Emoji Costumes For Kids

Are you wondering how to create a cute emoji costume for your child? Emoji costumes for kids are a fun and easy way to play dress up for Halloween, costume parties, or just as a fun day of play acting at home on a rainy day.

Emojis or emoticons have become a part of our everyday life in this age of instant communication on all our devices. Not only do little kids love them, so do school age kids, tweens, teens and adults. Emojicons have no language barrier, so are a wonderful international communication tool. Plus the cool little icons are cute and funny. They make adorable costumes!

Emoji Costumes For Kids

Emoji Costumes For Kids

Sony Emoji Movie

Sony will be releasing the new Emoji film in theaters in the USA on July 28, 2017. Here is a teaser clip of the Emoji Movie for your enjoyment. Gene and his friends are sure to give some insight into some fun Emoji costume ideas for kids.


Types of Emoji costumes For Kids

There are several ways to create the cutest and best Emoji costume for kids. I will list them here and then show you some examples afterwards.

  • Clothing decorated with emoji faces is an easy basic start to a cool kids Emoji costume. There are shirts, dresses, tutus and shoes to name a few dress-up costume ideas.
  • Pre-made costumes are easy and such an easy solution for an Emoji themed party costume.
  • Emoji masks can pre-bought or made as a craft. This would be a great idea for an Emoji birthday party where the guests make their own favorite faces out of paper plates! Its a great kids party costume activity.
  • Face painting is a great kids costume idea. Face painting is a great alternative to a mask. It does not obstruct breathing of sight. And kids love wearing "make-up".

Emoji Outfits To make Your Kids LOL

Emoji Tutu Costumes For Girls

A great Emoji girls dress up costume idea is the tutu! Tutus are fun and versatile. They can be worn for dress up play, for a kids Emoji halloween costume, a party costume or for day to day wear. These cute Emoji costumes for girls are sure to give her a happy face!

This Emoji tutu dress has a lovely yellow crocheted top which is adorned with a selection of emojicon faces. The pale yellow tulle tutu skirt is offset by a beautiful bow. It is available in various sizes, ranging from newborn to teen sizes. One of these would be a great addition to a costume trunk.

Fun costume ideas include these "tu tu" cute girls tutu skirts. They are available with a variety of different emoji faces and come in different sizes. Costumes for  teens are available in the womens sizes, and the childrens tulle skirts will fit tween girls and children.

The tutu skirts are created with high quality, bright yellow tulle and the emoticon faces are made of felt. They are cute and sassy, just like the emojis themselves. Tutu skirts will make great kids costumes.

Emoji Costumes For teenage Boys

Does your teenage boy need an emoji costume idea? Here are some cool adult sized costumes that may just fit the bill to create some emoji costumes for boys.

These sandwich board type Emoji costumes are made of foam covered in yellow polyester. They measure 27 inches and feature some of the favorite text expressions. They are a cost effective and fun costume ideas for teenagers.

Poop Emoji Costume

Poo emojicons get their own section for costume ideas. The kids just love this cute little computer graphic. He is sure to be a costume request after the release of the movie, as he is one of the characters. 

Here we have a poop emojicon body suit. This would be appropriate for older teens, as it comes in adult sizes. Brown foam is the main material used to make this 2 piece poop Emoji costume. The mask slips on over the head.

For your younger children, this home made rainbow poop mask will make them ROFL! The mask has big holes for eyes.

The mask is constructed of embroidered holographic vinyl with a felt backing. There is elastic to hold the mask in place. They are just adorable. And the items are made in America by a talented seamstress!

Next we have a pair of poop sunglasses that will be sure to make you smile! Your kids will have fun wearing these to the beach or to an Emoji or  Poop themed party. An outdoor costume party will be a blast when your child puts these on! Imagine everyone ROFL!

The sunglasses have 100% UV protection and they look so hilarious! Everyone will get a giggle when they see these novelty costume items.

These shades are appropriate for kids of any age. Click here for more Sun-Staches Emoji sunglasses to wear with your costume

The poop emoji light up hat will bring a smile to your face! No "crappy" thoughts there! Perfect for the teenagers, this brown plush novelty hat lights up using a button on top of the hat. These are LED lights and batteries are included. As a bonus, you get an imitation one million dollar bill.

Do your kids have a crazy hat day at school? A rainbow Emoji poop cap will have everyone giggling. The velvet type plush hat sports a huge grin. This cute kids hat will be a conversation piece for sure.

Spot clean these attention getters with a damp cloth. These will be a great addition to poop emoji costumes kids will love to laugh at.


Emoji Costume Shirts

Emoji costumes for kids can be as simple as an emoji costume shirt along with face paint. The real advantage to using a shirt as a costume is that it can be worn for any other casual occasion also. The graphics are eye-catching and they are so comfortable to wear.

The Emoji T-Shirts are made of cotton or cotton/polyester blends. They are easy care, just throw them in the washer and then in the dryer. They are great kids party costumes and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The featured images of these Emoji kids costume shirts have sizes listed in the description.

Express Yourself with Emoji Masks!

Masks are easy and inexpensive. These emotional face covers are wonderful for a costume idea for kids and adults alike. Role playing games are such a hoot when you slip on a mask.

These Emoji masks comes in sets of 6. The Halloween masks are made of thin plastic and have eye holes cut out. There is an elastic attached to hold the play masks in place. They will fit ages 3 to adult.

Emoticon characters included in the first package are: Kiss Blowing, Heart Eyes, Monkey Face, Laughing Crying, Girl Emoji and Sticking Out Tongue Emojicon.

The second set of cool kids masks include the popular Poop Emoji as well as other favorite Emoji faces.

Always make sure that your child has good peripheral vision and breath-ability when wearing costume masks.

These embroidered felt emojicon masks are sold through Etsy online stores. They are homemade and comfortable to wear. They cover the eyes and the top of the nose, leaving all airways free. This a very practical feature.

Perfect for kids, these American made masks can be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. There is an elastic barbed strap available to secure the novelty item to your childs head.

