Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas for Kids

Does your child enjoy dressing up as Poppy or Branch or any one of the Dreamworks Trolls movie characters? Here are some great Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas for Kids. Whether your kid loves the Trolls or the sweet little Bergens like Bridget or Prince Gristle, there is plenty of inspiration for cool Dreamworks Trolls clothing for the tickle trunk or for Halloween, or even for a dress-up play date.

Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas For Kids

Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas For Kids

Here is a small clip from the Trolls movie to help you visualize how the attire for the main Troll characters could appear. Think bright, neon and glitter for most of the characters. Click here to get the full version of the DREAMWORKS TROLLS MOVIE.


Things to Consider When Buying a Costume for Your Child

  • Your childs age is always an important factor when buying a dress-up costume or Halloween costume. Will the costume be comfortable and safe for your childs age? There are Trolls outfits appropriate for any age.
  • How well will the costume last? Wear and tear is a real concern for your little Troll or Bergen. Ensure that the costume will stand up to rigorous childhood dress-up testing. The costumes from Etsy are made by real parents who want the designs to withstand a normal child activity level.
  • Make sure that your wee one can always see, breathe and hear. Obstructing one of the primary senses would not be fun for your Troll! All the better to see and hear what is going on around them.
  • If you are going outside in costume, it is a great idea to keep the weather in mind. Trolls that are too hot or too cold can become cranky!

Trolls Poppy Costume

Poppy has pizzazz! All the way from her pink neon stand up hair down to her twinkly little dancing Troll toes, she exudes personality. Being the leader of the Trolls gang is no easy task, but she approaches her destiny with songs and hugs.

Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Girls Tutu Costumes

Most little girls (and some big girls too) absolutely love tutus. Princess poppy tutu costumes are fantabulous!  The dress tutus are a great Trolls costume idea for kids. Some come with hair, and some give you room to add or coordinate costume items to complete the perfect Poppy outfit.

This selection of Trolls Poppy tutu dresses include the hair up headbands! All in one costume ideas like this are ideal.

Add the ease of one stop shopping with the fact that these tutu dresses are made by home-spun artisans selling from Etsy online stores. Its a great way to encourage entrepreneurship and to help support an American family survive in these challenging times.

Crocheted tops and tulle skirts all have a colorful Princess Poppy dress up theme to them. The cute little dresses come in various sizes. The pink tulle "hair" band is just so cool and the flowered hair wreath adds just the right touches.

The skirts come in various combinations of blues and pinks. Crocheted tops are also shades of pink and blue. Some of these kids dress up outfits have sparkles and they all feature appliques or Princess Poppy themed adornments.

More Poppy Tutu Dresses Little Girls will Love

If just a Princess Poppy Tutu alone is what you are searching for, here is a cute selection of tutu dresses that will please any little Trolls fan. Tutus are such a fun Troll costume idea for kids. Indoors, outdoors, Halloween, birthday parties and dress up days are a few examples of when wearing one of these Poppy tutu dresses would make a little one feel like a princess.

Some of these darling little dresses can be personalized with your childs name. Tulle is one of the basic materials and tops vary from tee shirts to denim to cute crocheted toppers. These items are available in many sizes, so having your little Trolls fan help you pick out their favorite Dreamworks Trolls costume will be a breeze!

Troll Hair Wigs - The Kids Costume Accessories

One of the most outstanding features of the Dreamworks Trolls is their hair! Troll hair - dont care is now such a popular saying. These hairbands or hair pieces allow your Trolls fan to have their "hair-up". They can put on one of these charming little wigs and sing along to the TROLLS MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK.

These Troll wigs are made of various materials including wool, tulle and faux fur. Only your imagination limits the many available colors. In most of these items, the hair is attached to a headband and applique flowers adorn the headdress. 

Trolls Branch Costumes

Branch is Dreamworks Trolls lead male character. He is a survivalist and precautionary by nature. Unlike the other Trolls at the beginning of the movie, he has both a somber outlook and earthy colored clothing. By the end of the movie, he shows his "true colors".

Dreamworks Trolls Branch costumes for kids include a full dress outfit, cape and mask, Branch toques and hats, hair and other Trolls mask type items. Colors are usually blues, blacks, greys and browns. These ideas are available in assorted sizes.

 Making a Trolls kids costume for boys will be easy with these costume separates.

Other Dreamworks Trolls Character Costume Ideas

Other Troll movie character costumes are not hard to create given the choices of wigs available. Add some accessories, like headphones for DJ Suki or a cute plush caterpillar for Biggie. Two kids could hook their hair up together for Satin and Chenille. Guy Diamond needs lots of glitter.

The Bergens are pretty easy too. Cook needs a cooks hat and an apron. And of Course the King and Prince Gristel need a crown and cape.

Here is an example for Brigit and King Peppy to help create their look for a Trolls costume party. The wigs could be used for any of the Trolls such as DJ Suki and Creek.

Trolls Shoes For Kids

Shoes are the final item for the coolest Dreamworks Trolls costume! Shoes make the world a beautiful place for our feet. Every outfit needs some good shoes to go with it. These adorable sets of footwear will bring such smiles!

The tie up shoes and slip on footwear with Trolls characters will be a great Troll costume idea for kids. Your child can wear them for any day, and still have them for dress-up days, birthday parties and of course, Troll Halloween costumes.

There are shoes for boys and shoes for girls. They are all make you want to hug and dance! What a great addition to a kids Troll costume.

Painting Your Face Like a Dreamworks Trolls Character

Once you have your costume together, all you need is some awesome face paint in the appropriate color for your Trolls character. Make sure that the kit contains some glitter! Having some brushes and foam wedges for blending will be helpful too.

Be sure to put some paper or an old table cloth down on your makeup surface, especially if the the kids are coloring their own faces. Things can get messy!

Making a Trolls face out of your own is a ton of fun. Please enjoy this video where some tweens decorate their own faces as Dreamworks Trolls characters. You will be able to find some excellent Dreamworks Trolls costume ideas for kids and face painting tips!


Dreamworks Trolls Kids Costume Storage

It is nice to have a storage area for Halloween or dress-up items. A good idea is a storage container! A Trolls collapsible storage trunk is an ideal costume storage solution.

This canvas storage unit measures 30 x 14.5 x 16 inches. It can be collapsed when empty and folded down flat. 

The pink tickle trunk is decorated with images of Trolls Princess Poppy and some groovy Troll quotes. the trunk lid is fastened with velcro and the trim is a cool aqua color.

Thank you for visiting Dreamworks Trolls costume ideas for kids. Dressing up is so much fun for both children and adults. Experimenting with costumes and face paint will produce an excellent, adorable result. Kids will be so happy to look like their favorite Dreamworks Trolls gang character. Hair Up! 

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Dreamworks Trolls Costume Ideas For Kids

Dreamy Trolls Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

Does your child dream of Trolls? Are you looking for Dreamworks Trolls decorating ideas for bedrooms? Life will be cupcakes and rainbows with this selection of Trolls bedroom decorating merchandise. Everything from paint to window coverings to bedding sets can be utilized to create the perfect Trolls bedroom.

Find your happy place with these fun and bright Trolls decorating ideas for bedrooms and play rooms.

