Eye Catching Disney Moana Printable Art Pictures and Wall Decor For Kids

Does your Disney princess fan love Moana, and does she want some Moana wall decor?  Disney Moana Printable Art Pictures and wall decor for kids are an affordable option to decorate your childs room. Moanas ocean adventure story takes place in exotic Polynesia, so Moana tropical wall art is a huge item on the request list!. Printable wall decorations are unique, beautiful and can be downloaded from your home computer via email. You then print out your tropical wall hangings from your home computer. Frame the printed artwork and you have a beautiful wall hanging.

Disney Moana Printable Art Pictures and Wall Decor For Kids

Disney Moana Printable Art Pictures and Wall Decor for Kids

Etsy is an online market place that showcases products that are hand made or hand crafted by artisans from around the world. There are several good reasons to buy products from Etsy.

  • Supporting an individual artist rather than a multi-million dollar corporation builds the economy.
  • Items bought from Etsy are unique and wont be found in department stores.
  • You are helping creative artists thrive in a tough world where creativity is sometimes quashed.
  • You are helping families from around the world to be self supporting.

Disney Moana Wall Art Quotes

Disney movies are known for their memorable quotes. The Disney Moana princess movie is no exception. Great, soon to become classic quotes about the quest to discovering and accepting yourself, your purpose and celebrating your own individuality and dreams. All while learning appreciation for the others around us who positively impact our lives. These are all great inspirations for our children.

Princess Moana Inspirational Quotes

Other Moana Disney Character Quotes

Maui and Hei Hei have important things to say. Tamatoa needs to get his appetite appeased and have his say in matters also. These colorful characters will grace your Moana Hawaiian themed decor. Your young ones will get a giggle out of these cute graphics and sayings. This printable wall art is just so adorable. What a great gift idea for a kid!

Downloadable and Printable Disney Moana Song Lyric Art Prints

Keeping a song in your heart is easy with these wonderful examples of downloadable and printable Disney Moanal art pictures and wall decor for kids. The Disney Moana soundtrack is incredible and so are these hand crafted lyric quote prints by talented graphic artists. I am sure that these beautiful songs will be popular for years.

More Moana Disney Songs, Lyrics and Quotes

Whats better than one amazing printable Moana princess quote or popular lyric wall hanging? More wall hangings depicting the wild, wonderful and whacky adventure quotes from Disneys newest princess movie. Here is some more printable art pictures and wall decor for kids. Some of these amazing pieces of artwork would look great in a Moana themed bedroom for kids. Imagine your childs delight at waking up to reading some of these inspirational quotes.

Moana Disney Princess Graphics for Your Wall decor

Moana is a bright, precocious teenager and her side kicks are colorful and adorable. These hand crafted, colorful Polynesian Moana art pictures will bring your little island princesses wall alive with color. Is there a Moana themed party upcoming? These would make a great birthday gift for any little voyager. Strength, determination and compassion are some of the strengths portrayed by these printable Moana wall decor art pictures for kids.

Disney Moana Kids Potty Chart

Bright and colorful in its tropical splendor, a Disney Moana Potty Training Chart is mothers helper as well as an incentive for your child. This beautiful chart can be personalized with your princesses name and picture. What a great way to keep track of those successful moments. Using some Disney Moana Mini Stickers to reward your little voyager would be so appreciated.

Thank you for visiting my article about Disney Moana printable art pictures and wall decor for kids. A good tip is to hang your Disney Moana wall decor at your child's eye level. That way they can truly enjoy the wonderful thought and effort these home spun artists have put into their graphic art.  I hope this was a helpful and informative post for you. Happy decorating!

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Disney Moana Printable Art Pictures And Wall Decor For Kids

Fantabulous Disney Princess Moana Costumes for Kids

Does your sweet princess like to play dressup games? Disney Princess Moana Costumes for Kids are simply adorable! Its so easy to create tropical Polynesian style princess Moana costumes girls will love. Moana costumes are sure to be a super popular request for birthday parties and Halloween costume parties this year too. And for the little boy who wants to dress up as Maui, the demi-god, this is such an easy costume too! 

Disney Princess Moana Costumes for Kids

Other Disney Moana characters that would make great costume ideas include the following.

  • Pua, the adorable and perky pig would be a great costume for a baby. Use face paint to make a cute oinky nose,  pink cardboard ears glued on a hair band, and an appropriate piggy colored sleeper. Add a curly tail and voila!
  • Hei Hei, the comical, colorful Rooster could be a fun Disney Moana dress-up idea for kids of any age. Crafting a rooster hat would be a fun craft project.
  • And we cannot forget the ferocious Kakamora in their coconut armor as a fun Moana costume idea for those tough little coconuts. Use paper bags and paint them up fiercely.
  • Maui the demi-god can wear a straw skirt over his pants and have some temporary tattoos. Add a manly fish hook necklace as the magical talisman and your boy can be transformed.

Disney Princess Moana Costumes for Kids

Moana of Oceana is usually dressed in a grass skirt, covered by colorful Hawaiian print scarves. Her reef sandals are adorned with sea shells. She wears a Hawaiian style tropical, sleeveless crop top.

Disneys Moana usually wears a tropical flower crown or a Hawaiian plumeria flower in her long black hair. She sports a blue green pendant which holds the heart gem of the Island goddess Te Fiti.

Complete Moana Princess Costumes for Girls

Amazon Costumes for Girls

Amazon online sells these complete 2 piece costume sets for Disney Moana dress up days. They all feature the traditional Polynesian skirt and a cute little tropical summer top. The top and hip scarf are in a bright orange pattern and the skirts consist of a grass or straw colored base covered with a crochet type tribal overskirt. Costumes are available to order in different sizes.

Etsy Costumes for Disneys Moana

Etsy is an online shopping site that features hand crafted articles made by artisans. If you are looking for unique, good quality items that cannot be found in a department store, these hand made items will suit you to a tee. Some of these busy entrepreneurs have created some lovely Disney princess Moana costumes for kids.

These lovely Polynesian style Disney Moana costumes for girls are each one of a kind. All your little girls and tween girls will be so excited to wear one of these tropical one of a kind costumes.

Moana Disney Baby Costumes

Baby Moana costumes for your sweet baby! Just like baby Moana in the movie, your little one will be a Polynesian princess. Your baby or toddler will look so adorable in these specially custom designed Disney Moana dress up outfits. Hand made with loving care, these items will be sure to draw comments. Materials used in these lovely items are cotton and lace. These frilly little costumes will melt your heart.

Disney Princess Moana Girls Tutu Costumes

A tutu is so much fun! Feminine, flouncy and frilly, there are tutus for any age. Moana tutu outfits are a great dress up option. Pull one of these sweet costumes out of the tickle trunk on the next rainy day and see where her imagination sails off to. These little ensembles would be great for a birthday party or Halloween too!

Disney Moana Tropical Skirts and Cute Kids Aprons

Disney Moana pretty Polynesian Skirts

Skirts are the perfect quick costume essential. They can be worn with any top suitable for weather conditions. Skirts can be worn with leggings for comfort. These cotton skirts can be even worn to school. The hula skirt is fun for the beach over a swim suit. The creator of these home made items put tons of forethought into these eye catching wardrobe pieces.

Princess Moana Cute Kids Aprons for Dressing Up

Aprons are ideal for wearing over any kind of clothing. Whether your princess is playing dress-up or wearing over an actual dress, Moana aprons are simply beautiful. They could be worn for cooking, but they are so dressy. Layer the sweet aprons over pants or leggings and she can wear long sleeves or short sleeves as well as going sleeveless choices for her shirt. Add a long black wig and a hair flower and Moana is ready to voyage! 

Disney Moana Style Kids Tank Tops and Cute Tube Tops

Lovely tribal print tops will "top off" your princesses Disney Moana costume for kids. These adorable tank tops and sweet tube tops are perfect for those hot summer days at the beach or to attend a Moana dress up party. During colder months, slip a long sleeve shirt under these Moana summer cotton blouses. Tropical orange with offsetting brown earth tones and shell trims are the predominant colors for these cute shirts.

The Best Beach Sandals for a Disney Moana Princess

If your petite voyager is going out in public with her amazing princess Moana costume, cool and cute footwear is part of the complete package. There are so many choices for little girl Moana shoes.

The crocheted toddler baby sandals with a matching headband are so adorable. Disney Moana decorated velcro closure sneakers and warm, fuzzy slippers set are just too cute. Hand crafted "Greek" Boho style girls sandals are so colorful and the pompoms are a sweet addition.

The beaded tropical princess sandals are hand made in Kenya and are a fair trade item. They are created by a self help group. You would get the individual story of the artisan from Nairobi along with this item. An excellent opportunity to help a native aritsan become self supporting in a country that is struggling. These would be great for your tween or teenager Moana fan.

Shoes from the Disney Moana store on Amazon include the ever popular crocs, and what summer would be complete without a pair of Moana flip flops?

Can it get any cuter?? Mommy and me shoes!! Mom and daughter matching outfits are all the rage. Hand crafted leather with colorful beading and trim make these coordinating adult and child Moana sandals very eye catching.

Disney Moana Dress Up Trunk Accessories

Moana Disney Kids Dress Up Wigs

Part of a Disney Princess Moana costume will often include a princess wig. Moana has long, curly dark brown, almost black hair. 

A great idea for the girl who is pretending to be an island princess is a black kids braided yarn hair wig. This long braid hair extension is attached to a lovely crown covered in pink plumeria flowers.

Synthetic kids wigs are a great, affordable option for your Moana dress-up needs. These black girls Moana wigs accurately portray Moana's thick, wavy hair.

Hawaiian Flower Hair Accessories Fit For a Princess

The crowning touch to any Disney princess Moana costume would be tropical flowers for her gorgeous hair. These items will all make your adventurous girl feel like royalty.

A printable Moana crown is so easy and affordable. These economical hair adornments can be emailed to you, then downloaded to your home computer and printed off on cardstock paper. Just cut the headbands out and staple them together. These creative cutouts and the 12 pack of multicolored hibiscus hair clips would make a great birthday party sharing item.

Moana decorated hair clips and bows give a true Oceana look to her dress up outfit. There are several types of bright, flowery crowns and hair bands that would be ideal for wearing on any occasion.

For the older teen or tween, the hand made cowrie shell and freshwater pearl head band would make a unique one-of-a-kind boho gift.