Emoji Shoes to Accessorize Your Emoji Costume

Put your best foot forward with a pair of Emoji Shoes to finish off your kids costume accessories.

Shoes should match the outfit. Dressing in true emoticon style will be easy with a pair of these adorable kids shoes.

All of these footwear items portray the emoji pictures and there are light up options on the first two pair! This makes it so much easier to keep an eye on your toddler. Shoes are additions to Emoji costumes girls will truly appreciate!

Flip flops are the answer to compliment a costume for an Emoji beach party!

Options for boys include the black canvas Converse style sneakers. 

There are size options to fit toddlers all the way through to adult sizes.

These adorable handmade baby moccasins are made of real leather and are available in toddler sizes too. What a great addition to a sweet little Emoji costumes for babies. The cute yellow emoticon faces are hand painted onto the black leather. There is soft elastic around the ankle to keep the shoes on those little toes. There are no grips, but the mocs are comfortable for little ones to walk in!

Emoji Make-Up Tutorial For Emoji Halloween Costumes


In order to get the looks above, you may need some supplies. Click here for some good quality face paint for kids.

I hope you enjoyed reading Emoji costumes for kids. Enjoy creating an amazing kids costume outfit. You will for sure get many compliments and great feedback, and your kids will be thrilled. Happy costume creation!

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Other Ideas For Cool Kids Costumes


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Funny Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Kids

Does your kids bedroom need new decor? Do they love Emojicons? Emoji bedroom decorating ideas will for sure add a sense of humor and pizzazz to a room. The bright colors and expressions are sure to brighten even the dullest day. You and your child can use their "emojination" when you create and decorate an Emoji bedroom.

Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Sony will be releasing an animated Emoji Movie set for release August 4, 2017. The movie features Gene, a multi-expressioned emojicon who sets out on a quest with his emoji friends to find his own unique expression. Here is a video clip of the upcoming kids movie that should be really funny!


How To Choose a Color Palette For An Emoji Themed Bedroom

Almost any color will be a great base color for an emoji themed bedroom. If you want the original emoji colors, a pale yellow would be a good choice, with accenting splashes of red and black.

However with rainbow emoji becoming the new kids color rage, any selection of wall color will do just fine.

Emoji Wallpaper - Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms

If you don't want to spend too much time with additional wall decor, you could use some bright and colorful emoji wallpaper.

This awesome wallpaper comes in rolls of 38.2 feet long and 21 inches wide and features a yellow collage of all the famous funny emoji faces. The emoji wall paper is easy to apply. Just paste it in place. The patterns line up and the wallpaper is spongeable. 

Emoji Bedroom Curtains to Make Animated Smiley Faces

Kids bedroom curtains or drapes are a cool Emoji bedroom decorating idea for kids. There are so many Emoji expressions that it is not hard to find kids curtains to frame a window.

Bedroom curtains can either diffuse or block sunlight or street lights, and are a great security or privacy screen from the outside world.

A good nights sleep without lights shining into the bedroom will assist your little Emoji guy or gal to wake up with a happy face and not a frowny face.

Cute Kids Curtain Rods

A curtain rod is a must-have for displaying your new Emoji curtains. If your kiddo needs a new, or replacement curtain rod, this smiling duck curtain rod will compliment the Emoji bedroom room decor.

This adorable curtain rod is telescoping and comes in a choice of two sizes (28-48 inches or 48-84 inches), and comes in color choices of blue, pink or white. All mounting hardware is included.  

Emoji Themed Bedroom Decorative Switch Plate Covers and Electrical Outlet Covers

Adding some Emoji flair to you your electrical outlets and light switch covers is a breeze with screw in replacement covers. Add a little attitude to your outlets with these big eyed emoji favorites. Kids bedrooms will "light up" with this easy decorating idea.

Cool Switch Plate Covers for a Kids Bedroom

Toggle or rocker style switches, for 1 to 4 lights, there is a switch cover for your kids bedroom lights. This is an easy change-up to decorate a room. If you decide at some point to change decor, just unscrew and replace the plates. There are so many fun smiley switch plate covers to choose from.

These switch covers are sturdy and durable. They are made of UV cured, high gloss metal and come with color matched screws. Many of these bedroom lighting items have coordinating plug in covers too!

Follow this link to see some more adorable Emoji light switch cover plates to brighten your bedroom decor.

Electrical Outlet Covers - Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Replacing an existing electrical outlet cover with one of these expressive Emoji covers is super easy and will give a facelift to those worn out, boring classic outlet covers. These Emoji electrical outlet covers are inexpensive and add just a touch of emoji love to your childs bedroom decor.

These plug in covers are easy care, just wipe them down to clean. They come with all color coordinating mounting hardware that you need to install these cheerful bedroom updates.

Emoji Wall decals to LOL About

There are many reasons why bedroom wall stickers or decals are a wonderful bedroom decorating idea for kids.

  • Kids wall decals are easy to apply to a clean wall.
  • Vinyl wall stickers can be moved from one spot to another if your child wants them in a different spot or order
  • Emoji decals are easy to clean. They wipe off with a wet rag.
  • The peel and stick wall art is durable and can withstand many small fingers and still look good.

Here is a smattering of oh, so cute wall decals. There is a selection of classic emoji expressions as well as glow in the dark emoji wall decals. The day of the week emojis are just so spot-on. The 100% emoji symbol is a new favorite.

A cute flirty girl Emoji sticker has the biggest blue eyes and a cute pink bow! Winks smiles and ROFL until you cry Emojis  round out the classic Emoticon wall decor.

Your child would love the "create an emoji" wall decal. They can create the expressions and write in the "bubble" with dry erase felts.

More Emoji Text Symbols Kids Wall Stickers from Etsy

Etsy is an online shopping zone that highlights artists that hand make their products. So each of these fun Emoji wall decals for kids is hand crafted by a graphic artist and supports a family, not a big box store. These items are made in the USA and quickly delivered by USPS.

These funny emoji ideas for a kids bedroom all have their creators personalities entwined with a finished product that will be sure to bring a grin to your childs face.

The Mexican man with a beard and sombrero is so unique. And what little boy wouldn't like a cute nerd Emoji with hair and glasses adorning his wall.

