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Does your school aged child take lunch to school? Here is a selection of some of the Best Lunch Boxes for kids that keep food cold. These lunch boxes and bags are cute and practical. There are many types of food safe lunch containers for school. Make packing lunch a personal and fun activity for 2017.

What are the Coolest and Best Lunch Boxes for Your Kids That Keep Food Cold.

There are several things to think of when you are about to purchase a lunch box or lunch bag for school.

  • Think about the age of your student. What is going to appeal to them and be age appropriate.
  • Does the lunch container need to be insulated or have a freezer pack to keep food cold? If there is no fridge to keep the lunches in, this could be a real safety concern.
  • What kind of closure does the bag have? This is a two-fold issue. The container needs to close securely, but be easy enough for your kids to open.
  • Do you need a lunch kit that will fit your containers? There are some lovely lunch kits that have containers included.
  • What style and design does your child want for the decoration on their lunch box? Are they enthralled with new movies, love graphic design, or want a low key incognito storage unit for their lunches? So many choices are available.

Best Insulated Lunch Boxes For Kids That Keep Food Cold

The Fit and Fresh Bento Lunch Kit is, in my opinion, the best choice for packing a kids lunch for school. It comes in a choice of lunch box patterns.

The outer lunch bag has a wonderfully strong zipper and a convenient, reinforced carry handle. It is made of insulated, non PCV materials.

The 3 included lunch containers fit perfectly inside the case. There is one container that is perfect for a sandwich or main course. The two smaller containers are just the right size for yogurt and fruit or any other snacks. These containers are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Inside the lid is an area to snap in the 2 ice packs that are part and parcel of this childrens lunch kit. The gel in the ice packs are non toxic and sized to fit like a glove.

This lunch kit will fit inside a back pack and will give you food safe worry free storage for your kids school meals. These can be used for other after school activities too! Click here for more Fit & Fresh kids lunch kits for more selection of sizes and designs.

Check out this unique lunch storage solution for your kids! This portable insulated container is constructed of stainless steel and is fully vacuum insulated. It is rated as one of the best lunch boxes for kids to keep food cold.

There are 3 choices of designs from Vaya for the outer shell. It opens and closes with a metal lateral latch and has a sturdy carry handle.

Inside this oval eco-friendly, BPA free case are 2 food storage containers made of copper coated stainless steel.

These containers are for your food. Each dish holds 10 oz of food and the positive pressure lids are spill proof as well as assisting in maintaining food temperature.

There is a removable food partition for the internal containers that will allow you to carry 4 different foods without having them touch.

What a beautiful way to keep your childs lunch food safe. Hot food keeps for 5 - 6 hours and cold food for up to 6 hours. "Tyffyn" is a new technology that is re-usable and kid friendly. Wash in the top rack of the dishwasher.

This is the ultimate in lunch bags for kids. It is freezable!! Yes, the whole bag folds up and goes in the freezer.

The freezable bag has a non-toxic gel built in between the walls of the bag. Just fold the bag and put in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. The gel freezes and keeps their food cold for hours.

The bag is made of poly-canvas and is lined with a food safe, water resistant lining. There is a sturdy velcro closure. The buckle style handle is durable.

This insulated lunch tote comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. The bag folds for easy storage in or out of the freezer. What a great way to keep food cold!

Click here for many more choices of Packit Insulated bags for all ages of kids (or adults). This is a hardy, food safe storage item for your kids lunch.

These insulated lunch boxes were made specifically for kindergarden or grade 1 kids. The lunch containers are the perfect size for a sandwich, a drink box and a snack. Your little monkey will go bananas for this lunch kit. There are other cute animal choices too!

Skip Hop Zoo makes these little zip up lunch boxes. Other than the BPA free insulated interior, this nifty, kids sized lunch box has an interior mesh pocket for cutlery, serviette etc., and a cute little name tag, perfect for personalizing with your little one name.

The top handle can be hooked onto a backpack. This particular line of lunch boxes has matching kids backpacks, water bottles and food containers.

Click here for the complete line of Skip Hop Zoo lunch products, so you can mix and match to satisfy your hungry kids!

Movie Themed Lunch Boxes For Kids

What kid doesn't like the latest animated and non-animated children's movies. Whatever the latest box office hit, your princess or hero would love to have a lunch box depicting their favorite TV or movie characters. Here are some blockbuster themed lunch kits.