Moana Neckaces that Will Make her Heart Sail

The heart of the Island Goddess, Te Fiti is worn as a pendant around Moanas neck for part of this new Disney movie. It is a crucial talisman to restore life to Oceana and all its inhabitants. There are simple and inexpensive kids fashion pendant necklaces and also more valuable real gem pendants.

There are singing pendants and light up necklace options for these Moana inspired heart of the Island jewelry pieces.

Moana Disney character portrait necklaces are a winner for Moana jewelry. These adorable Disney Moana princess costume accessories are affordable and will be a welcome addition to the jewelry box or tickle trunk.

All of these colorful and imaginative kids jewelry necklaces depict Moana and/or Moana and her friends. Imagine your little one play acting while wearing one of these unique jewelry pieces. These are hand made and sold in Etsy online and will not be found in department stores.

Of course, a flowery Hawaiian Lei is an amazing prop for kids dress up time. The topical lei is a gold standard standby for Polynesian princesses!

Planning A Party? Check Out Our Cool Moana Birthday Party Ideas!


I appreciate your visit to my article on fantabulous Disney princess Moana costumes for kids. My wish is that dress-up games and play acting experiences will lead to your kids into having a wonderful imaginations that will take them places in their future. I hope you found the perfect Moana costume for your child's birthday party, Halloween party or dressup play!

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Disney Princess Moana Costumes for Kids to Play Dress Up or Parties

Disney Moana Printable Planner Stickers - Decorate Your Own Planner

You have a busy life! Are you wondering how to organize it all? Do you use a planner and love the new Disney princess movie? One way to use a planner effectively and to nurture your fascination for Moana is to use Disney Moana Printable Planner Stickers. These are bright, colorful and cheerful daily planner stickers that can used as to remind you of upcoming tasks and events. Keeping track of your daily task checklist will be a tropical breeze with these oh, so cute stickers.

Disney Moana Printable Planner Stickers

Disney Moana Printable Planner Stickers

Where can your Disney Moana Printable Planner Stickers be Used?

  • Daily planners are the cats meow for those with hectic lifestyles. Unique day planner stickers are one of the best ways to use a planner.
  • Kids journals for school can be personalized with adhesive stickers featuring the adorable Disney Moana characters.
  • Fridge or wall calendars are an ideal place to put Moana stickers. Help the whole family keep their important appointments when posted with tropical flair.
  • Diaries are important for both children and adults. Whether it is a personal diary or a diary of work accomplishments, you can be sure that reading and writing in your diary will be so much more enjoyable with life planner stickers to view.
  • Kids chore lists will be more fun to follow with Disney Moana planner stickers.
  • Fun art projects for children can be decorated with these beautiful planner stickers

Planner Sticker Printables for Disney Moana

Etsy is a marketplace where artisans, crafters and entrepreneurs that create their own products showcase and sell their unique designs. Each product bought from them supports a real person. So these beautiful creations are unique and will not be found in a department store.

After ordering you will be sent a digital file by email. You will need printable sticker paper to print the product from your computer. Then cut out your stickers and voila! The perfect planner stickers are ready to use.

These printable Disney Moana planner stickers are incredible! These are unique and handcrafted by graphic artists and will become favorite Disney princess stickers.

User Friendly Pre-Printed Disney Moana Life Planner Stickers

These delightful sticker collections were created by graphic artists and are being sold on Etsy. The artist pre-prints the sheets of planning stickers out themselves on high gloss, kiss cut sheets of sticker paper. Then they are mailed to you. They are easy to peel and fuss free. The bonus is that you get to support an artist by purchasing a well thought out original item.

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Thank you for visiting my article on Disney Moana Printable Planner Stickers. I am wishing you a happy, healthy, well organized day.

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Disney Moana Planner Stickers

Heartwarming Disney Moana Printable Valentines Cards for Kids

Disney Moana Printable Valentines Cards for kids are all the rage this year, especially with young girls! Kids will be delighted to receive and give these lovely Valentine cards, featuring Disney's newest princess. 

The Valentine cards featured below are all printable and can be printed on a home printer from your computer or phone. Some of these children's Valentines Day cards are instant download and some can be personalized with your child's name. They are unique and not sold in stores, which means your child won't be handing out the same Moana Valentines as the rest of the girls and boys who hand out Moana valentine cards. And you can bet that there will be a lot!

Disney's newest princess movie, Moana, provides colorful, tropical and absolutely stunning animation backgrounds that are ideal for adorable Moana themed Valentines Day cards. The Disney Moana characters are lovable and make picture perfect cards that your child will love to give to their friends.

Disney Moana Printable Valentine Cards For Kids

Fun And Unique Disney Moana Printable Valentines Cards For Kids

There are many advantages to using printables for creating cool Valentines Day cards.

  • You don't have to leave home! You can print off these unique cards from the comfort of your home computer station. All  you need is a computer and a printer. No lineups, no fuss, no muss, no bother. The cards are downloaded to your inbox.
  • If saving money is an important goal in your life, printable Valentines Day cards are often less expensive than store bought, boxed Valentine cards. Plain printing paper or card stock is all you need!
  • With some designs, a graphic designer will personalize these unique and fun Moana Valentines cards with your child's name. Your little voyager will be delighted seeing their name printed on the cards!
  • If you are short on time, or are looking for cards at the last minute, some designs are instant download, meaning you receive the printable file delivered to your email within minutes of checking out, and then have your child hand write the names on the cards.

Disney Moana Printable Valentines Cards

All your favorite Disney Moana characters grace the front of these brightly colored Valentine cards for children. The star of Oceana is the Disney princess Moana. Maui, the demi-god is a big, burly fellow and is Moana's co-star. Silly and sweet animated pets are Hei-Hei the rooster and Pua the pig. Gramma Tala and the kooky Kakamora round out the cast of characters.

Etsy is a selling site that is home to artisans who create their products. Each of these graphic artists has put a piece of their hearts into their creations. Be prepared to set sail on a sea of possibilities with these handcrafted Disney Moana printable Valentines Day cards!

Be sure you look on the vendor sites! There are so many Disney Moana printable Valentines cards for kids available, the hardest part is choosing just one. If you prefer the old fashioned, high gloss Valentines cards, some vendors sell the printed Valentine cards and will mail them to you. If you choose to go this route, be sure to order early to leave plenty of time to get them before February 14th. 

There is even a set of darling Valentine cards in which you can have your child's picture inserted. A couple of the artisans also offer color choices. These extraordinary cards would be perfect for handing out at a Valentine's themed Disney Moana party too! The possibilities are endless!

Disney's Moana printable Valentine cards are super fun to print out! They would make a wonderful winter craft for mom and kids to cut out together. It would be really fun to cut up some pineapple and bananas and serve them on skewers, along with some cheese for a snack, and a virgin Chi-Chis or Pina Coladas for a refreshing beverage. What a great way to chase away the winter blues and prepare for Valentines Day in a Moana of Oceana way.

Moana Printable Valentine Birthday Party Invitations

Are you a parent of a princess whose birthday happens to fall on Valentines Day? Take a look at these sweet, bright Disney Moana Valentine birthday party invitations. There are many Valentines birthday party ideas for a Disney Moana party too. The possibilities are endless! What a great way to stop the winter blues. There is nothing cuter and more heartwarming than a bunch of girls dressed in grass skirts dancing around the living room!

More Moana Party Printables Perfect For A Valentines Class Party

Disney Moana gift tags and printable bottle cap images are also great Valentines ideas for your little voyagers. Imagine all the squeals of delight from a child who receives one of these Hawaiian themed goodies! Or how about Disney Moana mini chocolate bar wrappers! What a unique and thoughtful Valentines Day gift! These are great additions to Disney Moana printable Valentines cards.

Just print these off on your home computer, cut them out with scissors and glue or staple onto the yummy treats!

Disney Moana Movie Available On DVD/Blu-Ray - March 7, 2017

The Moana movie is being released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 7, 2017. If your little princess is over the moon excited to see the movie, you can purchase a digital copy on Amazon Video beginning February 21st, a whole two weeks earlier than the DVD release.

Disneys newest princess, Moana, is not your typical princess. She is independent and does not have a prince. Maui, the demi-god is her compatriot in her adventures to restore the stolen heart of the Island goddess Te-Feti. By restoring this relic, she saves the world and her people as well as having an adventure in self-discovery.

Characters include her family, Grama Tala, and her parents Cheif Tui and Sina. She has beloved pets, Pua the pig, and Hei-Hei the hilarious, not so brainy bantam rooster. Hei-hei stores aboard her boat and accompanies her on her journey. Bad guys and gals include Tamatoa, the jewel encrusted crab, the small, fierce and cute Kakamora and Te-Ka, the lava goddess.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have found this collection of Disney Moana printable Valentines cards for kids helpful! I hope you and your child's Valentines Day is full of love and hope. 

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Disney Moana Printable Valentine Cards For Kids

Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor for Sweet Princess Dreams

You are wondering how to best create a Disney Princess bedroom with Disney Moana Bedroom Decor. I have the solution to your dilemma. Think tropical when choosing paint for a Polynesian themed room. Soft, soothing blues and greens will assist you to get that ocean paradise feel. Some bamboo or soft tan neutral tones would by my choice of door and window trim. Highlight your basic colors with splashes of hibiscus oranges or vibrant pinks to really set the stage for some brilliant eye catching Disney princess bedroom accessories.

Here is my list of must have Disney Moana Bedroom decor for your luau loving, grass skirt swaying Hawaiian angel. Your little voyager will be so impressed.

Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor

Disney Moana Bedroom Decor

Marvelous Disney Moana Bedding

Cozy Comforter Sets - Disney Moana Bed in a Bag

As with most Disney princess bed in a bag items, the Moana bedding items are attractive, colorful and well made. Materials are easy care and durable. Bedding ensembles are economical and you can rest easy in the knowledge that the bed in a bag collection will all match.

The 4 piece coral and light blue set fits a standard toddler mattress (28"x52") and includes fitted bottom sheet, top sheet, pillow case and comforter.  Imagine reading her Moana adventure books after she is snuggled into this gorgeous Disney princess comforter set.

The beautiful blue and pink set made for a twin bed has a fitted and flat sheet set, a pillow case, reversible comforter and a bonus tote bag! Your sweet pea would be thrilled with this!

This charmer  of a 6 piece full sized bedding ensemble comes with a reversible comforter and a plush throw blanket, perfect for those chilly nights! A perfect addition to your Disney Moana Bedroom Decor. On one side of the full sized comforter, Moana cuddles with Pua the precious pig, and on the other the Oceana star is posing in front of the ocean waves. This set also includes a fitted and flat sheet and 2 pillow cases.