A music fan Emojicon wearing headphones is great for either boys or girls! Some Emoji baby animals are great for a small childs bedroom or babies nursery.

The running man emoji is another unisex wall sticker that is sure to make your kids smile. And a big thumbs up Emoticon will reinforce a positive outlook.

Emoji Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Art Decor

A happy faces Emoji wrought iron decorative coat rack would be an excellent addition to the back of the kids bedroom door or a wall. This will be an ideal place to hang towels or robes, and its OMG cute to boot.

The screw in hanger measures approximately 15.75 x 7.5 inches. Such a practical bedroom decor item.

Emoji Bedroom Wall Canvas Art Prints

Thick Wrapped Canvas Wall Art Prints are a great addition to a kids Emoji bedroom. This link will take you to view Emoji prints from Canvas On Demand. These sweet emoji art prints are available in a choice of sizes, starting at 16 x 16" and graduating up to 30 x 30". There is an extensive choice of amazing Emoji expressions to choose from.

Bedroom walls will be brightened and personalized with any one (or more) of these great decor ideas. Here is an example of a few of the Emoji items from Canvas on Demand.

Emoji Wall Art Printables

Printable DIY printable wall art is a cost effective way to decorate a childs bedroom. Simply download the digital file, print it off on a color printer and you have instant Emoji art at an affordable price.

A great Emoji bedroom decorating idea is to personalize the experience by picking a frame in the color of your choice and to decorate it with whatever items you may find appealing. Some examples would be glitter or stars or stickers.

More Emoji Posters and Wall Hangings to Add "Character" to a Kids Bedroom

With such a selection available, it is not hard for your child to find an Emoji poster that they will love to have hanging the walls in their space. In a time where expressing yourself means using these internationally accepted symbols, these icons surpass language barriers.

These Emoji bedroom decorating ideas for kids come in a variety of sizes and fun, colorful accents. Does your child have a favorite emoji?

Trippy Blacklight Posters For Your Emoji Fans

What could be more reminiscent of the '70s than black light posters? Decorating a teen bedroom or a tween bedroom with blacklight art would be so much fun. Your home will be the favorite place for sleepovers.

If you have blacklight posters, you need a blacklight fixture and bulb too. This best selling model comes in 24" or 48" lengths. It cones with a 3 foot power cord and has an on/off switch. Cool Beanz!

DIY Bedroom Decor - Duct Tape Decorating Ideas

Using decorative duck tape to update old furniture or to personalize new furniture is an inexpensive fun and crafty way to spruce up a bedroom. One Emoji Bedroom Decorating Idea is to take a plain Jane full length wall mirror and decorate the frame with patterned duck tape.

When you want to change the bedroom theme, just take off the old tape and replace with new duct tape that goes with the new choice of decor.

There are many colors and patterns available in duct tape, but this is an Emoji bedroom, so I will give an example of Emoji friendly Duck brand duct tape. You will need a mirror, duct tape and scissors to do this cute crafty project. The "how-to" video follows.

Teenagers can do this craft themselves, or it would be a great project for you to do with your kids or tweens on a rainy day. Spend some time creating a piece of bedroom decor while bonding with your children. Its a win-win scenario!


Emoji LED Light With Changing Colors!

This light-up wall hanging may just make you LOL. Color Changing LED lights featuring the "laugh until you cry" emoji will brighten your kids room in the coolest way! The Emoji face measures 17" x 17" and has a remote to control the changing colors. This item will be a bit hit for boys or girls.

Emoji Clocks - Kids Bedroom Ideas

A smart and timely Emoji bedroom decorating idea for kids is a wall clock. Learning to tell time is such an important part of a childs development. What could be a more fun way to learn than by utilizing one of these fun and functional Emoji wall clocks. 

With a selection varying from Emoji collages to some of the favorite emoji expressions, your emoji lover will be sure to find a decorative clock that tickles their fancy.

The round battery operated clocks come in different sizes from 7.08 inches to 10.5 inches. Is it time for a new wall clock?

Emoji Bedding That Will Give Your Kids "Heart Eyes"

Emoji Bed In A Bag Sets

Emoji bedding sets range in bed sizes from twin to queen sized. The bed in a bag sets all contain flat and fitted sheets, pillow shams, pillow cases and reversible comforters.

The full and queen bedding ensembles contain 2 each of the pillow covers and shams. This emoji faces on white background bedding set is made of polyester and is machine washable. Shown is the Twin Size Emoji Bedding Set.

Here is the link to this Emoji Bedding full size ensemble and the link to the queen bed in a bag.

This emoji set with a comforter and pillow sham set on a black background would be appropriate for either a girl or a boys bedroom decor. Such fun emoticon faces make a bold bedroom decor statement. The white sheets and pillow cases are decorated with golden emoji characters.

The bed sets are made of 100% washable easy care polyester. The displayed bedding is a twin sized bed ensemble

Here are the links for the Full Sized Emoji Bedding and this is the link for the Queen Sized Emoji Bedding set. 

Dreamy rainbow Emoji bedding is OMG cute! Your girl will be blowing you kisses for sure with this pink, blue and yellow rainbow striped reversible Emoji comforter and pillow shams. These cuties are decorated with winky emoji blowing kisses and also peace sign emojis and hearts.

The washable sheets and pillow cases are white with heart text emojis. The polyester bedding set shown here is a girls twin xl bed in a bag.

Here is the link to the full sized bedding ensemble and the queen sized bedding sets in the same adorable Emoji pattern. Girls bedroom decorating ideas just got so pretty.

Other Emoji Twin Bed Sets

Your little girl would love to cuddle up under these twin emoji twin bed in a bags. They feature sheets, pillow case, sham and reversible Emoji comforters.

The bottom two Emoji comforters (the red and multicolored ones) come with a bonus throw pillow and a cute emoji backpack!

Made of easy care, machine washable polyester, there is a choice for every Emoji fan. What a cool collection of Emoji bedding sets!


