Cool Gifts For Tween Girls That Are Creative and Fun!!

Are you finding it hard to find that perfect gift for that tween girl in your life? No worries, these gifts for tween girls will give you some great ideas for gifts for any occasion. 

The pre-teen ages of 8-12 are such a tumultuous period in a girls life. Sometimes she wants to play with dolls and sometimes she wants to invent something to change and improve the world.

There are so many changes in emotions, mind and body of pre-teen girls. This makes gift giving a challenge, but happily, there is a selection of gifts that will appeal to the cool, fun side of your favorite tween girl. Now shopping for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other holidays will be a snap.

Gifts For Tween Girls

Top Gifts For Tween Girls

Tweens and teens love to make things. Adults love when crafts that kids make are practical. Making a knot-a-quilt is a perfect blending of pretty, useful and creative.

This kit will teach your tween to make a quilt by knotting, not sewing. Your pre-teen will create a 42" x 54" quilt. There are 48 fringed 9 inch fleecy squares in colors of yellow, blue, pink, purple and orange.

Once the method is learned, your pre-teen can make a quilt for each member of the family. This is an art form that can form a life-long hobby. Fleece fabric can be picked up at yard sales, online or at a local hobby store. Then all you need is a pair of scissors. Color combinations are endless!

This craft kit provides hours of fun. And its a great thing to do in the colder months. Keep his or her lap warm while making a cool throw.

This coloring pillowcase is so, so much fun for pre-teen girls. She can pick her colors from the 12 included fabric pens and paint her own pillowcase.

This is a soft and silky 18 square inch polyester pillow cover that has a zipper to enclose in a pillow. It can be machine washed in cold or warm water.

There are several different patterns to choose from and all of them will provide hours of entertainment and yield a unique finished product.

The coloring pens are non-toxic and if there happens to be an 'oopsie' on a table, the mistake can be removed with rubbing alcohol (or by a cloth if caught when wet).

You will get so much appreciation for giving a cool gift that will inspire and work with your tweenagers artistic talents! Its a great project for a rainy or snowy day when she is bored.

Are you in the market for a tablet for your tween? Amazon has released a new HD Tablet. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is kid friendly and parent approved.

This is a real tablet, not a toy! it has so many cool features. The cover comes in a choice of blue, pink and yellow.

Your smart girl can see everything in 3D. That is such a great thing for researching school projects and playing her favorite educational game.

There is 32 GB of internal storage and a single battery charge can last up to 12 hours. Of course, you can get additional storage with a micro SD card.

The included 2 year warranty ensures that your tablet is replaceable. We all know tweens are accident prone! More peace of mind for the parent.

With this deal you also get one year of 'Free Time Unlimited". This feature gives your child access to 1500 apps, games, books, videos and games from several widely acclaimed educational content, such as PBS Kids.

You can also hook them up with your choice of content from your own device, like Netflix.

The parental controls on these devices are first class! You can control usage limits, educational goals and content access. You get to decide what they can download or play with. This provides real security and peace of mind for parents. This is a cool gift that will be on the top of the list for a gift for tween girls.

One of the top new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) toys for pre-teens is the 3-D pen. It allows a creative girl to draw things in 3-D! Yes, this is true. Who would have imagined? I love new technologies and am so excited to share this with you. Your child can create real toys just by drawing them in the air. It doesn't get much cooler than this.

This amazing new creative tool works by melting plastic filaments at one speed and at a low temperature, so no worries about your child burning themselves.

They can create, design, plan and build 3-D projects.

The package includes the pen and USB charging cable thereby eliminating the need for a power cord attached to the pen. 

An instruction and idea book that has templates and enclosed plastic molds get your artist started.

The kit comes with a good starting pack of the eco-plastic filaments.

Click here to get more 3Doodle eco-plastic filaments to ensure that your girl has enough material to keep creating her masterpieces! The filaments come in an array of colors.

Make sure you get the 3D brand name filaments, as other brands of filaments may not work with this pen!

One of the best gifts for tween girls this year are fidget spinner toys. They are hand down the most popular gift for tweens and teens of both sexes. 

The idea of these spinning toys is to help children concentrate while doing something with their fingers.

Not only are these little hand held gadgets good for the fidgety tween, they are also recommended for reducing anxiety and stress in folks of all ages

These little spinners are also beneficial for other medical issues such as autism, ADD, ADHD and ECD.

