What're The Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boys?

What're the best toys for 5 year old boys? Boys this age need stimulation, education, fun and a chance to use their imagination. Toys that can be played with others are important, as are toys to relax and have a bit of quiet time with.

This selection of boys toys for the kindergarten aged kids will provide you with the newest and highest rated gift ideas for your youngster.



Do you want unique and fun interactive toys for 5 year old boys? One of the newest and highest rated interactive toys this year are Fingerlings. So cute, cuddly and react to your child. They come in different colors with different names.

What is a fingerling you ask? It is an adorable little baby monkey that clings to your finger or his blanket and interacts with your child.

This featured monkey is Quinn. He is black with blue neon hair. He blinks, makes monkey noises and reacts to motion and sound.

Finn will also blow kisses, turns his head and swings by his tail.

This is an inexpensive toy and will provide hours of entertainment. Its like having a little pet. What a great gift idea!

He measures 3.1 x 3.1 x 4.9 inches and takes 4 LR44 batteries which are included.

A 90 day warranty is included, and the manufacturer will back up their product

These amazing little Fingerlings come in an assortment of colors to suit every taste. They are unisex, so getting one for each child in your family is an excellent idea.

One of the the highest rated educational games for boys of this age group is the Marble Run Construction Toy by Metland. There are 122 pieces to build tracks to see the marbles go up, down and all around.

This is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) construction set that will enable your child to construct numerous marble runs using tubes, tunnels, funnels, windmills and tracks that all easily interlock. The possibilities are limitless.

Your child will learn hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and problem solving skills, not to mention a measure of patience.

Using the enclosed easy to follow instructions, your child will assemble the various pieces and learn about how angles will affect the speed and distance the marbles will travel.

The brightly colored, non toxic building materials are made of tough, kids proof ABS. There are no rough edges and go together easily.

You can feel good that you are giving your special 5 year old a gift that will teach him some basics of engineering and physics.

Using Play-Doh is a favorite fun activity for any boy in the preschool age group. Using their vivid imagination to mold and build things makes this one of the best toys for 5 year old boys. There are many tools and kits out there, but the Play-Doh Dispicable Me Disguise Lab is one of the favorite and highest rated packs that are available.

This kit is sooo cool. It comes complete with everything you need to make fun and hilarious disguises for the included two minions, Bob and Stuart.

You also get 4 cans of colored dough to create the projects.

Have the minions sit in the styling chair and help them grow hair, mustaches and beards. Style them with the included comb. Then cut it with the scissors and try again.

Use the molds to create accessories, like hats, ties and bananas. Then they can use their imaginations to have so many "detective" adventures.

Remember to have your kids using play-doh in an easy-to clean area, because thing are bound to get a little messy, as is common when using the malleable dough.

This is so much more practical than finding your  year old cutting his sisters hair or giving the family pet a new hairdo!

Click here for more cans of colored play-doh to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. This is a great idea for an indoor activity on a rainy day. Play-doh is a trusted brand and loved by kids everywhere.

A great toy for a 5 year old that doesn't live with you is a guitar! The little recipient will be grinning ear to ear. Perhaps you can placate the parent(s) by reminding them that they may have a future rock star on their hands.

What would be cooler for a boy than an acoustic 6 string guitar built smaller for little 5 year old fingers . This is a beginner TOY guitar only. It does not have the tone of a more expensive model

The strings are made of nylon, so if your child get serious, I would recommend upgrading to a better quality instrument. 

This is a 30 inch working guitar which is made of acrylic, so it is tough. The fretboard is made of rosewood.

The guitar is tunable and has finger protectors so those tender little fingers don't get injured.

Another nice features is the stickers that will help your young musician learn notes.

Learning to play a musical instrument at a young age can lead to years of playing. A love of music is a wonderful thing to nurture.

Games that help children learn while they are having fun are great for 5 year old boys. Playing card games such as Smarty Pants will help develop memory, color identification, turn taking social skills, all while having a great time.

Melissa and Doug Toys have been a number one staple for quality childrens toys and games for years and years. 

These colorfully illustrated cards have games, tongue twisters, puzzles and great humorous quips, as well as interesting facts.

The cards can be stored in the provided case. With 120 cards, the adults may even learn a thing or two.

These are a great idea for a road trip! It helps to eat up the hours when kids get bored easily.

Once your little marvel has finished with this set of cards,there are more advanced level of Smarty Pants brain building cards available.

When it comes to building toys for 5 year old boys, Laser Peg kits are an excellent choice. They are durable and easy to snap together. The wheels turn and the units light up. So cool!