Emoji Full Sized Bed In A Bags

Full sized beds are 54" x 74". this makes the full sized bed 16 inches wider than a twin bed. This extra room gives the tween or teen some extra room to sprawl out on their LOL Emoji bed in a bag sets.

Full size bedding ensembles have one extra pillow case and sham. These sets are just so gosh darn cute, your kids may want to spend more time in their bedrooms.

Twin Duvet Covers and Pillowcase Sets for an Emoji Bedroom

If you have a perfectly usable comforter or quilt and just want to update the look to fit in with your kids bedroom decor, then Emoji duvet cover sets would be the the best and most affordable option.

Just slip one of these machine washable, easy care covers over your existing comforter and you have a whole new and updated look. I doesn't get much easier than that. You will have your own smiley face after this quick fix.

Here is a large selection of Emoji Duvet Covers.

Emoji Bedding Separates

Emoji Sheet Sets For Your Kids Bedroom Decor

Emoji Sheet sets are a great item to purchase as a separate. Featuring all the favorite emoji characters, these cotton sheets will be a delightful and practical addition to the Emoji bedroom theme.

It is always a good idea to have extra sheets on hand in case of an unexpected bed change in the middle of the night.

Emoji Pillow Cases For Sweet Dreams

Having extra sets of Emoji pillow cases is always a good decision. Pillow cases need changed so often, and for so many reasons when you have kids. These easy-care, washable pillow cases are fun, practical and decorative. What wonderful items to add to your Emoji bedroom accessories.

Available in a rainbow of colors and featuring combinations of all the now-famous emoji characters, there is something for everyone in this link to a really cool Emoji pillowcase collection.

Emoji Comforter Sets To Make them ROFL

Bright, comfortable, cuddly comforters are the "icing" to finish off a bed. If you have lots of sheets, then an investment in a comforter, or a comforter and pillowcase set will be the crowning touch for an Emoji bedroom that will really impress your child. 

These polyester Emoji decorated comforters are warm, machine washable and very eye-catching. Some of these come with pillow cases and even a toss pillow as a bonus.

Expressive Emoji Blankets

Fleecy plush blankets are such a comforting item for kids. These Emoji blankets are a perfect layer for extra cool nights. Fleece throws are a great option to use instead of a quilt on a hot summer evening.

Fleece blankets can be used as a quick cover up if your kiddo falls asleep before crawling into the normal bedding. They are not only for the bedroom, but are handy for couch days too.

Kids put them on the floor to sit or lay on and they are great for playing games on. Many action adventures take place on blankets, and many dolls "nap" in these versatile Emoji bedding items.

Blankets are a wonderful Emoji bedroom decorating idea. When your little one isnt feeling well, these are such a comforting item to cuddle up under.

There is such a wide variety of colors and Emoji icons for a fleecy blanket. Here is a variety of choices for you to enjoy.

Emoji Throw Pillows

Throw pillows, toss pillows, decorative cushions. So many names for this Emoji kids bedroom decor item. They are an adorable accessory to dress up a bed.

Decorative bedroom pillows come in many shapes and sizes. Emoji poo, round emojicon pillows, and rectangular Emoji pillows are all adorable.

Poop Emoji Pillows

One of the most "poopular" Emoji characters is the emoji poop. And these Emoji poo pillows are stinkin' cute (pun intended). Any kid would love to have one of these plush toss pillows adorning their Emoji bed! These are such a fun and affordable bedroom decor accessory!

Emoji poo fact: The Emoji ice cream symbol is actually the same Emojicon icon as the revered little turd. The creators just plunked him on top of an ice cream cone!

Round Plush Emoji Pillows

There is a choice of round Emoji pillows for just about any Emoji expression you can think about. Your teen or tween as well as your little ones can cuddle up to their favorite plush Emoji face character. Sit on the cushions or lay on them. Use them as support between your knees when you are sleeping or as a back support while sitting up to read in bed.

These squishy toss pillows would bring "expression" to any kids bedroom decor.

Unique "Swipe" Square Emoji Pillows

These cool Emoji pillows change their expressions by swiping the sequin pile one way or the other. Its like having 2 pillows in one. The cute little cushions measure 14 x 14 inches.

What a glittery way for your kids to express themselves using Emoji bedroom decorations.

Emoji Kids Table Lamps For Bedroom Illumination

Light up your childs bedroom and their faces with smiles when you give them one of these unique and very cool bedside lighting options. There are 2 round, Emoji faced globe lights and "lava lamps" with emoji bases.

Being able to turn on a light in the middle of the night is so important to your little one. Whether its a trip to the bathroom or dealing with a bad dream, having the ability to turn a light on or off quickly and easily is a priority.

How about a 3D, color changing, holographic looking heart eyed emoji lamp? To round out the selection, there is a color changing poo emoji light and a color changing kiss blowing emoji.

Emoji Night Lights for a Childs Bedroom

Having a low intensity plug in night light to give just a small amount of light to allay any night time fears is a comfort to most children.

Click on the blue link to see the wide selection of uber cool emoji expressions night lights They are so cute and will fit in so well with an Emoji bedroom.

The 7 watt bulb is encased and the Emoji covers are glass for a visually stunning display, the covers swivel 360 degrees so you can place them where they are the most effective. They have an on-off switch for convenience.

Emoji Bedroom Decorative Drawer Pulls - Knobs

A really cute Emoji bedroom decorating idea for kids is to swap out your regular dresser drawer knobs with these adorable little knobby Emoji faces. So expressive and such a nice touch! These are an affordable bedroom decorating accessories.

Simply unscrew your existing dresser drawer knobs and screw in these replacement pulls.

Cute Emoji Kids Bedroom Rugs

This adorable retro rainbow emoji rug is so cheerful. The non-skid mat measures 20 inches by 30 inches. This would be so nice when your child swings their legs out of bed in the morning. It will keep them warm until they get their slippers on.

When you to to the Amazon store that sells this cute item, there is more selection of kids bedroom rugs in this size.

This round faux fur emoji rug measures 2 feet 2 inches. The heart eyed emoji will warm hearts as well as feet. The rug is washable and has a no-slip backing. So comfy and cozy for the tootsies and just "too cute".