Sweet bed Linens and Comforters for the Moana Fan

If you choose to create your own unique and personal Disney bedding collection item by item, there are comfy Disney sheet sets, Moana Polynesian princess pillow shams, and of course the ever popular Moana themed snuggly comforters and fleece blankets. I know your little starfish will be impressed.

Disney Moana sheets are adorable and make such a great addition to the Disney princess bedroom set! Crisp cotton sheets are comfortable and non irritating to sensitive skin. The sheets are easily laundered and require no special care. There is nothing nicer than crawling into a nice, clean set of sheets at the end of the day.

Tropical Decorative Throw Pillows, Disney Princess Moana pillow shams and Hawaiian themed pillow cases will accent her darling little head as she drifts of into the gentle ocean of sleep. We all know that getting a good nights sleep is imperative to developing and using good learning skills. A good nights sleep also leads to a better mood!

Some plump, plush Disney throw pillows will be appreciated by your tiny Moana or Maui. Materials both inside and outside of the Moana themed pillows are made of quality, non-allergenic materials. Kakamora pirates and the demi-god Maui will keep the boogeymen men away!

Easily washable handmade cotton Moana Disney Princess Pillow Shams are a practical addition to bedding for kids. These delightful pillow cases are affordable and feminine. Sailing into dreamland will be a breeze when her head touches the soothing ocean colors of the soft pillow cases.

What could be more comforting than a fashionable Princess Moana comforter. Even your tweens and teenagers will be happy to have a Princess quilts to cover their bed. Warm and easy care, comforters are wonderful gift choice for a child of any age. Warm and inviting colors accentuate the easy care Disney princess products.

Snuggly and warm, luxurious Disney Moana fleece blankets and fleece throws will ensure a cuddly nights sleep. Most of these adorable Disney character blankets are customizable too! Have your childs name or a favorite positive Disney quote printed on gorgeous, sleep inviting blankets. Plush fleecies are great for watching TV or curling up under when she is under the weather.

Moana Disney Window Curtains

Every Disney Princess bedroom set should include a set of Disney Window curtains. Moana inspired polyester curtains block sunlight from waking up your little dreamer from her sleepy time voyages. Window coverings provide privacy from the outside world. Hang the window coverings with eye catching curtains with a straight curtain rod and matching curtain holdbacks. All the Disney moana characters have a moment on the bright and cheerful drapes.

Disney Princess Wall Art

There are many items available for you to dress up a childs bedroom walls using Disney Moana merchandise. Walls are like a blank canvas, ready for your individual brand of creativity. Here are some of the options to create a unique, visually appealing Polynesian backdrop to cover those boring blank walls.

  • Posters are the affordable gold standard for her Disney Moana Bedroom Decor. Disney wall posters are bright and beautiful. They can be hung with poster putty, thereby eliminating holes in the wall.
  • Framed art prints will be a hit with your darling Disney Moana movie buff. Framed bedroom pictures have the advantage of generally being smaller that a full sized poster.
  • A Disney removable wall decal is a bedroom decorating idea your little princess Mona would love! These decals are easy for mom to put up and will bring your child much enjoyment.
  • Disney wall clocks are so cool. Imagine all your favorite Disney Moana characters helping your voyager learn to tell time. Cute and practical are two words to describe these clocks. 

Disney Moana Poster

Wow! These posters are bright, beautiful and chock full of Disney princess enthusiasm. Moana wall hangings feature all the attractive Disney characters; Moana, Maui, Pua the pig and Hei Hei the rooster. These Moana character posters make me want to take a sea voyage myself. Such a great idea for adding to your Disney Moana bedroom decor.

This original, adorable hand crafted and hand painted burlap Moana door knob decoration has been made with such attention to detail. What an excellent idea for your kids princess bedroom decor. Darling Moana is festooned with flowers containing jewel centers, and lovely bows enhance the dainty beauty of this home-spun styled item. None of your little buttercups friends will have bought this at the local toy store.

Phenomenal Moana Framed Printable Art Prints

Moana framed printable poster prints are a delightful way to decorate a childs room with a Disney princess theme. When considering Disney Moana bedroom decor, hand crafted or printable wall hanging items will be the cats pajamas! You will have to purchase eye-catching picture frames to accentuate the pictures she is sure to treasure. Framed art work is generally smaller than a poster and can be fit onto a smaller available space in your little voyagers room. Personalizing the picture or the frame with your childs name or other memorable prose is a sentimental touch that makes owning a framed Princess Moana print even more meaningful A good idea is to place the picture at your childs eye level.

Disney Wall Decals

Disney Moana Wall Decals are a modern twist on how to adorn the walls of your Princess themed room. Choose either gigantic or smaller decals, whatever fits in your Hawaiian room the best. These stickers are washable, peel-able and user friendly!

There are stickers for all your favorite animated Disney Moana princess characters. Even Tamatoa the crab and Gramma Tala have appliques made in their honor.  Hei Hei the rooster and Pua the pig make an appearance on the detailed decals. It is good to note that the black and grey stenciled art will go well with any colored background in the Moana bedroom. Moana stenciled decals will go well in a toy room or other childs play area.

Disney Wall Clocks featuring the New Disney Princess Moana

Is it time to give your youngster a Disney Moana wall clock? These oh, so desirable clocks have the cartoon faces of each of the Disney Moana animated characters. The hard part will be picking which one of the incredible time pieces to use as part of your Disney Moana bedroom decor. There are square clocks, round clocks and clocks with or without hands. The uber cool time tellers come adorned with graphics from almost all the characters featured on the hit Disney movie Moana. Each clock will require an AA battery which is not included to get those hands ticking.

Learning to tell time with an old fashioned clock is a challenge in this time of digital awareness. Your young person will be thankful to you in times to come if reading the hands on a standard clock becomes like second nature.

Moana Disney Alarm Clocks Designed to Awaken a Goddess

I am enthralled with the amazing LED Princess Moana alarm clock. It comes in several different Disney Moana character choices. This Oceana Adventure Inspired clock has seven different color changing combinations, and doubles as a night light. Your Digital cube shaped alarm clock takes 4 AAA batteries or a DC 2 adapter. A cord is supplied to fit into the adapter. Not only do these unique alarm clocks give you regular 12 hour time, but they can also work as a 24 hour clock and tell you the temperature! How exciting is that?

Moana Disney Princess Lamps to Light up Her World

Lighting is an essential part of bedroom decor. Disney Princess Moana table lamps are wonderful for beside your precious angels bed. Night lights offer soft, comforting vision when mom has rush to soothe childrens worst fears in the middle of the night. Bedroom lighting can create ambiance as well as brightening factors for your little adventurers to play well lit Disney Moana games. I have included light switch covers in the lighting overview.

Table Lamps

Disney Princess Bedrooms sometimes require bright light on those gloomy days. Perhaps your childs bedroom is in the basement or has small windows where lack of sunlight is a factor. Beautiful customizable Disney Moana bedside lamps provide eye candy as well as illumination. 

Disney Moana table lamp shades are available in linen, polyester film or silk. The sturdy , powder coated bases are available in silver or white. Text can be added to personalize these amazing products.

Moana Disney Princess Night Light

My grandkids insist on a plug in nightlight. Night lights provide non invasive, soothing illumination that is calming when your special prince of princess awaken suddenly in the night. Bathroom trips are made easier without a bright light that will wake them completely. Pick a Moana Disney character, any character. So many adorable choices are available to customize with your childs name or favorite Moana princess quote.

Disney graphics are on a background of white. All the colorful Moana characters are available and some of the nightlights are made of fantastic collages of sayings and characters such as Kakamora, the little coconut armored pirates.

Disney moana Decorative Light Switch Cover Plates and Wall Outlet Covers

Add to your Disney Moana bedroom decor with a brightly covered Disney princess Moana themed novelty light switch cover. Your Oceana princess fan will love light covers that exude a taste of Polynesian tropical paradise. Your flip light switches, bar type light switches and plug in outlets are crafted out of handcrafted acrylic that is sealed with non toxic acrylic glaze. The Hawaiian themed switch covers come for one light, two lights or 3 lights on your bedroom wall switch. The adorable Moana wall outlet cover is made for a two plug in receptacle.

Custom Light Switch Cover for Moana Princess Kids Bedroom Walls

Moana and Maui are heading out for their epic voyage.  Hei hei, the hilarious rooster and Pua the too cute pig are in attendance on vibrant light switch cover plates. The plates themselves screw into the wall and the tab style switches have adhesive stickers that keep them in place. Moana tropical light switch covers would be an amazing give-away gift at your next Disney Moana themed party!

Moana of Oceana Electrical Outlet Cover

Plug into the adventure! Your little goddess of the sea will adore a Disney princess character themed outlet cover to enhance her plug in electrical devices. Depciting both Moana and Maui, as well as Pua the pretty pig and Hei Hei, the hilarious rooster, some electrical outlet covers will enhance those Hawaiian island colored walls.

Moana Bedroom Area Rugs fit for a Disney Princess

Tropical throw rugs accent a bedroom and give you and your Disney Moana fan a place to comfortably sit and play. She will need a washable, non skid bedroom throw rug that she can sit on and create ocean adventures with her Disney Moana dolls. When those little feet swing out of bed in the morning her feet will land on a plush, warm area instead of a cold floor. The image adorning the adorable floor covering is of Princess Moana herself in all her independent glory.

Fleece and memory foam are the products that make up the bedroom area rugs. The graphics are sharp and will totally offset all the other Moana inspired princess bedroom decorations.

Moana Disney Princess Sleepwear

No Disney princess bedroom would be complete without sleepwear. Moana pajamas, Moana slippers and a room darkening eye mask are Disney princess merchandise items that will top her list of must-haves. She will be the bed time fashionista as she sails off peacefully to dreamland for a way-finding journey of infinite possibilities. All sleepwear is easy wear and easy care, washable and comfortable. Bed time will be a tropical breeze with quality Moana sleepwear.

The Disney Moana pajamas are cuffed at the wrists and ankles with a tropical coral strip. The loose fitting night gown depicts Moana and Pua in all their Polynesian glory.

The fuzzy blue Moana slippers are adorned with colorful Hawaiian flowers embellished with a gem in the center. These comfy foot warmers are slide on and have no heels. So dont wear them outside!