The Laser Peg 6 in 1 Monster Truck Set is perfect for a 5 to 8 year old builder. All the items needed to create one of 6 different monster trucks are included.

  • All the interlocking pieces are included in this set, as well as detailed instructions on assembly.
  • The LED light up component comes with the watch type battery needed to make it work
  • The clear pieces connected to the power base and laser peg will become illuminated once attached. The on/off switch has a steady or blink option.
  • The company stands behind its product and is easy to deal with

This top rated toy for is an excellent choice to provide hours of fun while constructing. They will enjoy playing with the project post build, using their imaginations to take their light up toy on great adventures.

If you are looking for interactive toys for 5 year old boys, walkie talkies may be just what you need. Pre-school age kids have so much fun talking to each other (or an adult) from another room. They can become covert spies on an important mission, or solve a mystery.

This walkie-talkie set from Little Pretender is made specifically for kids. It has a range of 2 miles and has 3 channels.

The blue hand held devices are durable and have a belt clip. There is a well lit LCD display. The unit "beeps" when you stop transmitting. The incoming call alert is clear, as is the voice exchange.

There is a built in flashlight, perfect for your little detective to see those hidden items, or for lighting up outdoor discoveries.

Other handsets can be added to the same channel if you desire more than 2 participants.

The cool kids walkie talkies need 3 AA batteries that are not included

A great parent tip is to use these devices when at the local grocery store or department store. You keep one and let your little one have the other. That way if you somehow get separated, you will still have contact.

Kids binoculars are also fun and useful toys for 5 year old boys. Our grandkids are always pestering "poppa" to look through his binoculars. 

These extra tough, shockproof binoculars will give your child a whole new way to explore the wonderful world we live in.

They provide 8x21 magnification, which is quite alot. You can see quite far away and the zoom is clear.

The nose pieces are adjustable to help the the binocular lenses fit your young fellows eyes correctly. There is a dial for the amount of zoom/clarity also. Kids pick up on how to use them easily.

Included in this binocular set is an instruction book for care and use of the item, a neck cord for holding the binoculars and a handy carry case to protect and transport them. A cool cleaning cloth keeps your lenses clean.

This affordable American made product will provide hours of exploration. These are real binoculars, not just a toy. What a great way to explore the world outside, or even get "close-up" through a window when stuck inside.

Boys of this kindergarten age love to play dressup, and this is an amazing thing. It seems that once a boy gets a costume on, their imagination lights up like the skies on the Fourth of July.

This Ninja costume is just so cool. What is more fun than pretending to be a ninja!

This boys small dressup item is just the right size for a five year old boy. It. is available in other sizes too

The costume includes a one piece jumpsuit with attached hood, ties, a cool belt with foam stars and face mask.

The material is polyester and hand washing is suggested.

There are other accessories available for your martial arts master. Click here for a cool ninja weapon set that will accessorize the costume perfectly.

No matter what your child likes to dress up as, there will be a costume available to tuck in the tickle trunk or toy chest. Look forward to hours of imaginative role playing with these favorite playtime items.

One of the more popular toys for 5 year old boys are robots. And even better, how about a remote control police robot? Kids toys have continued to develop in so many amazing ways!

This is one talented robot! He can sing and dance and walk and shoot little darts from his chest. He has a light up gun and his visor lights up too. He makes cool robot sounds. What is cooler that a robot who dances the robot? It will make everyone chuckle.

He comes with handheld remote that is easy for little fingers to use. The robot has an auto shutoff to save batteries. He requires 5 AA batteries, 2 for the remote control and 3 for the robot itself. There is an on/off switch too.

The robot is about thirteen inches in height. He is white with dark grey/back trim. The remote is in a matching color. There are 7 darts included. 5 go in the machine and there are 2 extra for ones that go missing.

This cute robot is amusing and fun and has many functions that a little boy will love. Be prepared for many space odysseys and extra terrestrial shenanigans when your 5 year old and his robot police buddy conquer the universe.

Click here for more AA batteries to keep this highly sought after robot running. Your kids will have hours and hours of fun with him.

Wizard or Magician kits make really cool educational toys for 5 year old boys. Boys are entranced with magic tricks, and love to show off their new skills in sleight of hand to friends and family.

This kit is a combination of science and "magic". This is the perfect recipe to keeping your little wizards and warlocks enthused while learning.

The Magic Science Lab contains all the ingredients your spell caster needs to make 9 different projects.