This funky looking little toy spins on your finger, hand or table and is constructed of zinc alloy, and has ceramic bearings to ensure smooth and speedy spinning action.

It is designed to spin for approximately 3-5 minutes. The unit is just about 3 inches long and has a good weight.

There is  variety of colors and patterns available, so you are sure find one that will suit the personality of your favorite girl.

What tween girl doesn't enjoy the opportunity to decorate her own space? Printable wall art is an inexpensive and artistic way to decorate a bedroom or study. Unicorns are so popular with girls this age.

This adorable 3 printable poster set for the unicorn lover in your life quotes a favorite adage. "Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn, Then Always Be A Unicorn.

The first 8x 10 poster features a delightful little red haired girl wearing a blue unicorn sleeper. A beautiful rainbow creates a colorful backdrop.

The second printable wall poster depicts a brown unicorn with pink mane and tail. There is even a cute little pink heart on its hind quarters. A moon and flowering bush set the background for this sweet piece of wall decor.

The third standard sized print features a tween who has enveloped her magical unicorn personality. She sports her all important horn and is dressed in a lovely blue dress. Again the rainbow signifies hope, peace and beauty.

A good idea is to print these PDF files on cardstock or poster paper to ensure longevity.

Ordering from the Etsy online store Glitter Shack will ensure that you are receiving a quality product. You will receive 3 - 8x10 PDF files to print out from your home computer or a print shop near you.

Get hooked on rug hooking! Rug hooking kits are fun to do and produce a beautiful and lasting work of art that your tween can display with pride. Loopy Wool Supply is an artistic vendor in the Etsy online marketplace. She sells all kinds of supplies for rug hooking and comes up with some really cool patterns and kits.

The basic kit, shown here includes all supplies such as the linen backing with the pattern imprinted, the yarn, needles and hoop. This beginner set will make four 4.5 inch coasters. Its a great way to learn the basics. There are detailed instructions to get the project finished. This is a unique gift for tween girls and also for the older teenage girls that may be looking for a new hobby.

Once you have the basic tools, you can create other kits, like the sunflower rug/wall hanging as illustrated. It comes in a choice of colors and the finished product will measure approximately 9 x 12 inches.

Being able to create jewelry is so much fun for tween girls! A rock polisher is the cats meow for a creative girl. Imagine her delight if she can polish their own rocks and create everything from trinkets to mosaics. The added bonus is that your pre-teen girl will learn about geology and identification of rocks and gems

The National Geographic Rock Tumbler is rated for ages 8 and over. Take rough rough rocks and polish them to use creatively.

Inside this kit is the tumbler that will hold approximately 1/2 pound of rocks. It has an timer, so you know exactly when to change your included grits. The rubber barrel will reduce the amount of noise produced.

The starter pack of rock has 9 different gemstones to polish. Then afterwards, she can collect her own stones.

The detailed instruction manual will give step by step instructions on how to get the best results. The educational guide will help broaden the knowledge of gem identification.

There is enough of the included 4 stages of grits to do the first finished product.

Jewelry mounts include a ring, key chain, necklace and earrings. This hobby series rock tumbler has a 2 year warranty.

One of the top gifts for tween girls is a book. There are many inspiring books for pre-teens and teens that are based on actual historical events. This book is recommended for ages 9-12

The book The War That Saved my Life is an amazing, critically acclaimed book that is set in World War II. 

This 320 page fictional book relates the tale of a physically disabled, abused 10 year old English girl and her brother who are evacuees from the city during WWII. Until this time, she has no memories of ever being outside.

Ada ends up in the English countryside to live with a young woman who feels she is not ready for children. The young heroine fights to overcome obstacles that come in many ways, shapes and forms. With the help of her brother and the love of a horse, she discovers her own self-worth.

This book will be a favorite! It is such a good read for tweens and adults alike. It depicts both hardships and joy and celebrates the strength of the human spirit.

The modern way of reading without getting a house full of books is an e-reader.  The Kindle is a time tested and reliable method. Amazon has come out with a kids package for the Kindle that is such a great deal. In the Kindle for kids, you get the Kindle, a durable cover in choice of colors and the charging cord.