The Dreamworks Trolls Movie that was released in 2016 provides plenty of incentive and ideas to decorate a kids bedroom with snazzy and upbeat decor that is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Trolls Decorating ideas For Bedrooms

Dreamworks Trolls Kids Room Painting ideas

The basic groundwork step for Trolls bedroom decor is to choose an interior wall color for the room. Dreamworks Trolls allows you to "show your true colors" with various shades of pinks, blues, greens, purples, oranges and yellows. Click to following link to see all the amazing colors. True Value Trolls Paint comes in all the Trolls shades with a paint and primer in one combination product. There is even a Trolls Paint Tray set! How fun is that?

These DIY ideas for kids bedrooms will make your Trolls decor vision such an accomplishment. Let your creative side flow with the Trolls inspired paint, using the 6 piece painting tool set and the included stencils. What an array of cheerful colors!

Trolls Curtains and Bedroom Window Coverings

Once you have the walls painted, the next step is to hang some amazing Dreamworks Trolls inspired curtains on your childs windows. Regardless of which Trolls animated character is your kids favorite, there is a Trolls curtain and bedroom window covering to display their personal tastes. These room-darkening window panels are meant to provide light blocking and privacy for your kids bedroom.

Dreamworks Trolls Curtain Rods

An often overlooked item and another one of those decorating ideas for a bedroom is cool curtain rods. This Rhinestone accented curtain rod is a great idea for girls when searching for decorating ideas for kids rooms. Do you have the curtain rod brackets and hardware? The mounting hardware is included in the shown example.

More Dreamworks Trolls Curtains

These unique hand crafted Trolls curtains and valances come from Etsy online stores. Etsy artisan made items wont be found in your local department store and since they are home sewn, you can support a home spun business and family.

Princess Poppy and friends are the highlights on these adorable window coverings. There are window panels in all the Trolls colors to enhance your walls. Trolls window shades are a great Trolls decorating idea for a bedroom.

Trolls Light Switch Covers And Electrical Outlet Covers

Another excellent Trolls decorating idea for bedrooms is covering electrical outlets and switch plates with Trolls inspired light switch covers and electrical outlet coverings. Plenty of glitter and Princess Poppy attitude adorn these cute screw in decorating accents. Such an excellent Trolls touch to a kids bedroom. 

Trolls Wall Decals for Kids Rooms

If you have a longer feature wall or a side wall that you would like to decorate with some Dreamworks Trolls animated movie characters, wall decals may be just what you are looking for. What is your childs favorite Trolls character? Or do they love all the Troll pack? There are cool vinyl wall decals for every Troll taste. Hair Up!!

Colored Trolls Decorative Wall Stickers

These easy to apply and easy to remove Trolls inspired wall decals come in 4 sizes, mini, regular, large, and huge. It is a good idea to measure your walls to find which size of sticker will best fit your available space.

Imagine the delight of your Dreamworks Trolls fan when they come into their room and see one of these fun, colorful images on their walls!

Trolls Black and White Wall Decals

Black and white wall decals or stickers are a more subtle way to portray your Dreamworks Trolls fan with the images of their favorite animated characters. These transparent outlines of all the Trolls and Bergens gives them a variety of choices to pick from.

When searching for decorating ideas for kids bedrooms, you won't go wrong with one of these wall stickers

Dreamworks Trolls Wall Art

Hanging wall art is another Trolls decorating idea for bedrooms. Framed artwork or posters are an excellent choice for kids bedroom decor options.

It is an excellent idea to hang kids art at their eye level or just a little above. This way, they can see and appreciate their Trolls animated friends without craning their necks.

Trolls Stretched Canvas Wall Art

This stretched and framed 100% cotton canvas wall art measures 16 inches by 12 inches. It comes stretched on a frame with hanging hardware. Some of your favorite Dreamworks Trolls characters pose happily in this picture. Hug time will be even more special when this special Trolls artwork is hanging on the wall in the bedroom.

Trolls Movie Quotes Wall Decor

There are so many inspirational and funny quotes from the Dreamworks Trolls Soundtrack and the stars of this wonderful animated production. Your Trolls fan will love some colorful quote poster wall art adorning their walls. Getting up in the morning and reading these sayings will get the day off to a wonderful start.

Buy, download and print. Its just that easy! Pick out a nice frame and if you want to protect your wall hanging, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. Using a plexiglass type of "glass" would be preferable than real glass so it wont break if it falls off the wall.

Dreamworks Trolls Posters -Decorative Art For the Bedroom

Movie posters are a time old tradition for decorating a tween or teen bedroom. They are wonderful decorating ideas for a kids room. These beautiful Trolls movie theater posters from the Dreamworks Trolls movie are perfect for any age.

There are poster framing and hanging hardware available at most department stores, or some use some poster putty to hang the artwork. All these poster print Trolls are displayed on backgrounds of the groovy, 70's inspired Troll colors. Even Guy Glitter gets a moment in the spotlight!

Dreamworks Trolls Printable Bedroom Art Prints

Using digital downloads from graphic artists at Etsy to print out some watercolor poster prints off your home printer is another great idea for decorating the walls in a Trolls bedroom.

Print, frame and display! Its that easy. Not only are these downloadable prints beautiful, they are a cost effective way to personalize a bedroom or kids toy room.

All your favorite Trolls and Bergens are here in lovely abstract pastel colors. Trolls characters include Princess Poppy, Branch, King Peppy, Guy Glitter, Satin, Chenille, Biggie and Mr Dinkles the worm.

Trolls Bergen characters are here too! Chef, King Gristle, Prince Gristle and the adorable Bridget can all make an appearance on your childs bedroom walls.

Dreamworks Trolls Colorful Art Prints

This last wall decorating idea for a kids bedroom is a set of Dreamwork Trolls colorful art prints. This 6 piece wall art set is pre-printed on glossy paper and mailed to you wrapped in cellophane and cardboard to protect your purchase.

The brightness of these prints are so eye-catching. This would be a great one-stop shop to decorate the whole room. There is an option to buy any of these bright wall art pieces separately too. They are available in an assortment of sizes to suit your decorating needs.

Dreamworks Trolls Children's Wall Clocks

Does your Dreamworks Trolls fan need a bedroom clock to round out the Trolls bedroom theme? These Trolls kids wall clocks are just so cute and colorful!

Telling time is a huge step in a childs development. Digital clocks make it easy, but being able to read an old fashioned clock is such an amazing achievement.

Trolls Musical Wall Clock

This 8 inch Trolls musical kids clock runs on a AA Battery and plays "Get Back Up Again" from the Trolls musical soundtrack once an hour for 12 hours. There is an on/off switch to control the music. Princess Poppy thinks its hug time and so will your child!

Dreamworks Trolls Personalized Wall Clock

It would be a wonderful treat to surprise your favorite Dreamworks Trolls fan with a beautiful wall clock, personalized with their name or a favorite saying.

This 9 inch clock is decorated with some of the favorite members of the Troll gang and runs using a AA battery. The numbers are large and easy to read and it even has a second hand!

Dreamworks Trolls Battery Operated Wall Clocks

A battery operated wall clock is a great Trolls decorating idea for bedrooms. This selection of clocks measure between 9.5 to 10 inches and feature many of the favorite Dreamworks Trolls characters. Any of these great choices are cute and colorful and will certainly brighten up a room.

Trolls Bedding Sets

One of the classic bedroom finishing touches is the bed-in a bag or bedding sets. Not only are these comforter ensembles a great Trolls decorating idea for bedrooms, they are a one stop shop for matched and coordinated bedding items. Finding decorating ideas for a kids room is such fun!

