway.

Create your own game room, characters and story line. What a great concept, and this is a very highly rated STEM "toy".

Computer programming is the way of the future and those who can build computer programs and maintain them are assured of a bright future. This is a wonderful starting step.

Thank you for visiting Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys - Cool Things to Build. These are some wonderful ideas and I am happy to share them with you. Boys of this age are so amazing, and toys that appeal to their desire to create and build should be encouraged.

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Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys - Cool Things To Build