Teens and tweens would love this area rug as much as your toddlers and school age kids. When you click on the link, you will find more of the emoji expressions available in this circular bedroom carpet.

If you are looking for a larger or different sized Emoji area rug for bedroom decor, these lovely carpets come in a range of 5 different sizes varying from 1'8" by 2' 7" to 10' by 3'3". The cute floor coverings are made of rayon.

The colorful rugs are non slip and will brighten up any room. This is a good way to cover old flooring in a larger childrens bedroom.

A larger area rug will give kids more play area to sit on the floor and play in comfort. "Face" it, they are definitely eye candy.

Click this link to see a wonderful, wide selection of Emoji Bedroom Rugs.

Emoji Sleepwear For Boys and Girls

The Emoji fan not only needs Emoji bedroom decor, they also would love Emoji pajamas! There are some really cute selections of sleepwear for both boys and girls.

Emoji Pajamas for Boys

Boys love pajama days! And they love emojis. Give your guys a happy face with any one of these PJs for boys. Sleepwear can be so fun.

These cute boys pajama sets are made of machine washable polyester and come in different sizes to choose from.

Smileys and Emoticons Girls Pajamas

There is a huge selection of girls PJ's with Emojis. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. There is sure to be a style and color to suit your little princess.

There are nightgowns, rompers, 2 piece top and bottoms, short sleeves and long sleeves. They all have the Emoji attitude. All sleep wear sets are machine washable, comfortable and cute.

Two of these cute little girl outfits even come with sleeping eye masks.

Emoji Sleep Masks For a Good Nights Sleep

Does light streaming through a bedroom window from street lights bothers your childs sleep patterns?Then an Emoji themed sleep mask may be a great solution to help ensure a sound sleep.

Wearing an eye mask only takes a small amount of time to become accustomed to. The eye coverings are soft and comfortable and block a great deal of light.

Kids Emoji blindfold sleep masks look so fun and silly. There is the ZZZ sleepy mask, and a super pooper mask with comfortable elastic to fit over the head and hold them in place.

LOL, cover the Emoji fans eyes with geek eyes and embroidered glasses. Heart eyed emoji sleep masks are loving the black silk light blocking backing.

Little pink, girly, sleeping eyes will take cover from the light peacefully. What a surprise! These surprised eyed emoji blindfolds will look so adorable when your child is tucked safe and secure in bed.

Emoji Slippers Kids Will Love

Your kids can slip out of their warm beds into a nice warm, plush pair of Emoji slippers in the morning. No more cold feet in the Emoji bedroom! 

Here we have plush purple devil Emojis slip on foot warmers and the smiling, wide eyed poo slippers (perfect for a little boy).

The heart-eyes rainbow emoji slippers are sure to elicit smiles, as will the yellow, fluffy dual faced cozy Emoji faced tootsie warmers.

There are so many Emoji character and slipper styles to choose from Click this Emoji Bedroom Slipper link for more great ideas!

Thank your for visiting my information about Emoji bedroom decorating ideas for kids. Decorating or re-decorating a childs bedroom is a fun and worthwhile project. I am sure your Emoji fan will be happy to assist with the many choices and ideas to create an expressive and colorful Emoji bedroom. Happy decorating!

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Emoji Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Emoji Planner Stickers and Arts and Crafts Stickers

OMG! Do you think emojis are just the LOL in your world? Do you use a daily planner? Then using Emoji planner stickers and arts and crafts stickers will enable you to express yourself in such cute "emojional" ways. Emojis are international communication tools. The new animated Emoji Movie from Sony will be released August 04, 2017.

Emoji Planner Stickers and Arts and Crafts Stickers

This animated feature film stars Gene, who is a multi-expressioned emoji that goes on a quest with his emoji friends to find his "true" expression. This movie looks like it will become a family favorite. All your favorite cell phone emoji characters make an appearance in this upcoming cartoon movie.


Emoji Planner Sticker Printables and Fun Kids Stickers

ROFL Funny Emoji Printable Planner Stickers From Etsy

There are some real advantages to purchasing these printable items from Etsy, which is an online shopping site.

  • Etsy showcases artisans who create their own work. Therefore you are supporting and encouraging entrepenours to support their families.
  • Items purchased from Etsy are unique and wont be found in box stores or department stores.
  • Because the items are "home-made", they are of good quality.
  • Printables are sent to your email inbox via digital download for you to print out as may copies as you need.
  • Items that are shipped by UPS are usually delivered quickly.

Printed Stickers for Your Daily Organizer Planner

Daily planners have become the new, fun way to keep your life organized. The Happy Planner My Life works well with all of these stickers, as do the Erin Condren Daily Planners. A third option is the Tools4Wisdom Planner Calendar.

These all have sections to use the happy face Emoji planner stickers. These printed stickers for your daily organizer allow you to not only mark important things, but to assign emotions to them in such a cute and decorative way. Imagination is your key to a personalized record of all your life events and plans.

Emoji Stickers For Creative Art, Craft and Scrapbooking Projects

Stickers are fun for all ages. Emoji Stickers will appeal to adults, teens, tweens and kids! They can be used for rewards, to decorate notebooks, diaries and for craft and scrapbooking projects. Many of these expressions will be featured in the Sony Trolls Movie

There are regular stickers, large stickers, small stickers, scented stickers and puffy stickers. No matter what you want to stick them on, you can express exactly you you are feeling with these adorable emojicon expressions.

Here are Some More Planner Sticker Articles You May Like

Stickers are available for many of your favorite animated movie characters. These are some examples of other sticker ideas that may interest you.


Thank you for visiting my article on Emoji planner Stickers and Arts and Crafts Stickers. Decorating your world at the same time as keeping organized and tracking important dates and events is such a great idea. These great stickers will bring hours of fun to your tasks. Happy organizing and have a great day!

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Emoji Planner Stickers and Arts And Crafts Stickers

OMG!! Emoji Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Birthday Party EVER.