Trolls Twin Bedding

  • Item 1 is a 4 piece Trolls Branch 5 piece "no hugs' bed in a bag consisting of 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet a reversible comforter in shades of blue and a standard sized pillowcase featuring Dreamworks Trolls Branch. A bonus is a Trolls sticker sheet containing 24 stickers.
  • Item 2 is a twin 5 piece Dreamworks Trolls Poppy and Branch "Give me a smile" bedding ensemble that contains a 72x86" reversible comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and a reversible pillow case. The bonus in this set is a 22" DJ Suki Trolls plush doll.
  • Item 3 is the Trolls "Troll Life" bedding set. This comfy bedding set has a reversible twin comforter and a sheet set consisting of one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and a reversible pillow case featuring Trolls Cooper, Guy Glitter, Branch and Poppy. A Linens Beyond flashlight is your bonus with this adorable package.
  • Item 4 is a boys Trolls Branch 3 piece bedding set that consists of a fitted sheet, pillowcase and a plush blanket that measures 39x75".

Dreamworks Troll Full Sized Bedding Sets

Full size beds are the same length as a twin bed, but are wider by 15 inches. This usually means that you will get 1 extra pillow case with your bed-in-a-bag. The sets contain a  reversible quilt or comforter, a set of sheets (flat and fitted) and Trolls character pillow cases. Some of these sets come with a bonus as indicated in the product description.

Troll Bedding Separates

You may wish to purchase your Trolls bedding items separately. Sometimes all you need is a set of sheets and pillowcases, perhaps a comforter or a plush warm blanket to ensure your Troll or Bergen stays nice and warm on those chillier nights.

Dreamworks Trolls Sheet Sets for Kids

There is nothing like crawling into a nice, crisp clean set of sheets to help set the stage for a good nights sleep. No matter if your child prefers cotton, polyester or microfiber, there are such fantastic, easy care Trolls sheet sets available for your kids.

Trolls Pillow Cases For Your Little Trolls Bed

Extra  pillow cases are always a good thing to have on hand. You never know when your childs Trolls pillowcase will need changing.

 The material for these Dreamworks Trolls kids pillowcases or pillow slips is a polyester cotton blend or microfiber. Colorful and useful, even Branch would be impressed and would love to fall asleep with his head on one of these cool pillow covers.

trolls Comforters For Your Little Snuggle Buddies

A great Troll decorating idea for bedrooms is a bright, comfortable and warm comforter. Drifting off to sleep to dream about Princess Poppy, Branch or any of the Trolls characters will be a breeze when nestled under a gorgeous Troll inspired comforter or quilt.

These are made of a reversible polyester blend that will fit in with any Dreamworks Trolls inspired bedroom decor.

Trolls Duvet Covers For Kids

If your Trolls fan already has a perfectly useful duvet or comforter, it is easy to get into the Dreamworks Trolls theme with an easy care, washable Trolls duvet cover.

Just slide the polyester-cotton blend cover over your existing comforter and voila! A whole new look in a minute. Just "cant stop the feeling" with this easy-peasy Dreamworks Trolls room re-decorating solution.

This is a quick and easy DIY idea for a kids bedroom instant makeover.

Dreamworks Trolls Fleece Throw Blankets

Trolls fleece throw blankets are such a versatile item for kids. They can be spread out or folded up at the foot of the bed. Children use them to cuddle in while watching TV and for putting on the floor to sit on. Dolls and action figures use them as blankets and if they fall asleep before getting tucked in, wrapping one of these comfy blankets around your sleeping prince or princess will ensure a sigh of contentment

This is a sampling of some of the colorful and sweet fleecies that are available. They are washable and made of acrylic fleece. Cuddle up and pass out the hugs!

Dreamworks Trolls Kids Throw Pillows

The finishing touch for the perfect Trolls bed is some decorative kids throw pillows. Dreamworks Trolls offers some adorable bedroom decorating pillows.

The bright pillows feature the Trolls characters and Trolls movie quotes that your kids will love.

Dreamworks Trolls Character Pillows

Your little one can cuddle up with a pillow version of Princess Poppy, Branch or other Dreamworks Trolls movie characters. The cute Trolls can double as a pillow or a toy.

Featured here we have Dreamworks Trolls Glitterific Guy Diamond, Poppy and Branch Trolls, Dreamworks Trolls Cooper and DJ Suki.

Trolls Kids Body Pillows

Body pillows are great to throw a leg over or cuddle up to while sleeping. These Trolls kids body pillows give your kids that little extra body positioning capability.

These marvelous pillows are also eye-catching and colorful. They can be placed on top of regular pillows when making the bed. 

Made of polyester, these cute pillows are all cupcakes and rainbows and adorable happy-go-lucky Troll movie characters.

Unique Handmade Trolls Throw Pillows

Lovely, one-of-a-kind toss pillows are a great accent for a kids Troll bed. These 10 x 11 inch cotton covered pillows have all your favorite Dreamworks Trolls Sayings. Hand crafted merchandise is always made with love for your and your family. Another big bonus is that these little gems are made in the U.S.A.

Trolls Kids Bedside Lamps

Having a light to turn on at night is so important to the little trolls. Whether is a trip to the bathroom or a bad dream, the ability to turn on a light in an instant is soothing and allays many fears. After all, sometimes you just have to check for Bergens under the bed.

Trolls bedside lamps are one of the great decorating ideas for bedrooms! First of all we have a regular bedside lamp featuring Troll characters. Cupcakes, rainbows and groovy Troll colors decorate this pedestal lamp.

Next, we have a kids Trolls Princess Poppy and Guy Diamond figurine lamps. The cute Troll lamps changes LED light colors. In order to operate them, you need to insert the included 3 - LR 44 batteries. The Trolls bedside lamp measure approximately 4 x 3.5 x 5.5 inches. 

Such a great decorating idea for kids bedrooms. Poppy even has freckles and she has such a great expression on her face.

The Trolls Torch Light is so fun. Just shake the light like a wand and point to light it up. The graphics are glow in the dark so it can be found easily at night. There is a two minute timer built in so as to save the batteries. It will keep going if you keep waving it. This cool torch light takes 3 AAA batteries which are NOT included.

Reminiscent of the '70s lava lamps, here is a Princess Poppy LED Glitter Lamp. Simply shake the lamp and Trolls Popy lights up for a few minutes, providing sparkle and glitter. Its a trolltastic Trolls decorating idea for a bedroom!

Are rainbows and cupcakes part of your Trolls bedroom ideas?  This projector lamp or nightlight sits on your childs bedside table, and when turned on shines a rainbow onto the wall or ceiling. A unique bedroom light that screams Trolls!

The LED rainbow light takes 4 AAA batteries (not included) or can be plugged in. The lamp turns itself off automatically after 10 minutes.

Dream Works Trolls Plug In Night Lights

Night Lights that Plug into your electrical outlets are such a great idea for soft, ambient lighting all night long. And with the Trolls characters adorning the face of the light, all bad Bergen dreams should turn into sweet night time sighs.

These incredibly cute night lights have on and off switches and can be placed in any area where soft light is needed.

Trolls Dream Lites Pillow Pets

The Trolls Dream Lites pillow pets are a fun and cuddly way to add a little light show to your Troll lovers room. The polyester plush toys project 3 colors and reflect a starry sky on your bedroom ceiling.  They take 3 AAA batteries.