The Disney Moana Eye mask is crafted with comfortable, soft, breathable cotton. It has an elastic to hold it inn place. Maui, our heroine Moana, Hei Hei and Pua animated graphics cover the front of these gorgeous sleep aids.

Thank you for reading about Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor for Sweet Princess Dreams. Perhaps you will be interested in my other Disney Moana articles, showcasing many available Moana ideas.

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Beautiful Disney Moana Bedroom Decor

Best Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas Fit for A Polynesian Princess

Your little one wants a Moana princess birthday party! Moana is sure to be one of the most popular characters for birthday party themes in 2017, and with this popular request in mind, I have compiled the Best Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas for your princess. 

This animated star is cute, personable, and an she is and independent thinker, making a Disney Moana party a great idea for a princess birthday party, Valentines party, pool party, beach party or Halloween dress up party for your little Voyager.

Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate Your Princess On Her Special Day With The BEST Moana Birthday Party Ideas!!

Best Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas for Your Princess

Items that make a Disney Moana princess birthday party complete are:

  • A Disney Moana Hawaiian table cloth will be a beautiful tropical setting for all the edibles and party favors.
  • Moana decorative paper plates and napkins and other party tableware supplies add to the Island theme for an awesome princess party.
  • Party drinking glasses featuring Moana and her friends will quench the thirst of those busy little party goers.
  • Party balloon decorations in tropical blues and greens highlighting the Disney Island princess Moana will add ambiance to any party decor.
  • Disney Moana theme party decorations consist of everything from colorful banners to tropical pinatas. Wall hangings picturing Disney Moana characters such as Mauri the demi-god, Pua the pig and Hei-hei the Rooster delight young party goers!
  • Moana invitations and colorful thank you cards that are personalized can be a unique and appreciated gesture. 
  • Great Venues such as beaches, swimming pools, parks, bowling alleys and community halls will be great locations to host a Disney Moana party.
  • Hawiaan themed games and activities always are a wonderful way for Moana fans to spend some quality time together. Making a sailboat craft or playing pin the nose on Hei hei will provide fun and laughter.
  • Childrens party favors for the guests that love the Disney Moana movie are an amazing memento of a special party. The best party favors for kids will include Moana party favor bags.
  • Tropical island food will fuel those hungry Moana fans! Think luau for your snack table and you will bring a smile to your group of Oceana voyagers.
  • Mouth watering cake and your childs favorite flavour of cool, creamy ice cream will be the ultimate finishing touch for your wonderful Disney Moana Birthday Party!

Printable Moana Birthday Party Invitations

Every party needs some guests! Your child will be delighted to invite his or her friends over for a Moana party with one of these printable Moana birthday invitations.

These invitations are available from a graphic designer on Etsy. You pay a small fee for the design, and in return you receive a personalized printable file or an editable file which you personalize yourself.

Below you will find a variety of 4" x 6" and 5" x 7" Moana invitations available in either JPEG or PDF format, depending on what the shop owner offers.

Make sure to read the descriptions on the individual invitations to ensure you are receiving the format you desire. 


More Moana Princess Birthday party Invitations and Thank you cards

The first item on your party to-do list is to have your child pick out their favorite Disney Moana birthday party invitation and invite some guests. I have included Disney Moana thank you cards in this heading as they are often bundled together with birthday party invitations if you purchase them from the store.

Be sure to include the date, time and location of the party on your invite, Your guest must know who the party is for and if there is a special event included in the party. This way they will know if they need to bring money, supplies or costuming.

Be sure to ask if there are any special dietary concerns for your guests. Parents will also need to know approximate pick up times or if the parent is to also attend the party.

Birthday invitations can be delivered in person, via snail mail or email. Asking for a RSVP by phone or email by a certain date will also help you plan the party. There are many colorful and age appropriate Hawaiian Oceania themed invitations and thank you cards. 

When sending thank-you cards, be sure to mention the givers name and type of gift received and write a personal notation. If the child is old enough, it is good form to have them fill out all or part of the thank you and to sign the card.

Thank you cards should be sent out in a timely manner, usually within a week of the party. Thank you cards can also be delivered by hand or sent by mail. Disney Moana invitations and thank you cards are the most important part of throwing the best Disney Moana birthday party for your child.

adorable decorating Ideas for a Disney moana princess Birthday Party

Disney Moana Balloons Bouquet Decoration KitDisney Moana Balloons Bouquet Decoration Kit

The decor helps set the mood for a good party. Decor can include things like a banner, tablecloth, place settings, napkins, plates, glasses and balloons. There are many affordable Moana Princess themed items to fill every need for your decorating ideas. 

Tropical polynesian Moana princess decor is bright, colorful and a delight to use. Table decorating is made easy by luau type kits that include all the necessities for food and drink. These cute birthday party tablewear kits can include a tropical themed tablecloth, glasses, plates, napkins and balloons. Bamboo placemats will add a little Polynesian flair to the table.

Wall decorating is easy with these delightful personalized Oceania banners. I think the idea of a loaded Tiki pinata as both as a decoration and a fun birthday activity will impress all the tween age and younger party goers. Decorating balloons is a good time filler while waiting for hot dogs and cake.

Disney Moana Party Decorating Kits

These all inclusive decorating kits are the bees knees for being ready with all the necessities for decorating for your princess Moana party. So coordinated and so pretty!

This incredible tropical set up contains a Happy Birthday Banner, tropical party invitations and beautiful thank you notes. The kit also includes water bottle wrappers, chocolate bar covers, and treat bag toppers. Wait, there is more! A lovely Disney Moana centerpiece, food tents and a Birthday boy and Birthday Girl iron-on tee shirt transfer is also in this lovely collection. Place holder tags and cupcake toppers for dessert "top" it all off.

These lovely items can all be personalized and are downloadable and printable from your home computer. Now that is a true economy package for a Disney Moana themed party!

Party Decor Colors for a Disney Moana Princess Party

When thinking of a color theme, think ocean. Sea blues and tropical greens would be your main colors. Highlight with a little sunshine yellow or gold and perhaps a hibiscus pink or orange to accentuate the blues and greens.

Outdoor Party Decor Ideas - Moana Style

Here are a few Disney Moana birthday party supplies that I would suggest for your Oceana style Polynesian princess party in an outdoor location.

Disney Moana birthday party favors and thank you gifts

One of the Best Disney Moana birthday party Ideas is to have props and gifts for your child's friends to use while attending the gala. Some great ideas to get in the spirit of island adventures is with colorful leis and Hawaiian grass style Hula skirts. This will make each of the party goers feel like they are a princess in their own right. These items are multi colored and are bought in sets.

Party favor sets such as stickers and tattoos are also an easy peasy way to give all the guests a souvenir for your amazing princess party.  These are affordable items that can be used at the party and then taken home. Take a look at these great ideas for Disney Moana birthday party favors.

Your little Moana movie fans will love to wear these dress up masks and nothing says princess like a Hawaiian flower crown!

It has become a tradition to give take home gifts for guests as a thank you for coming to the party. Treats like Moana Adventure wearable pins for backpacks or sweet Pau and Moana key chains are popular collectible mementos. Glitter stickers are great for stuffing into treat bags.
Moana Glitter StickersMoana Glitter Stickers

For the ultimate gifting to the Moana Princess birthday party guests, send them home with personalized Moana party favors. How about a Pau and Hei-heimedal with your guests name? There are customizable wearables like personalized Disney Moana Princess t-shirts in many styles and sizes to fit your child or tween.

Also there are adorable Kakamora and other Moana characters decorating stainless steel water bottles. Beverage cooling goodies can be inscribed with either the guest name or your birthday boy or girls name. These can also be customized with dates too.

For a totally different gift, there are also edible personalized treats for the guests. These can be made yourselves, or if there is no time for such endeavors in your world, they can be purchased. Birthday gum is an example of one of these delicious treats. All in all, these Disney Moana thank you gifts will go over really well with party guests.

More Personalized Kids Clothes for the Disney Moana Party Guest

Etsy is an an online shopping site for artisans to showcase and sell their own creations. This amazing store has items that are handmade by crafts people from all over the world. They make unique, one of a kind items that cannot be purchased in a department store. Many of these items can be personalized to suit your needs by graphic artists.

This selection of amazing personalized clothing will wow your Disney Moana guests. There are tutus, tee shirts that portray Disney Moana characters, as well as family shirt sets and shirts you can color.

Some are appliques and some are embroidered. With all of these adorable t shirts, you have the option of having lettering and numbers applied to your product. Your childs name and birthday number will stand out on these high quality shirts!


A Moana Kids Birthday Party Craft idea

These girls pendant necklaces will make a great craft for a birthday party! Each item in the package of 10 kits has all the elements required for each of the little princesses to create and finish a beautiful piece of jewelry that she can take home and wear. Ten very happy little girls will be the outcome of some time spent making these amazing pendants.

Personalized Birthday Coloring Pages

Personalized Birthday Coloring Pages are downloadable onto your computer by PDF and printable on your home computer. These printable Coloring pages are economic and so much fun. This a great idea if your childs Moana Party is held in the rain. Throw in some bright crayons and you are set. Nothing to pass the time in a tropical monsoon than to color some of Moanas adventures.

Moana Home Made Lip Balm Kids Will Love!

These adorable home made lip balm gifts come in sets of 6. Adorned with all of the sweet Disney Moana characters, these are one of the best Disney Moana birthday party ideas EVER! Made with a list of wonderful natural products and having a yummy, lip smacking cherry flavor, you cant go wrong.

OMG! Disney Moana Felt Finger Puppets.

You will have delighted Disney Moana party guests if you distribute these little treasures at your Polynesian themed party. Be prepared for many ohhs and ahhs! These felt finger puppets are machine embroidered and come in a decorated felt carrying case. Each case contains 6 felt finger puppets portraying Disney Moana characters. These characters are Moana, Maui, Pua, Hei Hei and 2 kakamora and a bonus feltie fish hook!

Disney Moana Fun Kids Soap

These individually wrapped vegetable glycerin and soy milk hand made based bars of gift soap will clean up as a thank you gift at your Disney Moana party! Your princess will lather you with love when she sets her eyes on the gorgeous soapy gifts. These soaps are parabin free, detergent free and sulfate free. The soaps can be ordered in batches of 6 or 18. You get to pick unscented, or your choice of scents for these specialty items. Personalize this gift soap with a thank you tag commemorating the party.  A unique and special idea for your Disney Princess Moana party gift bag.