Is there a child in your family that is enamored with Emoji? Is there an Emoji themed birthday party in their future? Here is a fun compilation of the best Emoji birthday party Ideas to provide your child, tween or teen with a memorable and super fun Emoji party. There will be many LOLs and ROFLs for the birthday star and their guests.

Emoji Birthday Party Ideas

The Emoji Movie

Sony Pictures "The Emoji Movie" is set for release August 4, 2017.  

It stars Gene, a multi-expressioned emoji. Join Gene and all his friends on an "appventure" to become a "normal" emoji.

Your kids will love this animated film!


OMG! Emoji Birthday Party Ideas for The Best Birthday Party EVER.

Emoji Birthday Party Invitations

Are you looking for unique and uber cool invitations for an Emoji themed party? These colorful invites are sold through the online store Etsy by talented graphic artists. Handcrafted invitations like these will not be found in the big box stores. Many of these gorgeous cards can be personalized.

emoji Printable Party Invites

Printable Emoji Party invitations will give you hearts in your eyes and save dollars in your pockets. You will receive a digital file by email. Then you just download and print. What a stellar idea! Personalize these Emoji printable birthday party invitations with all the particulars for your kids special day.

More Printable Emoji Birthday Party Invitations

There are so many varieties of these sunshiny happy face Emoji invitiations. You even have the option to have your childs photo embedded in some of these bright and cheerful printables. From these invitations you can get other printable party supplies to create a coordinated party design. So much fun for the whole family!

Emoji Birthday Party Tableware

Happy, silly Emojis are just such mood lifters. From our phones and emails to our tables! A great emoji birthday party idea would need attractive birthday party table settings. Choices of table decorations include sets or individual coordinating emoji party table supplies to compliment your existing color scheme.

Emoji Birthday Party Table Decorations Sets

I love these bundled decoration ideas for your Emoji party. These sets are created with all the essentials that you would want for either and indoor or outdoor Emoji shenanigans. Most of these packages include plates, napkins and beverage cups. Some have table cloths and/or cutlery too. Is enough to make you LOL!

Emoji Tablecloth, Plates, Napkins and Cups for Emoji Party

If you are looking for individual items for your Emoji Birthday Party table, these items will fit the bill. Choose one or more of these funny faced items to complete your party pad. Table cloths, paper plates, napkins and cups are all on the menu to add the finishing touches to your amazing Emoji Birthday Party. Mix and match to your delight. There will be no meh party at your house!

Incredible Emoji Placemats

Did you want an Emoji placemat at every guests spot at the table? These would fit in so well with an Emoji Birthday party theme! It would also be a great Emoji Birthday party idea to just have a fun and frivolous placemat for the birthday boy or girl in the seat of honor. Such a good idea for using at the party and then at the family table afterwards. These sweet emojicon place mats will encourage smileys and a good appetite!

Emoji Balloons

Happy Birthday Balloons are a staple at any Emoji party. A birthday party host or hostess cannot go wrong with this amazing selection of party balloons. The Emoji expressions are so well portrayed. Balloons can be used as centerpieces and handed out to your party guests when they leave.

More Super Cool Emoji Birthday Balloons

Wink wink! Here are some more Emoji Balloons that will have your party kids ROFL. These cute character balloons can be filled with air or helium. Balloons can be used in party games as well as being excellent table decorations and center pieces. A great birthday party idea is to use an indelible felt marker and print the name of each of your guests  on a balloon. Be sure to have extra balloons in case some get popped

Emoji Printable Happy Birthday Banners For Your Party

A Happy Birthday Emoji printable banner or pennant will announce the happy event. Have them personalized with whatever message you want and print them out. No one will make sad faces when they see these beautifully colored birthday party banners. They can be put on a wall or as a table banner. No matter what choice you make it will be unique.

More Sweet Printable Emoji Banners to Give You a Happy Face

Toddlers, pre-school, elementary school, tween or teen, it doesnt matter what age your kids are, everyone loves Emojis. Pick a banner style that suits your party personality and make a statement Emoji style. Party on with these cost effective downloads!

Emoji Posters That Will Create Happy Birthday Smiley Faces

Emojicons are a worldwide phenomenon. Emoji faces are an international communication tool. No matter what language we speak, our expressions are something we have in common.

An Emoji poster is a wonderful Emoj Birthday Party Idea! Bright and humorous, these background wall posters will be the ideal backdrop to a party table and for the all-important birthday photos.  Or your can order and print out any number of downloadable so-sweet birthday posters to give to your guests as a take home gift!

Emoji Printable Birthday Posters

The printable poster option is great for those with a color printer at home. You are sent a digital file, PDF or JPEG of your order by email. Then you print them out! No need to wait for the mail delivery.

Emoji Birthday Posters Shipped by uSPS

These personalized Emoji Birthday Party Posters are printed on high gloss, high quality poster paper and sent in shipping tubes for USPS delivery within 1-3 days in the US. Get names and dates or even pictures printed on these colorful birthday wall decor items.

Printable Emoji Cupcake Toppers

Printable Emoji cupcake toppers are such a cool, affordable idea. Download the digital file, print them out and cut the circles out. Glue these cute little faces to sticks and insert into a cupcake. You will notice that 2 of the examples I have provided can be personalized with your kids birthday information. No "off the Walmart shelf" here!

Cutting the little rounds out is a great idea for an afternoon art project with your kids in preparation for the upcoming birthday gala. Other ideas for these downloadable birthday party items is to glue them on treat bags or use them as bottle cap party favors! These little printable cuties can be used as table confetti, or to create a birthday centerpiece. You can even make stickers out of them. Such a versatile purchase for so many reasons.


Emoji Happy Birthday Cupcake Liners and Emoji Cupcake Wrappers

Wow! Look at these super cute birthday cupcake supplies. The Emoji cupcake liners ensure that batter stays in the mold and not in the cupcake tin. That will for sure bring a smile to your face. They are decorative as well as practical.

Then once you have decorated your cupcakes, tape one of these unique cupcake wrappers around your cupcake for serving. Some of these gorgeous little items even come in a set. What a wonderful centerpiece a plate full of these cheerful Emoji themed cupcakes will make.