Choices of Troll Dream Lites Pillow Pets are Princess Poppy, Guy Diamond and Trolls Branch. They measure 6.4 inches tall.

Troll Alarm Clocks to decorate a Kids Bedroom

Dreamworks Trolls Kids Digital Alarm Clocks

These unique bedroom table alarm clocks for kids are over the top cool. They are cube shaped and feature many of the favorite DreamWorks Trolls favorite movie poster character poses.

The LED alarm clocks changes to 7 different color displays. Time can be displayed using either 12 hour or 24 hour time format. There is also a digital display of the date,  day of week and temperature. The display is high visibility.

The alarm clock cubes measure just over 3 inches per side.Click here and you will see There are 8 of these amazing digital alarm clocks to choose from! There is sure to be a favorite for your Trolls fan.

More Great Dreamworks Trolls Cool Kids Alarm Clock Ideas

Is it time to get your kids to get themselves up in in the morning? This "wake up" responsibility is a major step in learning responsibility and self reliance. It allows children to feel independent and grown-up. Cool Trolls alarm clocks are not only a great practical item they are a great decorating idea for bedrooms.

A Trolls musical night light alarm clock has the best of all worlds. There is a cool Trolls alarm clock disguised as a microphone. Perfect for the diva Troll. A combination piggy bank alarm clock is a unique Trolls bedroom decor item. Then a selection of traditional looking alarms that will be tasteful additions to the bedside table.

Dreamworks Trolls Rugs For Kids Rooms

Having a throw rug in front of your Trolls bed is almost a necessity, especially if you have tile, lino or hardwood floors. When your little one swings their legs out of the bed in the morning, it is so nice to have a soft, plush carpeted area to stand up on.

Small area rugs are perfect for sitting on the floor to play with Trolls toys, build cool Trolls Lego or to read about adventures in their Troll kids books.

These Trolls rugs have non skid backing and come in an array of Trolls scenes and characters, and come in either a rectangle or a circle shape.

Trolls Rectangle Area Accent Rugs 

Rectangular Trolls accent rugs can snug right up to a solid based bed, like a kids captain bed. These fleecy, soft, non slip foot and floor protectors will be a really neat visual treat for the floor of your childs bedroom.

Displaying many of the Dreamworks Trolls Gang movie characters, there is no shortage of "True Colors" and brightness to cushion the feet and appeal to the eye! Rug sizes are quoted in the display titles.

Dreamworks Trolls Round Bedroom Rugs

Trolls inspired round kids bedroom rugs are so cute to have around the bed area. Circular shaped rugs are a good idea to visually detract from all the rectangular objects normally found in a bedroom, for example, the bed, dresser and rectangular pictures.

Just wash these Trolls round carpets in your machine in cold water and hang to dry. So easy to maintain and clean.

Bedroom rugs help clean the dirt of little feet before they get into bed as well as protecting the tootsies from a cold floor.

Finishing Touches for a Good Nights Sleep In A Dreamworks Trolls Bedroom

Now for the little extra things that will make the Trolls bedroom experience complete. We cannot forget pajamas, slippers and eye masks

Dreamworks Trolls Sleepwear

Pajamas, nightgowns, sleep shirt, onesies, PJ's; there are just so many terms for Trolls sleepwear. There is a variety of Trolls inspired night clothing available for your child. So many styles, sizes and so many colors to choose from. There are Trolls outfits for girls nightwear and sleep shirts for boys.

Examples of Trolls themed pajamas begin with a hooded Poppy hair fleece onesie. A Trolls 2 piece, purple, long sleeved pajama set is covered with flowers and features Princess Poppy. Our third set has a girls top and bottoms with short sleeves made in a summer time style.

A night gown featuring Trolls Satin and Chenille along with the always happy Poppy is an easy care summer creation. A two set of pajama pairs gives you bang for your buck and style with some "True Colors" pizzazz.

"Pass The Glitter" indeed! This blue Trolls girls summer night gown will have them rocking out in utter coolness. A traditional styled pink Trolls winter nightie will keep her warm and cozy. And for the boys on the Trolls fan list, how about an uber "rad" Trolls Branch night shirt.

Please be aware that these items may be available in other sizes than the ones I have displayed.

Trolls Slippers to Warm Those Cute Tootsies

When it gets cooler at night, a pair of Trolls Slippers will surely come in handy to keep those cold little toes warmed. And Dreamworks Trolls slippers are just so darned cute. The warm indoor footwear can be found in other sizes than the ones listed.

Pink cupcake slippers featuring Trolls Princess Poppy, complete with stand up hair will keep those little piggies snuggly and happy. And the elasticised back will keep them on the feet begger. Second in line is a cute fleece lined Princess Poppy and cupcake patterned pair of foot warmers.

Another Trolls Princess Poppy faced pair of slippers has a sock top. Fourth in row is a pink pair of foot cozies with some of the Dreamworks Trolls gang smiling up at you. Next there is a striped rainbow colored Trolls Poppy with stand up hair, perfect for cold winter nights.

For the boys there is a blue Trolls Branch slipper with Hair Up and an elasticized ankle cuff to help keep those cool boy slippers where they belong. An open back style cushioned slipper set for girls is an easy on/easy off item for the older kids.

Last, but not least there is a pair of rainbow striped, calf high slipper booties for girls. So mod, and so warm and toasty. Trolls Princess Poppy adorns these must-have footwear items.

Dreamworks Trolls Sleep Masks For Kids

Does light bother your child when they are trying to sleep? Have they tried using a sleeping mask for kids? Dreamworks Trolls sleeping masks are a cute blackout option to put over the eyes when trying to sleep to prevent light from hitting the eyeballs. Perhaps you will wake up to a happy cupcakes and rainbow Troll instead of a grumpy Bergen if your child gets a better sleep. They are an excellent idea for tweens and teens.

Thank you for visiting my article on Trolls decorating ideas for bedrooms. Decorating a childs bedroom is an important undertaking and it is great that there is such a wide variety of colorful choices available. With input from your Dreamworks Trolls fan, you are sure to have a wonderful result. Happy decorating!

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Find your happy place with these fun and bright Trolls decorating ideas for bedrooms and play rooms.

Trolls Stickers and Daily Planner Stickers

Does your family love stickers? And do they love the Dreamworks Trolls movie? Trolls stickers and daily planner stickers are the perfect solution if you are in the need for new ideas and images for crafts, scrapbooking or for your daily planner. Trolls Princess Poppy is a scrapbooking queen, and these brightly neon colored Trolls stickers would be right up her alley. Set your creative side free and life will be full of rainbows and cupcakes

You and your troll fans will have hours of enjoyment when you supply your sticker drawer or shelf with this wide variety of super stickers full of color and glitter.

Trolls Stickers And Planner Stickers

Trolls Stickers and Daily Planner Stickers

There is plenty of inspiration for using really, really cool stickers provided from the Dreamworks Trolls Movie. Life will be all cupcakes and rainbows when you start using these stickers. Stickers are such useful and practical items.

Some uses for Troll clip art, planner stickers and fun kids stickers are:

  • Planner stickers are wonderful for keeping your life organized. They are made to fit and work with Happy Planners or Erin Condren Planners
  • Stickers can be used for kids chore charts to denote an accomplished chore.
  • Children or adults can use the adorable stickers to decorate a journal or diary.
  • Cool and colorful Trolls stickers can be used for scrapbooking as a cheerful additon to a project.
  • Glitzy little stickers can be used on a wall calendar or fridge calendar to remind everyone of upcoming events. 
  • Stickers can be used to personalize craft projects or just as a quiet time way to decorate a blank piece of paper.