Lego Batman was released in 2017. It is such a popular addition to the the Lego movie series. 

This is the ideal kids lunchbox for your young man.  This insulated, food safe lunch kit has dual storage. There is a zippered bottom compartment, perfect for a sandwich or small ice pack.

The larger top compartment is perfect for other lunchables. Zippers are durable and there is a padded carry strap.

The front of the lunch box depicts the Lego Batman and the bat symbol. The city of Gotham in shades of orange and yellow are a backdrop to the superhero.  The back of the lunch pack is blue, and there is a name tag that is encased in a clear vinyl sealable pocket.

This lunch container measures 9" x 8" x 5". Your Lego fan will be so excited to pack his lunch for school in this great lunch kit.

Disney Decendants 2 is another 2017 movie that has a themed lunch kit. It was released on Disney Channel. Disney movies are such good family entertainment.

This is a charming lunch kit featuring 3 of the stars of the movie on the front. The quote "Trouble is Here" is printed boldly on the cover.

It is perfect for the tween in your life.  The insulated lunch box has a zip closure and a padded carry handle.

The basic color of the case is black with gold trim. It will keep her cold stuff cold and her warm stuff warm.

The measurements of this cool lunch box for kids is 9.5 x 4 x 7.5 inches. Perfect to a good, healthy lunch! cold

Be on top of the newest movie trends with this Disney inspired lunch container.

The emoji movement is crazy! Have you seen the Emoji movie? July 17th every year is World Emoji Day. Emojis have evolved along with the electronic and technical communication evolution.

This insulated black neoprene lunch satchel features many of the most popular emojis. There is a sturdy inside zipper in this cool bag and oval key-hole reinforced handles sewn into the top of the lunch box.

The eco-friendly PVC and BPA free lunch kit measures 11.42" x 10.43" x 5.1" and is 8.7" deep. Wash this bag on the gentle cycle and air dry.

 This expressive lunch tote is waterproof and roomy enough for a good, healthy lunch. You will get a happy face when you present your little emoji fans with this bag.

A good idea is to place a small ice pack in the bag that will allow food safety for longer than the 2-4 hours advertised. Its a great way to keep food cold.

When you go to this vendor, Violet Mist, you will find that there are many other graphics to choose from in this line of neoprene lunch boxes for kids (and adults).

3D lunch Boxes for Kids That Keep Food Cold

Little kids will love these 3D lunch boxes. Featuring many of their TV and movie animated heros, they will be so happy to carry these insulated lunch bags to school.

This cute minion faced soft sided lunch box is so cute. The eyes and glasses are the 3-D item on a yellow face.

There is a water bottle included in the branded holder. The top of the water bottle is a pull up sports nozzle. The bottle is in matching yellow and the cap is blue.

There is a black padded handle that is kid tough and a sturdy black zipper to open the lunch container.

The inside of this insulated lunch tote is washable.

Click here for more adorable characters in the 3-D lunch box line. They are a new and unique style of lunch boxes for kids.

Personalized Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Are you looking for a plain old fashioned metal lunch box? Sometimes simple is better, depending on you food transport and storage needs. Retro is in after all!

This is the coolest old style lunch box with a really modern twist. It can be personalized!!! This is super cool and so exciting.

First, your child can pick their color. Then, once purchase is cleared, the vendor sends you an email where they can pick out their favorite super hero graphic and then a name or personalized text is added.

The background is all the favorite hero cartoon action bubbles. Pow! Boom! The most original and unique lunch kit imaginable.

The stainless lunch box measures 6.8" x 7.8" x 4.2 inches. and has a metal latch closure and a collapsable plastic handle.

You will be a superhero when you get a personalized lunch bucket like this!

Click here for other retro style metal lunch buckets. Vintage looks are all the rage, and metal is a durable, washable material.

Thank you so much for visiting my article on the  lunch boxes for kids that keep food cold. Back to school shopping can be stressful. I am happy to have provided you with a selection of the newest and best reviewed items for cold lunch storage. Cool school stuff for 2017 should include supplies that both you and your kids will approve of! 

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Lunch Boxes For Kids that Keep Food Cold