Disney Moana Birthday Treat Bags

In what type of receptacle or container are you going to stow all these lovely Disney Moana gift items in for your important party guests?  Birthday treat bags can come in many forms. If time is available, making palm tree decorated tropical bags for your guests with your birthday kid can be a fun craft to do. Either paper bags or plastic treat bags are great to use. If your child does the artwork, these items become more personal to both the giver and the receiver. Here are some samples of traditional birthday treat bags to purchase

Traditional Birthday Treat Bags For a Moana Birthday Party

Unique Disney Moana Birthday Treat "Bags"

If unique convenience is a priority on your time management list, these colorful Moana character inspired sippy mugs are great for storing candy and small treats. A gorgeous personalized tote bag would make an extra awesome party guest gift! Such exciting and unique ideas for your Disney Moana themed princess party!

Moana Birthday Party Games for your Princess

I remember games at every birthday party I ever went to. They provided giggles and were a good way to build up appetites for the yummy food and cake. Do you remember your favorite childhood memory of gut busting party games? 

My favorite was musical chairs. It would be fun to give the child who is left without a chair when the music stops a colorful Disney Moana character sticker. The last child standing could get a Moana doll or action figure or other Hawaiian themed party favor. For playing Moana musicals chairs at your Disney Moana princess birthday party, it would be perfect to use the Disney Moana soundtrack!

Another favorite birthday party game that I remember is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Disney Moana has modified this game to Pin the Shades on Heihei. This adorable bantam rooster is the victim in this classic childrens game, and instead of a tail the guests try to attach a pair of uber cool sun glasses to Hei-heis face.

What could be more fun than blindfolded children trying to stick a pair of shades on a chicken! The good new is that we no longer use pins, just stickers. What a hoot!! Your princess is sure to be the talk of the town after hosting this unique and colorful Moana princess birthday party game.

Would you like to try to pin the nose on perky, pudgy Pua the Pig? This little pig is so cute it cannot help but make you smile!

Moana Disney Princess Bingo

I loved playing bingo as a kid! This unique Disney Moana themed Bingo game is downloadable and printable from the comfort of your own home. The cute graphics on the bingo squares are so appealing. What a great Disney Moana birthday party game idea. I am sure the little princess guests will look forward to playing this game. The game includes 30 unique cards, a set of calling cards and markers.

Other Disney Moana Birthday Party Game Ideas - Toys, Books, Pinatas and Movie Activities

It would be fun for the kids to incorporate Disney Moana toys into a party. For the younger group, why not have a little quiet time by reading them a Princess Moana story?

When outdoors, a Moana inspired treasure hunt or an old-fashioned game of hide and seek are great interactive games. When the party must happen indoors, Charades is always a fun standby party game. So many games can be adapted to suit a Polynesian Disney Moana Princess Birthday Party.

Another party game that will wow the kids would be a Hawaiian themed pinata. I showed one above in the decorating section. Here is another Disney Moana inspired pinata set that comes with the fillings too! This one is a mylar balloon instead of the traditional paper mache.

You may decide just to kick back and watch the Moana movie DVD. There is nothing more exciting than a Moana movie birthday party event. Popcorn and a drink would be excellent snacks for this type of activity. These are all superb Disney Moana birthday party ideas.

Please enjoy a trailer video clip form the Disney Moana movie to give you additional ideas for planning the best Moana birthday party experience for your child or tween.

Food Ideas for the Moana Princess Party that will have your tummy rumbling

Melamine Moana Petal Shaped PlateMelamine Moana Petal Shaped Plate

Part of planning for the best Disney Moana Birthday must include some appetite pleasing food ideas. If you are not going out to a restaurant, ordering in, having a pot luck or having the event catered, then some thought must be given to the culinary and dietary wants and needs of your particular group of island voyagers.

Things to keep in mind include allergies, food sensitivities and general dislikes of the guest list. Asking this question in the invitation is always a good preventative preparation measure to take.

Any vegans or vegetarians? Any gluten issues? Perhaps the standby of hot dogs or hamburgers will be acceptable, [maybe with gluten free breads] but if not, there are many other tasteful ways to fill the stomachs of these growing kids.

I absolutely love this beautiful Moana melamine platter! It is perfect for serving party treats and finger foods!

Here are some tasty suggestions for Hawaiian and Polynesian Moana themed party snacks even the pickiest kid will enjoy!

  1. A tropical luau type of meal. Provide them with party skewers of fruit, cheese [or tofu] and appropriate veggies. Teriaki and pineapple skewers would be great as a hot food item. These would go so well with the Disney Moana of Oceana theme. Top this off with Pina Colada mocktails to complete the Island theme.
  2. A 'grazing' buffet. Provide choices of cheeses, meats, fruits, veggies, dips and various types of crackers. If the child knows his or her individual food limitations, then they can choose appropriate snacks. Perhaps have some umbrella toothpicks in some of the nibbles. These are sure to bring a smile to a princesses face. Making a meal out of appetizers always goes over well.
  3. A salad smorgasbord. If you have a majority of kids that are veggie lovers, then DIY salads are a hit. Provide all the fixings and let them create their own masterpiece. Add a dollop of their favorite dressing and voila! Another good idea is apple & peanut butter rafts to go with the Moana theme. Provide a platter of tropical fruits such as pineapple and oranges to add to the Polynesian island flair.
  4. Pigs in a blanket or corn dogs and grilled pineapple slices are a great island variant on the basic hot dog. Mock Mai-Tais with cute little cocktail umbrellas go well with these food items.
  5. Cold fried chicken and watermelon are great for Disney Moana princess beach parties and outdoor parties. This is a make ahead meal that must be consumed within 2 days. Make sure to transport and keep the chicken in a cooler to store it at the proper temperature to avoid food poisoning or botulism. This ideal temperature is 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Disney Moana Birthday Cake Is The Main Attraction Of The Party

The Disney Moana princess birthday cake is the grand finale, the conclusion, the centerpiece, the end to all ends of the Moana Princess birthday celebration! Disney Moana birthday party ideas must include a scrumptious dessert in one form or another, usually a birthday cake or birthday cupcakes.

How the Moana birthday cake or cupcakes are decorated is sure to be the matter of much discussion. Easy things are ice-cream cakes and store or bakery made cakes. These purchased cakes come with lovely decorations. But if you are a hard core birthday planner, you may wish to bake your own Moana birthday cake masterpiece

My mom always used to wrap coins in wax paper and bake them into an angel food cake. What a treat! There are some great Moana cake and cupcake toppers that are available on Amazon to please your princess.

Sweeten Your Party With Our Free Moana Party Printables

Please enjoy our free Disney Moana Hershey Kiss party printables which includes 88 Hershey Kiss stickers, treat bag toppers and a party game. Cut out the round stickers and stick them to the bottoms of chocolate kiss candy for a sweet treat.

For a fun and sweet birthday party game, print out the How Many Kisses Are In The Jar party sign and guess cards, fill a bowl with the chocolate candies and have your guests guess how many candies are in the jar.

At the end of the day, send your party guests home with a bag of Hugs & Kisses! Fill a snack baggie with chocolate Hershey Kisses and top with Moana treat bag toppers for an extra sweet treat. 

Moana Birthday Party Venues to Entrance your tween and younger kids

Where will you hold your Disney Moana Princess birthday party? Some great ideas are:

  • Renting a bowling alley for your Moana birthday party. Kids love to bowl as a party activity. Night bowling offers glow in the dark and musical fun to add ambiance. Adding glow in the dark props like palm trees or waves to the background decor would be appropriate. Your kids could wear glow in the dark tube necklaces to light up their tropical princess world.
  • Swimming pool birthday parties are a year round favorite venue. Sometimes the local indoor pool has special activities just for birthdays. Perhaps arrange some ocean themed water games to get our adventurous Moana voyagers in the party mood. A craft building a floatable canoe out of popsicle sticks would be just the ticket for your adventurers. A good way to calm down after and invigorating swim.
  • Who doesn't love beach parties? Sand, beach blankets, games and splashing in the water! Renting canoes for a paddle would for sure fit the Moana Princess theme. A beach is wonderful place for hot summer time birthday parties. Just make sure you have shade, sun screen, umbrellas and hats for UV protection. We wouldn't want our princesses to get sun burns
  • A local park is a great place for a Moana princess birthday celebration. Playgrounds, waterparks, petting zoos and historical sites all add interest and adventure to a party. Perhaps you can share some history of Polynesian or Island folklore as a story telling addition to enthrall your princesses at the party. Producing and video taping an improvised play performed by the kids and sending videos home could be an excellent birthday celebration project.
  • A horseback riding activity would so much fun! This is a great birthday party idea if you have a local equestrian arena. Some places provide pony or horseback riding for special occasions. The kids would love this. Working a Moana theme into a horsey afternoon just takes a colorful imagination. The Moana party could be centralized to the eating area after a fulfilling ride fit for a princess.
  • Zoos have many activities centered around young people that can be easily integrated into a princesses birthday theme. Most zoos have an entertainment or picnic area. Setting up for a Hawiaan style luau or barbeque in a picnic area is in good taste. If it is a good outdoor area, a scavenger hunt for hidden Moana, Maui, Pua and Hei-Hei treasures might be in order.
  • Renting a hall and playing the Disney Moana movie on a big screen TV, complete with popcorn is a great birthday venue ide.  A Disney Moana movie or DVD viewing party is a great idea for inclement weather. Add some palm trees and flower decorations to create a Polynesian Island oasis to your Moana food offerings.
  • An ice skating or roller skating rink provides physical activity and is a great location for a Moana birthday party.  Picture all your little princess party participants in their Hawaiian grass skirts and colorful flower leis skating to the Disney Moana soundtrack. What fun!!
  • A museum would be a great way for kids to learn and have a memorable birthday experience. If you are fortunate enough to get a guide for your group, you can plan a few activities around the museum attractions and your Moana tropical princess theme.

There are many more venues that would be ideal for a Disney Moana birthday party. Planning the venue with your birthday girl or boy will be an awesome bonding experience.

Thank you for visiting! I  hope your princess will be so impressed with the ideas you have gleaned from this Best Disney Moana birthday party ideas article. As a grandmother to an 8 year old girl, I understand how important these events are to a girl and her friends. It's an age where playing is still fun, but being able to impress friends is also important. I am sure you will have a great time planning this important birthday too!



Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas



Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers, Treat Bag Toppers And Party Game

Sweeten your child's Polynesian princess birthday party with Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers, Treat Bag Toppers and a Guess How Many Kisses In The Jar Party Game. The printables are designed using a blue, brown and grey color scheme which is appealing to both girls and boys. After all, just because it's a princess movie, that doesn't mean boys aren't going to love it too! 

Fill a bowl with chocolate Hershey Kisses and let your guests nibble on them, play Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar for a sweet prize, or package them up to give away as party favors. Below you will find Hershey Kiss stickers for sticking to the bottoms of the candies, a guessing party game with sign and guess cards for guests to fill out, and treat bag toppers that fit snack and sandwich bags.

Free Printable Disney Moana Chocolate  Hershey Kiss Stickers

Printing Tips And Terms Of Use

  • The printables are sized for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch WHITE cardstock or sticker paper (for Hershey Kiss stickers).
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button underneath each printable to download the high resolution PDF files. You will be redirected to a Dropbox link. You can either print directly from the link or you can download the file to your computer.
  • You need Adobe Reader or a different PDF reader installed to open and print the PDF files.
  • To print these printables at full size, UNCHECK the "scale to fit to media" box in your printer settings. 
  • For PERSONAL USE ONLY. You are NOT allowed to use these printables for commercial purposes, nor are you allowed to share the pdf files directly or sell the files. If you wish to share these printables with others, please share the link to this page so they can download their own copy. 
  • These are a personal use freebie for printing on a home printer and are not licensed for printing at a photo center, online printer or office store. 
  • If you are a blogger and would like to feature this post in a roundup, you are welcome to use one image linking back to this page. No altering or removing watermarks is permitted.
  • The Moana digital papers used in the design of these printables was provided by PaperPlaceRD on Etsy.
  • All designs/creations are copyrighted 2016 © www.Best-Toys-For-Kids.com. All rights reserved.
  • Thank You and Enjoy!!

Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers

Decorate the bottoms of chocolate Hershey Kisses with Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers for a sweet and cute party treat and favor. Print the stickers onto a sheet of white sticker paper, cut them out with scissors and stick the stickers to the bottoms of the chocolate candies for an inexpensive Polynesian princess party treat. This set of Disney Moana Hershey Kiss Stickers includes 8 patterns and 9 character stickers for a total of 88 stickers per page. 

The best time to buy Hershey Kisses from retail stores is near the end and after major holidays. Stores heavily discount candy and treats after a holiday to make room for the new stuff. I love all the different colors of foil the Hershey Kisses come wrapped with during the holidays. My favorite colors are the pink, blue and green ones that come out around Easter. 

Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers

Free Printable Disney Moana Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar Party Game

A Moana birthday party is not complete without party games! A fun game to play is Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar. Fill a clear, see-through jar or bowl with chocolate Hershey Kiss candies, and have guests try and guess how many candies there are. The person with the closest guess wins!

This set includes an 8" x 10" party sign for displaying next to a jar of chocolates, plus a sheet of guess cards featuring 4 different designs and characters. Fun for party guests of all ages to play!!

And of course, what is a party game without prizes? Some great suggestions for party prizes are Moana books and Moana toys. My daughter would be thrilled if she won a Moana doll. You could also send the lucky winner home with the jar of Hershey Kisses!

Free Printable Disney Moana Guess How Many Kisses Are In The Jar? Party Game

Disney Moana Free Printable Hershey Kisses Treat Bag Toppers

At the end of the party, send your child's guests home with Hugs & Kisses, aka, a baggie filled with chocolate Hershey Kisses. Top the filled bags with a Disney Moana Treat Bag Topper featuring Moana and friends and the sentiment "Here's a treat for being so SWEET!". The toppers are sized for fitting snack and sandwich bags. Cut each topper out, fold in half and staple to the tops of the bags. So easy and a great job for your child to help with.

Not only do these Moana princess treat bag toppers filled with Hershey Kisses make sweet party favors for birthday parties, they are also perfect for kids to hand out to classmates, friends and family on Valentine's day too.

Free Printable Disney Moana Hershey Kisses Treat Bag Toppers

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you and your children get lots of enjoyment from these Disney Moana free printable Hershey Kiss stickers, treat bag toppers and guessing party game. Have a wonderful day!

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Free Printable Disney Moana Hershey Kiss Stickers, Treat ag Toppers And Guess How Many Kisses In The Jar? Party Game

Originally posted December 16, 2016

Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games to Wow Your Kids


Is your Moana voyager looking for some Disney Moana merchandise to build or play with? Your kids will go bananas over Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games! What a good way to entertain your kids. Disney Moana themed gifts are so much fun! Disney's newest princess story, Moana is an animated Disney princess film with an amazing adventure story and is full of colorful characters. These tropical ocean adventures provide an excellent background for some cool, awesome games, popular kid toys and of course top rated Lego sets.

Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games

The Disney Moana Movie is all about a precocious Polynesian princess who does not fit the mold of the historical Disney princesses. Moana has no prince to rescue her. She just needs the help of the demi-god Maui, along with her animal side kicks, Pua the pig and Hei Hei the rooster.

The quest in her ocean voyages is to find the heart gem of the island goddess Te Fiti and return it to her in order to save the world and her people. To do this she must face the villains Tamatoa, Te-Ka and the cute but nasty Kakamora.

In this process Princess Moana is also on a voyage of self discovery.

Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games

Disney Moana Lego

Lego Disney Moana's Island Adventure contains 205 pieces. It creates a Moana house with a sweet garden cooking area and the legendary cave. The cave has a magical waterfall, Lego drums and a tropical palm tree. Other enclosed items include a Lego Disney Moana doll, Pua the pig and the heart of Te Fiti. This kids Lego set is targeted for age groups of 5-12 years of age. This Disney Moana Lego is sure to please all your young voyagers.

Lego Disney Moanas Ocean Voyage contains 307 pieces. The set makes a transforming Te Fiti Island, Moanas canoe with an opening deck and sail, and a catapult for the cute but nasty little Moana Kakamoras. Figurines and accessories include Moana, the Hawaiian demi-god Maui, 2 Kakamora and Hei hei the rooster, map of the islands, Disney Moana poster, Lego paddle, a yellow banana and the heart of Te Fiti. This set is appropriate for ages 6-12. Your child will have so much fun with this Disney Moana Lego project.

Reasons why Lego is such a good investment for your child:

  • Building cool Lego projects develops motor skills.
  • Lego teaches kids to decipher the step-by-step Lego construction instructions, thereby teaching them to follow directions.
  • Young imaginations are set on fire when using completed Disney Moana Lego to create imaginary adventures.
  • Leads to collections and care of projects post-build.
  • Construction of Lego sets instills patience, as sometimes you must undo and redo sections to get it right.
  • Lego projects can be disassembled and used in new creations. The Lego Ideas Book has many items to build your own Lego creation.
  • If you are wondering how to bond with your child, helping them build a Lego project leads to conversations about many important things.
  • Lego is very helpful in the brain building process. It assists in memory retention and problem solving skills.

moana games And Jigsaw Puzzles

Hasbro Sorry! - Moana Board games

Sorry! from Hasbro is one of the oldest and most popular board games. The whole family can have fun trying to make it "home" and bumping each other back to the start during the play of this game. Sorry includes a Moana game board,  different colored pawns and move cards. Instructions are also provided. This game can be played by 2-4 players and is recommended for ages 6 to 166! So may happy memories can be created when you play Sorry board games. Sorry!, Moana Edition will be sure to become one of the family favorite Moana Games.

Disney Princess Moana Memory Match Card Games

Kids love "match the card" games. The new Polynesian Disney Princess Moana memory match card game includes the ever important instructions, 72 Disney Moana memory match cards, and a handy tray to store them in. This card game is such a good brain builder for your little ones. Look forward to grins of excitement when they overcome the odds and beat you!

 Disney Moana Necklace Jewel Quest Game

The Disney Moana Journey Collection game by Spin Master is a fun filled game. This  dice game is rated for kids over the age of 5. Your little Moana voyager fans, up to 4 players, each have a necklace. They roll the dice and collect charms to put on their necklaces. The object is to collect 4 charms including the Heart of Nature charm to win. Then the winner can use the book to decode the meaning behind the charms she has collected to reveal a personal journey. These Disney Moana games look like so much fun! I would love to play it with my little princess.

Moana Disney Jigsaw Puzzles

A Moana Disney jigsaw puzzle is an entertaining way to spend time quietly. Both my grandson and granddaughter enjoy building these durable, bright puzzles.

The Disney Moana 2-in-1 Puzzle will be a huge hit in their world. There is one 32 piece and one 62 piece puzzles in this handy cardboard carry box with handles. This puzzle is rated for kids 3 years old and up.

This Disney Moana Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle set is created for youngsters aged 5 and up. The colors are amazing and the three 49 piece puzzles showcase Moana, Maui, Hei Hei and Pua. All the heroes in the Disney animated movie all in one box! The backside of the puzzle pieces are coded, so they can be easily sorted for each 8 inch by 8 inch puzzle.

100 piece jigsaw puzzles are perfect for kids of 6 and up. This Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle will measure 19.5 inches  by 18.25 inches. The bright and cheery image portrays the Disney Princess Moana, starlight canoe and friends setting sail on ocean adventures. 

Other delightful items that relate to toys and games to round out the Polynesian experience are wonderful Moana Dolls and story books. Many of these games can be incorporated into a Moana Themed birthday party.

Disney Moana Toys

There are many toys available for the young person who is a fan of princess Moana and all the other characters in this heartwarming animated adventure movie. Did you have favorite toys from a movie? I am sure your little princess will be asking for some of these lovely items to add to her tickle trunk and Disney Moana dress up items.


Disney Moana Jewelry

The Disney Moana Singing Necklace is always a favorite for young girls. Our Disney princess wears the heart of Tei Fitit as a beautiful pendant. Your young lady would be delighted with a Moana singing necklace or a beautiful light up pendant. She can wear the heart of Te Fiti next to her own.

For popular boy's toys for the youngster who is a Disney Moana Maui fan we have the Moana Maui Magical Fishhook. What a cool tribal symbol for the young demi god in your life. This is a great idea for trending gifts young adults will love. From simple to ornate this will be a great Disney Moana jewelry item!

Cool Moana Toys

Other fantastic Moana toys include a light up microphone, headphones and a musical water globe and jewelry box. Would your girl like to receive Moana walkie talkies? How cool would that be? These are just a few examples of the many toys that available.