Trolls Stickers for Arts,Crafts and Scrapbooking

These amazing little stickers are so easy and so fun. They are a no fuss, no muss and no bother solution for kids crafting projects. Dreamworks Trolls stickers for kids can be used for scrap booking, just like Poppy. Or they can be used for rewards too. All you do is peel them and stick them wherever you want. The kids are only limited by their imaginations, or by household rules.

There are different collections of these stickers that contain a different amount of cute and colorful stickers. Stickers and a notebook are great items to keep in your backpack for a quiet activity when you have to wait in a dentists or doctors office.

Dreamworks Trolls Planner Sticker Printables

Daily Planners have become a staple in todays busy lifestyle. They are an attractive and appealing way to organize ourselves and our family. Appointments, important dates, weekly duties, upcoming activities can all be tracked in one place.

These downloadable and printable life planner stickers are an affordable way to celebrate your love of the Dreamworks Trolls characters and keep tabs on all your life activities.

Trolls Daily Planner Stickers

These pre-printed planner sticker kits are full of neon and glittery Troll magic. Keep organized and keep on dancing. Whether this is a planner for you or your tween or teenager, these stickers are a "trolltastic" way to celebrate and record life and all its eventsTurn up the volume on the cool Trolls music soundtrack and put your "Hair Up". You will be singing "Cant Stop the Feeling" when you have planned out the upcoming weeks.

Each planner sticker set contains large stickers, small stickers and inserts. Pinks, blues, pastels and glitter are the color schemes on these dazzling life planner tools. There is guaranteed speedy delivery on these Etsy online stores handcrafted items.

Once your year is complete, you will have a fully colored and decorated record of all the things that happened in the past year, and you can easily transfer important annual information, such as birthdays to your new planner using these Dreamworks Trolls stickers.

Thank you for visiting my Trolls stickers and daily planner stickers article. There are so many ways to keep your life beautifully organized and beautifully decorated at the same time. Happy planning to you and your family!

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Trolls Stickers and Daily Planner Stickers

The BIGGEST And BEST Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies Guide

Do you need ideas for a Trolls Birthday party for your special birthday boy or birthday girl? Welcome to the biggest and best Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies Guide. Enclosed you will find everything you will need for the most amazing Dreamworks Trolls themed birthday party.

Troll birthday party supplies are the most colorful and eye catching neon 70's inspired merchandise. Flower power abounds. Princess Poppy documents her adventures by scrapbooking and uses bright colors and glitter. These Trolls and Bergens are just so heartwarmingly adorable. Their cuteness appeals to many age groups. The theme of hugging, sharing toe tapping music, dancing and happiness just begs for a Trolls party!

Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies


The BIGGEST And BEST Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies And Ideas Guide

Trolls Birthday Invitations

Printable Trolls Birthday Party Invitations

The best part of planning a birthday party is picking out the invitation! There is no shortage of adorable Trolls birthday party invitations to choose from on Etsy. There are so many cute designs, it is hard to pick my favorite!

Ordering a Trolls printable birthday party invitation is super easy. Just pick out the invitation you love, submit your party details, and a graphic designer will personalize the invite with your party info. Usually within 24-48 hours, you will receive a JPEG or PDF file that you print yourself on your home printer.

Some invites are editable, meaning that instead of an Etsy shop owner personalizing the invite, you receive a file you customize yourself. Make sure to read the descriptions on the invitations before ordering to ensure you are purchasing the file format you wish to receive.

You can save money and time by emailing or sharing the invitations on social media too!

Trolls Printable Valentine Birthday Invitations

If your child loves the Trolls and has a birthday in February, a Valentine themed Trolls birthday bash would be so much fun. Here a couple of printable Trolls Valentine birthday party invitations that will make your little one's heart sing and dance, dance, dance! Enjoy more colorful Trolls Printable Valentines here.

The first invite features Poppy, an overly optimistic Troll, and Branch, the most pessimistic Troll of the bunch, and are available in sizes 4" x 6" and 5" x 7". The second invitation features the whole lovable gang of Trolls and is available as a 5" x 7" print.

Trolls Birthday Party Supplies And Decorations

There are all kinds of Trolls birthday party decorations and supplies available on Amazon and Etsy perfect for a Trolls themed birthday party. There is everything imaginable from Trolls party tablewear, colorful balloons, cupcake toppers, edible cake toppers, popcorn boxes, food tent labels, water bottle labels, birthday banners, party favors, treat bags and treat bag toppers, welcome party signs, thank you tags and so much more.

Trolls Plates, Cups, Napkins, Tablecloths And Balloons

Neon party supplies are a must-have if you are hosting Trolls birthday party. Many of these colorful Trolls party decorations for your table come in a kit! These are a one stop shop for making sure that all the food and beverage accessories are matching. Troll Party hats, balloons and personalized party banners will accentuate your neon tablecloth, dishes, utensils, napkins and drinking cups.

Trolls Printable Cupcake Toppers

Dress up your party cupcakes with adorable printable Trolls cupcake toppers! Just print, cut and attach a lollipop stick to the back with a piece of scotch tape, and then insert the sticks into the top of your cupcakes. You could even print out two copies of the circle toppers and sandwich the sticks in between to make double-sided cupcake toppers.


This would be a great task for your children to help with. The older kids could be in charge of printing and cutting the toppers and the little ones could insert the sticks into the cupcakes.

More Cool Trolls Toppers For Cupcakes And Cakes

Printable Trolls Cupcake Wrappers

Individual cupcakes are a great treat item for a Trolls themed birthday party. over tA great idea would be to cover the birthday cupcakes with neon icing and wrap one of these printable Trolls cupcake wrappers around the cupcake bottom. Your little Troll lovers will know your "True Colors" when you place a plateful of these tastefully decorated desserts on the table.

Trolls Cake Toppers

Trolls Edible Cake Frosting Sheets are a great way to top off your Trolls birthday bash. These brightly colored cake toppers feature all the Trolls characters including Poppy, Branch and all their serenading, hugging, glitter spreading friends. These yummy cake toppers can be personalized and are edible! Imagine the exclamations of delight as the brightly decorated cake is presented at the birthday party. How fun!

Trolls Printable Water Bottle Labels

Are you looking for a unique Troll party treat idea? Personalized water bottle labels are enough to put a sparkle in your guests eyes. Neon colors and glitter abound on these downloadable and printable covers to tape on the water bottles for the thirsty trolls in your party. Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond, Cooper and all the other Dreamworks Trolls characters are showcased on these adorable bottle covers. What a fun way to keep your trolls and goblins hydated and to  zing up a Trolls birthday party.

Printable Trolls Food Tent Labels

With all the food sensitivities and allergies out there, it only makes sense to label the foods you are putting out for your troll party guests. This way potentially harmful ingredients can be listed, such as nuts, gluten or dairy. These downloadable and printable adorable Trolls themed neon party supplies are such a great idea. Just have them personalized, or write on them yourself

Terrific Trolls Popcorn Boxes

If your Troll birthday party activities include watching the Dreamworks Trolls movie, popcorn may be the snack "du jour". Serving popcorn in a Trolls inspired popcorn box will have your trolls so excited. Some of these colorful popcorn boxes are downloadable and printable on cardstock or label paper. A tip is to use waterproof labels or tape over the seams to reinforce the seams and protect your brightly colored snack containers. Premade Boxes are also available for those busy party planners that have no time to assemble popcorn holders. These bright and colorful boxes feature Poppy and all her Troll friends. Its enough too make even a Bergen happy!