This 6 inch Kindle reader does NOT have a back-light. This is because when its lights out time, its lights out time. No reading when its sleeping time. This is most important for the younger tweens.

There are parental controls. Parents can choose books from their own library or from the Kindle store.

Dont worry about charging the battery every few hours. A single battery charge will last for a week.

The 2 year warranty covers accident prone kids. No matter if its dropped in the toilet, stepped on or otherwise destroyed, Kindle has your device covered.

Kids can track reading progress and receive 'rewards'. for accomplishments.  There is an included easy to use dictionary. All this will make your tween girl a better reader.

The best way to capture the bundled deal is to clck on the picture above and scroll down to the offer. This is a limited time sensitive offer, so be sure and grab this smart gift for Tween girls.

Flipping bottles is a new pass time for pre-teens and teenagers. The idea is to flip a partially empty bottle and see if you can land it right side up. There are many strange and odd ways of doing this and places for your bottle to land. Kids challenge each other to pull off the craziest "flips"

With this fad in mind, the company Bottle Flip has come out with a challenging board game called "The Bottle Flip Board Game".

This game is rated for ages 13 and up, but don't let that fool you. Kids as young as 7 or 8 can flip bottles with aplomb! Your tween girl and her friends will have a blast with this new board game.

The idea is to flip your bottle and land on the target. The competitor would then draw a card and complete the flipping challlenge in order to receive points and move around the board.

The game includes instructions, game board, 120 challenge cards, score board, sore markers and, of course, a bottle to flip.

This uber cool board game will help develop hand-eye coordination, teach trajectory and give your tween girl hours and hours of fun with her friends and family. This is one time where it is perfectly acceptable to "flip"!

Tween Girls who love building toys really do enjoy receiving Lego as a gift. Lego has made several "girls" sets of Lego along with with sets from all the new adventure movies. Lego builds hand-eye coordination as well as helps to develop the ability to follow instructions.

The Lego Friends Amusement Park and Roller Coaster set consists of the following items.

  • There are 1124 pieces of snap together Lego in this kit, which is recommended for ages 8-12.
  • Your pre-teen girl can build a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, and a "drop of doom" tower.
  • The roller coaster manually runs 4 carriages which can hold the four Lego dolls.
  • The front carriage once moved makes a brick light up as a headlight. Batteries are included for this feature.
  • There is a ticket booth, popcorn cart, camera and carnival food items as well as coins and tickets.

This Lego masterpiece will take some time to build, but she will play with it for hours. There are moving parts and so many excellent features. This was one of the top toys for 2017.

Jewelry is a favorite item for young ladies. It makes an excellent gift. No matter whether you choose a necklace, earrings, bracelet, watch, or other fashionable fashion accessory, think ahead. Choose something that she will be proud to wear for years to come.

An inspirational quote emblazoned on an adjustable bangle is an ideal choice of a present from family members to your tween girl. Its also perfect if you know a young woman who has been struggling with life challenges.

This quote, "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" will always remind your tween girl of their own strengths as well as your thoughtfulness.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel, so it will not rust, and adjusts to fit any wrist. It is affordable and lovely!

The heart charm also comes with the Disney film quote armlet.

You will get many thank-yous for a gift of jewelry. Consider the interests of the recipient and enjoy shopping for the perfect piece.

Learning about ecology and enjoying the feeling of planting and growing can be combined in a Terrarium kit. These creative gifts for tween girls will stimulate discussion about the science of mini ecosystems, the love of gardening and how nature is so amazing to watch.

This terrarium set by Creativity For Kids contains all the elements needed to make this terrarium in a jar.

Plant the organic chia and wheat seeds in the potting mix as per the enclosed instructions. Place the ceramic bunny and mushroom in a visually appealing position of the mason type jar.

Decorate the outside of the jar with the stickers. Some of these beauties glow in the dark! And water and cover with the aerated jar lid. Then enojoy the wonder of watching it grow!!

There is all the items needed to do this science craft, including a mister to keep your grass wet once it starts growing. Grass will grow higher than the jar eventually.

Sunlight provides the needed light to stimulate growth, as does the glow in the dark stickers.

There are enough seeds provided to make at least 2 terrariums. Warning: cats may also enjoy the grass if you leave the lid off. This will make such a unique gift for tween girls!