Moana Disney Princess Light Up Microphone

This Disney Moana Light Up Melody Microphone lights up and plays "How far I'll go", one of the hit musical tracks off of this animated movie. It also includes stickers, a perennial favorite!

Moana Disney Princess Headphones

These Moana Islander Headphones are just as much for the adult as the child. We all know the agony of having to listen to the same songs over and over again until we are sure they will never remove themselves from our brains. These cute headphones have volume limiter levels to protect their all important hearing. The headphone bands are adustable.

Disney Moana Beats Solo 2 Skins

Is your tween Moana movie lover looking for some cool skins to cover their Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones? Here are some bright Polynesian island art that will bring music to their headphones as well as their hearts. These eye catching vinyl skins just peel and stick onto their wireless headphones. Easy to apply and remove, these will update the listener to the latest Moana style.

Moana Disney Jewelry Boxes

Girls Jewelry boxes with a Moana theme are practical as well as beautiful. There is a variety to choose from. All of them are sure to make your little lady squeal with joy! Some play Disney Moana songs and all have a place to store her favorite Disney Moana jewelry.

Disney moana Games with Coloring Books

Here are some amazing Disney combination coloring books and games featuring Moana and her friends. Hours can be spent while your little voyager creates colorful masterpieces or plays adventure games. Stickers, games and coloring are some of the activities in these childrens books.  Coloring helps your child learn about their artistic side. Younger kids learn their colors and how to stay in the lines, and older Disney Moana fans can learn the subtleties of shading their art. 

More Disney Moana Books For You To Enjoy


Disney  moana Walkie Talkies

These Moana Walkie-Talkies would be a blast. Your kids can make up their own adventures and communicate from room to room by the push of a button. A good way to solve mysteries, find objects hidden by parents, and fire their active imaginations. They are battery operated. This would be an excellent interactive Moana toy for a home with 2 children.

Other Amazing Disney Moana Toys and Games

Disney Moana Bowling Set

Kids love bowling and this bright, tropically colored Moana Bowling set is a very exciting variation on a favorite kids game. The set contains 6 Disney Moana character bowling pins and a bowling ball made of durable kid proof plastic.

Moana Disney Games Playhouse

This too cool for school discovery kids play house is simply adorable. Your little wayfarers will have hours of fun crawling in and out of this easy to assemble tunnel and hut. Scenes from the animated Disney Moana movie decorate this play prop. These indoor play huts measure 62 inches by 28 inches by 39 inches. The playhouse is lightweight and has a roll up door.

New Disney Moana Plush Toys

This adorable set of Disney Moana Pua plush and his buddy Hei Hei  toys are cute as a bugs ear. These cuddly critters talk! Pua is 12 inches tall and makes oinking noises, and he moves. The perky pigs sounds and head movement are activated by squeezing his hoof. Hei Hei is 9 inches tall and is so colorful and cuddly.

Disney Moana Dolls and Action Figures

What child doesnt like dolls and action figures? No Disney Moana game and toy collection would be complete without these essential toy box filler. These lovely Moana of Oceana tropically attired dolls will kindle imaginations and many adventures will be embarked upon. Let their play acting set sail with these amazing Moana Disney Princess dolls and figurines. The colorful costumes are breathtaking. All of these figures have moving appendages. These Disney Moana dolls are recommended for ages 6 and up.

More Disney Moana Dolls and Plushies


Disney Moana Kids Temporary Tattoos

Kids have so much fun with temporary tattoos. Disney's Moana movie co-stars Maui, the demi-god who is covered in tribal tattoos. What a good excuse for rubbing on an easy apply, easy wash-off tattoo. There is a selection of blue tribal tattoos and sweet, colorful Moana character tattoo "ink".  They all have FD&C approved ingredients.

Thank you for reading my article on Moana Lego, Toys and Games. I am sure your youngster will have many hours of entertainment value from these items. 

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Disney Moana Lego, Toys and Games

Disney Moana Childrens Books and Calendars

Well written children's books are the cornerstone to a lifetime of reading enjoyment. They build vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. They also stimulate imagination by sharing the views and visions of the authors and helping children to develop their own story telling style. I would like to share some excellent Disney Moana Childrens Books. Included in this article is information on calendars and activity books to round out the published entertainment available for the kids in your life.

Disney Moana Childrens Books And Calendars

Disneys newest princess or heroine, Moana is an intelligent young lady with a curious mind. Moana has 2 adorable pets, Heihei the rooster and Pau the pig. She loves listening to her grandmother tell the folklore of her Polynesian background. Her grandmother is her hero and her sage adviser. Young Moana has a yen to travel and discovers that her lineage includes ocean wayfarers and navigators. Her father tries to dissuade her from her fascination with the ocean and ocean travel, and to concentrate on becoming the future chief of her village. Her mother understands and appreciates the interest that Moana shows in her world and tries to encourage her while keeping her safe.

Moana discovers that the heart of the Island goddess was stolen by a demi-god Maui, and that her world is cursed by an evil lava goddess. Moana then discovers that she is the chosen one who must save the island goddess and the world. She then sets sail to give the island goddess back her heart. In the process, she discovers her own identity and inner strengths.

Of course, there are villians, including tiny pirates dressed in coconut armor, a crusty crustacian who is greedy, manipulative and downright nasty. Good thing he has a warped sense of humor. Last, but not least, is the angry, vengeful lava goddess.

Moana has many adventures and there are some marvelous children's books to narrate these tales of quests accomplished.

Moana Books for Preschool or KINDERGARTEN age kids

Moana books for preschool or kindergarten age children have wonderful illustrations and tell Moanas story in a simple, age appropriate style. I think these are the sort of books that the adults will have to recite over and over and over again until finally the children have them memorized and can tell you if you missed a word! Disney Moana books for the little ones provide hours of bonding enjoyment time. Developing a love for reading while kids are young  is an invaluable asset in future education. Whether you are relating the stories to them, or they are able to comprehend basic words, books open up entire new worlds of imagination. These are a few examples of some of the books available to share with your youngsters.

Perhaps your little starfish would like to include her Moana Doll while she is hearing a story? Reading a story to eager listeners during a Moana themed birthday party would give them some quiet time between Moana games and activities.

Moana Books for the new reader

Chapter books are a wonderful way for young readers to stay interested in reading. Each chapter of these brightly illustrated books entices the reader into wanting to read the next one. These books contain big type and easy words that the new reader can understand. These books are designed to help to develop their vocabulary. Some of these books have stickers and other games and activities to keep kids attention while they learn. Moana books for the new reader are an invaluable tool to develop and further reading skills. The Step into Reading books are a wonderful introduction to a future of avid literary love. Moana has many oceanic adventures with her friend Pua and Heihei on her quest to return the heart gem to the mother island and, in doing so, to save her people. They relate a voyage into self discovery and self-acceptance. This can lead to conversations about self esteem and individual worth. 

Moana Books for Tweens

Does your tween still like Disney animated feature films but too big for the little kid books? There are a few books available that may appeal to this hard-to-please age group. After all, Moana is a teenager. And her adventures are all about self discovery and self worth. This is a very appropriate subject for girls of this age. There are not too many books out there where the heroine does not have to depend on a prince to save the day. Kudos to Disney for keeping up with the times. A magical mingling of magic and real life issues. Hairstyles, fashion and a background in actual Polynesian and Hawiaan folklore, these gems will be a welcome addition to a young persons library.  With this age group in mind, here are a few books that would interest the tween mindset.

 Moana Activity and sticker books

So its too cold or rainy to go outside. What can you do to keep your child occupied? Are you tired of reading Disney Moana books over and over again? Maybe a Moana Activity book is the answer. There are a multitude of activity books based around the adventures of this precocious Polynesian princess and her adventures with Maui, Hei Hei and all the other characters in this new-age fictional saga. There are sticker books, coloring books, puzzle books and paint books. These are all designed for hours and hours of quiet self entertainment. Providing essential cognitive challenges, these items are wonderful for developing educational and memory skills. Excellent for road trips or waiting in a doctor or dentists office. These books will provide a  nice break for the adults in the house. I certainly utilize activity books for my grandchildren when they visit us. It seems our energy levels do not match theirs. I enjoy watching the satisfaction on the faces of these little scamps as they complete the projects.

Disney Moana Calendars

I truly believe that all our lives are wrapped around schedules. Whether its work, play, leisure time or eating, timing is everything. A very important thing for a young person to learn is when things need to be done. And there is so much to keep track of. Our grandkids each have a calendar in their room with stickers to mark important occasions. A brightly illustrated Disney Moana Calendar would be the perfect idea to assist your young person in time management skills. There are so many things that kids could keep track of on their own calendars. These items might include:

  • Important birthdays.
  • Activity days.
  • Dates for returning library books.
  • Marking holidays and other 'non-school' days.
  • Grandparent or other special visit days.
  • Scheduled appointments with dentists or doctors.
  • Chore days/weeks.
  • Landmark accomplishments.

Stickers are a great way of identifying important dates, as are colored pens to write in important information.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my Disney Moana Childrens Books and Calendars post. For me, personally, books and reading have been an integral part of my life. Whether I am reading for pleasure or knowledge, books have been a constant companion and source of entertainment. As a child, I was bullied at school. I turned to books for entertainment and learned much about human relationships. I developed a wonderful imagination and a deep love and appreciation for the English language. I was an excellent speller and understood grammar. I blame this entirely on my love of the written word. Do you have any experiences to share about how books positively affected your life? I would love to hear them. I think passing on a love of books in such an electronic world is our responsibility, one which I gladly undertake.

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Disney Moana Dolls to Capture Their Imagination

Capture your child's imagination with Disney Moana Dolls! Disneys newest animated princess movie stars Moana, a curious, sensitive Polynesian girl. She lives in a small village on an island with the overprotective chief, Tui and her supportive grandmother, Tala. Her pets, sidekicks, and fellow adventurers are Hei Hei the rooster and Pua the pig. Moanas people are sea voyagers and navigators who don't travel any more. Moana Walaliki sets out on an ocean bound adventure to discover why. In doing so she embarks on an exciting, thrill filled mission to save her world and discover herself. According to local legend, she must gain the aid of Maui, a demi god. The bad guys include a lava goddess, a huge, greedy crab and some very cute, very nasty pirates armored in coconuts.