Printable Trolls Popcorn Boxes

Rainbows, glitter and popcorn!! These eye catching, brightly colored popcorn boxes from Etsy online stores are created by printing out a JPEG or PDF that will be sent to your email address. Then, print on card stock paper, cut out and tape together to make an uber cool popcorn box treat container for your little Trolls or Bergens. By purchasing these DIY craft projects you are supporting a graphic artist instead of a box store.

More Personalized and Printable Trolls Popcorn Containers

Here are some more vibrant downloadable and printable popcorn containers fleaturing all those cute little animated characters from the Dreamworks Trolls movie. Your little party-goers could even cut them out and tape them together as a birthday party craft.

Premade Trolls Popcorn Boxes

These amazing pre-made Trolls Popcorn boxes feature every color available in a neon rainbow. Rainbows and glitter adorn these 130 ounce popcorn tubs. Your favorite Trolls Dreamworks characters are displayed in all their cheeky awesomeness. These are very durable popcorn containers. There are metal embossed tubs and plastic popcorn boxes. 

Printable Trolls Straw Tags

Attach one of these adorable straw tags to a drinking straw for an instant Troll party accent. Poppy, Branch and all the Troll friends will be sure to make any little Bergen dance with happiness. After these graphic beauties are sent to your inbox, all you have to do is download and print them out. Have fun with your kids by cutting the shapes and punch holes with a hole punch to attach to the straws.

Printable Trolls Welcome Sign

"Hair Up!!!!!". There is a Trolls Birthday Party ahead. Your party guests will know they have come to the right house if they see one of these incredibly colorful welcome signs. These are personalized Troll party accessories and they are crazy fun to look at. Once they see these welcome signs they will know that happiness, rainbows and cupcakes lie behind your door. These are all printable from your home office printer.

Personalized Trolls Birthday Banners

Bright, beautiful birthday banners will decorate the walls or table of your party spot with Troll attitude. Spell out happy birthday using their favorite new Dreamworks movie characters. Let the adventure to happiness begin. One of these beauties will make a great keepsake and would be an excellent backdrop for memorable photographs of your partiers.

Many of these wall decor items can be personalized with your childs name and birthday number. So many cute Trolls with their their trade mark neon, glow in the dark, upright hair is sure to spread joy on this special event. Even Banch would gain some color in this happy group.

More Trolls Banners to Enchant Your Little Party People

All these adorable trolls just want to make you give someone a huge hug! And thats what the Dreamworks Trolls do, every hour on the hour. With show stopping personalized birthday party banners like this, you are sure to be receiving some hugs of your own. Crank up the Trolls movie soundtrack and let the party begin. These vivid wall banners will be a hit!

Trolls Printable Table Centerpieces

No Trolls Birthday Party Shopping Guide would be complete without a showstopping centerpiece. Print out these delightful downloads and use them creatively to make some amazing Trolls centerpieces. Use Glitter to outline the pieces to add a little razzle-dazzle and sparkle to the birthday table. You could glue or paste them to craft sticks or picks and push into a foam piece. All the Trolls will be the center of attention. Even the Bergens will want to hug everyone and dance for joy after seeing these affordable colorful works of art. The picks could then be handed out as a gift for the guests.

Printable Trolls Table Centerpeices

Dreamworks Trolls Balloon Table Decor

Nothing says birthday party like Troll balloons. These Mylar centerpiece balloons will be highly coveted for their beautiful graphics and adorable messages. Every kid could have their own inflated balloon to take home with them. These hippie bohemian styled Troll balloons have neon colors reminiscent of the 70's. They are refillable and can either use air or helium. What a great modern approach to the old boring blow up birthday balloons.

Trolls Party Favors And Gift Bags

Trolls Birthday Party Favors

Birthday Party Favors are one of the high points for your party guests. There are so many amazing gifts for the little trolls to take home. It is so hard to choose. There are Troll crafts, edible products, toys, games and the list goes on. How about some souvenir clothing such as socks or shirts. Pencils and cosmetics are great party favor ideas too! A great Trolls gift bag or box would not be complete without an appropriately cheerful thank you for coming tag.

Dreamworks Trolls Kids Silly Socks

What an ingenious way to encourage your little Troll fans to put their best foot forward than to gift them with a pair of Troll socks. These are just an ideal thank you present for being amazing special guests. No worries about dietary restrictions with this item that will warm both their hearts and their feet. These are ankle socks with cute colored heels and feature some of their favorite trolls.

Trolls Birthday T-Shirts

DIY Trolls Birthday Shirts - Printable iron-On Transfers & Cutting Files

Personalized Trolls Birthday Shirts And Trolls Birthday Outfits

If you are not the do-it-yourself type of person, then these personalized Trolls birthday shirts and birthday tutu outfits are perfect for you! They are made to order

DIY personalized Trolls birthday shirts are an inexpensive, do-it-yourself project that will thrill your birthday child and add some major WOW to your party!

For just a few dollars, you can order a Trolls iron-on t-shirt transfer from a graphic designer on Etsy that you print yourself using a home printer and iron-on transfer paper. It is super fun to make t-shirts for the whole family and party guests! You can find children's white t-shirts for relatively cheap on Amazon or Walmart.

Some designers will personalize the iron-on transfer image for you with your child's name and age, and other designers send you an editable file to personalize the image yourself. Just make sure to read the individual descriptions to ensure you are purchasing the format you desire. 

You can also purchase cutting files for using with Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines for making your own iron-on tranfers or vinyl decals. These files would look great on tote bags too!

Trolls Printable Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Yummy melt in your mouth chocolate bars are a hit with trolls of any age. Download and print these gorgeous Troll candy bar wrapper covers for a thank you gift that is sure to please. There is such an adorable "ingredients" list on the back of these chocolate bar wrappers. Some of these brightly colored downloadable JPG or PDF files can be personalized with the name of the birthday boy or girl. Let the whole Troll gang have your chocolate bar covered.

Trolls Printable Chocolate Hershey Kiss Stickers

What a delightful, delicious Trolls birthday party idea. Stick one of these downloadable and personalized little Troll faces on the bottom of the Hershey Kiss candy. How cute and how fun! Your little Dreamwworks Troll fan can help cut out the little circles and paste them on the candies. Then toss the finished product into the Trolls Gift bags. Easy, inexpensive and adorable. And think! You will be helping to support and encourage a graphic designer craftsman  to make a living for their families.

Trolls Movie Posters

One Item that should not be left out of a Trolls birthday shopping guide is some Trolls movie posters. These awesome collectible works of art will make a great party favor. The "True Colors" of these vividly colored neon posters will pop up and brighten any Trolls fans play space. Trolls Princess Poppy and friends Branch, Guy Diamond, Chenille, Satin and the rest of the Trolls animated characters will be superb additions to Troll wall decor.