"Emojinal" Emoji Cake Toppers

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! Are you wondering what do do for cake decorating for your Emoji Birthday Party? Pre-made cake toppers are the cats meow. Quick, easy and sooo yummy, you can be sure these confectioners creations look amazing.

Cake covers or toppers are available for round, square or rectangular shaped cakes. Imagine the delight in their eyes as you bring the cake into the room as all the Emojis are singing the "Happy Birthday" song.

More Amazing Emoji Cake Topper Sheets

These amazing cake decorating items are from vendors in the Etsy online store. They have the advantage of being made by artisans and not from chain stores. Even better, most of these unique cake icing fondants can be personalized with your little party persons birthday information.

The kids will know that you are the best birthday planner when your cake is decorated with one of these Emoji Cake Topper Sheets.

Personalized Emoji Party Activity Supplies

So many things can be done with an emoji themed party. If you decide to kick back and watch a movie (wink, wink, the Emoji Movie will be out in August!) there are some truly cool personalized Emoji items to decorate party snacks and drinks. Whether your are holding an indoor or an outdoor Emoji party, you will have happy faces with these printable Emoji birthday party ideas.

Emoji Personalized Water Bottle Wrappers

Its always important to keep those cute party faces hydrated. These printable, personalized water bottle wrappers are another Emoji birthday party idea that will be a hit. Your guests can even take them home as a party favor. These are excellent for either indoor or outdoor parties.

Order the printable product, print it, cut it out and tape or glue around a water bottle. You cant go wrong with these easy-peasy Emoji party favors.

Emoji Printable Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn, the multi-generational high fiber snack that tastes as good as it smells. No wonder these digital, printable popcorn boxes are so happy looking. They just ooze love. Emoji printable popcorn containers are a must-have if you are serving popcorn. Print these beauties out on card stock paper and then once you have assembled them, tape the seams to fortify and make them more grease resistant.

Emoji Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

What a sweet idea! Personalized chocolate bar wrappers are not something that you find at every birthday party. Some of these have such a cute ingredients list. Emojis and chocolate, now that is a combination that will bring double the enjoyment to the special day. These downloadable and editable candy bar wrappers can be either taped over the original label, or replace the manufactures wrapper.

Lip Smacking Emoji Hershey Kiss Stickers

Cut and paste circles for the bottoms of Hersheys Kisses is a great party snack item, or birthday party treat bag filler. These downloadable and printable Emoji Hershey Kiss stickers will make you ROFL because they are so stinkin' cute.  What a good choice for a sweet little treat for your birthday party guests.

Emoji Party Straws and Straw Flags

If you are going to have an emoji water bottle, why not have a decorated Emoji straw or straw flag too? This will "top off" the beverage experience for your birthday guests. The flags are a digital download file to your email. Cut, fold and tape the party flag to a straw and enjoy the festivities! Kids love straw flags.

Emoji Downloadable and Printable Kids Birthday Party Packages


Printable party packages from Etsy online stores ensure you get the best bang for the buck in your Emoji themed birthday party. They include a variety of printable items with the same cute and eye catching background Emoji face pattern. Each party package is a little different.

You are sent a digital download package by email. Just print, cut, glue, tape and have a wonderful time creating your decorations with the whole family. SNAP, that's a party in a box!

These party packs are a great birthday party idea for the best birthday party ever.

Cool Emoji Birthday Party Games

Emojicon Musical Beachballs

Instead of musical chairs, why not blow up some of these cute and colorful Emoji beachballs, turn on the tunes and have a rollicking game of musical beachballs for little Emoji fans. The children will LOL and ROFL in this fun adaptation of a classic birthday party game. Then, they can take the Emoji beach balls home as a party favor.

If you are at an outdoor party, Emoji beach volley ball may be the game of the day for tweens and teens.

Emoji Bingo Party Game

One of the best Emoji birthday party ideas is for a fun game of Bingo. Kids love winning at bingo and these downloadable and printable Emoji bingo cards are such party pleasers. Party favors for prizes are always appreciated. No matter what the age, Bingo is an enjoyable party pass time.

Emoji Photo Booth Props

A photo booth is a stellar Emoji birthday party idea. Everyone has a blast using props and getting their photos taken with friends in a photo booth. These Emoji themed photo booth props will have giggle faces abounding. The birthday party guests can use and make so many emoji expressions and the snapshots will be way more natural than posed photographs.

A great birthday party idea is to snap a multitude of Emoji party pictures in your photo booth, then after the party create a birthday photo book to give to all the Emoji birthday party attendees. What a wonderful memory of a special event.

Emoji Temporary Tattoos For Kids

Temporary tattoos can be either a party activity or cut out and stuffed in a birthday goodie bag for party bag favors. Regardless of when you decide to use them, there is no doubt that all kids have fun with easy to apply and easy to remove Emoji temporary tattoos. They can compare their tatties when they are done and comment on each others "expressions" of skin art.

Emoji Ball Games For Kids

Using a rubber ball like these light-up emoji rubber bouncing balls, bounce a ball into plastic cups set up in a triangle shape. Have a little weight in the cup so it doesnt fall over easily. Assign points to each cup. Give each kid 4 balls. Then add up the points. This game may be more practical for outdoors, but can be set up in the house too as long as you have no breakables in the vicinity!

Emoji Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are a fun thank you for your your Emoji Birthday Party Guests. There are many items to use for Emoji birthday party favors. Traditionally, small items are stuffed into a "goodie bag". In recent times, gifts have become more imaginative and personal.

Birthday Party Favor Kits for Emoji Party Guests

These are all inclusive Emoji party bag stuffers. This way you have it all and no little Emoji party participant gets something different. Happiness and smiles will abound!

The first kit contains 24 Emoji bracelets, 24 Emoji bubble bottles and 36 Emoji stick on tattoos and features all your favorite Emoji characters.

This next handy Emoji party favor package contains 24 Silicone Emoji Bracelets, 25 "smiley" silicone charms, 12 reflective Emoji stickers, 12 emoji character coin purses, and 12 colorful Emoji slap bracelets. Woo Hoo, its party time!