Moana is a princess movie where the princess is one tough cookie. The animation is amazing and the soundtrack is filled with great songs and music. This movie is bound to go down as an all time favorite for all ages. Disney Moana dolls will be hot items on the gift list this year.



Disney Moana Dolls along with figures of the other colorful characters in this incredible Disney production will be in high demand and will appear on the wish list for every young person who sees this delightful animated movie. I am going to introduce you to each of the main characters and show you some ideas for the dolls and figurines that are available for each of them.


Moana is a precocious young princess who was born and raised on a Polynesian Island called Motunui. She loves her village, her family and her animal friends. From early childhood Moana listened to the storytellers,  including her grandmother Gramma Tala,  relate folklore of how her people were once ocean travelling navigators. Young Moana loves to play in the ocean, and the ocean comes to love her. She feels the call of the ocean and becomes curious as to why her people no longer travel and navigate. Legend had it that at one time the mother island, Tei Fiti, had her heart stolen by a demi god, Maui, and now a deadly darkness is slowly moving over the world. Her Grandmother on her deathbed. makes Moana promise to return the heart of Tei Fiti to end the curse of death imposed by the demon Te Ka.  She has many adventures And that is how the story begins. Here are some examples of Disney Moana Dolls and action figures

What could be better than a singing Moana doll? Imagine your little Disney fan serenading along with the newest, and most enjoyable princess. Cuteness and musical companionship creates a heartwarming scenario. The sound track from this movie is phenomenal, so the title tracks can be played over and over again. Just a wonderful twist on your average Moana doll.

Last but not least, there is the swimming Moana doll. She lives on an ocean and is an adept swimmer. This doll has wind up action and can swim with your child in the bathtub. This is a nice way to prolong and sweeten up the dreaded bath. Oh the adventures to be had! The clothes are removable and Pua, the little pig comes along for the ride too.

Gramma Tala Toy Figurines

Gramma Tala is Moanas Grandmother and confidant. They share a passion for the sea and Tala tells her granddaughter all the old legends of how her tribe were once great navigators of the ocean. She shares the folklore about how the Demi God Maui stole the heart of the Mother Island, Tei Fiti. This destroyed the Island and gave birth to the Lava Demon Te-Ka,  who hated humans and cursed them with a slow burning death. Tala tells Moana that she needs to find Maui, rescue the heart of  Tei Fiti and return it in order to save the world. When Tala is on her deathbed, Moana promises to embark on the pilgramage to find this heart. After several failures in her quest, Moana feels like giving up. The spirit of  Tala appears to our young heroine and apologizes for pushing too hard. This visitation actually cements the urge that Moana feels to go ahead and complete the rescue and return of the missing heart.   As a grandmother to an amazing young woman, I can totally relate to this grandmothers encouragement and persistence in wanting to help Moana discover her potential and destiny. Gramma Tala is a secondary character in the movie and there are limited dolls and figures for her. She looks like such an appealing character and would be a great addition to the Disney Moana Doll collection.

Chief Tui and Sina Toy Figurines

Chief Tui and Sina are Moanas parents. Chief Tui is an over protective father.  He is aqua-phobic and is very disturbed by his daughters obvious preoccupation and love of the sea. He is worried that something terrible will happen to her and goes to great lengths to dissuade her from her passion with all things aquatic. Tui is consumed with the idea that Moana should be trained to replace him as chief of the village once she is old enough and able to take over.  Gramma Tala shows Moana the secret cave where the heart of  Tei Fiti was hidden and reveals that Moana is the chosen one who will return the heart to the island and save their world.  Moana asks the tribe to help her learn to sail, Chief Tui refuses to give her permission and throws the heart away. Disney has created a wonderful father figure with the Moana Chief Tui doll.

Sina is Moanas mother. Being caught between a daughter with the soul of a seafaring navigator and a husband who wants to protect and safeguard his progeny from the evils of the sea is no easy task. Sina approches her peace making role with a nurturing heart. She is a strong willed, playful, sharp character. It is a hard place to be when you want to encourage your daughter to be who she is and still strive to protect her from the unknown demons in life. Sina is part of an action figure set which I will discuss later.

Pua the pig Toys And Plush

Pua has to be the cutest little pig that ever originated in an animators imagination. He is adorable, loyal and has the energy of a jumping bean. Picture a pig that acts like a puppy and you have a good idea of the nature of Pua. Paua actually means pig or pork in some Polynesian languages. The meaning of his name in Hawaiian is flower. This steadfast little comrade stays behind when Moana sets out on her ocean voyages.

Hei Hei The Rooster Toys And Plush

Who hates sailing, is dim witted, bumbling, and has the nickname drumstick? That would be Heihei, the bantam rooster who is an uninvited and accidental stowaway on the boat that Moana sets sail on at the beginning of her quest. He complicates the journey in a comical way while attempting to be helpful. This rooster has the ability to swim and change the color of his feathers. According to reports, he is possibly the least intelligent creature that Disney has ever created. Oh, and did I mention that he loves food? A toy for all youngsters to enjoy.

maui Dolls And Figurines

Maui is a demi-god, born to human parents. These parents promptly threw him into the ocean and left him for dead. He was rescued and raised by the gods who granted him some spectacular supernatural powers. Maui has a magical fish hook that allows him to shape shift. His multiple tattoos all have meaning. The Mini Maui tattoo can communicate and visually relate the past. Mini Maui is a flamboyant 'conscience' who was influenced by Jiminy Cricket. Maui was not quite god, and not quite human, so he had an inferiority complex. Trying to impress the humans became a bit of an obsession which led to several well meaning errors. The ultimate final act was to steal the heart gem of the mother island Tei Fiti. The gems power was to create life and Maui thought this would be the best gift ever for the humans. When the mother island lost her heart, the world started to get dark and die. The demon Te Ka defeats Maui and banishes the demi god to an island for eternity. Both the fish hook and the heart gem were lost. The only way for Maui to get off the island is to be rescued by the chosen one, a young hero. Of course this hero is Moana. There is a wide selection of toys and dolls for Maui, and they have many adventures on their way to fufill the quest

First, let me introduce you to Classic Maui dolls

What doll and action figure set would be complete without Singing and Speaking Maui Dolls?

Every demi-god should have a song in his heart. And Disneys sound track for Moana is spectacular. Did you know that Maui is actually a fabled god in both Maori and Hawiian mythology? The meaning of his name is God of Fire

te ka action figures

Te Ka is the female Lava Demon. She was the villain who was created after the the life giving heart gem was stolen from the island goddess Te fti.  Darkness crept over the island, creating death and chaos. This gave birth to Te Ka who rose out of a cloud. She commenced to battle and defeat the demi-god Maui. After banishing him to an exile on a small island, she cursed the human race to death. The curse causes the food supply to die. Only the restoration of the heart gem to the Island of Te Fitis can save the world. She is truly a monstrous looking figure and hates everyone and everything. Te Ka is the only villain in Disney films who faces a peaceful transformation from evil to good. She was not defeated, but instead, was liberated so that the damage that was caused when she was created could be undone as she remembers who she really is and reverts to the island goddess Te Fiti.

This character is offered only in action figure sets which I will discuss a little later in this article.

tamatoa figurines

Tomatoa is a huge, egocentric 50 foot crab who comes from the island Lolatoi, a realm inhabited by monsters. He loves all things shiny and glittery. His shell is encrusted with gems and gold in an effort to elevate his status from a 'beady-eyed bottom feeder' to a force to be feared and honored among his peers. He has a warped, dry sense of humor. Part of his lack of self esteem manifests itself in his mean and nasty disposition. Over time, this drives him to madness. He is cruel and loves to torture and eat all who cross him. He brags of eating his own grandmother. His goal is to steal the heart of the island goddess Te Fiti to gain the power he desires. Tamatoa has a hatred and a history with Maui the demi god. Maui was reputed to have stolen one of Tamatoas claws at one time and this triggered their long standing feud. He steals Mauis magical fish hook and Moana assists him to take it back from the crusty crustacean. This doll will add a bad guy to your young persons Disney Moana figure collection

kakamora dolls

The Kakamora are a fierce, tiny race of pirates that wear armour made of coconuts. They are oh, so cute, but they are menacing and mean. These little guys are the cutest bad guys you will see for a long time. What child would not want these little guys in their Disney Moana Toy collection. They don't talk, but communicate by banging drums and jumping ferociously up and down. They were one of the nasty foes who were out to steal Te Fitis heart before Maui succeeded in this dastardly venture. Once the heart has been recovered, Moanas rooster Hei Hei swallows the heart of Te Fiti. One of the Kakaamora kidnap him and take the rooster back to their ship for their captain. Before they can butcher Heihei, Mona makes a daring rescue of her rooster friend. The coconut monsters battle Moana, but to no avail. Disneys Moana doll collection would not be complete without these cuties.

Disney Moana Doll Sets

These adorable Moana action figure sets are a one stop play set that combine some [or all] of the major characters in this heartwarming movie. They will provide hours of play for your young Moana fan.

Reasons why I think this is the best Disney Princess movie to date:

  • Moana was designed with a more realistic body than previous thin Disney princesses.
  • Moana is the first Disney princess who does not have a prince.
  • The theme of the movie is to be who you are instead of becoming someone or something else. Both the star and some of the villains develop self acceptance and growth in overcoming obstacles and becoming whole characters.
  • Some of the characters are based in actual folklore of Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures.
  • The tale itself is more modern than some traditional Disney animated princess productions. 

Disney Moana Doll Clothes

Oh, the hours I spent dressing up my dolls in cute outfits. I was lucky because my mom was an excellent seamstress and could make ensembles for my dollies. Most modern day moms do not have the luxury of time to sew clothes for dolls and action figures. Disney Moana doll clothes are available for purchase and they are super cute. Dressing dolls and figurines helps to develop manual dexterity and is fuel for many imaginary adventures in the young mind. These doll costumes are for the popular American Girl dolls.

All these dolls can be part of her Moana games, and be props while reading Moana childrens books. Dont forget to include these adorable action figures in the next Moana themed birthday party!

Thank you so much for reading my article on Disney Moana Dolls. Many of my fondest childhood memories include playing with dolls either by myself or with my friends. Now, I watch my grand daughter and grandson create their own adventures and stimulate their imagination with the newest generations of dolls and action figures. Whether they are acting out real life scenarios, or creating something totally fictional, it warms my heart. Do you have any special stories about doll sets? I enjoy your feedback and would love to hear of the adventures that you and your loved ones have had with the long and progressive history of Disney dolls.

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