Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards - Trolls Birthday Party Game

If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive game to play at your child's Trolls themed birthday party, these Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards are perfect! The Trolls bingo cards are colorful and bright, featuring the lovable and cheerful (and the not so cheerful) Trolls from the new Dreamworks animation movie that hit the theaters in the fall of 2016.

Bingo is fun for kids of all ages to play, and best of all, these Trolls bingo cards are free!! 

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards Is A Must-Have Party Game At Your Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards And Calling Cards


  • The printables are sized for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch WHITE cardstock.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button located near the end of the post to download the high resolution PDF files. You will be redirected to a Dropbox link. You can either print directly from the link or you can download the file to your computer.
  • You need Adobe Reader or a different PDF reader installed to open and print the PDF files.
  • To print these printables at full size, UNCHECK the "scale to fit to media" box in your printer settings. 
  • For PERSONAL use only. You are NOT allowed to use these printables for commercial purposes, nor are you allowed to share the pdf files directly or sell the files. If you wish to share these printables with others, please share the link to this page so they can download their own copy. 
  • These are a personal use freebie for printing on a home printer and are not licensed for printing at a photo center, online printer or office store. 
  • If you are a blogger and would like to feature this post in a roundup, you are welcome to use one image linking back to this page. No altering are removing watermarks is permitted.
  • The Trolls clipart and digital papers used in the design of these printables was provided by TheGiftOfFun on Etsy.
  • All designs/creations are copyrighted 2016 © All rights reserved.
  • Thank You and Enjoy!!

Print Free Bingo Cards On Your Home Printer For Tons Of Cheap Fun

Whether you are throwing a Trolls birthday party or your child is obsessed with the adorably happy troll characters, these Trolls free printable bingo cards and calling cards are perfect for providing hours of cheap fun for your little trolls!

The free download includes a set of (10) 5" x 7" Trolls bingo cards, all featuring a different background and colored lettering. The patterns are bright, colorful and fun, just like the Trolls! There are 4 different styles of lettering on the cards, including a mixture of rainbow, pink glitter, blue glitter and purple glitter letters.

The PDf files are formatted for printing 2 bingo cards per 8.5" x 11" page, for a total of 5 pages.

Each bingo card features different characters from the Trolls movie, providing game play up to 10 players plus 1 person calling the cards. Perfect for a children's party! 

Free Printable Trolls Bingo Cards And Calling Cards

Also included are (36) Trolls 2" x 2" calling cards for calling out the different Trolls characters. It would be really fun and keeping with the theme to use colorful chocolate candies like M & M's or Smarties as markers! Of course, you can use anything you have laying around your house, from pennies, buttons and beads to beans, dried pasta and Cheerios. 

The PDF files are formatted with 12 calling cards per 8.5" x 11" page, for a total of 3 sheets.

Free Printable Trolls Bingo Calling Cards or Memory Game Markers

Laminate The Trolls Bingo Cards And Markers To Keep Them In Great Shape To Use Over And Over Again

To extend the life of the free Trolls bingo cards and calling cards, I recommend laminating the printed sheets. They will last indefinitely and can even be wiped clean to keep the "germs and stickies" from accumulating. When your child has grown tired of playing with the bingo cards, they can be passed down to someone else.

Trolls free printable bingo games for kids also make great party favors too! So much better than candy or junky trinkets. You can even get more value from your free printable bingo game cards by printing out extra sheets of the calling cards for playing Memory, a favorite memory building game for kids of all ages. The more sheets and duplicates you print, the more challenging the game.
Trolls Free Printable Bingo Game Cards And Calling Cards

Get Your Free Printable Trolls Bingo Cards And Calling Cards Here

Thanks for visiting and I hope you and your little trolls enjoy these Trolls free printable bingo game cards!

Trolls Bingo Is Perfect For Playing At A Trolls Birthday Party

The BIGGEST And BEST Trolls Birthday Party Ideas Ever!!


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Trolls Free Printable Bingo Cards And Calling Cards Perfect For Playing At A Trolls Birthday Party