Last, but not least is a set of 6 party bags and all the fillings! The smiley face emoji party favor bag holds a non-inflated 6 inch beach ball, a "pop a point" pencil with stackable and interchangeable emoji heads as well as a sticker sheet containing 48 of the popular emoji stickers.

Other Cool Emoji Party Bag Fillers

Emoji Faces are so much fun. What a great way to "express" your thanks to your childs guests for coming to enjoy the celebrations than some of these cute and funky Emoji Party Bag Fillers.

In this set we have some adorable keychains and some therapeutic squeeze balls with amazing graphics. Emoji pencils with little expression erasers are a great birthday party treat bag idea, as are some goofy looking rubber type bracelets. Some Emoticon art stamps can be fun for getting creative and if its hot out the party kids can be "cool" with these nifty Smiley face fans.

OMG! How about a slinky with a happy face? Hours of enjoyment are spent with slinkys. Then your happy kids can write about it in their Loot bag stuffer of an Emoji notepad and pen set. Light up Emoji bag stuffers include spiky little squeeze balls that are over the top cute and some Emoji whistles that are sure to attract attention. Lego-like Emoji mini figurines are a good choice for a treat bag, as are light-up rings.

Emoji rubber party rings can adorn their fingers as they write a story about the party with these pencil and eraser sets. The little emoji coin purses are over the top cute.

What emoji princess wouldn't like a pen with an Emoji stuffy little face on the top? Add an eraser to the set and you will have a happy kid. For the little boys, how about an Emoji face Yo-Yo that lights up or a bendable, flexible Emoji action figure.

No matter what the choices are, there will be some very happy party-goers.

The last set of Emoji birthday party loot bag stuffer ideas are neato! There are sweet little light up Emoji Dolls with spikey hair, Emoji lip gloss and an uber cool "faces "wallet. For an interesting toss-up from the generic wrist bands, these are Emoji sports wrist cuffs, each "sporting" their own silly, humourous faces. Emoji sunglasses are a mesh lens party favor. Great for photo booths or just hamming it up with the rest of the birthday party gang. The traditional and colorful silicone Emoji bracelet puts a "wrap" on this amazing display of Emoji party favor bag stuffers

Emoji Edible Kids Birthday Treats

Candy and other sweet goodies make an Emoji birthday party a real hit. These Emoji themed edibles will be enjoyed by all your emoji loving guests. Many of your favorite sweets are available with an emoji twist that will have your taste buds dancing in delight.

Emoji Candy and Sweets for Take home Treats

Emoji Chocolate To Soothe Those Creamy, Melt in The Mouth Cravings

Emojis and chocolate. These two words in one sentence are bound to make you smile. And there is just something about the taste of chocolate that is hardwired into our brains as a delectable solution for any occasion. Some of these tasty Emoji chocolate treats are suitable for younger children, but some will have more appeal to the Tween and Teenager Emoji Fans. Chocolate has to be one of the the best birthday party ideas for the treat bag.

Emoji Printable Bag Toppers for Birthday Snacks

So what do you do with loose candy or chocolates when you want to distribute them to your emoji party guests without making a mess that will give you a "blech" face? Put the tasty treats into a small plastic bag and seal the top with one of these adorable Emoji printable bag toppers.

Download the file sent to your email, print out and cut the funny personalized toppers, then staple them to the top of your filled snack bag. Safe, secure and saying thank you in a personalized Emoji way. Its a win win equation!

Cute Emoji Sock Gift Ideas for Treat Bag Stuffers

If you decide you would rather not give snacks or various other party favors, a bright colorful pair of Emoji ankle socks would be a great alternative. Keep their feet as well as their hearts warm with these adorable pairs of socks. These would make great gifts for tween girls or boys.

Emoji Birthday Party Favor Bags

Now that you have gifted your guests with all these amazingly cool party favors, you need a bag to store their wealth of Emoji merchandise. Here is a variety of different ideas for Emoji Party Favor Bags.

There are paper, and plastic bags, cute Emoji boxes for goody storage. Drawstring cloth bags are ecologically appealing. A 12.5 x 10 inch tote bag is the Cadillac of the treat bag options. There will be plenty of grins when they get these Emoji Birthday Party Goody Containers with all their loot.

Emoji Thank You Tags

OMG! We cant forget the thank you tags! Here is a small sample of SRSLY amazing downloadable and printable thank you tags that your Emoji birthday party guests will truly appreciate. Your party goers will want to thank you for receiving one of these over the top cute printables.

Emoji Birthday Shirts Iron On Transfer - Downloadable Personalized

Another great birthday party guest gift is a personalized shirt. These are downloadable and printable onto an iron on transfer sheet. You then iron them on bulk tee shirts and voila. Eyes will be wide open in wonder as you give each guest a shirt commemorating this amazing Emoji party.

Mom and Me Emoji Birthday Party Shirt

This is the cats meow for those mom and daughter duos who like to wear the same styles. Colorful and feminine, this is an eye catching set to celebrate a special birthday with. Smile Emojis will be coming as fast as the compliments when you wear these.

Emoji Birthday Tutu Outfits

The birthday girl deserves a special, unique celebration outfit. A wonderful Emoji Birthday party outfit idea is an amazing Birthday tutu. These little beauties from Etsy online stores are handcrafted by homespun artists. No department store look alikes here! These amazing Emoji products can be personalized too. What a great birthday keepsake.

6 Fun Facts About Emojis

  • The word Emoji was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013
  • New Emojis are added every year to your texting capabilities. There were 72 new Emojis added in 2016 alone.
  • One of the most popular emojis is the "sad crying face" emoji
  • In 2009 the novel "Moby Dick" was translated entirely into emoji and titled "Emoji Dick".
  • July 17th is world Emoji Day.
  • In IOS, the book Emoji and the Clipboard Emoji actually contain the text to Apples famous "Think Different" ad campaign.

Thank you for visiting my article on Emoji birthday party ideas for the best birthday party ever. There are so many ways to express yourself and your childs fun side with these little texting characters. Here is to smiles and chuckles, many LOLs and hearts shooting out of their eyes. Have a great day!

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