More Amazing Dreamworks Troll Inspired Posters

Here are some more dazzling movie posters of Trolls Poppy and the Snack Pack. Featured here are some of Princess Poppys cute and cuddly friends. These artsy poster wall decorating items will provide enjoyment wherever they are placed. These are great thank you for coming to my party gifts.

Printable Trolls Wall Art Prints

If you are looking for an affordable way to gift some original art that will not be found in a box store, take a look at these downloadable and printable Trolls Wall Art Prints. These would make an awesome gift to hand out to guests at Trolls birthday party. Each piece of printable art is as unique as its creator. A cool crafting idea would be to buy picture frames that are wide enough to paint your childs guest names on them. Talk about a personalized thank you gift!

Printable Trolls Treat Bag Toppers

Trolls Birthday Treat Bag Toppers are a great way to avoid goodie bag spills by providing a sealable bag topper that is a personal momento of your childs Trolls Birthday Party. These instant download, printable, personalized tags are super cute and colorful. Simply cut the designs from the printouts and staple to a treat bag to keep it closed.

More Cute Trolls Goodie Bag Toppers.

Such a wide selection of spectacular treat bag toppers bag toppers to suit any little Dreamworks Trolls lover. Candies, cookies, gummies or Hersey kisses would be great bag fillers. Non edible items could be wearable Troll merchandise like friendship bracelets, hair barrettes or rings.  

Trolls Treat Bags

Talk about adorable! Any kid would love to pack their birthday treats home in one of these eye catching loot bags. Comprised of captivating colors and a choice of materials which include paper, plastic, cloth and printable stick on face labels, there is a bag for every type of Troll party. 

Trolls Thank You Gift Tags

What a way to top off a party, or a loot bag than these printable Trolls Gift Tags. So easy to make and very affordable, just print them from your home computer and cut them out. Punch a hole in the top with a hole puncher and attach these amazing gift tags with some string or brightly colored ribbon and then your bag is ready for your little trolls and goblins. Your kids can put their friends name on the back or autograph them too!

Delicious Trolls Cupcakes, Cookies And Candies

This is a great idea! Use one of these Trolls inspired baking kits to have a baking day with your kids. You can create neon colored cupcakes and cookies. Bake and assemble a sugar house or a gingerbread house as a centerpiece. And for a different twist, you can make Trolls gummy candies. Yummy treats and such delightful finished products, these Troll baking kits will have the whole family smiling.

Trolls Cotton Candy Makers 

Cotton candy is such a deadent melt in your mouth treat. And it would be such a hoot to make your own cotton candy at a Trolls birthday Party. The cotton candy maker  comes with a light up wand to make your rainbow colored cotton candy glow, as well as paper wands. The cotton candy spinner has suction feet on the bottom and comes with batteries. Instructions are included as well.

The Trolls cotton candy refill pack has all you need for crazy colorful cotton candy. There are 5 yummy flavors of fine sugar to create these melt in your mouth confections. There is one Troll light up wand and the others are paper wands. This would be such an original Trolls birthday party activity!


Trolls Jello Treats Are So Much Fun To Eat

Jiggly, giggly, colorful and tasty. All these words describe Trolls Jello Treats. You can create Berry Blue and Strawberry flavored Jello Jigglers with a Jello Mold kit. For the lovers of cotton candy flavored Jello, we have the Branch colored blue, limited edition gelatin treat. And of course Poppy is promoting her fluffy, pink strawberry cupcake pudding and pie filling snack. This could be a change from cake for those gluten free guests.

Trolls Party Games And Activities

Printable Trolls Bottle Cap Images

Dreamworks Trolls printable bottle cap pictures are adorable. The kids love these! The round bottle caps display all the fun and fabulous characters from the new Trolls movie. These downloadable and printable circles can be used for crafts, such as centerpieces for barrettes, necklaces and bracelets.

They can be used in art projects, or if your child is a scrapbooker like Trolls princess Poppy, the colorful images can be used for pages in their own scrap book.

Some good birthday party ideas are to have an activities where the Troll and Bergen guests use the bottle caps as markers in a game, or create a picture to take home!

Trolls Party Photo Booth Props

Are you stuck for an indoor Trolls birthday party activity? A Troll photo booth would be a hilarious addition to a party. Here you can find many props and accessories to create memorable photos as a record of this amazing party. There are felt masks, hair pieces, a cut out cardboard photo stand, and flower wands. Some of these items are printable too!

The kids will have so much fun using these accessories to dress up as their favorite Trolls characters and posing with each other for stellar photos. A great idea would be to create a photo book for each of the guests and present it at a later date.

Trolls Printable Party Games

So many fond childhood birthday memories recall the traditional birthday party games. Change them up a bit with games like pin the nose on the Troll, and Troll Bingo! Coloring and "find your way" Mazes are a Troll or Goblin Favorite. Troll Bingo payouts can be with Troll Money. These sweet kids party games are all printable from your computer. They are cost effective and fun to utilize.

Enjoy Hours Of Happy Game Play With Our Free Trolls Bingo Game Cards

Bingo is a super fun party game for kids of all ages!  Please enjoy our free printable Trolls bingo cards - includes 10 picture bingo cards and 36 picture calling cards. They feature all the lovable characters and are set on bright and colorful backgrounds. Perfect for a birthday party or family game night!

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Game Cards

Trolls Package Birthday Party Supplies

Here is a selection of one stop shop Trolls Birthday Party supplies that will make your shopping experience really easy for bundled party accessories.

The first four items are for table decorations and balloons. The sets have a variety of brightly colored tableware and various balloons or other supplies. Service is for 8 or 16 guests depending on the package.

The last 2 items are downloadable and printable Troll themed party favor packages. These cute, affordable items all match, and you wont be able to find them at your local variety store.

Troll Birthday Outfits for the Birthday Girl or Boy

The excited little Troll host or hostess needs a new Troll themed outfit. These unique outfits are fashioned by artisans and will not be found in a department store. What a great way to make a Troll fashion statement. These clothes can be personalized and there is no doubt that they are colorful and that the birthday Troll will stand out in her circle of friends. The outfits also make a great memento and souvenir of what is sure to be a memorable party. The shirts are all cotton blend. and the tutus are too sweet for words. The matching Troll hair accessories are a a fashionistas dream come true.

Dreamworks Trolls Movie Interesting Trivia

  • Trolls is the first Dreamworks film to be released in 4K Ultra HD
  • Branch is the only Troll who is unhappy and therefore is gray. He is a survivalist and it is suggested he may be bi-polar.
  • DJ Suki makes her DJ music with insects.
  • Biggies pet worm is named Mr. Dinkles.
  • Moxie Dewdrop invented the Troll dance called the Razzle Dazzle.
  • Guy Diamond is a glitter spraying nudist.
  • Fuzzbert has no face or body, just hair and legs and grunts instead of talking.

Thank you for perusing my Biggest and Best Troll Birthday Party Shopping Guide and I hope you found everything you were looking for. A Dreamworks Trolls party will be fun to organize and host. Your little Troll or Bergen has many choices of party supplies. Hugging, singing and dancing. Let the party begin!

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Dreamworks Trolls Birthday Party Supplies

18 Cute Trolls Printable Valentine's Cards For Kids

Save yourself a trip to the store and download a set of Trolls printable Valentine's cards for kids instead. Kids will be thrilled to both receive and to hand out these fun Trolls Valentine's day cards that ooze pure happiness.