Begin by making your own magic wand and magician hat. Then use the enclosed chemicals and test tubes to make colorful, frothy, foamy experiments that look like magic.

The magical ingredients, coloring compunds and chemicals include citric acid, baking soda, zinc, vegetable oil, polyacrylate polymer and various colorings including beet juice powder.

Also enclosed is a stand for the test tubes and an easy to follow instruction book.

The basis for tales of alchemy in story books is, of course, chemistry. What a wonderful, magical way to learn.

This number one selling science kit is also a STEM toy for 5 year old boys. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All good foundations for an inquisitive young mind.

Does your child have trouble concentrating or sitting still? Fidget toys have been shown to aid in concentration and gives those busy little fingers something to do when your little boy needs to sit still. They are excellent for kids with ADHD and youngsters that deal with anxiety issues. Every 5 year old boy is energetic, and these give them something to do at the doctor or dentist office when they need to sit still and be quiet.

The fidget spinner has been promoted on many talk shows as one of the best anti anxiety toys available.

Made of durable materials and comprised of bright colors, this spinner will spin on a flat, smooth surface for up to three minutes.

When not spinning on a table or floor, it is comfortable in the hands and fingers.

The texture is interesting, and there are several ways to rotate the toy or spin it in your fingers.

The fidgiter can be easily carried in a pocket, or stored in a case or drawstring bag.

There are a multitude of colors and shapes for the popular spinning toy.

Click here for a great selection of Fidget Spinners to choose from. A good idea is to have a selection of these affordable items, in case your lad misplaces one!

Fidget cubes are another popular anti stress toy that will be fun to fiddle with when your 5 year old needs to stay focused.

Each side of these hand held cubes offers something different for the fingers to occupy themselves with.

There are buttons to push, balls to roll, switches to flip wheels to spin, clickers to click, and a nice smooth side to rub.

There are many different patterns available for these cute dice shaped cubes.

When your child is getting bored on a long car, bus or plane trip, this would be a good distraction to help pass the time quietly.

Click here for more choices of fidget cube designs and colors. They are a great way to use nervous energy and to help your child stay calm and focused.

Does your 5 year old love to play with action figures? So many adventures can be reenacted, or created from your childs favorite movie, TV or book characters.

One of the most poular action figure sets are from the Marvel Avengers movies.

Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man make a superb trio of crime fighting awesomeness! 

Each figure pivots at the neck, shoulders and hips and measures between 11 and 12 inches high.

Captain America comes with a shield. All the superheros come with their costumes as part of the doll. They cannot be undressed. The attention to detail on these plastic figurines is remarkable.

The universe is sure to be protected and rescued several times a day when your pre-schooler uses his vivid imagination to embark on super hero adventures with these boys action dolls.

Lego is one of the all time favorite construction toys for 5 year old boys. Lego is fun, and pieces can be interchanged and used in other projects. Lego teaches manual dexterity and the develops the ability to follow directions.

  • Lego City is the newest lego collection set made especially for boys aged 5 and up. 
  • This Lego City Set makes a train station, a taxi, and has railroad track that will attach to other City lego projects.
  • The station has a food kiosk, cash register, glass doors that open, a train map and a store.
  • The train platform has a roof, 2 monitors and a clock. Other accessories on the platform include a bike stand and a bicycle.
  • There are 5 mini figures in the package. Characters are a chef, a taxi driver, 2 passengers and a conductor.
  • A cool yellow taxi rounds out this kit. What a great imaginative building set.

There are 423 pieces in this set, recommended for ages 5 to 12. Click here for more Lego City sets to add to the collection. Your city project can grow with your Lego fan. Happy building!

Are you looking for great outdoor toys for 5 year old boys? A hopping ball is a blast, both for your child and for you to watch!

This 18 inch kangaroo ball is just so darn cute, it will make you LOL! The sun-glass dude is so cool, he cant help but make you smile. And your kids will be totally enthralled.

The yellow hippity hop ball is made of government approved materials and comes with a handy pump for inflating the toy.

There is a handle on top which makes it easier for your young man to hold on while he is bouncing all over.

The exercise ball teaches your energetic child coordination and balance, as well as burning off all that amazing energy.

These balls are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes, so you can find a ball that is just perfect.

Why not get one for yourself? Then you can have some family fun time too! You are guaranteed many laughs and giggles as you master this fun activity.

Click here for more cool designs and sizes of hop balls for your whole family! What a great gift idea!

What're the best toys for 5 year old boys? A bicycle is ALWAYS a good gift choice for active boys of this age who live in an area where they can ride. I have a feeling that ever since the wheel was discovered, boys have been trying to ride them.