A camera is such a great gift idea for a tween girl. There is a fascination about snapping photos and selfies and then downloading them onto a computer. Cameras are a great way to keep a visual memory of family trips, parties, school friends and celebrations of all types. Pictures of pets and wildlife can lead to a lifelong hobby.

This tough little digital camera is built to take those drops, bumps and bangs that inevitably occur with the younger photographer.

There are so many cool features to this camera. You can reverse for selfies, there is a 4x digital zoom and built in auto flash.

Some of the trendy things are 5 video games, a voice recording function and 256 MB of memory that is expandable with this micro SD chip . No worries about running short of picture taking with this!

Your tween can record videos and download the photo images to a computer or tablet with the included USB cable. There are just so many amazing things your girl can do with this practical gift.

This camera needs 4 - AA batteries (included) and has an automatic shut-off after 3 minutes. This is a major win as a gift choice.

Couch time is valued by the tweenager. Watching movies, playing video games, or reading a book all require some "down time". The perfect girlie blanket is in order for these days, and blankets or comforters make gift items that will garner some huge grins.

This mermaid blanket combines the perfect combination of practical and fanciful. It is ideal for this age group. What better way to feel like a feminine princess and still keep warm and cozy.

This crocheted item measures between 70 - 74 inches and is 35.5 inches wide. It is made of cotton/polyester blended wool that is soft and thick.

The workmanship in this blanket is outstanding. The scales and tail are divine!

This mermaid blanket will easily fit a tween girl.

Click here for more selections of mermaid blankets in different colors and sizes.

Remember to check each item for washing and care instructions so that her blanket will last for a long, long time. This particular blanket can be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry.

A portable handheld microscope is the ideal way to have an "up close" experience with many of natures marvels. Learning about the natural world is enhanced by using this tool. Tweens and teens will have a marvelous time seeing the world in a whole new light.

This 20x - 60x microscope is exactly what the scientist in your tween craves. It is so interesting to look at small insects and plants in this much detail.

The handheld wonder has LED lighting and comes with 2 prepared slides and 6 blanks slides.

The magnification adjusts with a simple turn of the knob and it can be held with one hand. What a great way to explore the world around them.

Batteries are included with this nifty gadget and it is rated for anyone from 8 years of age and up.

This is a great gift to pique curiosity about the microbial world. Learning about cells and organisms is so fascinating.

Make it yourself kits are fun to do. Most tweens love make-up, and lip balm is one of the most appropriate and acceptable forms of make up. Plus, in so many climates, lips do get so dry! So a DIY lip balm lab kit will be the cats meow for a gift tween girls can create on their own.

The SmartLab Lip Balm Boutique contains all the ingredients and supplies needed to create yummy lip balms that will soften and soothe those dry, chapped lips.

The kit contains 6 containers, molds and beeswax.

Use the enclosed instructions to create flavors for the all natural lip balms, or have fun using kitchen ingredients to create your own yummy flavors.

This is a fun, creative and crafty project aimed at girls aged 8 and up.

Use the molds and instructions to also create body butter lotion bars and sugar scrubs.

With this gift your tween girl will learn some of the basics of chemistry and also learn about natural products that are used in the beauty and skin care world.

If your tween girl is fascinated by sci-fi and robots, a tin soda pop can robot might be the best present EVER! It is a good way to learn some basics of robotics and she can recycle a bit too!

The 4M Tin Can Robot is just darling! Its cute as a bugs ear and is super easy to make.

The kit contains everything needed, except for an empty soda can, a Phillips screwdriver and one AA Battery to create an uber cool robot project.

The robot constructing set has instructions, and is rated for 9 years and over. It is a good idea for an adult to available on stand-by in case your clever girl needs a little assistance.

Tween girls love the googly eyes and the little robot arms for this mechanized tin can buddy.

Once he is finished, he rolls around. This project will give your tween girl a feeling of real accomplishment.

Coloring books and crayons are still a big part of an 8-12 year old girls life. Coloring books become more ornate as girls mature and are one of the top gifts for tweens. Coloring is relaxing, stress relieving and gives stunning, satisfying results once the picture is completed. Coloring is perfect for those quiet times. Tweens can do this alone or with their BFFs.

Thank you for reading Cool Gifts For Tween Girls That are Creative And Fun. These ideas are perfect for finding that perfect gift for your hard-to-please tween with something special and cool.

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