These bright and colorful valentine cards are super adorable and cute, and will appeal to kids of all ages. They feature a variety of all the happy and optimistic characters from the recently released Dreamworks animation film including Poppy, Branch (the not so optimistic troll), Creek, Bridget, Chef, Prince Gristle, Smidge, DJ Suki, Guy Diamond Satin, Chenille and more.

Below, you will find 18 fun Trolls printable Valentine card's for kids. The patterns and colors used in the design of the Valentine cards are bright and cheerful, just like the Trolls! They include every color of the rainbow and feature playful and silly patterns.
Adorably Fun Trolls Printable Valentine's Cards For Kids

Fun Trolls Printable Valentine's Cards For Kids That Make Your Heart Wanna Dance, Dance, Dance!!

These Trolls printable Valentine's cards for kids are stinkin' adorable and so much more fun than store bought Valentines! They are all designed by graphic designers on Etsy, making them unique and nothing like anything you will find in a retail store.

Purchasing printable Trolls Valentine cards is an inexpensive alternative to boxed Valentines, especially if you have multiple children to buy for. You pay a small fee for the printable file, and then you can print off as many copies of the valentine cards as you need. Now, if only it were that easy to get the kids to all agree on a design!

Trolls printable Valentine's cards for kids are super convenient. and they only take a few minutes of time to purchase and print the cards. Then have your child print their classmates names and their own name on the cards, and then they can cut them out. This would be a great task to keep the kids busy while you cook supper or catch up on emails.

And the best part is, you don't even have to leave your houseEspecially handy for busy families, or if you are anything like me, for people who just plain forget (ahem... procrastinate) that Valentine's day is coming up, and end up scrambling at the last minute the night before.

To print these Trolls Valentine cards, all you need is a printer, white paper or cardstock, scissors and a pen.

There are lots of different designs to choose from including:

  • Trolls printable coloring valentines
  • Personalized Trolls Valentine cards
  • Editable Trolls Valentine's day cards
  • Trolls Valentine treat bag toppers
  • Trolls Valentine gift tags
  • Trolls Valentine bottle cap images

Printable Trolls Valentine cards are very easy to order. Just pick a design you like, add it to your cart and checkout.

  • If the design you choose is an instant download design, you will receive a download link immediately after you pay.
  • If you choose a personalized design, add your child's name in the notes to seller box before checking out. The shop owner will email your personalized file to you within 24-48 hours. 

Some files are editable which allows you to open the Valentines in Adobe Reader and type on the cards before printing. For non-editable or non-personalized Trolls Valentine cards, have your child hand write the cards themselves.

Read the individual descriptions to ensure you are purchasing the format you desire. Things to determine are whether the Valentine cards are instant download, editable or personalized, and if they are personalized, how long of a wait is there before you receive the print ready file.

Trolls Movie Available On DVD/Blu-Ray/HD - February 7, 2017

Pre-Order Your Copy Now!!

The Trolls movie is being released on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD on Feb 7, 2017. Pre-order your copy now and receive it just in time to give as a Valentine's gift for your little trolls. If your kids are over the moon excited to see the movie, you can purchase a digital copy on Amazon Video starting January 24, a whole two weeks earlier than the DVD release.

Thanks for visiting! Please Enjoy Our Free Trolls Bingo Game Cards

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Game Cards And Calling Cards

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have found this collection of Trolls Printable Valentine's cards for kids helpful! Please enjoy our free Trolls Bingo game cards!


Printable Trolls Valentine's Cards For Kids

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards - Trolls Birthday Party Game

If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive game to play at your child's Trolls themed birthday party, these Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards are perfect! The Trolls bingo cards are colorful and bright, featuring the lovable and cheerful (and the not so cheerful) Trolls from the new Dreamworks animation movie that hit the theaters in the fall of 2016.

Bingo is fun for kids of all ages to play, and best of all, these Trolls bingo cards are free!! 

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards Is A Must-Have Party Game At Your Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards And Calling Cards


  • The printables are sized for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch WHITE cardstock.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button located near the end of the post to download the high resolution PDF files. You will be redirected to a Dropbox link. You can either print directly from the link or you can download the file to your computer.
  • You need Adobe Reader or a different PDF reader installed to open and print the PDF files.
  • To print these printables at full size, UNCHECK the "scale to fit to media" box in your printer settings. 
  • For PERSONAL use only. You are NOT allowed to use these printables for commercial purposes, nor are you allowed to share the pdf files directly or sell the files. If you wish to share these printables with others, please share the link to this page so they can download their own copy. 
  • These are a personal use freebie for printing on a home printer and are not licensed for printing at a photo center, online printer or office store. 
  • If you are a blogger and would like to feature this post in a roundup, you are welcome to use one image linking back to this page. No altering are removing watermarks is permitted.
  • The Trolls clipart and digital papers used in the design of these printables was provided by TheGiftOfFun on Etsy.
  • All designs/creations are copyrighted 2016 © www.Best-Toys-For-Kids.com. All rights reserved.
  • Thank You and Enjoy!!

Print Free Bingo Cards On Your Home Printer For Tons Of Cheap Fun

Whether you are throwing a Trolls birthday party or your child is obsessed with the adorably happy troll characters, these Trolls free printable bingo cards and calling cards are perfect for providing hours of cheap fun for your little trolls!

The free download includes a set of (10) 5" x 7" Trolls bingo cards, all featuring a different background and colored lettering. The patterns are bright, colorful and fun, just like the Trolls! There are 4 different styles of lettering on the cards, including a mixture of rainbow, pink glitter, blue glitter and purple glitter letters.

The PDf files are formatted for printing 2 bingo cards per 8.5" x 11" page, for a total of 5 pages.

Each bingo card features different characters from the Trolls movie, providing game play up to 10 players plus 1 person calling the cards. Perfect for a children's party! 

Free Printable Trolls Bingo Cards And Calling Cards

Also included are (36) Trolls 2" x 2" calling cards for calling out the different Trolls characters. It would be really fun and keeping with the theme to use colorful chocolate candies like M & M's or Smarties as markers! Of course, you can use anything you have laying around your house, from pennies, buttons and beads to beans, dried pasta and Cheerios. 

The PDF files are formatted with 12 calling cards per 8.5" x 11" page, for a total of 3 sheets.

Free Printable Trolls Bingo Calling Cards or Memory Game Markers

Laminate The Trolls Bingo Cards And Markers To Keep Them In Great Shape To Use Over And Over Again

To extend the life of the free Trolls bingo cards and calling cards, I recommend laminating the printed sheets. They will last indefinitely and can even be wiped clean to keep the "germs and stickies" from accumulating. When your child has grown tired of playing with the bingo cards, they can be passed down to someone else.

Trolls free printable bingo games for kids also make great party favors too! So much better than candy or junky trinkets. You can even get more value from your free printable bingo game cards by printing out extra sheets of the calling cards for playing Memory, a favorite memory building game for kids of all ages. The more sheets and duplicates you print, the more challenging the game.
Trolls Free Printable Bingo Game Cards And Calling Cards

Get Your Free Printable Trolls Bingo Cards And Calling Cards Here

Thanks for visiting and I hope you and your little trolls enjoy these Trolls free printable bingo game cards!

Trolls Bingo Is Perfect For Playing At A Trolls Birthday Party

The BIGGEST And BEST Trolls Birthday Party Ideas Ever!!


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Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards And Calling Cards Perfect For Playing At A Trolls Birthday Party