This freestyle BMX type bike is available in different sizes. There are 2 common size choices for a 5 year old. One is the 16 inch, which will fit a 38" to 48" inch tall child. The second is an 18 inch, which is recommended for a kid who is 42" to 52" tall.

Accessories on this 2 wheeled beauty include a water bottle and holder, removable heavy duty training wheels, an easily adjustable seat, and a bell.

The drive shaft has ball bearings and there is a good quality full chain guard. The steel wheels have 2.4 inch wide knobby tires. The bike frame is well constructed and durable.

There is a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake for quick and fluid stops. The shaped seat is comfortable.

Imagine the delight in growing from training wheels to independent 2 wheel freedom! This bike is available in a selection of colors. Combining safety, style and comfort, this bike is a must have piece of sports equipment. Click here for helmet and knee and elbow pads to ensure that your free wheeler is safe.

There are many good books available for the 5 year old child. Reading is one of the most useful skills that a youngster can learn. It is proven that reading books to your child will help foster an interest in reading, writing and the development of imagination and creative skills.

The Giant Jumperee is a new kids book that was released in April of 2017.

The author is Julia Donaldson, who is a renowned childrens writer. She has written over 100 childrens books. Another one of her famous kids book is The Gruffalo.

Helen Oxenbury illustrates this book with her famous portrayals of story characters.

The 32 page storybook tells of a rabbit who comes home to hear a booming voice coming from his burrow. The voice claims to be the giant Jumperee.

The rabbit enlists the aid of his friends, cat, bear and elephant to try to aid in discovering who owns the loud voice in his house.

This story is written in an easy to read style, interspersed with cute little rhymes. This book is sure to become a classic bedtime tale to be read over and over.

Hot wheels cars have always been one of the top toys for 5 year old boys. Oh, the adventures they have, while rolling the cars and making appropriate noises to go with the action toys.

This 20 pack of Hot Wheels cars are a great starter pack, either to play with or to start a collection. Some folks have collected these little 1:64 scale die cast cars for years, and it has become a popular hobby. Kids trade cars too, in order to add some new cars to their collections, especially if they end up with duplicate cars.

You never know exactly what cars you will get in your pack, but thats all part of the fun.

There are several accessories, different vehicles, and sets available for Hot Wheel cars. There are trains, motorcycles, service vehicles and so many more.

A good idea is to have a small storage bin with a lid for all these little gems.

Your boy and his friends will spend hours playing with this very cool set of toy cars. What a good way to spend a rainy, dreary day.

The Criss-Cross Crash Track set from Hot Wheels is an excellent addition to your Hot Wheels car collection.

There are over 16 feet of track with this set! It is durable, easy to set up and has so many features. It will require about 3 square feet of room for the finished project.

The orange and blue interlocking track is shaped in a figure 8 pattern. There are opening and closing chutes and electronic power launch boosters.

Be prepared for awesome crashes and exciting near misses as your child races the cars around the hairpin corners

There is a huge crash zone to land the cars in, and 4 intersections where cars can collide.

The kit includes one Hot Wheels car, but most all of the name brand cars will work on this race track.

This kid friendly race track required 4 batteries that are not included to operate the launcher. Click here to get the D cell batteries if you don't have them on hand. The enclosed instructions are easy to follow.

The ultimate cool gift for a 5 year old boy would be a child sized motorized police trike! What a way to allow your child the privilege of learning the proper operation of a motor vehicle safely.

This 12 Volt motorcycle police cruiser has two forward speeds of 2.5 and 5.0 miles per hour. There is a reverse gear as well. A hand throttle accelerator and hand twist brake are mounted on the handlebars.

The lighting system has headlights, signal lights and hazard lights. There is also a cool siren to help them catch the bad guys.

There are a set of rear view mirrors, a windshield and floor boards. 

Detailing includes the V-Twin replica "motor", saddlebags, a cargo trunk and an antenna.

The white kids "harley" cruiser is decorated with police decals and a star!

There is an included charger for the 12 volt battery to keep your little motorcyclist powered up.

The length fron to back is 49". It stands 32" high and the width is 24". Manufactured in the USA, it is sure to be a favorite toy. Be sure to recharge the battery after each use.

Thanks for visiting my article. I know it will help you discover what're the best toys for 5 year old boys. This is such a fun age, and I am glad to have provided you with some very good choices for toys and gifts that are fun and that will help them spend quality play time.



Whatre The Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boys